Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Give up my stitching?

The other day my mum called me after she read my blog regarding my problems with the maid. She has partly blamed my stitching for my problems. *sad* She said that I shud give up my stitching and any other craft hobbies, coz each time I spend time stitching, my mind (her assumptions) tends to wonder and think of unnecessary things, like thinking about the faults of the maid.

She thinks my time spent in the stitching room (although I now spend more time stitching in front of the TV in d company of my hubby and son), in a quiet environment, tends to make me see small problems as huge problems.

She feels that I shud forget about my stitching (give up stitching totally) and spend more time out of the house away frm the maid. That way, I will hv no dealings with d maid whatsoever. Hmm.....I still need to deal with her when I come back on what to prepare 4 dinners, breakfast, give her everyday instructions on everyday chores and things related to my son's well-being etc. You have to remember, my maid is very forgetful.

She feels dat I shud just eat out most days so tht I dn't have to bother abt cooking, and let the maid handle the running of the house (cleaning, washing, ironing, etc.) That way, when she feels that she (the maid) is d 'boss', she will no longer intimidate me (make me 'sakit hati').

Whenever my hubby takes our son out for swimming or just having a boys’ day out, she feels that I should also go out with them. Whenever my hubby goes to d gym, she feels that I shud also follow, instead of spending time at home stitching. I have days out with my son too, without my hubby, and my son enjoys those outings too. They are different from boys’ day out outings. During those times, my hubby prefers to go to the gym or meet up with his friends. Don’t get me wrong, we have family outings too with all 3 of us, sometimes, even including the maid in d outings. We have `me days’, ‘your days’, and ‘our days’. My hubby and I understand the need for time and space alone to do our own things, and individual needs that are different.

The reason why I dn't follow each time my hubby & son goes out is bcoz I hv no trust with this current maid to leave the house in her care (I hv heard and read too many frightening stories), although I hv left her alone for very short periods of time and only once or twice.

With my two previous maids, I take about 1 - 3 months b4 I trust thm enough to leave them at home alone. I still leave them at my MIL's house if we are going outstation for more thn a day, more 4 their safety, and not bcoz I dn't trust them. Once I trust them enough, my hubby, son and I love just going out the 3 of us to watch shows or movies, or just going out about town, just for the sake of taking our son out.

It has been almost 6 months with this current maid, but I still dn't trust her enough to leave her alone coz she has demonstrated many times her untrustworthiness even when M around. She has let in unknown contractor into the house even though I hv many times instructed her not to open d door to strangers. She chats up with the neighbour's maid and gets all secretive when I asked her who she was talking to when I hear voices frm the back. It is as if she is trying to hide something frm me.

My two previous maids make friends/chats up with the neighbour's maid too; I have no problem with that. But whenever I asked them who are they chatting up with, they tell me truthfully. In fact, the previous one b4 this wud actually tell me everything that the neighbour's maid had told her. LOL! No secrets. She has nothing to hide. But this current one gets all defensive. Why? Is she hiding something from me? Am I being paranoid?

Giving up my stitching or any other craft hobby, for that matter, is like taking away part of what makes for who I am - a unique person that never fails to amaze people, even my hubby *wink* In the office I am this strong character, sofisticated lady (I am known for my good dress sense that one office boy actually refers to me as a model. Me? A model? LOL!). When my hubby 1st met me, he thought I was a disco queen and was pleasantly surprised when I dn’t even like going to clubs, but instead can cook great meals! Such a contrast! LOL!

I have a very strong character (tegas), hard headed sometimes, but it is for this character that I am not being easily taken for granted at work and get respect from my colleagues (male and female), and people I deal with in my line of work. If you do not hv a tough character in this line of work, U can be easily manipulated and be taken advantage of. I am a principaled person like my dad.

