Saturday, April 26, 2008

I just don't get it!

Huh? He forgot his lyrics and sang miserably and yet he is still in the race? And Rina who sang better than him got eliminated? *scratching my head*

Really, I don't get it. He really must have so many deaf tone fans who just votes for him blindly regardless of his performance. He has yet to show any improvement on his performances. In fact, I tend to agree with a friend who said that he has yet to put up any good performances since the first concert. did he get shortlisted from the thousands that came to audition? Were the rest worse off? *sigh* Is this going to be another 'Aswad case'?

Yes, I am talking about Toi. He might be a world class angklung player, but that does not necessarily make him a good entertainer or singer. He mumbles or swallows his word most of the time, and it is not just when singing, but also when he is just plain talking. Macam orang malas nak bercakap - like someone who is lazy to talk.

Here I thought that Malaysians are now smarter at making their choices, this being the 6th season? *sigh* I guess not, huh?

I want Nubhan out too. Sorry, Helmy! *wink* This is my opinion, and you have yours, and I respect that. *grin* The way I see it, there is still no real improvements from him. He is still singing with that voice that is not coming out from the lubang cacing. The only time I think that I heard his real manly voice was when he sang, "oh oh". You know, that verse that Ogy was saying that it has got different meaning when sang in different tones?

Stanly wasn't too bad, though I expected better from him. Nothing impressive about his performance tonight. I don't know why, but each time he sings, I feel like his voice is about to break or he is going to screech at any time. Is it the way he was delivering the song, or was it because he does not look relaxed when singing? Like as if it took him so much effort.

Hey! Tonight Alif smiled! And he actually looks cute when he smiles! Unlike last week when he looked so worried, expressionless, and stonefaced. The presence of Farah helped him to smile even wider! *grin*

I kinda like his performance tonight, though I expected a better performance from him, and I think he needs to work harder. For now, he is just a mediocre performer. He needs to shine and give a performance that has uumphh and leaves a lasting impression, like Ebi's performance (AF5) with the song Kasihnya Laila, Kefli's Berhenti Berharap (AF3) and Farhan's I've Still Got The Blues (AF4), just to name a few. He needs to prove that he is worthy of a place in the finals. I want to see him at the finals.

Nadia, as usual, gave her best, and she was good. I like the way she made the song her own and not sing too much like Ella, without actually changing the song too much. Unlike Riz, who, I think, changed Imran's Ajmain's beautiful song too much, that it almost spoilt it. That, again, is my own personal opinion.

I like Imran Ajmain's song just the way it is, and Riz improvising it just wasn't pleasant to my ears. However, I noticed that his fans just wouldn't stop screaming, and is oblivious to how he sang the song. They just love seeing and listening to him sing, and I think Riz knows that. It would have been be silly of him not to have noticed them screaming from the time he went on stage, although I hope it won't go too much to his head. That would spoil everything for him. As it is, he isn't much liked due to his attitude, so he has to strongly depend on his talents to make him a winner. But, Akademi Fantasia isn't just about talent, but also about how you are smart at playing with the audiences' emotions.

BTW, I really think that Nadia should try to lose weight. Her extra kilos are really beginning to show. I want to see her in the finals looking radiant, pretty and sweet, not fat, though I would still love her voice just the same. the way, I am sometimes annoyed with AC Mizal's irrelevant questions to the students. I can't make out what he is trying to get at when he ask the questions that he asks, which has no relevance what so ever to the songs, nor the situation that the students were in. Yup, definitely he has got a long way to go before he can reach the heights of Aznil.

I noticed that sometimes the students get confused when Adlin gives his comments. Most of the time, his comments are too deep for them to understand, ending with them just smiling and nodding politely. LOL!

Aaah! Another superb and beautiful performance by Stacy! I love the acting part, the emotions, and the expression was simply awesome. I like that serak serak basah voice at certain parts of the song. Really lovely. An effortless performance by a star. A winner again at tonight's concert.

However, I could not understand the dress. I do hope that the fashion designer would really think carefully about Stacy's dress for the next few concerts, that is, hoping that she will make it to the finals.

I like Rina's performance far better than Toi's performance, and so was surprised that she got eliminated tonight. A friend said that she is too old to start in the entertainment world. I think not, my friend. Wasn't it said that life begins at 40? *wink*

Well, I wish Rina all the best. I am sure that when she goes back to her old job singing at lounges and pubs, she can now ask for a higher pay. *grin* She's famous now! *smile*

BTW, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to Khai and Rosmah. Rosmah looks so pretty tonight, and Khai looks quite handsome is his malay wedding attire. It was nice of ASTRO to want to do a little do for the couple that was a product of the same reality show. A history of sorts for ASTRO.

The only thing I find odd during the 'ceremony', no, make that two odd things, was, one, Mila kept asking AC when he's going to get married. Duh! Doesn't she know he's married with two kids? And even after he told her that he's got two kids, she still asked him when he is going to `naik pelamin'. Really, Mila, you need to learn some communication/PR skills to be a good entertainer.

