Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In the mood for motifs

I know I should be spring cleaning the house over the long weekend, taking advantage of the long christmas break, and yes, I managed to get a couple of days off too. *grin*

Instead, I suddenly got smitten (how many times this last week did I get smitten? LOL! *wink*) by the crochet bug again, when I went over to Lily's Handicraft at Subang Parade on Tuesday to see what type of yarns do they carry. I have been wanting to buy some variegated threads and yarns, but have yet to find them in the colours that I like at the local needlecraft shops which I had visited in the last week or so.

As I entered Lily's Handicraft, on the counter was a motif crochet book. The cover alone was tempting enough for me to pick it up and browse through it. It contained more than 200 small motifs, and all the charts are drawn, not written! That was not all that I like about the book. Ever since I saw some beautiful tatted laces at Faizon's blog, I have been wanting to try combining colours in my crochet pieces.

Before this, I have always done my pieces in monochrome, not daring to mix colours because I wasn't sure how it will turn out. This book had quite a number of the motifs where a combination of colours were used. I got excited and could not stop flipping through the pages!

Yeap, you guessed it! I bought the book! LOL! *blush* I just had to try some, if not all the motifs in the book. Most of them are so beautiful!

So, today, instead of continuing cleaning up and organising the house (heck, I have been cleaning up the house since christmas day! I need a break! LOL! *wink*), I tried out some of the patterns!

As you can see here, I have tried six motifs! I like the green and the purple laces the most. They are so tiny (the smallest being only 1.5" x 1.5" - the pink & cream lace, the biggest measuring only 2.25" x 2.25" - the blue and cream lace) and some are so intricate to do, that I almost gave up on two of them, but, perseveared because I wanted to see the outcome.

Now that I have done 6, I want to do more, only I don't know what should I do with all these small little motifs. Maybe someone can give me some suggestions? Should I do many pieces of the same motifs and put them together, making them into doilies? I actually prefer making doilies that containes one big piece of motif, instead of several small motifs. Maybe if I see some examples of small motifs combined together, I can picture it better, and gives me more confidence to proceed making more motifs. Until then, I am just going to keep on trying out some more small motifs.

Maybe I should take upon Faizon's 25 Motif Challenge? *wink*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pink and Blue

Last night, I made a bracelet for my niece who turned 12 on 19th December, 2006. Yup, kind of a belated birthday gift, but, the usual excuse is that, I have been busy. *grin*

Anyway, back to the bracelet, it is really nothing great, other than the fact that this is my first attempt at making a bracelet, and I really like the end result of this bracelet. I made her a handhone bracelet too in matching colour and design to be placed in a cute Strawberry Shortcake box that I bought at a gift shop. I don't know if she will be able to appreciate the handmade gift made by her Che' Za, as I am known to my nieces and nephews, but, I had enjoyed making them.

So happy was I with the way it the bracelet I made for my niece turned out that I decided to make one for myself too, but, of course in a different design. I even made a matching earrings to go with it. I can't wait to wear them with my blue attire for work! *wink*

BTW, I went out to buy myself a beading measuring board/tray or whatever you may call it. The packing did not state the name of the tray. I bought my mom one too since she has joined me in this craze. It has made measuring the length of bracelets a lot easier, and soon, I hope to make myself some necklaces too! I will definitely put up some photos when I do!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

my grannies....

Well, not my grandmother (I do miss her, though), but, rather, the square one - crocheted granny squares. *wink*

I have been wanting to crochet granny squares for quite some time, but could not find a drawn instructions anywhere, online nor in books. I am rather intimidated with written crochet instructions, but, because I wanted so much to try out doing granny squares after seeing some very lovely granny squares at PATTY'S GRANNY SQUARE COLLECTION , I decided to give the one I found at JPF Club a go.

I must say that initially trying to understand the abbreviations used was quite a task, not to mention, frustrating. I actually started out trying to do a coaster (another item I have been wanting to crochet) I found at Handcrafting with Love. But I could not make out most parts of the instructions, and after a couple of attempts, I abandoned the coaster project and tried out the granny squares. I must say that the instructions were far easier to understand, and I managed to complete my 1st ever granny squares (top piece) in less than 30 minutes! Yup, I know that's way too long a time, but, you have to remember that this is also my first time reading a wriiten instructions. So, I'll give myself a pat on the back for this 1st attempt. LOL! *wink*

Yeah, I know this is pretty much the very basic granny squares. Nothing really great in terms of design about this granny, but, I am happy none the less, and want to share my excitement with my crafting friends. *wink*

The piece at the bottom is my 2nd attempt at making colour changes after I have gained more confidence in doing up the grannies. I hope to learn the variation ones like the one at PATTY'S GRANNY SQUARE COLLECTION if only I know where to find the instruction for them, or shall I get creative and try out my own designs? *wink* Maybe........

Look out for more progress at this page! *wink*

Sunday, December 17, 2006

5 Mini Challenge update & others

It's been so long since I last put up any progress on my 5 Mini Challenge because I have been so busy. I come back home too tired to do any stitching. Anyway, I managed to get my "BLESS OUR HOME" piece finally framed up, and had just taken it from the framers last week. I like my choice of frame. Looks very woody and matches the writing on the stitching piece almost to a T.

Don't ask me yet where am I going to put up this piece. *grin* I still have a few other framed pieces which are just leaning against the wall on my work table in the stitching room, while I try to decided where to put them up. Doesn't that tell you that I am running out of wall spaces? LOL! *wink*

I also finally had my frog piece framed too. I wish I could have sent this piece to Penang for framing, then Mr Lim could have done some punched motifs on the mount to make the piece even nicer.

However, I still like the framing, though the mount turned out darker than the one I thought I had chosen. Oh well.....

While waiting for my son to finish his art class on Saturday, I managed to get in some one hour of stitching time on my EMS Needlebook. I am quite pleased with the progress, considering that I have not worked on it for more than a week already.

This is it for now. I hope to report on all the finished product for the 5 Mini Challenge by next week. I am hoping to be able to get a couple of days off after christmas to do some spring cleaning, which is way overdue, and hopefully try to fit in some stitching time too. I am praying hard that my boss is not going to have me cancel that leave. Wish me luck! *wink*

The bead bug is back!

....and I have my mom to `blame' for that! *wink* LOL!

