Thursday, February 17, 2011

I was in the papers!

My name was not mentioned though, but that's quite okay. I am just honoured to be in the papers! LOL!

I was in Johor Bahru on the 7th of February to hand over the building on behalf of my boss who could not make it at the last minute. I even gave a speech, which I ended with a pantun.

I did not think the pantun was funny, but it got the crowd laughing! *smile*

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Guess what?

The previous contractor who was doing up Aiman's bathroom refused to come and complete his work and rectify all the defects.

He just left the bathroom with the sink tilted, the toilet bowl leaking, water ponding on the floor, the tiles not properly grouted, the water heater not installed and the door frameless (he took out the door frame to replace as the old one was in bad shape already due to moisture). He also left without cleaning the toilet of all the cement and plastering work.

He was supposed to replace the door too, but sent an email (did not even bother to call up hubby in person) to let him know tht he is no longer interested to complete the job and will not be replacing the door as agreed earlier. *sigh*

We wondered if we are such fussy customers. I concluded that though I might be, but my hubby isn't and I never interfered when the contractors were doing their work.

Each time there was a crisis, I would just go to my work table and do some crafting. I just did not want to get involved as I did not want to be blamed incase there were some misunderstanding.

My hubby is one very patient guy, and to have the contractor walk out on the job means that this contractor is really horrible!

Sorry, I am blabbering, but can't help it. I am frustrated that Aiman's bathroom has been left incomplete. *sob*

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Help! I am having an axiety attack!

We are going through another crisis with the contractor doing up Aiman's bathroom!

We told them on the first day of work on coring a new hole in the floor slab to take in the waste pipe for the new toilet bowl as the original hole will not fit. They insisted it fits. Yesterday, when they wanted to lay the tiles, they realised that they had to core a new hole. Spent half the morning coring the hole when they should be tiling. As it is, they are already 2 days behind schedule.

I don't know how they measured, but this morning, when they wanted to fit in the toilet bowl, the hole is off by 5 3/4"!! urrgghh!

Now they are re-coring the hole, and that means coring the structural slab! The tiles are all done up. Now we are going to have an imperfect tilling work at the back of the toilet bowl where they cored a hole yesterday. The worst part is, there is another hole in the floor slab! Uurrgghh!

I am shivering from all this crisis! I think I am having an anxiety attack!