Monday, July 23, 2007

KnK no more.......

aaahhh! So sad.......*sob*

I drive to work each day being entertained by the banterings of Khairil and Kieran, or, better known as KnK, on Radio Era. They are so much fun as they poke fun at the some of callers who calls in with their problems and dilemmas, in their effort to lighten the `burden' of the listeners and callers, so that you can enjoy your day as you unload your problems to them.

They never actualy solve your problems, but, the way they always seem to see the lighter side of things, can't help, but make you smile, as you drive to work, which, sometimes can be stressful if you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam.

KnK; they are good together. Radio Era has paired so many DJs together, but, so far, no pair has been able to make such an impact and impression together as good as KnK. The morning program 'hosted' by them is currently the most listened to radio program in the country. Will the unpairing of them affect Radio Era as the number one radio station in Malaysia after this? Only time will tell.

If you listen to some other radio stations, you would not be able to appreciate Knk and appreciate what I am talking about, and the feeling of `emptiness' that I am now feeling.

Between Kieran and Khairil, I much prefer Kieran, for he is the more fun one between the two, and I am glad that it is Khairil that is leaving the station and not Kieran, but, still, Kieran alone is like someone without his right leg. You walk with a limp, and that takes getting used to.

Even though Kieran does not banter alone in the morning, since he is now being joined by Hani Yasmin Richardson and AC Mizal, I am still going to miss the KnK pair. They were good together. They made the morning drive a breeze. They put a smile on your face. They made you laugh at even at your most down moments. They were fun to listen to. Simply, they were fun to have on the airwaves. But, as always, good things don't always last..... so they say...... *sigh*

It was never stated why Khairil left and where he is going. For whatever reason, I wish him all the best. Probably he wants to go into singing full time since he does have a duo group, Khafi, which has long taken a back seat as he concentrates on his career as a DJ.

The power of words

There are always things that I want to say and that I want to put down in words, but I simply could not find the time. So much to say, but so little time to say it. Maybe that should be better, huh? If not, I would probably be saying so many things that some might just turn out to be of no substance, huh? LOL!

I use to have time to write to the newspapers to give my opinion on things. Sometimes, the write-up might be a short one to comment on what I am not happy about, or think that probably there are other ways to do certain things. No, I am not trying to be a smart alec, trying to correct people, nor do I think I am the smartest person on earth. I write because I have opinions on certain things, and what I write might not be the best of opinions, but, an opinion it still is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right, whether right or wrong, right? *grin*

Sometimes I write articles that I send to the newpapers that are a whole page long. That's when I really have a lot to say, or, it's a dedication to someone special, like the one I wrote about my dad on the 5th anniversary of his passing, and the one about my unborn child that I almost had but didn't. Those are special. Those I wrote with my heart. Well, okay, I write everything with my heart. I am passionate about everything that I do, but, there are times that I write because of a need to do so, because I feel that if I don't put it down somewhere, my thoughts and opinions about something will be lost forever.

Sometimes I write for my son and my hubby. I write for my son so that in the years to come, when I am no longer around, he will remember who I am and what type of person I am through my writing. I want him to know how much I love him, and how much he means to me.

Sometimes I write for my hubby because there are times when I do not know how to express myself through my actions, but can better express myself through words and my writing. I want him to know that I feel very blessed to be married to him, and I want him to know that I love him very much.

I write for my mum too, for my mum is a strong follower of my blog. She reads my blog regularly to know what I have been up to as we live far apart, myself in Kuala Lumpur, she in Kota Bharu. It is a way of keeping in touch, so to speak. I wish I could update my blog more often, but, again, time never seems to be on your side. Always, we are chasing time for time waits for no man.

I think, for as long as you are working, you will always be trying to juggle between being a mum, a wife, a worker, a housekeeper, a cook, and whatever else is expected of a woman, with never enough time left for yourself to do what you want to do. That is life, and something you just have to live with and adjust accordingly.

