Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two bags completed at last!!

Well, actually, I completed both these bags like more than a month or so ago, but I could not find time to blog about it. Rather, I kept forgetting to blog about it. Too many things are happening all at the same time.

Anyway, these two bags that I meant are the bags I learnt from Corine when she came to teach us the bags on 18th January. Yup! More than 2 months ago!

I completed the green two-way bag earlier, but decided not to blog on it until I completed the red hexagon bag. I only completed the red hexagon bag just slightly before I got the special request from Idah, my hubby’s cousin.

I love both bags as they both have their own unique use for them.

I can use the two-way bag either as a normal handbag or I could use it to carry my documents to work. It professional looking enough.

This bag has got two different handles. I can either carry it or sling it over my shoulders, thus the name, "Two-way bag".

As for the red hexagon bag, it is really cute! I just love the fabrics! The kit actually came with pink fabrics, but, as I had already made 2 bags in pink when I was in Penang for the Craft Retreat, I decided to swap the pink fabrics for these red ones which are actually leftovers from the bag I made for my mum sometime last year as a birthday cum Raya Gift to my mum.

It’s a good bag if you want to keep it simple. The only drawback is that it has no zip to it, making it easy for things to fall out of it, or for someone to actually dip into it.

I certainly can’t bring it shopping, but it looks good to bring it to smart casual or semi-formal functions.

I love the red leather handles with the strawberry ends to it, but it was tough sewing down the handles to the bag. I kept pricking my fingers as I kept poking the needle at the wrong place! LOL! I have got to learn how to sew these kinds of handless properly! LOL!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A dull start to the season…

After all the hype about the principal and the two co-hosts, the Konsert Tirai Akademi Fantasia 8 was a huge let down. I could not see potential in any of the students, except maybe Shah and Iwan. But, even then, I consider them not outstanding but just slightly better than the rest of them.

Their choice of songs were, in my opinion, bad or a big mistake, to say the least, especially ‘Pelisit Kota’ sang by Anum. I wondered if this girl actually understood what it meant, but, going by the way she dropped herself on the floor and prowled the stage on all four, it meant like she understood it very well and it could even be a depiction of herself! If she’s not, she had me fooled. I simply can’t erase that image of her prowling on the stage floor, but I tell you, it isn’t a good impression that she left of herself on me.

What can I say, none of the kids this season so far has left any good lasting impression on me. Unlike last season where the minute I saw Aril in the first episode, I already told myself that I am going to be keeping a lookout for that guy. So was it too two seasons ago when Nubhan, Riz and Stacy caught my attention at the first sight. Though I didn’t think that Nubhan could sing that season, but he was cute enough that I actually wanted to watch the diary just to catch him. It looks like he is now one of the more successful graduates from Season 6, besides Stacy, of course, and Riz.

I caught the 1st concert last Saturday, hoping to see some improvements in the kids’ performance now that they have gone through a week of proper training. Unfortunately, I was still just as disappointed when I watched the Tirai as when I watched the first concert. None of the students were actually outstanding. I have even forgotten what songs they sang!

I simply can’t understand why Astro has to have the results show on Sunday night instead of finishing off everything on Saturday night itself like it did for 7 seasons. Why are they trying to copy Americal Idol and Sejati Berdansa? AF is unique the way it was. But, now, it is just like any other reality shows.

Even my hubby (yup! He has an opinion on this as I took away the TV remote control from him that Sunday night! LOL!) was in the opinion that having the Debaran the next day is simply too taxing and stressful for the kids, having to spend another day of waiting to see who gets kicked out instead of having the Sunday to relax and take it easy, though they may be sad to have one of their friends booted out.

Shhhh…I think it is also stressful for my hubby as now he has to give up the TV remote control on 2 nights a week instead of only one night as in previous seasons. LOL! *wink*

Don’t worry, hubby. After watching the first Debaran last Sunday, I doubt it if I will want to watch the Debaran every Sunday night. I think I’d rather watch CSI instead. It is more intriguing, interesting and suspense filled! LOL!