The other thing which I felt was out of place during the 'ceremony' was why AC Mizal was not wearing a Baju Melayu when everyone was, including all the 8 students. No time to change? Come on! You have plenty of time to change during the long sponsored intermission. It would have been perfect had he been in the same attire. Anyway, it wouldn't have been wrong for him to be in Baju Melayu throughout the concert, right?

Note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Friday, April 25, 2008

A movie director in the making?

My son has been taking up junior animation class for the past 2 months on every Saturday. It is a class he really enjoys and looks forward to going each week, besides the junior engineering class. The art class now has become his third choice. Hmm...looks like he is not going to take after his mummy and abah, huh? LOL! More like taking after his Atok who is an engineer, though a Civil Engineer , or maybe his Uncle Ayis, who is an Eletronics Engineer? Could be following in Cik Eli's footsteps too! *wink*

Anyway, he finally made a movie which I think deserves to be put up to 'show off' *wink* to his cousins and friends. Though it still needs a lot of work, it's a start, and an interest I hope to develope further.

I have never uploaded a media file before at this blog, so I hope this works. So, here goes! Enjoy!

Okeyla tu!

If there is anyone who is happy to be eliminated, it must be Saida. Week in, week out, she has shown no signs of being happy of still being in the race. She is a picture of someone who misses her family so much, that nothing will make her happier than to be eliminated so as to be able to be reunited with her family.

Funny how some people are. Why joln AF in the first place? Maybe she wanted to give herself a chance at stardom, seeing how younger sister, Siti Nurhaliza, had succeeded in making a good living out of it?

It is a pity because Saida actually has a sweet lovely voice. She also has got the looks. However, she is simply too shy, and that will hinder her from making it far into the entertainment industry. But, you will never know, considering that she comes from a talented family with a successful entertainment company. She just might make it!

I wish Saida all the best, though my hubby thinks that she should just stay home and be a good housewife. LOL! *grin*

I know that I am late in posting my commnets on last week's concert, but it has been a week of travelling for me. I just got back from Kuching, and I thought that I had better put down my thoughts into words before the next concert tomorrow. If not, it will be bugging me, or, it will forever be at the back of my mind what I want to say, but didn't say it on time. *grin*

So, on with the comments.......

It's a pity that Alif did not dance in sync with the dancers. It would have been awesome. I have always admired entertainers who can sing and dance at the same time. It's what sets them apart from singers who just sings. Diddy did it. So did Dafi. Of course, Adam did it perfectly. In fact, Adam did it so well, that, during last week's concert, I was looking more at Adam dancing than at Alif singing! And, by the way, Alif, why the stoneface when the critics were given? Have you no emotions?

Ah! Stanly! Stanly! Stanly! You did it again! You screeched, though not as bad as last week. Again I thought that his voice was going to break at any time. I could feel no emotions from him, despite the song being so close to home for him. He failed to impress yet again. Pity, pity, pity......

Uurrhhh! Nadia's makeup was ... eerr.....sorry to say, but they made her look like a cheap doll that you can find by the road side, when Nadia is actually quite sweet. She looked lovely last week. Did Astro changed their make-up artist for the week? Even the wardrobe was awful! They should have dressed her the way Elyana or Farah Asyikin wore during the Anugerah Planet Muzik. They look sweet and cute!

BTW, I think Nadia needs to lose weight. Or, at least, dress her in something that will not accentuate her baby fat.

Rina was pretty, though leaning almost towards being sexy if she bowed just a liitle too low. Really, what happened to the wardrobe this time around?

BTW, what's with Ibu Hetty? Was she not properly briefed before the start of the concert? Her comments, though some were good, were simply too long winded. It got to a point of being annoying, and I noticed that AC Mizal was not good at handling the situation either. I am beginning to agree with an article in The Malay Mail last week that suggested that AC Mizal be replaced with Sarimah Ibrahim. He simply has not got it yet. I don't know if he ever will. He lacks the emotion to host a reality show that calls for a play of emotions.

Also, I just don't get it. What's with the boring video clips that has no significance to the students? I find myself lost and wondering what was Astro trying to say by showing the videos, or was it AC Mizal that was not doing a good job of explaining about the videos? *sigh*

I also noticed that AC likes to introduce the artist present during the concert in between the critics giving their critics to the students. Can Astro please guide AC Mizal on this? Can't AC introduce them after the critics are done for each student?

I find nothing about Nubhan's voce that impresses me. His voice, to me, is what my late dad would decribe as "macam suara tak keluar lubang cacing" - a voice that isn't even coming out of a worm's hole. He seems like he is having a tough time getting his voice out. He needs to let go, instead of controlling his voice too much. To me, he just spoilt Izwan Pillus' lovely song. *sigh*

Ah! If it were the finals last week, Stacy would have easily garnered the top place with her awesome in sync dancing and powerful rendition of the song Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy. She's got it! I enjoyed the song from start to end, and I think so did many others that night. Keep it up, Stacy!