Even though I am very strong headed at work, but at home, I am just a wife to my hubby and a mother to my son. I am very much a domesticated person, prefering to stay home and cook, taking care of the house, all those domesticated stuff, instead of going to clubs or stalls for 'teh tarik' with friends. Unlike my two sisters who prefer the nite life and entertaining, I'd rather be entertaining my hubby and son! *wink*

My work is stressful. There are days when I dn't see daylight in my house. I leave the house as the flowers bloom in the wee hours of the morning, and dn't get home until the flowers drooped a sad look, late in the nite.

I look forward to coming home, to enjoy my lovely house (reason why the weekends are so precious to us) and to relax with my hubby and son, but bcoz I do not know how to relax totally (I am always up and about doing something, if M not doing my hobbies, I would end up reorganizing my house many times over! LOL!), I need to come home to a hobby that destresses me, while I spend time with my family.

If he does not bring his work home, my hubby loves surfing the internet or watching late nite movies, and I would keep him company as I stitch. Other times, I love just sitting and looking at my son play (sometimes we read a book together too). My son sometimes feels `suffocated’ when all I want to do is hug and kiss him! LOL! Can I help it when I find him so adorable? *wink* After all, I waited 8 long years for his arrival! *grin*

My craft hobbies keep me sane. They are my saviour in times of down. I have many times stitched through my tears, and asked Allah to help me through the tough days. They help ease the hard times, as Allah guides me through the rough tides.

Although my hubby is always there for me when I need him, but it is not always that he understands, for men don't always see things the way a woman sees things. We are from a different planet, are we not? LOL! *wink* what is important to women, might be a flick for the men....

My hobbies keeps me ‘in touch’ with my grandmother, for there are many times that as I sit stitching, I think of her (I miss her so..) and wish that she could see how much her talent has developed in me, apart from the other characters of her that I have inherited. She is a good cook, a fair person, loves to spend time sewing and creating things with her hands like crocheting, patchwork, knitting and many more crafts. She patiently taught me most of my hobbies. Her talents live on in me. How could I stop something inherited from someone so dear to me?

I will go on stitching for as long as my hubby permits me (he has given me his blessings for me to go on stitching), for as long as it does not take me away from spending time with my family, and I will keep on stitching and doing my other craft hobbies for as long as my eyes, and my health in general, will permit me. I hope to still be stitching when I am old and grey as I sit with my hubby and son, at the garden terrace, as we slowly sip tea or coffee with some homemade cakes.

Ma, I hope you will understand why it is not that easy for me to simply give up something I have grown to love almost all my life through the patient teachings of Che’ (my grandma). It is like taking away a part of who I am. I love you…..

Ee Koon wrote:
Nik, if your maid is chasing you away from the things you love to do and the home you love... I think you should think about finding a replacement. She's employed to make things easier, not the other way around, and I think you are a good employer and treat her fairly. You have had maids before, and that is proof. Maybe she is just not cut out for this sort of job... thinking about you and hugs. Don't stress so much, la... maybe you can do something about the situation.

My response: Thanks, Ee Koon, for ur kind words and support. It means so much to me to have friends who understand. I am blessed. It is true that we have maids to make things easier for us, and not make life more complicated. It would be so easy if I could just do without a maid, but alas, since I am working, and my hubby and I travel all the time for work, it is almost impossible to be without one. However, we are trying to negotiate with the agent to get a repalcement, but it is taking time bcoz the good ones mostly prefer to work in countries that pays better. We are just left with the `just ok' ones if we are lucky, or a `bad' one if we are not. Hugs, to you too, Ee Koon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Has it come to this?

I no longer enjoy staying home because I end up getting more stressed out at home than I am at work!

Each time I am at home, be it during the weekends, or weekdays (when I take leave), I end up being stressed out, compliments from my maid! *sigh* I so much want to just take a few days off to spend some time with my son, take him out on outings or just simply spending quality time with him. Maybe do some stitchings too in between! *wink* But after a few incidents where I end up getting all stressed out, I dread staying home. I can no longer enjoy staying home. That is BAD, isn't it?