My mom got me into beading again while she stayed at my house for a few days last week. She either got bored, or was just simply looking for something to do while I was at work. *grin* She was amazed at the collection of beads that I have, and asked what do I do with all those beads. When I showed her the handphone/scissor bracelets that I did, she immediately asked that I teach her how to do them. She immediately caught the bead bug, and that got her addicted! LOL! While I was at work, she 'ransacked' my bead box and made quite a few for herself, and they were quite nice ones too! She has now adorned a few of her handbags with the bracelets, putting them at the zipper of the bags. Now, why didn't I think of that? LOL!

She also browsed my bead book, and wanted to do some earrings, something I, myself had never even tried. I took her to Brenda's (Mayfair, Taipan) to buy the things she needed, and Brenda gave her some tips.

The next day she made me a very nice pair of earrings. Thanks, mom! Eventhough they were simple, I still got quite a number of compliments from friends at work when I wore it the next day. That kind of got me interested to try making some myself, so, on Friday, lunch time, I made a quick dash to Yee's (my morning meeting ended so late, that I had to rush, because I had another meeting in the afternoon) to buy some beads and earring findings. Not that I actually needed anymore beads! LOL! My mum says that my bead stash is like as if I am opening up a craft shop! *wink* That's actually an exaggeration on my mum's part, really! *grin*

Actually I tried making an earring out of the stash bead that I already have, but they were the light ones (read: cheap! LOL!) meant more for making scissor fob/ handphone bracelets. For earrings, bracelets and necklaces, I wud need the heavier type ones (read: expensive ones! *grin*) so that they fall nicely when you wear them, like the ones my mum bought at Brenda's.

Did I actually made any earrings upon coming home that day? Nope, I ended up making more scissor fobs/ handphone bracelets! LOL! Why? I could not decide the design for the earrings, and since I bought very few earring findings which was only enough to make only 2 pairs of earrings, I became very indecisive. So typical of geminians! Very fickle minded! LOL! *grin* So, it's scissor fobs/handphone bracelets for now. I am planning to give them away to some very close friends, thus, I decided to snap some photos to keep record of some of the designs that I have made, not that I will be doing the same design twice, but, it will inspire me to try out other designs when I look at what I have already made.

By the way, the beading tray that you see in the photo? That's an original in the sense that I made it up myself using a plain beading tray which I had bought some time back online. For the beading surface to pin the ends of the scissor fob or any other items I am making, for ease of working, I had used a recycled styrofoam board I got when I bought a water boiler a few months back, and wrapped it up in felt material which I had bought at QG last week.

The plastic box to put in my beads are also recycled containers, which was previously used to put in raya cookies, which was given to me by some friends. Looks nice, huh? *wink* I just made it last night, and since then, it has made my beading work a lot easier. I don't loose as many beads and findings as I used to when they start rolling off the table! LOL!

Monday, December 11, 2006

I am mad with........... boss today. I have never been this mad with my boss in my entire 21 years of working. I have had good bosses before this, or rather; I have been able to tolerate or accept most of my previous boss’ demands about work. I am a hardworking person, and have never said no to work. I am capable of doing a lot of things and, even if I am not, I take the trouble to learn to get whatever job assigned to me, done correctly and well. I am a perfectionist. I would rather not do something if I can’t do it perfectly. But, then again, I never say no to work, so I thrive to do everything perfect, or at least 99% of the time, it is almost perfect. Well, perfect in my book, and perfect to most people, and I am not boasting, for I have a reputation that says, “If you want a job well done, gave it to Nik. She will deliver”.

I am serious about my work, and nothing satisfies me more than to deliver the job assigned to me with the best of my abilities, and to have my boss tell me that I should put work first ahead of my career advancement and family matters infuriates me.

How many times have I had to cancel my leave to spend time with my family and to settle family matters only to be called by her asking me to come back to work because there is a meeting that I HAVE TO ATTEND because she does not want to attend it because, she knows nothing about the project! Hello! Who is the boss here? Shouldn’t bosses know about the projects they are handling/managing?

Even when it comes to high level meetings where most of the members of the meetings are very senior managers, and the meetings are chaired by the Director General, Secretary General or the Ministers, she would conveniently be outstation, and I have no choice but to attend the meeting on her behalf. Urrgghh! That irks me! It is great that all these senior people in the government knows me by name because I have attended quite a few meetings in place of my boss, but, that is beside the point. My boss might as well promote me quickly, and I will be more than happy to attend all those meetings that she has been avoiding all this while.

I am supposed to attend a two day seminar, starting today, on Integrity in Management which I consider a step towards my career advancement. I have always felt that I need to attend these kinds of seminars and courses to better myself, in preparation for a better future, and hopefully, make me a good manager and leader. Certainly I hope I will be a far better manager than my current boss is, or, is she really a manager to begin with? She has so far pushed everything to me. Or, is that what managers do? Push everything to their middle managers to handle the big things while they handle things which are irrelevant?

I have an important meeting this afternoon with the Federal Secretary General of Sarawak at the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM). He is coming all the way from Kuching to discuss project details with us. Even though I will be attending the management seminar, I informed my boss that I will be in the office in the afternoon to attend the all important meeting with the Secretary General of JPM. Looking at the seminar itinery, I will be missing an important topic on Business Integrity Management System, but, for the sake of the project, I have to make the choice and sacrifies. There will be a second part on the second day, so, I hope that I will still be able to catch up on what I will miss on the first day of the seminar.

On Friday last week, she directed me to attend a project meeting in Melaka to be held on Tuesday, 12 December 2006, to be chaired by the Chief Minister of Melaka. The letter stated that the meeting is to be attended by the principal architect of the project team, meaning my Director, or, in his absence, my boss. My Director is away performing his Haj. Automatically, that makes my boss the principal architect during his absence. As you can guess, she refuses to go, saying that I am in a better position to go since I know more about the project. READ: She knows nothing about the project because she never took the trouble to know about the project.

When I told her that I will be attending the seminar for two days which included the day of the meeting itself, she told me that I should place priority on work first, than my career advancement. Hello! Am I the principal architect here? How many times have I had to cancel my leave or miss out on good and important courses because of work? Work never ends. It just keeps on coming. I just have to prioritize.

Whenever I have to take leave to attend to family matters or go for a course, I always make sure that I settle everything first that needs to be settled, or, at least prepare my Architects in the event that important matters crops up during my absence. I consider myself a responsible manager, and wouldn’t put any of my Architects in a difficult situation where they would have to be called by senior managers to answer important questions or queries. My Architects are free to call me on my handphone anytime should they need to consult me on anything with regards to work eventhough I am on leave or attending a course.