I pity Sarimah who had to use all her imagination to try to fill in the 30 minutes. Sarimah is known to be very talkative, but last Sunday, I thought I saw her several times at a lost for words as to what to say. It is also not in her to get all emotional, or rather, she was controlling her emotions too much that her emotions looked faked.

She hasn’t got it in her, yet, or rather, she needs to build up the skill to pull at people’s heart string to make us feel the emotions with her. I even cringed as I hear her try to control her emotions, even half expecting her to fumble and laugh instead of cry.

And then, after the results were announced, she had to rush Shah to quickly finish off his thank you speech as it was almost time. We did not even get to see Shah go down stage to say goodbye to his teachers. It was a pity. It was either Sarimah had failed to work within her time, or, Astro had failed to plan the whole Debaran.

It was a pity too that Sarimah had to get all dressed up, I am sure many hours in advance, only to appear for 30 minutes! The dress she wore that night was even better looking than the one she wore on the 1st concert night itself, which was a pity because we only get to see it for a mere 20 minutes when you take away all those commercial breaks.

Oh! Another thing….all those tears while singing the bonus song which I have forgotten what the song was, was simply too much and over dramatic. It was overly dramatic to the extent of even being sickening.

It was understandable how their emotions were in that night as one of them will be booted out that night. But, it was a way bit too much. This was what my hubby meant when he said that having the Debaran on Sunday was too taxing and stressful for the kids, and I must say that I agree. Their emotions were on high after performing the night before and having to wait a whole day before knowing the results as to who gets to stay and who gets the axe is simply too much to handle for some of them who might already be suffering from the emotional turmoil of being separated from their families.

One girl (I have forgotten her name) was so stressed out that she threw out after the concert and was so sick that she had to be admitted. What does that say about Astro’s new format on the AF?

I wish that Astro would revert back to the way it was where the results would be announced the very same night of the concert. But, I guess Astro had already signed a contract with Sarimah to host the Debaran for the whole season. I am sure that they would have to compensate Sarimah if they were to pull out from that contract, not to mention the compensation to the sponsors during the 30 minutes of Debaran.

Looks like we will just have to bear with this format for this season, but, don’t expect me to sit in front of the TV to watch the Debaran every Sunday. I’d rather be intrigued with a case over at CSI rather than put my emotions on high with over dramatic kids and host.

Note - photo taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A request all the way from the US!

After getting a special request from Idah, my hubby’s cousin to make her 2 bags, I got another request almost soon after that, but this time coming all the way from Diane in the United States of America! She must have been impressed with the sample bags I made for my hubby’s cousin! *wink*

Diane wanted two bags to be made; one is a big shopping bag, and another smaller one which can go into the big shopping bag. She wanted the bags to match. Diane already has a design in mind. In fact, she has already bought the patterns for both the bags, and she also bought the fabrics in the colours that she wants the bags to be made from.

That in itself took out the `headache’ of trying to choose fabrics that will suit to her taste and liking. That way I can get straight into making the bags, and, the best part was that, I get to keep whatever fabrics leftover from the bags! *wink* And Diane was generous in the amount of fabrics that she sent! I could mix and match and maybe even make another bag! Thanks, Diane!

Since the order came all the way from the US, making payments for the bags was going to be a little bit `difficult’, and so when Diane suggested that she pays me by sending me things that I want and also some other items which she feels I could make use of to make more bags, I agreed. Again, Diane was generous in her `payments’ for the bags.

My jaw dropped when I saw the things that she sent to me as payment! It was like I was celebrating my birthday months in advance! Just look at the box that the things came in!

And here's what she sent me!

There are fat quarters in PINK, and there are plenty of them to make me a bag or two!

When Diane was about to send out the parcel to me, she said that there was a craft fair of sorts going on in her area and asked me if I would like her to get me anything from there. I mentioned that I have always been wanting to get those square grid rulers for my patchwork but have always been put off by the high price sold here in Malaysia.