I enjoy my work. The pay is good, well, okay, it might not be as much as what those in the private sector are getting, but, at least for me, it's good. I can buy things I want to buy, especially for my hobby after the neccessary amount has been put aside. You know, the car loan, the housing loan, your child's education plans and what not. Yeah, there are times when I complain about work and about my boss, but, that is part of work. Occupational hazards, I call it. Something I just have to accept as part of working.

I want to try to lessen my complains about my boss, former, past and present. You think I could do that? I will definitely have to try. I don't want to be complaining too much because I am just afraid that whatever complains I have about my boss, I might just be doing the same thing. A malay saying says, "meludah ke muka sendiri. Mengata paku serpih, mengata orang, dia yang lebih", literally translated to mean, spitting on your own face. You say bad about others, but you are far worse. I don't want my subordinates to complain the same thing about me.

Yeah, I know I might be eating my own words quite easily. I might just be complaining very soon enough about whoever and whatever, but, I will try to lessen it. Sometimes, I just need to let it out so that I can get it out of my system and move on. I hope those are times when it gets really unbearable. You know, they say that it is good to talk it over with someone some of your problems because they can help you see things in a different perspective and help you think more objectively. Usually, when you are in a situation, you feel that the problem is so huge, it is eating you up, and you feel that it is probably the biggest problem on earth. But, talk it over with someone, and within a few minutes, it will make you feel so much better. Wouldn't you agree? *wink*

Okay, my lunch time is up. Will write again soon, I hope. Take care, everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2007's WIP week again? *grin*

I have not progress that much yet on my LDSAL, and I have to report again? *grin* LOL!

Actually I did managed to progress quite a bit though not as much as I would like to. I just can't wait to get to the top of the sampler. I want to get this over and done with so that I can start on the Cheryl Bouquet since I have already received my Carrie's Threads from BJ and I am eager to get started on it. Besides, I need to think about the gifts I need to make for NNC's first birthday celebration!

Yup, NNC's going to be one soon. Isn't that great? Our members might be small (only 48, though not all are active) compared to so many other craft groups around, but, we are one very chatty group! LOL!

So far, after only 9 months of being in existence, we have surpassed the 12,000th mark in postings! We talk about all sorts of crafts, and all sorts of things! You name it, we could have talked about it! LOL! Well, almost! *grin* We especially love the topic on food. Yup, that's a favourite topic, but, of course, it could never beat our first love, and that is our love for our crafts!

Basically I just enjoy the company of the members. They are such fun! I hope the members enjoy the company of everyone else too, and hopefully, we will be in exixtence for a long time to come! Errrr......I think I will save the boring speech for the anniversary, or is that birthday celebration, when the time comes. *grin* LOL!

Okay, back to my WIP report.....boy! Did I digress so far out! LOL!

I am about 3 rows away from the top, not counting the mini rows in between. I can't wait! I am wondering how my fellow SALs are doing. Hmmmmmmmmm.........*grin*

BTW, here are the Carries Threads I bought from BJ recently. The colours are all so yummy, but, the photo is not doing them justice. I took the photo after 5.00pm, and the day had been a gloomy one with rain since morning.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

No words could ease the pain......

A friend's dad passed away about two weeks back. What do you say to someone who just lost someone so dear to them?

No words could ease the pain of losing someone so close to you. The pain will always be there. I lost my dad suddenly in 1996, and my grandmother in 1988, both whom I am very close to. Till this day, just remembering about them brings tears to my eyes. The pain of losing someone will never go away. You just learn to bear with it. You just move on. They will always remain in our hearts, and our minds. Remembering them gives you strength to do what they would have loved you to do had they still lived to this day.

So, to my friend, Helmy, who recently lost his dad, my condolences. I hope you will be strong to face the days ahead, although you are now alone (his mom passed away 16 years ago). You are not totally alone. You have your siblings though they may already have families of their own. You have friends who care for you, and of course, God will always be there to give you strength. Be strong, dear friend. You still have far to go. Keep yourself busy, not to try to forget your loved ones, but to help you pass the days ahead. It will get easier as time goes by. Be patient, my friend. Pray a lot, and God will help you through. Take care.