For my boss to say that I am putting my family and career advancement ahead of my work, after all the sacrifieses that I have done, really infuriates me. Hasn’t she realised till today how much I have sacrified in the name of work? Even when my son is sick and on that day there is an important meeting, I would come to the office just to attend the meeting, leaving my sick son in the care of my sick MIL, praying hard that my son and MIL will be OK as I attend to this so called meeting that is more important than my family.

Every time my son is sick, and I have to leave him in the care of my MIL, all in the name of work, I feel sick in the heart. My son is only 6 years old. He needs his mummy to take care of him. Even though my MIL is more than happy to care for him, she is not well herself to be taking care of a sick child, and my son is prone to high fevers which can be nerve wrecking at times when the temperature shoots up to 40 degrees within split seconds when just before that it was just 37 degrees.

My boss could have attended this meeting in Melaka if she is responsible enough. If she does not know much about the project, my Architect could accompany her to help her in answering questions posted by the Chief Minister. Instead, she prefers that I not attend the seminar but attend this meeting in place of her.

When I requested that she nominates someone else to attend the seminar in my place since everything has been paid for, can you guess what her answer was?

I never told you not to attend the seminar, I just told you to attend the meeting in Melaka”. Hello! As it is, I am already not attending the afternoon session of the seminar on Monday, since I have a meeting with the Secretary General of JPM, which by the way, she should be chairing, but, she is leaving it to me to take the chair. I have to leave for Melaka on Tuesday at 10.00 am since the meeting is going to be in the afternoon, leaving me with no time to attend the second day of the seminar. And she said that she never told me not to attend the seminar? Hello! Anybody home in that head of hers? Doesn’t she get it that eventually I will ONLY be attending the morning session on Monday of the seminar? I might as well not attend the seminar at all, thus my request that she nominate someone else in my place. *sigh* I give up! But, I am still MAD with her!

If it was I that did not want to attend the seminar because something had cropped up, it would be my responsibility to get someone to replace me. But, in this case, since she was the one who instructed me to attend this and that meeting, then she should be responsible to nominate someone else to take over my place since her intructions to me to attend the Melaka meeting came in so late on Friday.

If it was my Architect that I had asked to attend a meeting and he or she is to attend a course or seminar at the same time, I would have been responsible enough to get someone to replace her or him. But, that is me, and by the way, had the course been one that is important to my Architect’s career advancement, I would not stop my Architect from attending, and I would attend the meeting myself, but ask that my Architect brief me first on issues arising before he or she leaves for the course. *sigh*

I guess I just have to live with a difficult and demanding boss for now. I am not the only one who has been constantly complaining about her. There are many others, even those who are not even her subordinates are complaining about her.

I hope my promotion will come soon so that I no longer have to be under her `rule’. *grin*

For now, I’ll just have to be more patient………………

Ohh….did I tell you that she intends to freeze all our leaves till the end of the year? Yes, we have projects that needs to be tendered out by the 1st week of January 2007, but, as far as my projects are concerned, we are on track, and taking leave for a few days at the end of the year has all been taken into account and will not jeopardize our schedule.

Most of us agree that the only reason why she intends to freeze our leave is because she is afraid that there will be meetings she has to attend during our leave which she knows nothing of the project. Hello! Isn’t that is what bosses are supposed to do? Attend project meetings they are managing and aren’t bosses supposed to know about the projects they are managing? I give up! *sigh*

Friday, December 08, 2006

An outing with a stitching friend

I took leave to day to settle my son's school matters, and run some other errands as well. I was done earlier than I expected and decided to give Cheeze, a stitching friend from the MYS a call to see if she is free for lunch. I needed to pass on to her the mini furniture I bought at Nilai 3.

I am bad at driving to places I am unfamiliar with, and her apartment in the area of Desa Pandan is like foreign country to me! LOL! She offered to meet me at Great Eastern Mall, but with 3 small kids, ranging in age from 1 years to 5 years, it wud have been inconvenient for her, so, I told her that I will attempt a drive to her area, guided by her directions. Heheh.......what was I thinking! LOL!

I was in Kota Damansara in the morning, and my familar route wud have to be to go thru KL town, take Jln Sultan Ismail and onto Jln Ampang to get to Desa Pandan. But, I thought I would be a little bit more adventurous today as I drove out of Mutiara Damasara and saw a signboard that reads "AMPANG".

Hmmm..ok, maybe I'll give this a try. In my mind, I thot that if I were to go to Ampang via the town, it would be further and longer with the jam, considering it was close to lunch time. Little did I know tht by going to Ampang via Kepong and MRR2 wud take me half way round KL! LOL!

I kept looking out for the signage that read AMPANG, and my confidence was boosted that I am going to get there in no time! Duh!

I panicked when I drew closer to Batu Caves and cud no longer find the signage that says AMPANG! LOL! This area is definitely alien to me! Opps! I suddenly realised that I cud be lost! LOL! But, I plodded on, hoping at every kilometer that there will be a signage that says AMPANG. I never found one until I had almost come to Zoo Negara. Phew! I heaved a sigh of relieve! LOL! I am hopeless, huh, when it come to driving at unfamilair places? LOL!

Well, I eventually found the place after calling Cheeze like 6 times? LOL! She must have been shaking her head in amusement. *grin*

After picking up Cheeze and her kids, we headed 4 Great Eastern Mall for lunch and a chat up. I brought along some of my finished and WIP pieces to show off to her. *grin* Understandably, with small kids and the short notice given to her (sorry, Cheeze, for the short notice), she cud not pack anything to show me except for a cute dress for her cute teddy bear.

I think we would probably have stayed longer had our kids not started getting restless, and started running around the whole restaurant, screaming in excitement at the top of their voices! LOL! Well, I too had to make my way back before the traffic jam starts as office people started leaving 4 home.

When I dropped off Cheeze and her kids, I stayed awhile at her house to see some of her finished pieces. I must say that she has quite a number of lovely pieces, especailly a piece by JCS.

I got a peak at Cheeze's 4-patch pincushion exchang she is doing at MYS, and also a personal tutorial on how to do the pincushion. I now have a better idea on how to do it. I learnt a few other things too and got some good tips from Cheeze on how to do a pincushion.