Today, I am down with the flu. I had a long day yesterday, waking up as early as 4.00 am to get ready for my 7.30am flight to Kuala Terengganu. I couldn't get an earlier flight back and had to settle for the 9.20 pm flight via AirAsia, arriving only past 11.00pm.

Today I am at work since I have a few meetings all lined up. I have a few more meetings lined up too until the end of the week, and look forward to the weekend, but, at the same time, I am dreading it.

In fact, I am even dreading going home early today. I am not feeling well, and just want to go and pick up my son, my maid and try to get home early so that I can get some rest before I start preparing dinner, but already I am not looking forward to it, bcoz every day there is something that she will do that will get me all stressed out.

Don't believe me? Just the other day I took out my son and my maid to Pusat Sains Negara. We were there only slightly over an hour, but, even within that short period, my maid could actually strike up a conversation with the cleaners (also frm her home country) and within minutes they (both females, thank God!) were like holding hands as if they hv known each other for ages! Goodness gracious!

My previous maids hv striked up conversations too with people frm their home country whenever I bring them along to clinics, supermarkets or many other places, but never the way this maid goes about `making conversations'. I really can't explain it, but there is something about this maid that is different from the other two. Well, ok, naturally, everyone is an individual, but, sometimes U can `read' them and understand them, but this one.......

Every Hari Raya, I bring my maid (including the two previous ones) to the same relatives' house..well, basically. While we spend time eating and chatting up with relatives frm near and far, my maid would usually be in the kitchen (unless I tell her to feed my son) to help out or just make conversations with the relative's maid.

At the end of these visit, my relatives would usually just give my maid some `duit raya'. This is the usually routine every raya. End of story. But, with this maid, she not only get `duit raya', but also packets of cookies, cakes and drinks. Is she telling our relatives that we are not feeding her?

I feed my maid well. My two previous maids go home a few extra kilos heavier, maybe more. They go home with chubby cheeks. They eat what I cook and eat. We eat burgers, they eat burgers too. We eat spaghetti, they eat spaghetties too. We eat Chicken Rice, they eat Chicken Rice too. If my hubby and I eat out, we never fail to bring back our maids some packed food.

My two previous maids also strike up conversations with our immediate neighbours' maids, but they never pass food to each other. This maid gets food passed from other neighbour's maids. Is she starved for food? There are planty of food in the house. I only request that she tells me if she wants to eat food other than what I have prepared. Cookies are a plenty.

I can't put a finger to it, but this maid is of a different species........

Monday, March 20, 2006

My weekend

I don't remember ever posting anything here about a weekend that I just went through...hmm....wonder why?...Heck, there is always a 1st time for everything, right? *grin* Anyway, I decided to put on record what I did LAST weekend, because I think I am starting to get a little forgetful.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I now have to remember more things, when it comes to the domestic front, which last time, was taken care of by my previous maid. Now, I have to remember things like "don't forget to switch off the iron", "don't forget to switch off the boiler", "don't forget to bring in the shoes", "don't forget to bring in my son's school things", "don't forget to water the plants", "don't forget to lock the door", and so many more!

Yeah! They are all routine things but this current maid needs to be constantly reminded all the time, and my mind is constantly kept preoccuppied with things like these that I tend to forget other more important things. *sigh*

Just the other day, I spent the whole morning looking for two magazines which I had bought for Cheeze. I simply cannot remember if I had mailed them out to Cheeze or not. It seems like I have a memory block on this incident. I can't seem to find the magazines at home, and yet, I cannot remember mailing them out either. *sigh* I wish I have a camera installed in the house (only at certain places..*wink*), so that I can play them back should I need to recall a certain day that I cannot remember. I think this should be good too to `spy' on my maid to see if she is doing things the way she is supposed to, and also if she is up to things she shouldn't be doing, though may Allah jauhkan.

Anyway, back to my weekend....I do love to blabber, don't I and get so easily off-track! LOL! I had quite a productive weekend (in terms of stitching) but it got punctured here and there with headaches and stress with the maid.... again (so, what's new? *sigh*).