A time for stitching, and a time for my son

While I was waiting to board the plane back to Kuala Lumpur on my recent trip to Johor Bahru, I contemplated what I should do. I had about 1 hour of time to kill. I was at first thinking if I should go for the foot reflexology offered at the departure lounge. I think it was priced at RM45.00 for an hour, something like that. I was also contemplating if I should go online since the Senai Airport has got wifi. since I had not checked my email for the past 3 days. It would cost me RM5.00 for an hour of internet time. Hmm...shall I? I do need to check my emails. Or, should I just sit and stitch?

Well, guess what? I went for the cheapest option. Well, sort off! LOL! I decided to stitch instead where it wouldn't cost me a single sen but I would gain by that my stitching would progress from the last time, since I have not stitched since Sunday. *grin*

I found a quiet corner of the airport, away from prying eyes, and stitched. I managed about 45 minutes of solid stitching, and I am very pleased with myself. My stitching not only progressed, but it also helped calmed my nerves because earlier on, I got a little stressed out from the worksyop I was attending, and have yet to find solutions to all problems given during the workshop. I needed to come back to KL to solve the rest of the problems.

On another note, today I spent some quality time with my son, fixing up his lego model to make up a car. I saw him struggling to get it together and decided to sit down and help him out. It was a good feeling seeing his eyes lit up the minute the car took shape. Of course, after more than 30 minutes to put the car together, it only took him one hour to play with it before he got bored, and decided to take it apart again! LOL! Nope! I'm not helping him this time! He's dad's gonna have to help him this time. It's boys' toys. I want to go and do some stitching! LOL!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

While in Johor Bahru......

I managed to make a quick getaway to meet up with Wendy.

It was already a long day spent staring at the computer, cracking my head to come up with solutions to the problems given for the workshop I was attending.

I felt like my eyeballs were coming out of its socket! LOL! I just needed to get away, even if for a short while. I smsed Wendy to see if she could meet me. My workshop was held at Puteri Pan Pacific, which was within walking distance to Wendy's office at Central Square.

Wendy called me back immediately to say that she's free. Actually, I had smsed her the nite before when I arrived, but did not promise her a time to meet, knowing that the workshop is going to last from morning till midnight, with short breaks for meals, bath and prayers.

As my colleagues in my group too needed a break and wanted to take a quick dip in the pool, I immediately went to my room to change into something more casual for the meet with Wendy. I hadn't actually planned on this meet up, so all I brought with me to show Wendy was my LDSAL which is currently following me on all my travels for work outstation. I grabbed my bag and quickened my pace to City Square as all I had was an hour to chat with Wendy. I also needed to drop by the bookshop to get a reference book I needed for the workshop.

When I got to the entrance of MPH, where we had agreed to meet up, I saw Wendy browsing through some books, with a bag in tow. She said that she has some books to show me. *grin* Wow! A whole bag of books! I am going to have fun! LOL!

Before the fun starts, first, the serious part must be settled. *grin* I quickly made a dash to the service counter of MPH to ask if they carry the reference book I needed. Alas, it has no stock. I needed to get it in KL. Okay, that is settled, now for the fun part! LOL!

We headed for the mamak shop on the same floor, and after the drinks were ordered, out came the lovely cross stitch books from Wendy's bag! LOL!

I went like ooh and aaahhh browsing the books! I even took down the names of the book I fancied that I might just want to buy them! LOL! One is Donna Kooler's Glorious Needlepoint, and the other is Joan Elliot's Native American Cross Stitch. Definitely a must buy for me! LOL! *blush*

I showed Wendy my LDSAL, and Wendy showed me a very lovely piece she is working on which I could not recall the name of the chart, but it is a DMC chart. The colours are really lovely, and the details in the design are really nice and almost lifelike. It is a picture of a peacock and other birds. Really nice!