Although Riz's performance was good, I did not enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed listening and watching Stacy sing and dance. If it was the finals that night, I'll vote him second.

Sorry I did not make any comments on Toi's performance as I had missed watching it as the phone rang at that particular time. But, from what I heard, I did not miss much. *grin*

Who would I like to see eliminated this Saturday? Nubhan and Toi. Toi does not have the voice and looks, and Nubhan, simply I just can't appreciate his voice. Maybe he hasn't been given the right song? Maybe........

Note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Is it my birthday?

LOL! *wink* It sure felt like it when I received these two packages tied with ribbons on Wednesday!

I made an order at European Cross Stitch Company for the embellishemnt pack for my Mandala Gardens. This site was recommended to me by one of the members at the EMS Cross Stitch Board, when I posted a message looking for where to find the embellishments for the charts. I wanted to buy the embellishments at one online shop, instead of shopping at several online shops, because it would end up being quite expensive, espcially on shipping and handling charges.

This site is a embellishment heaven for those doing charts from european companies that has lots of embellishments and all the thinking has been done for you. You just order the pack. Just the way I like it since I am unsure, or rather, I am not confident that I would be buying the right embellishments for the chart, since most of the embellishments are unfamiliar to me.

I made this order 11 days ago, and that is fast service by my standard, and I am glad that the customs did not hold my pacakge for too long. I have had a package that was kept on hold by the customs for several days. Makes me wonder what do they do with the packages that they keep on hold for so long. *shrug* Oh well.... just glad that they arrived safely.

I decided to order two embellishemnt packs, one for the Watergarden, which I am currently working on, and the other, for the Knotgarden, which I also have the chart for, also bought during my trip to Melbourne. It's a saving on postage, though I am not yet sure when I will be starting on the Knotgarden project, as I am far from completing the Watergarden! *grin*

Anyway, look at the embellishemnts for the Watergarden and the Knotgarden. Lovely, huh? I can't wait to start using them!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making progress.....

It's Work-in-progress report week again at NNC, so I'd better put up my report before I forget, or have no time to do it later.

I have been slowly working on my Mandala Garden, trying to work as fast as I can, but, lately, I have been travelling almost every other day too, so, I find myself coming home really tired out that I could hardly keep my eyes open, what more to stitch. Added to that, I had to work last Sunday. So, basically, I had no weekend last week. I had fun on Saturday though! Will tell more about it later!

Anyway, here is my progress on the Mandala Garden. I am excited as I work from row to row and see the image appear before my very eyes! I wish that I could work faster so that I can see more progress, but alas, this is as fast as I could get.

Here is also the progress on the LHN Herb Garden. I love working on this piece as it is a very easy chart to work on, and working on aida makes it even easier. A good break from the 28ct evenweave that I am working my Mandala Garden on. I usually work on this piece during my travels or when I sit and wait for Aiman to finish his Saturday classes.

But, last Saturday was different! Yes, while Aiman was attending his usual Saturday classes, mummy and her stitching friends were busy attending a stitching bee! Yup, June, Margaret, Aiza, Janet - coming all the way from Ipoh, Tini, and Anna - who just came back from Kuantan, and I, met up for a stitching bee! Mel joined us for a short chat before she had to leave due to family commitments.

Margaret, Tini and Aiza learned to crochet granny squares, taught patiently by Janet and Anna. June was stitching away on her Cheryl's Bouquet, which was way overdue! *wink* I worked on my LHN Herb Garden.

It was a sight to see when we first met as everyone got excited when Margaret brought out her The Warm Fuzzies book (no, Margert, I have not cut out my felts! LOL! *wink*), Tini took out her Amy Butler Book, and I took out the charts I bought at the Craft Fair in Melbourne! LOL! Janet also took out her cute Ami Bear to show which she is offering for the NNC Lottery, which i did not want to give it back to her once it was in my hands! LOL! BTW, Janet, thanks so much for the lovely crocheted rose brooch! I love it!

What got us even more excited was when Margaret took out her set of crochet hooks! A whole pack in different sizes! It was like crocheter's dream to own one! And Margaret wasn't even a crocheter when she bought the pack! LOL! *wink*

Tini showed off her lovely handmade bag and a table runner which she is currenty doing. I love the colours of the runner! Aiza brought a cross stitch project, in black aida! But, I think she only worked on it for about 10 minutes or so, before she couldn't resist the temptation to learn crochet!

I had a great time, and I wished that I could have stayed longer, but I had a million and one things to do that day, so, I had to pick up Aiman and rush home.

It was nice to finally get a chance to meet Aiza, Tini and Mel. It was great meeting up with June, Janet, Anna and Margaret again. We should do this more often, so that we get motivated to finish up all our UFOs!

Back to stitching progress, here is a my CCN Ice Cream Sundae piece which is about 75% complete. I thought that I had lost this piece when I couldn't find it and since I travelled so much, I was beginning to wonder if I had accidentally left it behind at one of the hotels I stayed in during my travels. I finally found it sunk deep into one of the pockets of the luggage that I usually bring on my travels. Phew!