Diane bought me not just one square ruler, but two! One is 6” and the other is 4 ½”. Now cutting my squares for patchwork will be a breeze! Thanks, Diane!

Diane also bought me a triangular ruler and circle templates! She also included in the box a Sewline fabric pencil which is awesome to use to mark on fabrics, and Diane even bought the pen in pink with pink lead! LOL!

She also gave me a roll of pink ribbons and also a length of pink ribbons. I also got a pen which I believe is a magic marker to mark on fabrics, also in pink!

As if that was not enough as payment for me to make the bags, Diane also sent a pattern for KIMONO GARDEN wall quilt, complete with all the fabrics to make the quilt! Thank you so much, Diane!

Wow! I had so much fun opening the box, and kept digging into it despite having to put everything back into the box as my working table was already cluttered with the things I was using to make the bags for my cousin’s hubby, because I don’t want things to get mixed up!

Now for the things that Diane sent to make her two bags….

Seen here is the KIMONO GARDEN Kit (in a box wrapped with a ribbon) which I originally thought was part of the items for me to make her the bags. Luckily I confirmed with Diane first before setting out to cut all the pieces for the bags! LOL!

Anyway, looks like Diane is into blues, greens and browns. It is not a colour I usually work with but it challenged me to get creative in trying to coordinate the colours, and I really love the results!

Look out for a posting on the progress of the bag. I am about 90% done on the big bag, and I started working on the small bag last weekend. I am not sure when I will be bale to get both bags done. I have been doing a lot of travelling lately, and I have been coming home late and feeling very exhausted.

Should I complete the bag in time for NNC’s 3rd Anniversary celebration this weekend, Diane has given me permission to bring it to the meet to show it off! *grin*

Also among the things that Diane sent me to make her bags is a roll of Pellon Fusible Fleece. I have read about it online and wondered what it was. Now I know, and I simply love it!

It made quilting a breeze as I need not have to baste the fleece (batting) onto the bag pieces first before quilting the pieces, but only need to iron it on directly onto the fabric. Also, as it glues itself to the fabric, I can cut the batting right up to the edge of the fabric, when, before this, I have to give plenty of allowance for the batting as when I quilt, it tends to take in some of the edges, if you get what I mean.

I only wish that this Pellon Fusible Fleece is available here in Malaysia. *sigh*

I inquired at Sakura (they have moved to Kampung Kayu Ara new business center) and they said that they might be bringing in some sometime this year to test the market. I just hope that it won’t cost a bomb!

I can’t wait to show off the bags I made for Diane. Hopefully by the 1st week of April, I will be able to get them done.

I already have two more orders for 3 more bags from 2 different people – Zai and Ann. I just need to discuss some details with them.

BTW, my hubby’s cousin’s bags are also almost done. I am only left with the finishing touches. I hope to get them done before the end of the month so that I can pass them to her. I just need to find time to meet up with her.

I will post updates on all four bags (my hubby’s cousin’s and Diane’s) when all 4 bags are done. I need to find time to sit down and finish them up and to blog about them.

If only I have 36 hours in a day! LOL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When it rains, it pours….

.....and so they say. But, in Kuala Lumpur, when it rains, it gets all jammed up!!

It took me 3 hours to get home from work yesterday when usually it would take only about 90 minutes!

It rained cats and dogs in the evening yesterday. I was in a meeting and could not get off early. Usually I would go home straight as my hubby would pick up my son from my MIL’s house. I would usually send my son to school in the morning. That’s our routine. But, yesterday, we had some problems with our plumbing. For some reason, we had no water in all the upstairs bathrooms.

As my hubby had arranged for the plumber to come in the evening, he called to ask me to pick up our son. I had planned on coming home early as I still am not done with the Anniversary Gift Exchange for NNC’s Anniversary Meet this Saturday. Yikes!

