Wednesday, November 30, 2005

M back! M back! M back! sounded like as if I have been away for months! LOL! But, in actual fact, I have only been away for two weeks, or was that 3 weeks? Hmmm..never mind! M just glad to be back!

Yep! I DID attend my PTK course after much contemplation! LOL!

After I had decided that I was going for my PTK course, all of a sudden so many thing suddenly popped up or happened prior to my going! Well, for starters, I only had about 3 weeks before the course to prepare for it. I had a 5000 word assignment to do which was to be handed over on d day of d registration on 21 November. Talking about dates, I actually got d dates of my PTK mixed up. Can U imagine? I had all along thought that the PTK was going to run frm 28 November and ending 8 days later! But, as it turned out, it was actually starting on 21 November and ending on 28 November! LOL! Here I was happily thinking that I still had at least two weeks after hari raya to do up my paper, study for d exams and still have plenty of time to do my hobbies in between!

When my hubby pointed out d actual date, I automatically went into panic gear! LOL! My paper was not even close to 3000 words and I still have the public speaking topics to prepare for, not to mention studying for the exams!

I was practically lying on the floor in panic when I just simply couldn't find any more facts to write to make up the 5000 words. Luckily my hubby is such a sensible person. He kicked (not literally) some senses into me to get up and start writing! LOL! Thanks, hubby! I LOVE YOU!

But, as God would have fated it, one week before the course, I had a bad case of urinary tract infection that got so bad, I thought I would never make it to the course! I was practically cringing in pain for most part of the week prior to 21 November. I wanted and needed to get better because a lot of effort had already been spent preparing my paper which was almost coming to 5000 words. It was not until after 3 different dosages of antibiotics did I finally managed to get up to finish my paper. By then, I only had 3 days left to glance through the public speaking topics and do some quick studying.

How did I do for the course? Hmmm...I can only say how well I fared when d results are out. *grin* I have given my best. I can only hope and pray that I have made it through with flying colours. I leave it to God. It is Him who decides. I am just glad I had managed to go through the whole course in full, considering the very bad pain I had to endure prior to going for the course. Itu semua dugaan dari Allah yang harus dilalui dengan penuh ketabahan. I hope I had passed His tests.