I hope to work on this again when I am done with the LHN Herb Garden.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My baby turned 8 today!

I thought it was only yesterday that he was born, and today he is EIGHT already? Oohhh! How time flies!

Since my hubby and I were both working today, and Aiman was schooling today, we decided to only have a small do for him tonight. We are planning to have a celebration at a later date where he will get to invite his school friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. He has made his list. It's now a matter of getting the invitations out, but I have been so busy travelling, and each day I come home too tired. I hope to get the invitations out by this week.

In the mean time, here is Aiman in his PJs, blowing his cake, cutting it and having a good time, despite having a slight cold and cough. Yes, we had pizza for dinner - his birthday request. We also had the usual coleslaw, deli wings and garlic bread. Nothing fancy since everyone was tired since traffic was bad today. Both my hubby and I were caught in a bad jam coming home.

I hope his birthday celebration in 2 weeks time (the only time we could get a place available. Yeah, not doing it at home this time around. Learnt my lesson from his last birthday last year! LOL! *wink*) will be one he will enjoy and have fun with all his friends and cousins.


BTW, it was also our 16th Wedding Anniversary on 17th April 2008. No, we couldn't celebrate it yet as both of us were busy travelling for work, but we hope to have a small celebration, hopefully, in the next few days. *smile*

Thanks, hubby, for the lovely card and beautiful gift! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Money for LOVE

I am not one to wash dirty laundry in public, but, this is sad, and I need to get it off my chest.

My sister has 5 beautiful children, ranging in age from 5 to 16 years old. She wrote in her blog recently how she misses them so much. She is recently divorced from her hubby, and pending custody hearing. In the mean time, her ex-hubby has come up all with all sorts of `tricks' to get the children to `hate' her, or to get them to choose him over her.

When my sister first got married to him, she was working in KL but would fly back to KB every weekend to be with her hubby, and later with her eldest daughter. She had to work because he didn't. He was just getting money from his uncle who seems to have never ending money. So, I suppose, when your uncle gives you easy money every month, lots of it, why work? But, the money never last. He would spend it on drinking with his friends.

When my sister had her second daughter, she decided to leave her good paying job in KL to go back to her family in KB so that she can spend more time with them. I believe she had also hoped that her hubby would take care of the financial part of the household too. He did, probably, for a while, but my brother-in-law is so easily influenced by friends, that soon, whatever money he has, it would be spent on drinking with friends again, and before you know it, there was nothing left to pay for the household expenses.

My ex-BIL is really a nice guy when he is sober. My mum said that he is an angel when sober, but turns into a devil when he is high and drunk. And when that happens, the children becomes his target of mental abuse, though he has never laid hands on his children.

When the children started school, expenses increased, and with my BIL not holding a permanent job, my sister went back to work, and later set up her own company, but it did not last due to scarse job opportunities in Kota Bharu.

When an oppportunity arised for a high paying job in KL, my sister grabbed it, and for a very long while, was shuttling between 4 days in KL, and 3 days in KB. It must have been very tiring for her, but, for the sake of the children, she had to do it, since her hubby refused to uproot to KL. At that time, my mum moved back to KB, and she took care of the children on the days that my sister was at work in KL.

All this time, my BIL would have odd jobs taking care of his sister's vast properties. My sister did say that my BIL did stop drinking for a while, and things were getting better. But, when his mother passed away suddenly, he was so affected by it, him being the youngest son and closest to her, that he went back to drinking to gain solace, and to forget his unhappiness of losing his mum. Things went downhill after that.

He would be out drinking for most part of the days through the night, and would sleep the rest of the day. My mum would take care of the children, their food, their school needs, etc, though he does pay special attention to his eldest son's needs. He has always wanted a son, so after 2 daughters, the first son was really special.

My mum said that my BIL would come home drunk almost every night, and each time he comes home, he would shout the house down, calling for his children to get up. He wants to talk to the children. He wants to children to hear his stories for the day. It could be 2.00 or 3.00am, and the children has got to get up at 6.00am to go school. Even when my mum and the maid pleads with him to let them sleep in, he would shout at them. Being drunk, he has lost all sense of logic.

He has, on some occassions, taken his sick children to the pubs to see him drink. I can't understand why the pub operator allows kids to be admitted in, knowing very well that they are children below the age of 12. Because they want his money, or rather, his uncle's money? Could it be because he comes from an influential family in Kota Bharu, that they are afraid to apprehend him? Then, that is sad.....

My BIL has always used money to buy love from his children. Since he spent most of his days in pubs drinking, he has no time for them. So, to make up for lost time, he would give his children, even the younger ones, money, lots of them, and he would drop them off at shopping complexes from morning to night, as he goes to the pubs to drink the day away. Because of this, the children 'loves' him.

My eldest niece once said to my mum that she doesn't care if her father cares for her or not, or is there for her or not, for as long as he gives her money to spend, and she can stay out all day and all night, she is OK by that. She has her freedom. She is 16. She is at a very vulnerable age. I am scared for her. I love her, and I don't want anything bad to happen to her. I don't want anhything bad to happen to any of my nieces and nephews.