She showed me some japanese and chinese books on finishing and all are so inspiring! What I like most is the french mag June bought for her when June went to Paris recently. All the charts in there are so lovely! I wish I had asked June to buy me one too! *wink* Hint! Hint! LOL!

I had a great time, and would have wanted to stay longer, but, it was getting late. My son got so comfortable playing with Hanie & Shasha, Cheeze's daughters, that he did not want to go home and wanted to spend the nite at Cheeze's! LOL! *blush* I am embarassed! My son wants to stay on at a girl's house! LOL! *wink* Opps! I'd better keep a close eye on him! *grin*

Cheeze gave me a lovely fat quarter blue cotton. I am going to have to find an excuse to use that piece! *grin*

Thanks, Cheeze, for a lovely afternoon.
Hope we can do it again soon.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ouch! That hurts!

It was a testing week for me last week. I had a mouth full of ulcers. I think I had like about five or six of them, but the worst is the one on the tongue. I had it since last Monday, and I think they are due to stress at work. It was a week of running from meetings to meetings.

Can you imagine that I was chairing meetings all week last week with my mouth full of ulcers? *grin* There were times when it got so frustrating because I cud not be understood due to the ulcer on the tongue and had to repeat my question, which makes it even more painful, I kept hitting the sides of my cheeks which also had ulcers! LOL! *grin*

I had taken dosages of antibiotic and pain killers since Friday, but to no effect. It got so painful at times, that it became annoying. On Sunday, my hubby went out to get some chinese herbal medicine. Took a dose that nite and went to bed hoping to see some good results by the next day.

I woke up the next morning, still feeling frustrated because the pain was still there. But, as the day passed by, came lunch time, I realised that I didn't need to wet my mouth so much, and I could eat better. It must also be because of the amount of ice cream I had late the night before! LOL! Very bad for the waistline this ulcers, but, oooh, the ice cream was so good (the taste, ofcourse) and so cooling to the mouth! LOL!

Actually I think I cud hv lost a few milligrams, NOTE*: not kilograms (LOL!) of weight, because, due to the pain, I did not have much of an appetite, and have been eating Roti Kaya lunch time all week last week! LOL!

I went to get another dose of the chinese herbal medicine today. I am feeling so much better. Thanks to all my friends who have wished me a speedy recovery.

While I was feeling down and in pain, I managed to surfed the net looking for some information about mouth ulcers. I was beginning to get worried when, after a week of cringing in pain, the ulcers still did not subside even after a week's dose of antibiotics and painkillers. My doctor had said that it could lead to further complications if they do not subside by Monday and would refer me to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Troat) Specialist. That got me scared.

While surfing, I came across this board:

Going through the featured articles eased my worries to some extend, and made me realised that mouth ulcers are quite common, and I am not alone. I just needed to be patient, and have faith in God that these are one of those trying times.

By the way, while I was down with mouth ulcers, the house was kind of quiet because I could not talk much. When I mentioned that to a friend, she corrected me and said that the house was quiet not because I could not talk, but because I could not scold my son whenever he misbehaves! LOL!

Well, it must have been my son's week to be free from being me, at least....but....the father is still, I would sign language my hubby whenever he misbehaves and hubby wud takeover from there! LOL! *wink*

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's huge!

I made up EMS' pincushion yesterday into a biscornus, and it is huge! The pattern calls for it to be stitched on either a 16ct aida or 32 ct evenweave/linen. I stitched mine on 16ct aida. Even as I stitched it, I thot it was going to be kind of big for a pincushion, but I went ahead to finish it. In fact, I did it in two alternate colours like what I had put up in my blog some time back.

I had hoped that by turning it into a biscornus, with the corners turned down, it wud be smaller, but, no, it is still huge! Too huge for a pincushion/biscornus, in fact! Like a giant pincushion measuring 4"x4"! LOL! I think I cud stick more than 20 needles on it at the same time!

Note: Thanks, everyone, for your comments and compliments! I sure appreciate them all. *smile*

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Got the crochet bug!

I suddenly got bitten by the crochet bug after looking at so many lovely works by members of NNC. Oopps! My mum is going to say, "Oh no! Not another hobby!" LOL!

Since I could no longer find my old crochet hook and thread, I dropped by Brenda's Mayfair shop in Taipan USJ on Friday to check out what she has. Unfortunately, Brenda wasn't around because I wanted to ask her some questions about the size of the crochet hook that would go with the crochet thread that she stocks. Her sales assistant was not of much help. I think they are just sales girls not the least bit interested in the needlecraft, because every question I asked was replied with a shrug. Bad for the business, actually, I think.

I left with only buying a DMC815 which I was running out after using a whole skein for my EMS pincushion to be. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made my way to Evergreen at SS14, Subang Jaya and, yippee! I bought my DMC Senso Rainbow Cotton thread! The downside of this thread? It's thick, a size 3, and probably wouldn't be good for doing delicate lacework, but I bought it anyway, coz I wanted to give it a try. I also bought an MINLON brand thread, though I don't know the size of the thread, but, I think it looks like a size 10.

Tried I did! Hehehe....I haven't lost the skill to crochet even though the last time I did any crochetting was probably in my teens! LOL! Anyway, I think I am not liking the effect of using this DMC Senso, because my doily does not look as if it is going to look like a delicate piece of work. Lacework is supposed to look delicate. I think I might abandon this piece and start over with the size 10 thread I bought together with the DMC Senso.

I can't very well throw away the DMC Senso because it was kind of expensive compared to the MINLON brand, and I simply love the colour. I might use it to do a coaster perhaps. I haven't actually decided yet.

BTW, here is a doily piece which Usha gave to me more than a year ago, but, only now I remembered to take a photo of it to put it up in my blog. Thanks, Usha, for the lovely piece!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

As if I needed another book! *wink*

Like as if I needed another craft book to add my ever expanding book stash! LOL! Yup, I bought 3 books at surprisingly good prices at Summit USJ today. Popular bookshop is having a SALE at the concourse of Summit! Lots of craft books, and I found 3 that I like! Errr..did I say I just found 3? LOL! *wink*

1. The Ultimate Book of Quilting, XS and Needlecraft
2. Leisure Arts Sweeter Than The Rose
3. XS Garden Projects by Joanne Sanderson

All books were further reduced another 20%. I think I made a really good buy and all the patterns inside the two latter books are really nice!