I completed two more L*K Stamp-it months, as U can see from my posting before this. I am progressing well on the Stamp-it that I actually took time off to prepare for yet another new project! LOL!

Yup, on Saturday nite, I stayed up way past midnite to prepare for an RR I am doing with two other members at Malaysian Stitchers. I did the tacking (for the areas meant 4 my partners to stitch) and actually started stitching. I am glad I did not go that far that nite (got too sleepy), for the next day, I realised that I had stitched on 16ct aida instead of 14ct like the 3 of us had agreed to do on.

No wonder I was like squinting my eyes last saturday nite looking 4 d holes to poke in the needles! LOL! *wink* Age is really catching up on me! LOL! Can't seem to run away from it anymore!!!!..or was it because it was late in the nite that I could not see the holes?..heheh...still in denial...LOL! *wink*

Anyway, Sunday morning was spent re-preparing (is there such a word? *grin*) for the RR, and I am quite happy with the progress, though I know I could have progressed more if not for the headaches that kept coming back throughout the day yesterday.

I hope to report more on the RR, and of course, the progress of my L*K Stamp-it, which I hope to complete very soon, as soon as I can get the threads which I have ran out of.

Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead. Happy stitching!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two more completed!

Yipee! I am dancing! *grin* I completed two more L*K Stamp-it on Friday, March 17. I actually completed the July Stamp-it on Wednesday, March 8, but was too lazy (shame on me!) to put in the buttons, so I could not consider it as finished. I finished stitching the October Stamp-it on Thursday, March 16, but could not complete it in total when the buttons that came with the chart was faulty - there were no holes. It was frustrating..stitchers would know what I mean..heheh... *wink*

Luckily Linda had brought in some extra buttons when she brought in the L*K charts, so, I dropped by Linda's place on Friday (took Thursday and Friday off because my son had the fever and an asthma attack) to get a replacement. Thanks, Linda!

With these two completed, I have two more to go! Yipee! I am eager to have the series completed! Wouldn't you? *wink*

Charlene wrote
Nik, Love to see the L*K Stamp-It that you finished one by one. If you happen to let go the chart that you already finished, don't forget to inform me.

my response:
Will certainly do, Lene! I might want to sell off the charts once I am done with them so that I can buy more stash! LOL! But, since I spent so much time on this series, I am also sad to let them go, but.....I MUST refrain myself from hoarding more stash.....hehehh...*grin*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

..and 'N' is for......

Like I said, it's gorgeous! Don't you agree?

Simply love the colours of the overdyeds! I wish I knew which brand of overdyeds she used so that I could also use them in any of my future stitching projects. Maybe I should ask? *wink*

The use of overdyeds by Mona also got me started on an overdyed craze where I went hunting (surfing, rather) looking for overdyeds! LOL! I think I posted so many questions about overdyeds over at Malaysian Stitchers, that the members probably got sick of my questions! LOL! But, I appreciate all the help I got from the members. Thanks, people! Muaaahhh!!

Mona wrote:
Hey Za the overdyes are from Vicky Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers . It's silk but I can't remember what the colour name is.

my response:
Thanks, Mona! heheh..I am not sure I should be buying any more overdyeds. Didn't I just spend close to RM200.00 on ODs from Linda less than a month ago? *wink*

Mark that page!

I am on a roll here! LOL!

Here is a photo of a bookmark I made for Leena, my partner, for the Bookmark Exchange, also organised in 2004. See what I mean when I said that I was involved in so many exchanges in 2004? LOL! There's more to come! Keep a look out for this page! *wink*

Country designs almost always appeals to me. I just love the vibrant colours of country designs! They always put a cheery smile on your face. Don't you agree?

Besides the stitching, the bookmark is also handmade by me. I made them to sell (upon request from friends), but have not been making any for some time because I got caught up in making cards, also in the year 2004! LOL!