Now, my ex-BIL is using money again to buy the children LOVE, and is also using money to battle for the children with my sister. He has told his children that if they want their weekly allowance, they are not to see her anymore. The two older girls, age 14 and 16, are happy with the deal for as long as they can get their weekly allowances. They must be thinking, "What's a mum compared to money, huh? Money can buy me loads of things. Mum will just give hugs and kisses, and be there for me, but I can take care of myself. I am big. I want my freedom"

I think they are too immature to know what is right and what is wrong. *sigh*

The 3rd child, a son, 13 years old, told my sister not to come and see him anymore, because he is just so "fed up" with having to put up with the constant fighting and arguing when my sister comes back and the ex-hubby would make threats to take them away from her. So, he reckons that its better for her not to come home. For as long as my sister doesn't see her children, her ex would be happy to let the children do as they like.

Only her 4th and 5th children are always asking for her to be with them. Yasmin, who is 10 years old, couldn't care less whether she gets money or not. Whatever allowances she gets, she saves it and gives it to my sister. The youngest, Miki, is only 5, and all he wants is his mommy.

My ex-BIL is using the kids as pawns in his battle with my sister for custody of the children. It is sad. Why use the children? Why can't he fight her like a man should? Because he has nothing to prove his worthy of being a good father to the children? So, by having the kids go against my sister, half the battle is won? His family is also very influential in Kota Bahru, and the odds might just swing right in his direction because of this. *sigh*

My sister loves her children very much. I love the children very much, and the thought of not be able to see them ever again is like having a knife pierced right through your heart. I am sad.....

I hope my dear sister would be patient and pray to Allah. I know she has been very patient all this while. She is a strong woman, and have been able to face many challenges that has come her way. God is great, and sooner or later, God will show us that only those who believes in HIS faith and is truthful to HIM will win.

I love you, dear sis.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Errrr...was that the first concert that I had just finished watching about half an hour ago? Going by the lack lustre performance of the students tonight, you can't blame me for mistaking it to be the first concert of the season. No, it was not? Oh yeah, the first concert was worse!

Huh? That was the FOURTH concert? Seriously? OK, so what is going on? There were 6000++ people who queued up to audition for AF6, and is this the quality that we get? Surely there must be some mistake. *scratching my head*

The fourth concert was a BIG letdown to me. There were no performance that impressed me, except maybe Nadia's powerful vocals, and I know she tried very hard, but, for some reason, there was no umph to her performance tonight. Her attire was lovely, she was lovely, no question about her powerful vocals, but something was missing. I just can't put a finger to it.

Again, this week, I am very disappointed with Stanly. I think he tried hard, too hard, in fact, to impressed, that it killed him. He sounded like he was screeching most of the time. Faizal Tahir's Kasih Tercipta is a beautiful song, and I was hoping for Stanly to be able to carry it well, since I think the song suited his vocals well, and added to that, it is a very popular song. But, unfortunately, he killed the song. It was almost unbearable to listen to him screeching for most part of the song.

I don't know if Ramli MS is happy now that Faisal has finally been booted out tonight, but, if I know Ramli MS well, he might be strict with the students for his standards and expectations are high, but,I think he is also very compassionate. He's probably sad that Faisal got kicked out the very week that he gave Faisal the ultimatum to do or die, so to speak.

To his credit, I think Faisal tried, but it was just not good enough. So afraid was he to make mistakes, that he could not let go of his real self to perform in a more relaxed manner. He played safe. He sang a joget song, and he was dressed to dance, but he did not, making his performance lack the umph it required to give him the edge. A pity because I think he could have nailed it with this song.

I must give Alif credit because, even though his diction of english was bad, in fact, very bad, when he tried singing his earlier english song, Come Out And Play, he never gave up. He just kept on trying. It was probably too unbearable for Ramli MS to listen to each day that made him (Ramli MS) take the decision to change the song. I agree, had Alif carried on that song, it would have killed him. Ogy would have already prepared herself to shoot him down even before he performed. I salute Ramli MS for using his executive power, as the Principal, in the best interest of the students.

I think had Alif had this new song, Menghapus Jejakmu, at the start of the week, he could probably have done a better job of delivering it. I agree with Ogy though that as a performer, no matter how short a time you have to prepare for a show, you have to be ready. But, I think Ogy forgot that Alif is only just, but a student. But, if Alif works hard, he might be able to go far. He has the looks (he's cute! *wink* Don't you think he looks a little bit like Donny Osmond in his younger days? *wink*), and his voice is easy to accept, pleasant to listen to. I like the way he delivered his song, but it was obvious that he simply was not yet ready to perform.

Considering Rina's good performance last week, this week her performance was only passable. Could it have anything to do with her injuring her knee? She looks sweet tonight, though.

Despite Ning saying that Nubhan has got a good tone, I could not appreciate his singing tonight. I felt like his voice was going to break at anytime. However, I was entertained by his cheeky act of giving Ogy a red rose, albeit a plastic one! LOL!

