Friday, October 30, 2009

My new toy!

Heheh…yup! I got a new toy! An embroidery machine! *grin*

She was already mine on Sunday, 25th October, 2009, but, because I had already planned to take leave on Monday, 26th October, to learn how to play with her, I left her in the care of those at Epal.

I also didn’t want to have to leave her in the car if I had carried her home as I needed to make a stopover at Carrefour to get some supplies before heading home. I didn’t want anyone passing by my car to get curious and tempted to take her away from me.

So, the next day, Monday, 26th October, I raced *grin* to Epal very early in the morning! LOL!

I just couldn’t wait to see her again. It was a sleepless night for me that night as I anxiously waited for morning to get acquainted with her! LOL! *wink*

We spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon on the 26th October getting to know each other.

Eric (the sales manager) told me that you are the friendly sort, and I shouldn’t have much problem playing with you.

I sure hope so, but, as I was doing my first project after some test runs, she made some clanking sound and the threads came out uneven. After some investigative searching, the technician found out that some threads had gotten stuck in between the bottom thread dial.

After that was cleaned up, she purred like a kitten! Oohh! I love her! BUT, before my MC6500 and 17 year old Singer gets all upset, I must say that I love all my toys! They all serve a purpose, especially my 17 year old SINGER which has served me well, and I hope to have as many more years playing with it.

Back to my new toy, hmm… shall I give it a name so that I can easily refer to it? How about ‘Em’ for the E on the machine?

It is, after all the JANOME 350e. I can’t call it ‘Janome’ since that is the name I call my MC6500. OK, Em it is…..

Well, on the first day of class that Monday, 26th, I learnt how to sew the embroidered border and how to match them up when doing continuous borders for the Baju Kurung or Kebaya.

It takes a little bit of getting used to to get it right though I did actually get it right on the first try. But I did two more border designs as practice pieces before I could start on the actual project.

My first project was the ‘Thank You’ towel and ‘Happy Birthday’ Towel.

Ooppps! From the photo now my Sister-in-law Eli is going to know what her birthday present for this year is going to be…*wink*

Oh, by coincidence, today is HER BIRTHDAY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eli! This towel will be coming your way hopefully next week if I can get to the post office. In the mean time, I hope you have a great day today! Take care, and hugs!

I gave the ‘Thank You’ towel to my hubby to take to the gym, to thank him for all the support that he has given me, and for never looking down on my hobbies, and encouraging me to venture further to a business level . Love you, Dia!

I came home and played some more, but since I still had very little knowledge on how to operate it fully, I played around with making name tags for my son and labels for my bags.

As it turned out, I had ran out of the tags I had made at the professional embroidery shop, so, it was timely that I had Em.

However, with limited built-in font options in the machine, I couldn’t get the label to look as good as those I had them made at the professional embroidery shop.

After many trial and errors, I finally made the one shown below, which I can say that I am quite happy, but, I still hope to improve on it further.

By the way, look at some of the things that came with the machine!

A container full of yummy and colourful embroidery threads!

I also got 19 project kits and a year of free classes, though I have to first complete a 10 day course on Home Based Business, a module that was offered when you buy the machine. They encourage you to try to make money from the machine. Now isn’t that cool?

I only hope that I can take leave to attend the course, knowing how hectic work at the office can be sometimes. It would be a waste if I don’t take the opportunity to learn the ropes in the business world as I hope to someday venture into some sort of business with my business minded brother, Ayis.

I have not touched Em since Tuesday since I have been coming home late almost every day this week. I was so tired that I have fallen asleep in front of the PC on 3 nights already.

Tonight, though, I am feeling a little better despite being caught up in a bad traffic jam. It must be because I spent the first two hours in front of the TV just sitting and watching TV, and pretty much doing nothing instead of watching while doing some household chores, like I always do.

My hubby said that I must learn how to relax. I told him I don’t like to waste time and prefer to multi task so that more things get done within the same time. But, tonight, I took his advice and just sat and watched, guess what? Sehati Berdansa on Astro Ria and Nur Kasih on TV3! LOL! I must really be tired actually! LOL!