Flat Fold cum Notebook

I said in my earlier posting that in the year 2004 I was involved in so many exchanges. One of them is a FLAT FOLD Exchange. If not for this exchange, I think I would never have known what a flat fold is. I still don't know what is the purpose of it till today, except as an ornament, so, when I did mine, I made it dual purpose - a flat fold cum note book.

I don't know if Aida, my partner for the exchange, is still using it, but I had fun experimenting and trying out so that it is not just an ornament for show, but useful too.

In exchange, I got a very lovely flat fold from Mona, my partner, which she stitched using overdyeds. I will post photos of it as soon as I can get hold of a camera. It is gorgeous!

Only an image to remember.....

I was doing some housekeeping on my computer and came across this photo of a towel band I made for my partner, Niza, for the Towel Band Exchanged I organised at Malaysian Stitchers sometime, I think, in 2004.

I wished that I had stitched another one for myself, but I am one of those people who dislike stitching the same design twice, unless I really need to, for I get bored easily.

I love this design by Mary Engelbreight and might just be tempted to do one for myself, if only I don't get distracted to do anything else first! LOL!

I did not join that many exchanges in 2005 except for the BDE 2005 Exchange. In 2004, I was constantly kept busy stitching for exchanges (I thought that I am a superwomen! LOL! *wink*) that when 2005 came, I realised that I had nothing I stitched in 2004 to show for, for I had given away whatever that I had stitched as exchanges. So, in 2005, I refrained myself from joining any exchanges.

I was tempted on many occassions, but at the same time, I also wanted to stitch something that I could keep and admire many years to come as my own and not one that someone else gave, although I love and appreciate all the stitching exchanges I got from my partners for they showed me methods which I am unfamiliar with.

I think, between exchanges and RR (round robins), if U are talking about keeping something as a token to remember which U also have a hand in it, maybe RR is a better option. But, in exchanges, you learn new methods from your partners which, before this, you would never have thought of doing it that way.

All in all, you gain from both experiences. It is up to you what you prefer.

I have come a long way......

Zalita, or better known as Cheeze among our stitching friends, wrote in her blog that yesterday, 12 March 2006, was the 1st anniversary of her blog. Congrats, Cheeze! That made me want to find out when did I 1st started blogging, or rather, when did I 1st set up this blog.

I didn't realise that it has been more than a year since I started up this blog in January of 2005, on the 12th, to be exact, with my 1st posting. But I didn't post again until 6 months later with my 2nd posting in July, 2006. Even then, that posting was actually abstracted from a Yahoo Group I frequented during the fever (It's coming back! *wink*) , which I would sometimes give my opinion on matters that affects my feelings. Can you guess what the subject is about? *wink* Click on the this link to find out! *wink*

I started this blog upon introduction by Cheeze when she 1st started blogging at Blogdrive. Later she moved to Modblog and used that as the learning ground to get familiar with the world of blogging. Much later she moved again, this time to Blogspot for personal preferences, where she has been since. I started at Blogspot from day one and have been faithfully here since. There was a lot to learn about the world of blogging and the HTML, and I am still learning, but I had help from a lot of my stitching friends who were already bloggers. Thanks, everyone! blogging also got my nieces, mum and sister to blog too! *grin*

I have always been a keen writer and have always been interested to put my thoughts to paper, well, blogging isn’t actually putting thoughts to paper, but thoughts into the virtual medium, but, that’s pretty close because I could always make a print out from a page of my blog.

Many years back when I was the Chief Editor for the news bulletin at my former office, I had a medium to let loose my thoughts and ideas. After I was transfered back to the head office 5 years ago, I lost the medium where I could unload my feelings, thoughts and ideas on matters that is close to my heart. I felt restless for I needed to express myself (must be the writer in me. LOL!). I wanted to share, not necessarily to a specified audience, but to anyone who wishes to hear and read about what I have to say. Blogging was the answer to my restless heart! LOL! *wink*

I sometimes have a lot to say which sometimes can get me into trouble *wink* because sometimes I can be easily misunderstood even for my most innocent statement. You see, reading someone else’s thoughts are nothing like hearing the person him/herself speak him/her mind with the correct intonation. You know from the expression and intonation of that person as to whether that person is serious or just making a joke.