We had about 15 minutes to spare after the books were browsed, the stitching pieces were shown off, and we chatted to catch up on lost times, before I had to get back. I told Wendy that I wanted to go to MPH to see if they carry the books I mentioned above. *grin*

Heheh.....they didn't, so my money is safe in my purse, or so I thought! LOL! But, I decided to browse the magazine section. Now that was a mistake! I found a craft magazine which came with a free rubber stamp. I couldn't resist and decided to buy it! Like as if I didn't already have enough rubber stamps in my stash! LOL!

I made another mistake. I went to the hobby section! LOL! What do you know? I found one book which, before this, I had never come across before. It is titled EASY SEE, EASY Stitch Cross Stitch by B.J. McDonald. Yeah, right! EASY SEE alright! Now I see it easily and I bought it easily! LOL!

It's got a lot of lovely patterns, my favourites are the flowers (it's got loads!) and the alphabets! Really lovely! I think it is worth my money, but, don't ask me how much money went out of my purse that day! LOL!

Now if I hadn't met up with Wendy, and Wendy hadn't shown me the lovely cross stitch book, opening a whole reservoir of temptations, I wouldn't have gone to MPH in search of the books, and I wouldn't have bought any books and my money would have been safe in my purse! Yeah, blame it on Wendy! LOL! Kidding!

I had a great time meeting up with Wendy. Definitely no regrets there. It's been a very long time since we met. Love the chat we had, Wendy, though it was a short one. Thanks for bringing the books for me to browse. It was a nice relief from pouring over the architectural books all day. Love the piece Wendy was stitching. Thanks for the drinks, Wendy. Thanks, too for taking time to meet me up. I had a lovely time!

BTW, BJ, did you just published a cross stitch book? *wink*

*Note: I was in JB for a workshop from Monday, 2nd July to 4th July 2007.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Achievements, some stitching and a shopping bag!

It's the weekend again. I have not done much stitching. As usual, work has been hectic. I come home too stressed out. This week it got worse with the reorganization and formation of the new unit I am to head and the moving out to a new office. I am almost packed up but have not actually moved into my new office, which is still on the same floor, but to a slightly bigger room. Too many other important things to take care of first.

Yesterday was report card day, or rather, at my sos's school, they call it the 3-way conference. We spent the most part of the monring in conference with my son's teachers. He has done extremely well, getting all A's in all subjects, except for one, which, ironically happens to be ART! LOL! Mom and Dad are Architects and the son gets a C for art! *blush*

My son loves art and crafts. He loves seeing me do things and he loves to draw and colour. But, somehow, according to his art teacher, he lacks focus on the `background' element, going by his Mid-Term art work. He did everything well, except that he forgot to colour the background of his picture. *sigh*

For his high achievements, we treated him to his choice of restaurant for lunch yesterday. He wanted to go to Victoria Station, but we were at the Curve at lunch time, so he settled for Secret Recipe, where he had his favourite dish of Fish and Chips.

We are proud of you, Aiman! Keep up the good work!

The rest of the day was spent doing some light shopping where I bought more craft magazines! oopps! *blush* Mostly were papercraft magazines, not that I am back into making cards, but, I just love the projects featured. I did buy the latest issue of Cross Stitch Collection though.

I managed a little stitching on my LDSAL, though not much progress. I had to frog the center yellow vase twice! I don't know why I kept miscounting the stitches. Uurrgghh! *grin*

BTW, here is a photo of the lovely shopping bag Rhonda made for me for the Wishlist Exchange. Isn't it lovely? Pink and green, again in my favourite colour! I just love it! It's huge! Really good for shopping! Thanks, Rhonda!

Rhonda said that she made it for me to put in my stitching to bring to work, because earlier I did say that I like to bring my stitching to work, just in case I can find time to stitch in between my hectic schedule. I usually put it into my briefcase so that nobody knows what I am up to during my break! *wink* Wow! Now everyone is going to know that I stitch during my lunch break! LOL! *grin*

Don't worry, Rhonda. Even if I don't use the bag to bring my stitching to work, I will definitely use it for my shopping, and, of course, when I meet up with my stitching friends. Definitely loads of room to put in all my stitching projects to show off to my stitching friends. For sure, I will be the envy of everyone! *wink*