When am I going to stitch any of the designs in the books? Someday.... someday....*grin* For now, I am going to go browsing........errr...flipping through the pages of the books I just bought.....*grin*

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The beginning...........

My first progress report on the Victoria Sampler's cyberclass "Friends in Stitches Bellpull".

After all the gridding is in place..yeah..Barbara said I have changed...LOL! I never liked gridding my fabric, I just want to just jump into a project! LOL! *grin* But, this is an exception. This is my first attempt on linen. Hooray! I finally took the plunge! LOL! *wink* My eyes went bonkers just counting the holes to get the gridding correct. I had to count like 3 or 4 times to be be sure that I have not miscounted. Can you imagine if I did not grid the fabric? I think I would be making mistakes every few stitches, if not EVERY single stitch! LOL!

This is only the beginning, but already I am experiencing neckache! LOL! The holes are so tiny, and some of the stitches are so intricate, I had to take off my glasses in order to make sure that I have got the stitches in the correct position. Really a sign of old age! LOL!

I think linen is not for me....heheh...for now. *wink* I think I prefer evenweave, if I want to work on something intricate. The unevenness of the linen makes counting sometimes so difficult, it can gets frustrating at times, that I ended up taking more short breaks to calm the nerves! LOL! This piece is going to be a real challenge to me, so, I hope friends will cheer me on.....*wink*

Seeing double?

I finally have the time to report on my progress on the 5 Mini Challenge. Feels like as if it has ages since I last put in any report, not only on the 5 minis, but any cross stitch related report for that matter. How time flies, and things have been kind of hectic at work, and with the streamyx down twice on weekends, you just don't get to do what you had set out to do for the weekend.

I completed the alternative colourway for the 5th mini challenge using Ellen Maurer Stroh's small pincushion freebie, which is part of a set of stitching tools, more than a week ago.

Even though I actually started on the single colourway using DMC815, but, it was more interesting to do the overdyed version because I was eager to see how the colour changes gradually as you out in every stitch. I just could not put it down! LOL! Of course, most of the stitching was done while I got delayed for 4 hours at the airport in Kota Bharu, and while my hubby was away on a course for 4 days.

I finished stitching the single colourway this morning, taking the opportunity to complete it as I supervise the weekly maid doing her chores. Aaaahhh! Now the stitching is done, I still have not quite figured out how to finish any of my 5 minis. Hmmmmmm.............maybe I need a whole free weekend to do up the finishing!

On another stitching note, I have started on the French Redwork Exchange, the first ever exchange to be organised at the newly formed NEEDLES N CRAFTS group! We, at NNC, are very excited about our inaugural exchange, and I must thank Margaret for her efforts to organize this historic event for the group. Thanks, Margaret!

I am using DMC115 for this freebie piece taken from the site "Voyage sur Toile". I have to thank everyone at NNC who has helped me to get just the right design for this exchange because I was beginning to feel "anxious and frustrated" *wink* when I just could not make out some of the french sites to get designs I like for the exchange, and to think that I actually took up french as one of my elective subjects at the university! LOL! Thanks, everyone!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beauty in miniatures

I went shopping today for miniature things! Well, actually it wasn't planned. I was in the vicinity of Nilai 3 in search of the place where I am to attend a management course. After finding the place, we decided to venture to this so called famous Nilai 3 where I was told that it would be heaven for those interested in all things crafts.

Yup, I sure went kind of crazy looking at all those lovely miniatures. They are so sweet, and I could not resist buying a few! I am even thinking of getting a few more, maybe to give away as gifts. *wink* Take a look!

I am already making plans to make another visit there on one of the evenings after my management course. Besides probably getting a few more pieces of the miniatures, I want to go hunting for some nice rattan baskets. Yeah, like as if I don't already have enough baskets at home! LOL!

I saw quite a number of baskets, rather a lot! I just could not decide which one I wanted when I was there today, because thet came in all shapes and sizes! I just went oohhhh and aaahh, and saying that this could be used for this and that! LOL!

Mummy's pride

As far as I can remember, I gave my first public speech when I was already in primary school, if not even later. But, last weekend, my son, who is 6 years old, gave his first 'public speech'. We thot he'd never do it!

You see, days before that, during the rehearsal for his kindie concert, when it was his turn to go on stage to give the welcome speech, he burst into tears. No persuading could get him to do it. I wasn't there to see the rehearsals, but his teacher told me abt it when I went there to pick him up later that day.

He simply refused to do it. He kept saying that he is scared. My son is simply afraid of large crowds, especially one that focusses on him. He cries at almost all his birthday parties when it is time to blow the candles, coz all eyes are on him. LOL!

For the next 3 days b4 d concert, I kept pushing him to practice. Each time his Atok and Tokmama, or the maids, passes by while he practices, he wud go numb, or he wud go hiding behind my back in shyness.

Until the day of the concert itself, I really could not tell if he was actually going to go upstage to do it, but, I told him that if he did, it will make mummy proud and he will get his wish of a bubble soap gun.

Heheh...when his name was announced to come on stage, I half expected him to come crying like what he did during the rehearsals or his birthday party . Guess what? He did it, and with no text, and so confidently too! I could not hold my excitement, I almost cried! LOL!

Even his teacher was surprised! What was more surprising to his teacher was when she asked him where is his text paper for him to read from. When he aswered that he did not bring it, she panicked! LOL!

See, how kids can actually surprise you in the most unexpected ways? LOL!

BTW, he was also involved in a punjabi dance, and I think he really did us all proud!

Sayang, you just made mummy very hapy and proud! Mummy and Abah lives you very much!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

To update or not to update?

I waited days to get connected again after my streamyx connection (local internet service provider) run into some problems. I was eager to update my WIP 5 mini Challenge. But, now that I am finally connected, it is so late, I am tired and sleepy, I just want to crawl into bed! LOL!

I think that is what I'll do. If I try to update my blog in this sleepy mood, I might just end up `saying' something that I might regret saying tommorow. LOL!

So, it will have to be the weekend for the updating. I just hope that I will not have any connection problems over the weekend.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good intentions gone awry.....

Someone once said to me that some, or was it most, problems of the world originated from good intentions. Ironic, isn't it? How can good intentions create problems? It does......