So, as soon as my meeting was over at 6.00pm, I quickly rushed to pick up my son, but I got caught in a 90 minute jam just to get to my MIL’s house. I stayed for only 10 minutes at my MIL’s house to chat as it was already getting very late.

We left my MIL’s house at about 7.40pm. I dropped by at the gas station along the way as I exited NKVE at the Subang Airport as I needed to refill my gas, and my son wanted to buy a drink and some snacks to have after dinner.

I am glad that we stopped for the drink and snacks as I was really getting hungry (I had an early lunch at 11.30am) and I managed to persuade my son to eat the snacks in the car while we got caught in traffic instead of having it after dinner. My tummy was growling like I had thunder in my tummy! LOL!

It was a slow crawl into Subang Jaya as many people kept jumping queues in front of me. I got really annoyed at one time and actually blasted my horn like mad when this so called Pak Aji (he was wearing the kopiah) jumped queue in front of me.

It got me so mad, as to me, anyone wearing a kopiah or a tudung (for women) should be someone who has lots of patience. Tak payah la nak tunjuk alim kalau tak penyabar! (No need to dress like someone who is religious if you can’t behave like one!!!).

We finally arrived home at close to 9.00pm! I was extremely exhausted and after dinner and watching TV for a short while, I headed for bed. I think I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillows. LOL!

Today, I left the office at 6.00pm after my meeting to pick up my son. It was cloudy, but it did not rain. We arrived home at 7.40pm! Half the time it took me to get home yesterday!

When it rains, all the roads in Kuala Lumpur gets flooded with all sorts of vehicles and impatient ‘Pak Ajis’! Uurrghhh! That’s life in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The little pink cheongsam bag

My sister Lin went holidaying in Hong Kong, Shanghai and a few other places recently and brought me back this cute little bag in, what else, PINK colour, in the shape of a cheongsam.

I was immediately smitten by the design and my sister told me that when she saw it, she said that she must get it for me, and hope that I could make something similar to it.

It does look possible to make something similar, and I think that I might just give it a try.

Yeah, right! Like I have all the time in the world! LOL!

There are so many things that I want to make and do, I wonder if I actually have the time to do them all! LOL! I think I would need a very long extended holiday to even do half of what I want to do! LOL! *grin*

Anyway, thanks, Lin, for the gift! I will let you know if I eventually do make a similar bag…..maybe in another 10 years? LOL! *wink*

Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting feverish!

Heheh……not the kind that has a temperature of above 38 degrees Celsius though it could get up to that high should I get all excited! LOL! *blush*

What in the world could I be talking about? LOL!

Akademi Fantasia fever that is! LOL! *blush*

Yup! It is back! This time, I am more excited about the principal and the two hosts and the person taking over Trek Selebriti from Jimmy that is getting me all feverish and excited as opposed to being excited about the students themselves1 LOL! *grin*

The minute I heard that Norman KRU is going to head the Akademi, I got all excited already and could not wait for when the Diary is going to start. I have always been a `fan’ of KRU, but not so much for the songs, although I do like most of their songs, but more for their business sense and what they have become from when they first started out some 15 odd years ago.

They are a few of our local artists who have managed to stay in the industry after all these years and be successful by being versatile and able to expand and diversify from their original status of just being a group of boys rapping to successful business men in almost all fields of the entertainment. I have noted that almost every singer that goes under their label has tasted success. Just look at where Adam AF2 is now, just to name one example.

I was in fact hoping that KRU would some day sign up Aril of AF7 as I would like to see him go far in the industry and that can only happen when one is under a strong label. Maybe someday that will happen when Aril is no longer attached to AEIB and Enfiniti.