Even the use of emoticons cannot replace in total the actual expression and intonation of a person saying his/her thoughts in person. I always have to be careful with my expression, thus, I always use *wink* to indicate to the reader that I am joking or kidding, and I use a lot of “LOL!” in my postings too to depict that I am laughing at my own joke/writing/experiences with the hope that the person reading my blog will laugh with me and not take too seriously things which I find funny and never meant to hurt anyone, for I am a very sensitive person.

I have come a long way......and I still have a long way to go......may my friends and families join me on this journey of my thoughts, feelings and experiences, for we may learn from one another.........

Monday, March 13, 2006


heheh..I did it again! I went out to buy two more cross stitch books to add to my stash! LOL! But I love both the books that I bought and want to do most of the designs featured, but I only have 24 hours in a day, and most of it is spent away frm my stitching. So, how?

The designs in Cross Stitch Teddies are so adorable, and the designs in Oriental Odyssey are so beautiful! I love them all, but where can I find the time to do them all? I have to work in order to make money, right? Only then can I fund my hobbies! Of course, there are also many other things that I need to pay for, you know, the BIG B? Bills!.....LOL! *wink*

We finally did it.....

After much discussion and soul searching, thinking that probably we are the fussy ones, or we probably make bad employers when it comes maids, we decided to send our maid to the agent for counselling.

We gave her a one-day leave. Dropped her off at the agent's house and told her we will pick her up the next day. In the mean time, we went for a much needed break. We went to Port Dickson. I will tell more about that (the break) in another posting.

Prior to dropping her off, we had met up with the agent a week earlier, to seek his advice, as to what we should do in dealing with our maid. It has come to a point when not a day would pass by without her giving me problems. I was constantly under stress and it was beginning to also affect my hubby, and my son was also starting to feel the heat of my stress.

The peak of it was last Sunday when she let in a contractor into our house, even though it was only for a brief moment for him to pick up his things which he had left after doing some repair works to the house. I had many times told her never to open the gate to strangers.

We (my hubby, son and I) were upstairs taking an afternoon nap when I heard the gate opening and closing. At first I thought it was the neighbours (I am a light sleeper), but after a while, I realised that the sound sounded too near, and I got up to check. I was shocked to see a man loading up his van with construction things belonging to our contractor and with my maid passing a pail to him filled up with other working things.

I hurriedly rushed down, calling out to my maid, asking her why she had let in a stranger (she never met the contractor before this because it was his workers that came to do the repair works) when I had specifically told her never to open the gate 2 strangers. By the time I got down, that stranger had left the house in his van.

Her answer? "Puan tidur, saya tak nak ganggu" (You were sleeping. I did not want to disturb you). I had once told her before that should a stranger come a calling, and if noone is at home or if I did not hear her when she knocks on my bedroom door, no matter what, she is not to open the door. She should either keep on knocking on my door, or, if it is urgent that that person needs to talk to me, to tell the stranger to call me, or my hubby, on the phone, or come back later.

When I tried to explain to her the danger of opening the door to strangers, she had this very annoyed look on her face, like she is mad at me for scolding her. She just doesn't want to admit that she is in the wrong. She must think that she is one very smart women, and smart people shouldn't need to be told what can and cannot be done (or so she thinks).

She refused to look me in the eye, and all this while, while I was talking to her, she went about doing her chores with a very sour face. Even when I told her to stop doing her chores and come and sit down so that I can explain to her why I scolded her, she just wouldn't budge frm cleaning the fridge. She just kept at it (cleaning the fridge) even though I kept calling out to her. Eventually I got up and went to her (my hubby said that I shouldn't have gotten up).