I wish to recall an experience I went thru slightly less than 30 years ago (don't try guessing my age! LOL! *wink*) when I was in secondary school. I met a girl whom I had clicked almost from day one that I met her in Form One. I can't say why or how we clicked, but we just did. We did everything, well, almost everything, together. Tea breaks or recess time, as what we call it in school, extra curicular activities, gossips and what not, everything. We were like going everywhere together, as the malay saying goes, "macam belangkas". People started calling us twins, though we are of a different race. It did not matter to us. The friendship was strong, that nothing would break us, or, so I thought. She was a prefect though, while I was just an average student. Heheh....I was a late bloomer! LOL! *wink*

So close we were that for her birthday, I wanted to surprise her with gifts. The year before, for my birthday, she had bought me gifts. You could only imagine my excitement! *wink*

I only met her after her birthday the year before had already passed (she was a January baby). Despite being good friends, I can't exactly recall why I never knew of her birthdate prior to her birthday. Maybe because she never told me? I never told her my birthdate either, but she got it out of my sister.

So, for her birthady, I decided to get her something too and surprise her. Not knowing the date, I asked her sister who was also schooling in the same school. Her sister gave me the date with no problems. In fact, she told me what her sister likes.

I made big plans, well, by a school girl standard, that is! LOL! I bought her a couple of gifts, I can't quite recall what, but, I also bought her a small cup cake so that she can blow a single candle. I was excited all week, and can't wait for the day to arrive. When it finally arrived, can you guess what happened?

I don't think I ever expected what was going to happen next. My dear friend blew her top! She was mad that I had known the date of her birthday. She said that it was a secret, and no one should have known. She said that when she gave me presents for my birthady, she wasn't expecting me to buy her anything in return. She doesn't like her birthadys to be celebrated!

How am I to know? I was only 14 then. Her sister never said anything about her not wanting people to celebrate her birthday. In fact, her sister said that to surprise her would be a nice gift, and very thoughtful.

I was shocked by my good friend's reaction to my good intentions. How could this be happening? I was very saddened by the turn of events. I apologized over and over again if remembering her birthday had offended her instead of making her happy. I treasured the friendship so much, I consulted her sister and ask that she speak to my good friend, and to ask for her to apologize on my behalf when my own efforts failed.

Her sister could not believe either how a good intention had actually taken a turnabout reaction from her sister. The sister tried, but to no avail. It saddened her (the sister) too. My friend refused to talk to me. She would rather break the friendship than forgive me. It took me a long time to come to terms with what had happened. We were in the same class, and sat next to each other. But, since that incident, she sat elsewhere. I was hurt. Those that knew of our friendship were all surprised, but they just shook their heads, not knowing how else to react.

I moved to another school the following year when I was offered a place in a boarding school. I asked for forgiveness one more time before I took my leave, but, she refused to even look me in the eye. I moved on...

To this day, I can still recall that incident. Sometimes, subconsconsciously, I would be asking myself how is she doing now, how many kids she would have by now, and where would she be living.

I still wonder to this day, how a good intention could have gone awry.....I guess I will never know the answer......

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A week full of the unexpected.....

I was in Kota Bahru on Thursday to visit my mom who was in a state of shock and traumatised after her house was burglared in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, 31 October 2006.

She fell in her attempt to chase after a burglar who entered her house at 3 am that nite. As it is, she was already not that well, and this isn't making her health any better. She was in a state of shock when I called. Just thot I'd go back and give her some moral support and see if she is OK.

No jewellery was taken, but her hand bag and all documents and CC inside the bag are gone, including 3 handphones belonging to my mum and nieces. My mum woke up to go to the toilet and bumped into the burglar. M glad that the burglar did not harm my mum and my niece and nephew who slept with her. Thank God for that!

She is a lot better when I met her on Thursday. In fact, her spirits were high coz she was happy I made the trip bck with my son to see her. *smile* I am glad I made the trip too! She actually cooked `nasi kerabu', a favourite dish of my hubby. Thanks, Ma! Love you!

However, I ended up coming home at 11pm that nite! The flight (Air Asia) was delayed for 4 hours! I was worried about my son. U know how kids cud get restless after awhile? But, fortunately, I brought his toys and favourite book along. It kept him occupied for some time. 2wards the nite, he managed to hook up with a boy his age and they started playing together, so that kept them both occupied until it was time to board b plane, 4 hours later!

AirAsia only gave out a pack of choc milk, kitkat, and biscuits to compensate 4 the delay. I could hv survived, but not a 6 yrs old active boy! LOL! Luckily there was a KFC at d airport complex.

I am also glad that I went prepared for the `just in case' situation. I brought along my XS. It helped make the waiting bearable.

The last time I had a 4 hour delay when on my way to Penang for work was by Malaysia Airlines. When I posted it at the board abt the delay, Roz said that I shud count my blessings, coz the delay was as a result of the maintenance people finding some technical problems BEFORE flying. She said that, what if the plane had taken off already only to realise........may God protect us always.

It made me think! So, when again I got delayed that day, though this time on an AirAsia flight, my thots went back to what Roz had said and I quickly settled down for the long wait, hoping that my son wudn't get restless too quickly.

Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

Well, as soon as my son was all settled in playing with his toys and working on his English workbook, after a meal of KFC, out came my stitching! LOL! I am one that cannot just sit around doing nothing, letting precious time go by unproductively. I managed to do quite a lot, really. Take a look!

I am beginning to like the way this alternative colourway is coming out, especially as you stitch it, the colour changes. Makes for an interesting result.

On another note, this is something I got in the mail on Friday. It is from the Victoria Sampler Company. I signed up for the CYBERCLASS, and part of the fee comes with the materials. The class has started more than a week ago, but, I have yet to find time to go to the site to download the class notes and instructions. I hope to do that this weekend.

Heheh....and, as always, since my mum asked *wink*, I always do my stitching, either when my hubby goes jogging, to the gym, watches his favourite TV program or movies, or when he goes online. I also take the opportunity to stitch when my son is asleep, watching TV or playing, or doing his homework. I squeeze whatever time I have in between all those activities because, other than during those times, it is spent doing household chores and cooking. The rest, of course, is sleep time, which, actually, isn't that much either, coz my hubby sleeps late, and I tend to wait up with him. *grin*

Monday, October 30, 2006

An alternative colourway

I have never, or shall I say, I can't recall ever stitching any pattern twice before this...heheh...but, yesterday I did! *grin*

Yup! I tried stitching EMS's small pincushion freebie chart in another colourway using Needle Necessities overdyeds. Hmmm....I think I like the single colourway better, or, could it be that I have chosen wrong colour, making the 2nd alternative not as nice as the 1st piece?