Another reason why I am getting feverish and can’t wait for this Saturday when they will be introducing the new set of students is because of the two hosts who will be helming the concerts for the next 10 weeks! Yup! Sarimah Ibrahim and Jimmy Shanly might just get the weekly concerts hot and exciting again after 2 seasons of freezing cold concerts in the hands of AC Mizal. Finally he is out! *grin*

Both Sarimah and Jimmy are known to be very talkative, especially Sarimah who can talk non-stop. I just hope that she remembers to give Jimmy a chance to talk! LOL! Putting them together is like putting two balls of fire together hoping for them to make fireworks, and they just might succeed!

The 3rd reason why I am getting all excited and feverish is because I have heard that Aril might be temporarily taking over hosting the Trek Selebriti during the time that Jimmy is busy hosting the weekly AF concerts!

If this is true, than looks like for the next 10 weeks, I am going to be glued to the TV starting from Friday nights when Trek Selebriti comes on air, to the Concert on Saturdays, and to Sundays, when the results will be revealed as to who will be eliminated for that week!

I have told my hubby that I am already feeling the fever and `warned’ him that I will be ‘taking over’ the remote control starting from this Friday for the next 10 weeks! LOL! He said that he has gotten immunity from the AF fever already which he has developed over the last 7 years! LOL! *grin*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hazards of work

I thought that only people who works in the enforcement line like policemen, anti corruption officers, JPJ and the likes faces risks and hazards at work. Well, two weeks ago, that assumption just went down the drain.

A colleague of mine who is a Project Manager had a near fatal incident that could easily have cost him his life, had he not been quick to act and having a black belt was a bonus that had actually saved his life.

It started out simply as an accident when his car was hit by two men on a motorcycle. Since the dent to his car was minor, he decided not to pursue further and to just let off the motorcyclist. But the motorcyclist pursued to tail him and when they got to a traffic light, they knocked on his window shield, and when he wind down his screen, thinking that they wanted to negotiate further, that was when the motorcyclist tried to stab him with a screwdriver which hit his neck before he managed to defend himself with his hands.

My colleague was quick to react by kicking his car door open, pushing the motorcyclist to fall onto the road. When the motorcyclist got up to try to stab him further, my colleague, being a black belt holder kicked him. When the assailant tried to run away, my friend pursued after him.

With the help of a few bystanders, the motorcyclist was apprehended and handed over to the police. When the police questioned the assailant and my colleague, it was later found out that the assailant was hired by someone who knows my colleague at his project site.

It seems that this person who hired these thugs is known to be quite a gangster even among his own colleagues at the project site. He is said to have problems among his own colleagues where he refuses to listen to any comments made with regards to the way he does his work.

My colleague is a person who is strict when it comes to following work procedures and specifications. He was said to have made many comments to this person’s way of working and his workmanship – all part of doing his work properly and according to the correct procedure.

Days before the event, it seems that this person had asked my colleague his car make and plate number over tea during a leisure time after work. This was confirmed when the thugs who had made an attempt on my colleague’s life admitted to being hired by this person to attack my colleague when he was interrogated by the police.

The police had originally classified the case as a road accident but after further interrogation of the hired thugs and my colleague, the police have declassified the case as attempted murder. The case is still being investigated.

I am just glad that my colleague is safe, and he has asked to be transferred elsewhere where he need not have to deal directly with contractors.

This case has given me shivers running down my back. I work with all kinds of people on projects sites all the time, and I do my work only according to strict procedures and specifications.

If I don’t do my work properly, my boss and the client department who have entrusted their projects to us will be on my back demanding why things are not being done according to the correct procedures and I will have a lot to answer to them. On the other hand, being strict on site now has its hazards. I just hope that God will always protect me as I carry on my work according to what is expected of me, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help me decide…..

I am in the market for a laptop. Currently I have a laptop which is on loan to me, but I will have to return it come this April. I have been surfing the internet looking for what suits me best for the work that I want to do on the laptop as I travel for work and play.

I have been `in love’ with the Sony Vaio in pink *grin* for the longest time, but I was told that the Vaio has lots of problems.