That was the last straw. I could no longer take this attitude anymore. I could tolerate her not-up-to standard work, but this attitude problem is getting way out of hand where is she starting to purposely want to annoy me. I cannot forget the look on her face as I spoke to her as she cleaned the fridge that day. It was a face of great annoyance (I can't really explain or put it in words that can actually make you imagine that expression correctly), and that of someone who needs her head checked.

Anyway, back to present day (sorry for blabbering! *wink*), when we went to pick up our maid the next day, the agent told us that she complained, among many other things, that she has to work long hours (getting up early and sleeping late). She wakes up at 5.00 am (I get up at 5.15 am) and she is in bed by 10.00 to 10.30 pm on most days (my hubby and I sleep much later than that). It was only one month (mid January to mid February) that there were a few late nights as we were preparing for my brother's wedding and my FIL's birthday party.

The other late nights were when we take out my in-laws for dinner, we work outstation and take a late flight back, or when my hubby goes to the gym. Days like these are not often. On these days, she normally sleeps first at 10.00 pm and gets up only to open the door.

She has to work two houses (my MIL's house and our house). There are 3 other maids at my MIL's house - my SIL's maid, my BIL's maid and my MIL's maid. My maid's job is just to take care of my son and his things. When my son goes to school (she has taken naps sometimes during those times), she is relatively free and once in a while, my MIL would ask her to help her. She is picky (berkira) and always has accuses not to follow my MIL's instructions.

My two previous maids have been able to work happily together with my MIL's and SIL's previous maids in the same situation for the past 4-5 years with no major problems. The previous batch of maids have mutual respect for one another, and they work together to help out my MIL to take care of 4 children, cook, and clean up the house, though the major portion of the work is done by my MIL's maid as the head butler, as we like to call her role.

My maid said that she is not comfortable that we are always inspecting her work, like we dn't trust her. With my two previous maids, I always inspect their work the 1st 3 months they start working for us to make sure that they carry out their work the way I had taught them to do. After I am satisfied that they are trustworthy and will carry out their chores according to the rules I have set out, I will no longer need to inspect or monitor their work and can get on with doing my own things like stitching or card making! *wink*

It only took me a month of monitoring my 1st maid before I was satisfied that she is doing her job correctly, while it took slightly over 2 months for my 2nd maid to need monitoring, but it has been close to 6 months already with this present maid, and I am still not satisfied with the way she does things because the minute she knows that I am not within her vision, she cuts corner (curi tulang). When asked if she had done what she is supposed to do, she will quickly answer `yes', but, upon inspection, she has yet to do it. When asked why she said she had done it when she hasn't, she said that she forgot. Can you belive this woman? And she expects me to trust her? *sigh*

Anything else she complained? Yes, she does not like the fact that I sort out my laundry and load the washing machine myself. She only takes them out to dry. Again, she says that I don't trust her. She is right! I don't trust her. When she 1st came, I told her that my working clothes are to be hand washed only, but I have caught her dumping everthing inside the washing machine! Can I trust this woman?

Ooohh! The list is endless, but basically, the agent agreed with us that her head needs checking, she has a attitude problem and, to put it short, she is LAZY! She makes up accuses to get away from doing chores and lies if she thinks that it will get her off from doing certain things. She has no initiative to do things on her own, and needs to be reminded constantly even of routine things.

After all that, are we still retaining her? We had a long chat/discussion with her with the agent present. I followed-up with another pep talk with her alone when we got home last night. She is under probation for a month. Basically we told her that we are going to go on observing and monitoring her work until she can prove to us that she is worthy of our trust. She will have to change her attitude and will not make any more accuses to get out of doing chores, or when instructed to do things. I told her I do not wish to see her sour face anymore in the house and she is to respond to me immediately with a smile.

Do I have faith that she will change? Bad habits die hard but she is young. She can change IF she wants to. It is now all up to her. In the mean time, we will just have wait and see. We are leaving our options open. I wish ourselves the BEST OF LUCK! May Allah give us patience.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My say.....