This NN OD colour makes the pincushion have a very there such a name? *wink*...feel to it, whereas the garnet colour of DMC815 makes the pincushion a more elegant feel.

Maybe I shud just wait for both to be completed and see which one I wud eventually prefer.

BTW, thanks, Barbara, Lillie and Lene for dropping by my blog. I haven't actually decided how I plan to finish up my VINTAGE ROSE just yet. Still in the planning.....

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Going on 5th

This is the progress on my 5th mini for the 5 Mini Challenge. It is a freebie design meant for a small pincushion by Ellen Maurer-Stroh. This is stitched on 16ct aida. If I were to make this into a pincushion, it will end up being quite big, actually, about 3" square. I am thinking of probably trying out my hands at making a biscornus, but then, I wud have to stitch this design twice! Hmmm...I am not one that likes stitching anything twice! LOL! I get bored quite easily! *wink*

This is also my 1st time stitching using just a single colour thread. Initially I planned on using two colours, but, I thought, why don't I give this single colour a try. Who knows, I might just get used to it, and like it too! I am beginning to like the way it is turning out and can't wait to get this done!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

5 Mini Challenge

I had trouble with my streamyx connection the last few days. It does get kinda frustrating. I had to use my dial up connection on my old faithful notebook. M glad for that, but, moving from page to page was so slow at times that I almost fell asleep in front of my notebook while waiting for the pages to download! LOL!

I am happy it's (the connection) back now. *smile*

During those `unconnected' days, I did a lot of stitching and managed to complete my 4th mini for the 5 Mini Challenge. This is a design by Pam Kellogg, taken from the American School of Needlwork book. It is called VINTAGE ROSES. Kinda sweet, huh? A very small design, measuring only 3.25" x 3", done on 16ct. It's been a long time stitching on 16ct that my eyes almost went bonkers the first few nites of stitching it! LOL!

I started on my 5th mini yesterday. Will post an update on it when I have taken a shot of it.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Bitter Gourd!

Can I 'show off' *wink* the latest harvest from my vegetable garden? Heheh..I know it is just the bitter gourd again, but, this time, I tell you, they are looking better than the first batch I harvested about a week ago. They are longer and fluffier, if U can call them that! LOL!

So, far, with these lastest 3, I have harvested 8 pieces of the bitter gourd already. Once they are all harvested (maybe another week or so), I am planning to plant maybe brinjals or long beans. Look out for my next posting on my vegetable garden! *grin*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The frog is finally jumping.....!

eerr......or, is that hopping? LOL!

Anyway, my frog project, or the oficial name, NO FROGGING ALLOWED, designed by Stitchy Kitty, is finally done! Yipee!

For such a relatively small project, I sure took a long time to complete this one! *grin* Yeah! What with the Joan Elliot Frienship Sampler Stitch-Along, my PTK exams, projects that needs to be tendered, add to that, without a maid, it is a suprise I actually finished it THIS YEAR! LOL!

I think the frog is cute! Don't you think so? LOL! *wink*

With this completed, guess I'd better be more careful in my stitching, so as not to have to frog any of my stitching, OR ELSE! heheh.......*grin*

As for my work-in-progress, that is the the xmas star project, I have started on the cross stitch portion, although the kloster blocks aren't quite done yet. I just got bored, and needed a change from doing all those kloster blocks! *grin*

It is slowly taking shape as I take quite a lot of breaks to work on my 5 mini Challenge projects. I am enjoying seeing the star take shape and as I add the cross stitch portion of the piece, it is starting to look quite nice. I am excited to see this to completion. Cheer me on, OK? *wink*

As for the 5 Mini Challenge, I here is my 3rd piece. Yup! It's definitely the same one that Barbara had stitched sometime back! LOL! I think she did post about it, but I could not recall. When I started stitching this, never did I think that another member of MYS had also stitched it earlier! LOL! Great minds think alike, huh? *wink*

Anyway, this is a design by Lizzie*Kate. I started on in on Saturday evening. It was stitched on 14ct Rustico Oatmeal. I like the look of this fabric, though it is a little soft, making stitching on it just a little bit flimsy. But, it was all worth it coz Rustico always gives that stitched piece a nice antique look. You know, kinda rustic..........but, not rusted! Errr..Should that be the other way around? LOL!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A mentally draining week

It's been a week of practically no stitching. It's been one hectic week at work, that on most nites, I come home so mentally exhausted that I have been sleeping at 9.00 pm, instead of the usual 10 or 10.30 pm, during the fasting month.

Whenever I tuck my son into bed, I would normally just sit awhile to make sure that he sleeps and get up to do some stitching or watch TV. But, the last few nites, before I knew it, I am fast asleep, and would only realised it when my alarm for sahur goes off.

Yeah! Work in the office has been quite exhaustive. I have a couple of projects that have to be tendered by the end of the month, and there are still lots more to do. Some of my staffs are not working as hard and as fast.

I know it is the fasting month when most people think that things slow down. In actual fact, it does not. In fact, for me, fasting months are one of the most productive months of the year, with sometimes, meetings running back to back since we do not need to break for lunch. At the end of the day, I am mentally drained. But, with my days filled with meetings and discussions, and things that needs to be done by a certain date sure makes the fasting month go by very quickly. I look forward to an extended break this coming festival, even though, at the same time, I am sad to see the fasting month leave us so soon......

I may not have done much stitching this past week, but my vegetable garden has been growing! I am happy to 'announce'... heheh...*wink*...that I have harvested 2 pieces of the peria out of the 5 that sprouted. Today, another 3 has sprouted! That makes me feel so good! Guess you know what's going to be served for dinner tonite, rite? *wink*

On another note, look at the basket my hubby received from a friend. It was filled up a cake and some cookies. I am not interested in what it was filled up with! LOL! I am more interested in the basket itself! LOL! Don't you think this basket makes such a nice needlework basket? *wink* I can already imagine what's going in there, and I haven't even told my hubby that M taking the basket yet! LOL!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ma!

It is my mom's 66th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Ma!

I hope you had a great day today surrounded by people you love with the great things in life that God had given upon you. Sorry, Man, Man and I could not be there to celebrate it with you, but we are with you in spirit.