Didn't I tell you that Astro was going to spring a surprise when they gave Saida a song that is usually sung by two people, to be sung only by Saida alone? Ahah! Astro is becoming too predictable now. *grin*

I think Noraniza Idris came into the song too early into Saida's performance. She actually stole the limelight from Saida. I hardly heard Saida singing. I don't even know if Saida knew or expected someone to sing Noraniza's part, as I did not manage to catch any of the dairies this week that showed her rehearsing the song. But, one thing for sure, it was a song too big for Saida to carry, and she has yet to be able to get rid of her shyness.

I felt that Toi was like running all over the stage with his performance. It was like he never planned his steps. I don't know why Linda Jasmin or any of his teachers did not guide him on how to perform his song without him looking lost, and moving everywhere.

Getting a new song might work out good for you if you can carry the song well, in your own style, since it is your song, but, Stacy lost that chance. She's got the vocals, but, simply tonight, she did not look confident. She looked worried, and I agree with Ogy that I could not feel the song.

Adlin might have said that Riz was good tonight, probably the best performance of the night, but I can't agree with him. Although I think that his vocals are good, and since Marabahaya is a catchy song which I think Riz could have easily nailed it, but, simply tonight, he failed to impress me. Simply, there was no umph to his performance either tonight.

I don't know what is wrong with the students tonight. Maybe it is true what Genervie, the music teacher, said, that the teachers seem to be working harder than the students themselves. It was obvious that Ramli MS has diligently coached them himself, yet the students failed to deliver. Ramli MS would have been upset with the students' performance tonight. I was. It could easily be one of the worse concert of the season, not taking into account the first concert which, eerr.....could be forgiven, considering it was, after all, the first concert. But, this is the FOURTH concert!

Seriously, what is happening?

I hope the students buck up next week. If not, AF is going to be facing a lot of criticism from many angles.

Note: photos this week was taken from Mr. Manager's blog as AF6's official website, up until 1.45pm, still has not uploaded photos from the concert.

A proud moment!

Yes, it was a proud moment for us, as parents, today when Aiman and his team won first place in his Sports' Day Telematch.

He participated in the KDU Tower Telematch using empty soft drink cans to build a tower. It was a proud moment for him and his friends as they ran around rejoicing the win! It was obvious the excitement that he felt looking at this photo of him with the the gold trophy. *smile*

Last year, his team managed only a bronze, so, it was a big joy to win a gold. Well, who wouldn't rejoice a gold win, right? *wink*

Winning a gold was something he had been dreaming off since the day he failed to complete his swimming competition last year. That was a big disappointment for him, as any child would, when all they could talk about was winning. Who doesn't want to win, but, to a child his age, losing was a big thing.

So much was his disappointment in not winning the swimming competition last year, that he already told me just a few days ago that he does not want to compete in the swimming competition this year. I am a little disappointed with his decision, but I do not want to push him. I am just hoping that, in time, he will change his mind.

Here is a photo of him with one of his team-mates, Bryan. Just look at that wide grin! *smile*

Below is a photo with a classmate, Nina.

Here, with Abah, the proud parent. *smile*

BTW, both my hubby and I were dressed in RED in support of my son and his RED house. *grin* By coincidence, both my hubby and I were also in RED house during our school days.

My son has got ambition to win many more trophies. He has asked that I build him a cabinet to showcase all his trophies. Err...but, at the moment, there are only two trophies. So, I told him I will get him the cabinet when he has collected a few more trophies. I hope that this will motivate him to win in many more competitions, and not just in sports.

Congratulations, Aiman, from Mummy and Abah. Keep it up! WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A drawback?

My sister wrote in her blog that I write very well, is very intelligent *blush*, and has all the knacks of being the almost perfect wife. She said that I can cook very well... adding that my carrot walnut cakes are the best ever!! Thanks, Lin! But, she also said that my craziness for handicraft is my drawback. it really? But, why? Because I am absolutely crazy about handicrafts, it becomes a drawback? Some people spend all day reading a novel. It that a drawback? It is, if you forget to prepare dinner for the family. Would spending time socializing all day also be considered a drawback too? *shrug*

I have never forgotten to put dinner or any meal, for that matter, on the table for my family, except when I am too sick to get up, or when I am at work, no matter how much into my hobby I am in. My family has always been my first priority. I schedule my stitching meets or sewing classes around my son's schedule and with my hubby's blessings each time.

My crafts are what keeps me sane in this insane and ever challenging world. It has gotten me through many ups and downs. Whenever things in the office gets too much for me to handle, when others resort to shopping clothes and handbags to release stress, I would keep to my craft room and stitch.

Even as I stitch, my mind would be constantly thinking, reflecting back on the day's events or things that worries me. It is a time not only for reflecting back, but also a time for me to think things through. Did I make the right decision? What should I do next? Should I do this or that? I plan my days ahead and weeks as I stitch. It is a time when I am very much at ease, and I can think better. My creative writing juice normally flows as I sit and stitch. I play it in my mind over and over again before I actually put it down on paper, err...... type it into the computer.