It is beautiful and stylish, but, because of what has been told to me, it has sort of put me off buying it even though each time I go to a computer shop, my eyes would sway towards the Vaio, and my heart would beat twice as fast each time our `eyes’ gaze at each other…… LOL!

At that time, I was not seriously considering of buying a laptop yet, and so would just give the Vaio a shy smile and then I would be on my way, dreaming about it for when the day would come when I would be able to have it for my own….

Now that I am seriously considering of buying a laptop, I have started to seriously look around for what suits me best for the things that I want to do before I actually make my purchase and not just jump right in just because I am `in love’ with the Vaio. I need to be more focused and think with my head and not my heart….

As my brother is into selling computers and laptops, especially Compaq/HP and Dell, I focussed onto looking at Dells, hoping that I might be able to get a good deal from my dear brother. *grin*

I was at Low Yat Plaza last Friday, 6th March, taking advantage of my long lunch hour break, to see what’s the latest in the market.

I was almost immediately smitten by the New Dell Inspiron 14.

It had almost all that I wanted in a laptop, and after consulting my dear brother on the specifications, I was almost certain that this is my destiny – to get the New Inspiron 14! LOL! The fact that I can get the laptop in pink only makes it easier for me to decide, but……

I was told that Dell can only be purchased online and it takes about 3 weeks for it to be delivered to you. During the warranty period, the service guy will come over to your home or office, which ever is your registered address, to service your laptop or will come to pick up your laptop and return to you after repair or servicing, with just a phone call. That is the good part.

The bad part is that, I was told, that after the warranty period is over, there isn’t a proper service center that you can go to should you have any problems with your laptop. You will need to call the Dell office in Penang and they will tell you which shop to send your laptop to and they will come to pick it up. You will then later have to go back to the shop to pick it up. They don’t have a proper service center unlike Compaq/HP, Sony etc. This could take days, depending on when they can pick up the laptop from the specified shop, repair it, and then send it back.

The fact that I can only buy it online kind of puts it off buying because I don’t actually fancy making a credit card payment for such a large amount, even though my brother assured me that he has done numerous large amount purchases online. Maybe I am not confident because I don’t get to bring it home immediately after paying for it.

Also, the fact that Dell does not have a proper after sales service center also makes me think twice about buying a Dell. I don’t like to have to wait to get back my laptop especially if I need to travel, and I am starting to travel quite often again lately (I was in Labuan last week, and the week before that I was in Kota Kinabalu) after not travelling for work for more than 6 months.

Due to all these ‘constraints’, I am having second thoughts about getting the Dell.

I have started looking at Compaq/HP (my hubby bought a Compaq from my brother) but none seems to jump right out at me and make my heart go a flutter, like what the Vaio and the Inspiron 14 did to me. *grin*

My hubby said that since the laptop is probably going to be used only by me, most probably what ever stories that I have heard about the Vaio having a lot of problems might not arise at all. Problems usually arise when you have too many `cooks that spoil the soup’ – too many handlers.

Upon the advice of my hubby, I went surfing online today to look at the Vaio that has gotten me all excited from the very day that our `eyes’ first met. Guess what? It still gets me excited to see the Vaio online, but, after scrutinising the specifications and the price, I have decided that the Dell Inspiron 14 suits my budget better.

Now what? Shall I get the Sony Vaio or the Dell Inspiron?

Shall I go with my heart or my pocket? Dare I buy the Dell knowing how difficult it might be should my laptop run into problems after the warranty period is over as opposed to buying the Sony which has a proper after sales service center?

Oohhhhhh! Help me decide!

After some recommendations from friends, I have also even looked at the Mac, but my brother said that it is too expensive and high end a laptop for what I want to use a laptop for. Also, since all the computers in my office uses the PC, I might have problems interfacing the work that I bring home with the Mac.

Okay, looks like the Mac is out….for now……

Oohhhhhh! Help me decide! I need a laptop and sooooooonnnn!!!

note - photos taken from
- (Sony Vaio) and
- (New Dell Inspiron 14)