Tomorrow Aiman has replacement class, and as my hubby will be taking him to school, I hope to go for my second class. I can’t wait to learn what more I can do with Em!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A bag of faith

During the recent fasting month, I needed to do a project to while away my time as I wait for Aiman to finish his usual Saturday classes. On the first Saturday of the fasting month, I dropped by Quilt Gallery to inquire about the dressmaking class, but Gill wasn’t there.

While I contemplated on what other fasting month project that I could do, I looked around the shop and chance upon this bag hung up on the newly renovated walls of the shop. It was a prayer mat bag but looked more like a handbag.

I was immediately smitten by what I saw, especialy the one hung up was in PINK! LOL!

There were also other colours – green, blue and cream, but it was the PINK one that got me attracted to the bag in the first place, but, of course! LOL!

I immediately got to work with Surinder to find out what I would need to make the bag.

I left Quilt Gallery a few hundred ringgit poorer (spent not only on the materials for the bag, but on other things as well…oopps! ) that day, but with a happy heart! LOL! Who wouldn’t, when you have spent that much amount of money already! LOL!

I started work on the bag, guided by Surinder’s tips, the following Saturday, and went to class at QG the week after that to put in the zippers as I am very nervous when it comes to putting on the zippers on my project.

I don’t know why, but I always find myself intimidated when working with zippers! Fortunately the zippers I put on my mum’s bag turned out okay! LOL!

I had to do the zippers a couple of times before I finally got it correct as the teeth did not match up.

So, here is my bag of faith……

What do you think? The idea is so awesome, huh? A prayer mat that can be folded into a bag, and it has enough room to even put in my `telekung’ (prayer garment). One bag, but with many uses. It can also double up as a pillow should I feel sleepy while waiting for the next prayer time. *wink*

I simply love the fabric! So english! I love the combination of pink and green! But, of course, it’s my favourite colour combination!

I think the ‘beauty’ of the bag, if you don’t mind me saying that *wink*, is in the detailing. Just take a look!

I love this lace I bought at Quilt Gallery.

Just look at the simple embroidery I made using my JANOME MC6500! The motif is so sweet!

This is the first time I am doing the handle using this webbing material (seen here in red between the handles). It makes making the bag handle simply a breeze!

Here’s the outside of the mat when opened.

Here’s the inside of the mat (the side that I will be praying on).

I just can’t enough of the sweet English rose fabric, but, alas, it was the last 2 meters that I bought.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ooppps! I got mice on my rug!

Heheh…I’d be screaming at the top of my head if there really were mice on my rug, or anywhere within my immediate vicinity! LOL!

This is actually an Epal class project. This is my 9th project. After this one, I have 3 more projects to go before I can get that ever elusive cert! LOL!

This is supposedly a floor rug, but, after spending many hours working on it, I am not about to put it on the floor for someone to actually rub their feet on it! lOL!

Nope! Nope! It’s going up on the wall! LOL! Yup! A floor mat becoming an art piece! Am I going insane? LOL!

Here’s a close up to show the detailing of the mice.

See what I mean when I said that I am not about to have someone rub their feet on it after spending hours working on the detail? *wink*

A size too small………………

I got excited when the September Class project at Epal was a pair of shorts and a collared shirt. I have been wanting to make something for Aiman eversince Aiman commented that I am only making dresses for Fatin (I made two, one which is yet to be completed – the smocking dress). Did I sense a tinge of jealousy there from Aiman? *wink*.

Anyway, when it came time to get started, I took Aiman’s measurements and immediately started cutting out the pattern according to the measurement chart, WITHOUT measuring the pattern to see if the pattern and the chart matches up.

I must have been so excited to get started that it never occurred to me to check. Also, I trusted that the charts were correct. Now I now better…….

I had put both the shirt and shorts together before I finally had the chance to get Aiman to try it on. It was then that I realized that both the shorts and shirt were a size too small. :(

It was too late for me to redo the shirt if I were to re-cut the pattern and fabric and start over, as by then, the class would no longer be offered. But, not wanting to give up, I decided to unpick the shorts as I still had enough seam allowance to make the shorts slightly bigger.

I spent the whole weekend two weeks ago unpicking everything and re-sewing it. Aiman could fit into it just nicely, but, it might be too small for him within the next few months as Aiman is growing inches almost every month.