My hubby has always said that I have never failed to amaze him, since the day that we met, with the things that I can do, and he meant that in a very positive way. He never thought that I could cook, what more bake, sew and do many other crafts. He has always been very supportive of my hobbies and has many times driven me to meet up with my stitching friends, brought me to hobby and crafts shops, and anything related to crafts. I love him for that, among many other traits of him that I love, of course! *wink*

He understands my need to stay creative, though not necessarily to design buildings. Now that I am at the management level, and although I do not do that much designing in the office anymore, it is a stressful job managing projects, and it can really get to me sometimes. So, when I am at home, I need something that will put in at ease and in a relax mood.

He understands my need to have a time of my own, like he needs a time of his own to do his own things. While he goes jogging or to the gym, I would retreat to my craft room to do my many hobbies.

My hubby has said many times that he is thankful that I am not into buying all those leather goods and expensive clothes each time we go travelling overseas. Even though the stash that I buy looks like a lot, but when you add them together, they will never surpass the price of leather goods. Leather goods will be worn out after awhile, but my crafts can later on be passed to the next generation who appreciates the effort and love put into each piece that I do. I hope that someday all my stitching and the crafts that I do will be heirloom pieces that can be passed on to many generations down.

It is through my stitching and my many hobbies that I have met so many wonderful people online and in person who shares the same interest and passion with me, who will not look down on me for my craziness in my crafts, for we understand each other and we are all just as crazy and passionate about the crafts that we do.

It is through my stitching friends too that I have gained more confidence to move forward in my crafts, in life too, to advance to a higher level, and to try something new. I am always looking to better myself, because, who knows, I might someday be able to realise my dream of owning my own shop one day, though not necessarily to make a living, but to fulfill my need to set up my own shop.

My hubby supports my dream to someday open up my own craft shop, and it is his support that is most important to me, whether my craziness for my craft is a drawback or not.

In a 'Garden' mood

It's WIP week again at NNC. Gosh! I thought it was only yesterday that I posted a progress of my works-in-progress? *scratching my head trying to remember*grin*

All week last week, whatever spare time that I have after dinner is done and when the housework is under control, and my son is safe in bed, with hubby watching TV, I would put in as much stitching into my Chatelaine Mandala Garden - The Watergarden as I could. I am eager to see the end result of this project, although I know that there wil be a time when I will tend to get distracted with so many other lovely designs being offered on the internet. However, I am determined to at least make an effort to get it done sometime this year, if I can.

I would need motivation and some cheering on from my stitching friends, and I am sure they will not fail me. *wink*

So, here is the progress so far. Not too bad, huh, for a weeks work? *wink*

Also, here is my progress on the LHN Herb Garden.

This photo was taken on Saturday, April 5, as I waited for my son to attend his engineering class. No, I am not advertising for STARBUCKS, though it is free advertising for them *grin*

I took this piece with me to Terengganu when I had to work over there over the weekend, and this time I managed to put in quite a lot of stitching as I managed to get into the hotel room while there was still quite a bit of daylight.

It made me feel good, and satisfied with my progress thus far.

I just realised that I am currently doing TWO garden projects - The WaterGARDEN and The Herb GARDEN. I must be in a GARDENING mood, though my small vegetable garden at the back of my house is...err....almost dead with me so busy with work! LOL!

Well, if you can't have the real garden, you might as well stitch one! LOL! *wink*

She rocks!

Yeah, who says that age will limit your movement? Rina just proved to many of us who thinks that age will slow you down is totally wrong. Last Saturday, Mama Rina Rocks!

Heheh....some of my friends are going to say that I have got the fever now with my statement above! LOL! Opps! Let me check my forehead...nope! Not yet, though I can feel my temperature rising! LOL! *wink*

It was a fun concert to watch last Saturday, with AC Mizal finally coming out of his AC Di Sini coccoon, though there were so many flaws done by the students. I was a little, no, make that very disappointed, with both Stacy's and Stanly's performances. I had my eyes on them, but, for some reason that night, both of them failed to deliver. Maybe ROCK is just not their genre of music? But, I didn't think Rina had what it took to sing a rock song either, but she surprised me. In fact, I think she surprised many that night.

Faisal was like Ika was during the 2nd concert, unbearable to listen to. I was surprised that it was Lufya, who I think was better than Faisal, though not that much better, that got eliminated, and not Faisal.

If someone as tone deaf as I can know the difference between bad and good singing, why can't those voters see who's good and who's bad? Is Faisal going to be another Aswad case? Hmm..........

I have no comments with regards to Naim, except that I am just glad that he's out, giving the more talented ones a better chance of staying on.

Nadia's rendition of Total Eclipse of The Heart was simply WOW! This girl has got the vocals! Paired with Stanly, it was a performance almost as good as Ebi and Mila's rendition of My Heart, though not as mesmerising. Too bad that Stanly did not fair as well with his own song. Simply, rock was not him.