I am sure with Lin there, she makes up for all our absences with all her chit chats and stories! LOL! *wink*

I hope you enjoyed the cake we sent you, and I hope you had also received the 2nd gift we ordered for you. Sorry about the confusion. Trust Chik to get things all mixed up, and she blames it on fasting! *grin*

Take care!

Lots of love from all of us!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Christmas Star & 5 Mini Challenge

In terms of stitching, it has been quite a productive weekend. It was payback time for the Cross N Patch, Christmas Star project! LOL! Yup! After spending 1 hour frogging last week, I decided I am going to minimize my time frogging by doing some ahead planning, and that is to do some running stitches to ensure that I don't miscount again, or rather, if I do miscount, I would realise it earlier, and not when I had already spent more than 30 minutes working on it! LOL!

So far, this is my progress. Still a lot more to go, actually. It does not look so much like a xmas star, does it? Even when completed, it looks more like red berries around a stained glass. But, whatever, I just like the design anyway! LOL!

For the 5 Mini Challenge currently being organised at MYS, I managed to start and complete two minis already.......well, in terms of stitching, that is! For the challenge, you need not only to finish stitching them, but also finish them into something, like pinkeep, pin cushions, things like that.

The 1st piece is a hardanger design by Mary Hickmott, taken from the Mary Hickmott's New Stitches magazine, Issue 52. It is a piece for a coaster. I haven't decided yet how to finish this piece since I do not have any coasters, and it is simply too expensive to buy one at Yee's or Haby's. But, who knows, if I can't think of how else to finish it, I just might drop by Haby's or Yee's before the challenge in up! *grin*

The 2nd piece I really like. It is a freebie design by The Victoria Sampler. It is designed for an altoid tin cover and had called for it to be stitched on 32ct linen. I did not have any 32 ct and I don't fancy stitching on 32ct either. Instead, I stitched it on 25ct evenweave - better on my young eyes! LOL! *wink* But, the downside to doing that is that it is bigger than the size of the altoid tin cover. Now, I dn't know what I am going to finish this piece into either! LOL! Hmmm....any suggestions?

I am a little fickle minded about what I should stitch the other 3 pieces eventhough I had earlier made my choices. There are so many designs to choose from, it is making me go bonkers trying to make up my mind! LOL!

I am going to go thru my choices again and decide later this week. Do look out for my next posting!! *wink*

BTW, did I tell you about some stash I ordered many months ago from Stonet Creek, but only just arrived 2 weeks ago? Well, they did not have stock of some of the things I ordered, and thus, only now have them. I bought some Needle Necessities threads and charms for my Nature's Alphabet project. I had completed stitching the piece some time back but could not complete it due to the missing charms. Now that the charms have arrived, I hope to stitch them onto my Nature's Alphabet and maybe mail it out to Penang for framing. I haven't actually decided yet. I will have to give it more thought since I won't be travelling to Penang just yet.

Barbara wrote: Oh my! Was this the stash you said you'd tell us about but never did? I love those threads! Are they perle?

And the Victoria Sampler freebie...wowee...beautiful colours you've got there, lovely just lovely. Finish it into a needle book Nik!! And this time use it ;)

My response: Thx, BJ, for dropping and thx, too 4 d compliments! *smile*

Yup! That's the stash I wanted to `show-off' some time back when they arrived. LOL! Yummy colours, huh? *wink* No, they are not perles, but just normal cotton overdyeds. When I took them home (it was mailed to my office addie), I was actually doing a yum yum sound like I was eating them, in the car on my way home! LOL! My hubby said that I simply never fail to amuse him! LOL! He asked if that is what all stitchers do! LOL!

The Victoria Sampler freebie is really nice, kan? Actually, the hardanger part had called for it to be stitched using white perle, but I changed it to Anchor multicolors. For a while after I started on it, I regreted changing the colour coz I thot it took away the elegance of the design. But once it was completed, it did not look too bad, huh? *wink*

I thot of turning it into a needlebook, but the piece is really small. It is only slightly less then 2" wide and about 3.5" long. Not ez to handle such a small piece to turn it into a needlebook, I think. But, I might still take upon ur idea and give it a try. Thx!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A completed last!

Aaahhh! Finally I can upload a photo of my completed Joan Elliot Friendship Sampler!

It feels good and a great relief to finally be able to complete this piece, coz it felt like I was taking ages to complete it! LOL! Especially when Barbara had completed her more than 2 weeks ago! But, better late in completion, rather than it becomes another Un Finished Object (UFO) again, right? *grin*

There are a few mistakes in this piece, but they were mistakes which were not `fatal' to the piece, and they were mistakes which I can live with.

It is a nice design by Joan Elliot, and I hope to do more pieces by her, but maybe a small one, for now, at least *grin*, and not so soon after this piece. I need a break from Joan Elliot! LOL!

BTW, since completing the JEFS, I have gone back to doing my xmas star hardanger project and also, the frog project. I might be able to complete the frog project in about a weeks' time or less. After that, in between doing my xmas star, I need to work on my 5 Mini Challenge projects, currently being organised at MYS, which must be completed for `show' by 1 January 2007.

I have identified 7 projects already, 3 hardangers and 4 cross stitch projects. I might still decide otherwise, but, for now, this will be it. You know how Geminians can be quite fickle minded when it comes to making up their minds about certain things! LOL!

My vegetable garden

Well, ok, it is not so much a garden since it is really a small one...heheh...but, it serves my purpose of planting small amounts of vegetables for my family and a few friends' consumption when the garden grows!

I just want to show off *wink* my peria garden which I planted many months ago and lovingly tended to it, and finally I am able to see the fruits of my 'labour', so to speak. It looks overcrowded coz the space that I have is very limited, and peria is a vegetable that needs lots of space to hang and crawl to grow and expand.

This morning I counted the number of fruits that has sprouted, and I am excited to find 5 pieces! Errr...are they considered pieces? *grin* Anyway, I hope they will grow to their full length and in good health. That would be really nice, wouldn't it? *smile*

Besides my peria garden, I also have daun pandan and daun pudina. I wish I had more space to plant more veggies, but, living in a intermediate terrace house does not give you much options. I used to plant my veggies on my front lawn, but, now, my front garden is landscaped with some pretty plants and flowers, more presentable when we receive guests, and having a vegatable garden, especially one that crawls all over the place, in the front simply will not create a beautiful sight! LOL!

I hope to plant more veggies that I can grow in pots, so that I can have more varieties, since my hubby and I cannot have a meal of rice without having veggies as one of the spread.