I decided there and then that it is best that I give this shirt and pair of shorts to my nephew Miki who is two sizes smaller than Aiman. At least, all my efforts wouldn’t go down the drain.

Look! It’s even got a name to the shorts! “Lil’ Aiman by Aznique”! A brand I hope to use for when I seriously go into business with my brother Ayis. *wink*

When I told Aiman about it, Aiman was more than happy to have Miki have it. He is close to Miki and wouldn’t mind sharing and giving anything to Miki. But, I also think that he is happy to have Miki have it because he `hates’ collared shirts, and now that the shirt is going to Miki, instead of him, he doesn’t have to wear it for the sake of trying to please me! LOL! He is off the hook!

Anyway, I hope that my sister Lin and Miki wouldn’t mind that I am giving this shirt to Miki only after Aiman couldn’t fit into it. It isn’t actually a hand me down though, as Aiman never even got to wear it. I hope Miki likes it just the same.

I might make another pair for Aiman, and maybe make a pair specially for Miki, if and only if, I can find the time, after my 12 projects are completed.

So, Lin, this is coming your way when I meet up with you next time.

I have one favour to ask of you and Miki though. Can you have Miki wear it and model it for me? Maybe you can have Ayis take photos of Miki wearing it?

I love the way Ayis and Sufia did the collage for the dress I made for Fatin. It’s a great way to promote the things I can make and sell. So, how about it?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another unplanned day....

I am sitting here at Starbucks as I wait for Aiman to attend his Saturday activity classes. This is our usual Saturday routine. Nothing odd about it, only I didn't have anything planned out for today as I wait, like I usually would.

Usually, on Saturdays like these, I would be all prepared with my cross stitch bag the night before, planning what I want to do, like maybe do some light grocery shopping, get a manicure or go for a reflexology.

However, today, I am flustered with uncertainties as to what I want to do.

Aiman was not feeling well yesterday. I posted earlier that he was down with a runny nose, was coughing and had a slight fever. So, last night, my hubby told me that I could go for my Epal class while he would take care of Aiman at home. He was also planning to get someone to come in and take a look at our guest bathroom downstairs which has some tiles broken.

So, last night, I packed up my bag ready to go for class. I slept early last night. I think the strain of worrying about a sick child somehow got to me.

Aiman woke up this morning earlier than me (he woke up at about 6.00am), all perked up and ready to go for his Engineering Workshop!

I am very happy that he is feeling better. Thank God!

I am not complaining that I suddenly find myself without an alternative plan when Aiman said that he wanted to attend class this morning. So, after breakfast, I packed up my laptop, grabbed my ever ready crochet bag, and headed on to send him to his class.

So, here I am.....taking this opportunity to check my emails, drop by Facebook (getting hooked, am I? LOL! *wink*) and updating my blog.

I have some projects up my sleeve, but I can't reveal it just yet until I have things a little more firmed up. Will keep you posted!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Friday, October 02, 2009

For The Little Boy

I `picked up' this photo (I hope the author does not mind since this is with good intentions) from Facebook which was posted by Nur Davina Skymmar.

When I saw this photo of Pak Nil (Aznil Hj Nawawi) kissing the forehead of Adik Aiman (coincidentally sharing the same name as my son), my eyes filled up with tears. I am touched.

Since I don't know how to tag, connect, or whatever you call it so that readers of my blog can read what Davina wrote, here's an extract from the article that she wrote at her FB...

"Everything happened so fast. When I called the hospital, it was just a normal follow up that i do, especially that I have been away for Eid. Never crossed my mind that, I received a bad news.

I called the mother immediately. Once she heard my voice, she cried. Enough for me to know what the situation is. Soon after that, started numbers of phone calls, sms and messages floating in the air. All for the little boy.

Adik Aiman really adores Mr.Hj. Aznil Hj. Nawawi, or famously known as Pak Nil. Ever since Adik Aiman met Pak Nil by coincidence, the photo that was taken is like Adik Aiman's precious treasure.

At 6 years old, Adik Aiman is fighting the pain at a degree that maybe some of us may not even have experienced before. The least I could do is... to help him get some of the wishes.

Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Pak Nil spent almost 1 and a half hour at Adik Aiman's house. Adik Aiman is in pain, not much conversations can be held.. but I saw Adik Aiman turned and looked at Pak Nil closely...maybe ,who knows.. in his heart saying..."Yeay! Pak Nil datang!! "

In dealing with this crucial moment.. everyone who loves and knows Adik Aiman need the moral support.His parents,siblings, relatives, friends... all need the strength to be strong..

Allah SWT has put all of us together.. in helping them to go through this difficult moment.. Subhanallah..

I thank you all of you for helping me to reach Mr.Hj. Aznil Hj. Nawawi. Only Allah SWT can repay back your kindness.

To Mr. Hj Aznil, AC and their friend ( sorry, I could not recall his name ).. thank you so much

p/s Pak Nil gave Adik Aiman a bottle of "air zam zam" that he brought back from his pilgrimage last year. Oh yes, Adik Aiman also received a Tom Tom Bak T-shirt and a cap. He hold it very tightly.

May Allah bless you all..."


It was posted yesterday, 1st October, 2009 at 7:14pm

May Allah bless Davina's heart and may Adik Aiman recover from whatever that he is suffering from.

An unplanned day.....

I am on emergency leave today. Aiman started a coughing fit, have a low grade fever and has a runny nose. He just got up from a nap, had his shower, and is still coughing, but he is a little bit more active than he was this morning.

I took the opportunity to work on his shorts today, which is my class project at Epal, while I kept on eye on him. I had put everything together already, only when I tried to fit it onto Aiman, he couldn't fit into it. Urrgghh!

It seems that the measurement chart and the patterns does not match up. Another Uurrgghhh!

I had to take everything apart, and had just started to put it together again. This is so frustrating!

I am taking a break now. I will post my progress on it at a later date, when I am feeling less frustrated......

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Raya cum birthday gift for mum

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, under the heading “Going up in smoke smocking!”, I mentioned that I was making a bag for my mum from the pattern she bought when she was in the US visiting my brother from April to May 2009.

Well, I completed it at the end of July, but I did not want to post photos of it because I want it to be a surprise for my mum.

So, when I went back to Kota Bharu recently, I decided to present the bag to her as a Hari Raya cum birthday gift. Her birthday is on the 10th of October, but as I am uncertain if I will be seeing her on her birthday as it depends on whether I get to make a trip back to KB for work, or if she would be here in KL.

So, here it is.......

Not bad, huh? *wink*

I love the colours of the fabric and the japanese motif.

Look at the inside of the bag! It’s got a pocket for a handphone!!!

I am definitely going to make one for myself…..someday! *grin*

I already have the fabric, but, knowing me, I might change my mind and use another set of fabrics instead as I can be so fickle minded sometimes......err.....or, is that always! LOL! *grin*

On another craft note, in the same posting dated July 29, 2009, I also mentioned that I was learning how to make a smocking dress at my Epal class. I was going no where on the dress as the teachers at Epal did not actually go through with me the proper procedure of how to do the smocking like how much fabric do I need to make the pleats to fit into a certain size of a body of a certain size chest etc.

Having gotten frustrated from not getting the answers that I was looking for despite surfing the internet, I decided to drop by Craft World (formerly known as Yee's Button House) in SS2, last July 2009, during my smocking craze days, as June said that they carry quite a number of the Australian Smoking and Embroidery magazines.

I sure went crazy looking at all the ASE mags and if the sky was the limit when it comes to spending, I think I would have bought the whole stock! LOL! *wink* However that was not to be (a blessing really *grin*), so, I ended up with these....

With the books and mags I bought, plus with June's helpful tips, I managed to make progress on the dress, but only a little bit as I had to put it down when I suddenly had to attend my PTK in August.

This is as far as I got....

I am no longer allowed to do this project in class as the month for doing the smocking dress is over. I will have to wait till next year when the class is offered again. I just hope that my niece will still be able to still fit into it by the time I get it completed! LOL! Luckily, I made it a size bigger!

BTW, in my search to find out more about smocking, I found in my collection this book my mum had bought many many years ago and gave it to me when I moved out of her house after getting married.

I remember doing many of the projects from the book, and as proof of frequent flipping of the pages to get ideas to do the projects, the book is so worn out!

Just look at all those scribbling on the book!

Was I one of the culprits? LOL!