Kamelia is a lovely song, and even though Aliff delivered the song well, I must agree with Adlin and Ning, or was it Ogy, that said that he was being too `brutal' in his presentation. It is, afterall, a love song, and should be sung with a romantic tone of someone in love. Listen to this tone deaf person speak! LOL! *wink* Maybe he needs to fall in love first? *wink*

If Saida wants to make singing a career, she needs to let go of her shy personality. I saw her singing during the audition, and she has a good voice, but her shyness seems to prevent her from giving her best. She looks fragile, and I sometimes wonder if Siti Nurhaliza was watching the weekly concert (which I am sure she would), whether she might be saying to herself that she should have given her elder sister some guidelines first before Saida entered the akademi.

I will give Saida another 2 weeks to show some improvement, if she doesn't get eliminated first, that is. She has the potential, but she is simply too shy. Will she make it to the finals? If she shows no improvemnet, I doubt it. There are others who I think are more deserving of a spot to the finals, unless Astro decides there will be more than 5 finalists this season.

I noticed that AC Mizal is not someone who knows how to play with emotions. He tried it during the first concert and, in my opinion, failed miserably. He just does not have what it takes to dramatize the segment to announce the names of the students being eliminated, which Aznil did very well, though sometimes too much. It was smart of him to quickly announce the names of the students being eliminated without the drama, but, I think it was done too quickly that it felt like an anticlimax. You did not have the time to go through the emotions.

I am glad that the students are back to singing the Menuju Puncak song live instead of miming like they did last week. It just did not look right.

So, what lies in the next concert? I will be looking forward to seeing if Saida can carry her own sister's song, although it is sung by two persons, but she will be singing it alone. Or, does Astro have a surprise for us?

I don't know about this new song that Stacy is being given. Why is she the only one given a new song? How was she chosen? I must have missed it when Ramli MS gave out the reasons for doing so, or did he? Oh well, Astro is always full of surprises.

I will, of course, be looking forward to seeing Nadia perform, and Stanly's performance of Faizal Tahir's Kasih Tercipta would be one to watch simply because it is a song I like.

So, we shall all see this Saturday. I just hope that there won't be any unbearable ones that I have to listen to though..........

Note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Is the fever back?

I don't feel feverish, so, probably the fever isn't coming back.......just yet. *grin*

*wink* No, no, I am not talking about feverish sick, but rather the fever that I usually get when the Akademi Fantasia season is back. Heheh...did I just see my hubby shaking his head in amusement? *wink* A couple of nights ago when he saw me watching the diary, he said, "Oh No! It's that season again when he can't watch anything else on Saturday nights!" *grin*

Last year, I got the fever only after the 5 or 6th concert. The year before that started earlier, that is after the 2nd concert, if I can recall correctly, because I was impressed with Farhan's powerful vocals, and each week I would wait for her performance.

This year, during the first concert, I was more looking forward to seeing if AC Mizal could fill in the big shoes left behind by Aznil, rather than to watch the kids' performances. Ooops! Let me correct that. This year, I can't call them kids, because we have one mom, one dad, and one grandmum.

Going by the first concert, I must say that AC Mizal has a very long way to go to reach the standard and quality of hosting a show like Akademi Fantasia, and trying to fill in a big shoe left by Aznil is a big task on his shoulders. Like it or not, people will compare him with Aznil, even though he might have his own style of MCing the concert. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first concert, but found him too full of himself; he could not drop his "AC Di Sini" style of hosting a show, and simply, he was boring, to say the least of his hosting for the first concert.

Don't get me started on the performances by the AF students. It was disastrous to say the least. But, then again, I must agree that first concerts are never the best concerts to gauge a student's talents as thay have yet to build up their confidence, and some of them are so overly confident that it actually failed them.

I watched the second concert last weekend, hoping to see some improvement on AC Mizal's hosting style, and the students performances. I must say that AC Mizal is starting to show some signs of improvement, though he had a lot of help from Adlin Aman Ramlie, who, I think created some 'excitement' during the concert, unlike Ogy Ahmad Daud and Ajai's comments, which I think were rather harsh. I think they were being too hard on the students, that being their first concert. On the other hand, I think Ning was very professional in her comments.

The second concert saw a lot of improvement by the students, with the exception of Ika, who I think, her performance was simply, err..... 'unbearable' to watch, even by someone as tone deaf as I am. I thought I saw glimses of the teachers wincing and grimacing in their seats as they watched and listened to her perform.

When Astro first announced that they were raising the age limit from 27 years old to 45, I was sceptical and wondered how someone of 45 would be able to mix around with someone who could actually be as old as their own children, in an environment where you are competing with one another.

But, after catching a few episodes of the diary, I think that what I like about Astro incuding the 3 students I mentioned above is that now the younger kids have someone to whom they can look up to, and when they miss their mums, Rina, the grandmum in the Akademi, can actually act as someone whom they can rely on like a mother, and an elder sister to Saida, who misses her family so much.

I will be looking out for Nadia, Stacy, Stanly, and Rina in the next concert.

Note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at