I watched Anugerah Bintang Popular 2005 last weekend at my mother-in-law's house. I missed the award for the best male radio presenter, but was hoping that one of the K&K (Khairil & Kieran) from Radio Era would get it. I enjoy their breakfast antics everyday as I travel to work, and was a tinged disappointed that they lost to Halim Othman instead. *sigh*

Yeah! There have been times when I do get bored of listening to the same old songs being played over and over again, but I never bore of listening to their (K&K) fun antics. Definitely much more than I enjoy listening to Halim Othman! They make a good team, K&K, better than when Khairil was being partnered with Halim.

Most of the time, when one of them calls in sick or is on leave, the morning drive to work just isn’t the same, and I think I am not the only one who feels that way. There has been callers who call in complaining why one or the other has to take leave for the breakfast show just isn’t the same with just ONE of them. The K& K team is not complete!

To me, Halim is too full of himself (oops! Sorry fans of Halim Othman, but this is MY say!). Yeah! I know, just because he is handsome, or so he thinks (yeah, I won’t deny it – in a way he does have the looks, but my vote would still go to K&K when it comes to the joy of listening), it sometimes gets to his head in the way he presents himself. This is MY say….. it puts me off listening to him!

Radio Era works hard to promote K&K, because throughout the day, you would be able to catch snippets of the breakfast show, but, unfortunately not enough to garner enough votes to win the prestigious award. It is always the handsome or the pretty ones that win, never the talented. *sigh* Our general public has yet to mature when it comes to the voting game. They simply vote for who they like, not for who they think has the talent. Yeah, don’t let me start on last year’s Akademi Fantasia. That really irks me. LOL! *wink* I think my mum will see RED if I say something not nice about her idol - not that I have anything to say. If I do, I have said it all last year….! LOL! *wink*

True, Anugerah Bintang Popular IS a popularity contest, so I guess K&K will find it hard to win 4 as long as Halim is still very much in business, and for as long as he stays charming in so many women’s books! LOL! But, I hope that one day either one of them, if not both, will still one day win an award for their efforts and fun antics!

I now listen to Radio Era more for K&K than for any other reason. If not for them, I would probably have long migrated to other radio stations for I feel that Radio Era is kind of bias when it comes to playing songs on its radiowaves.

It has not been particularly fair to the other AF kids who I think have potential too. Instead they only play songs that bring them `money', so to speak. They play songs which they think will keep them in the top spot as the most listened to radio station in the country - for now. I guess that is the game of business. Money accounts 4 everything! *sigh* But, watch out, Radio Era, for if you go on like this, many more listeners of Radio Era will slowly start migrating to other radio stations, for shear frustrations, because they feel that they are not getting what they want in radio listening.

I have heard songs by Kaer (AF2), Zarina (AF2), Elliza (AF3) and a few others, being played at and, and they are good too, if not better, than the so called 'talent' and phenomenal success of last year's AF champion. *wink*

Again, this is MY SAY.....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Works in Progress (WIP)

I started this many many years ago, but after awhile I got bored (Geminians! *grin*) ! LOL!

See what I mean when I say that I need to get the L*K Stamp-it completed quickly before my boredom creeps in? *wink*

This design is from Cross Country Stitching October 1996. I am very very keen on completing this and hope to do it sometime this year. Let's just hope I dn't get distracted with other projects first! LOL!

This one is also another piece done almost 3 years ago! *gulp* It is called Kimono Row by Design Works. I wanted 2 do a Stitch-a-long (SAL) with Ee Koon who is doing the same piece, but she beat me to it. She got hers done in under 6 months! Wow! Now I am ashame!! *head hung low*grin*

My 3rd WIP is a project I started sometime last year. I bought the chart when I was in Penang for a meeting and drop by Tammy's, thanks to Ina who was gracious enough to bring me around.

It is clock chart. I bought it after seeing so many nice cross stitch clocks at Tammy's and immediately wanted to do one. The chart looks pretty easy to do (don't judge the simplicity or complicatedness of the design just by looking at the chart! LOL!), so I thought I could get it done in no estimate was one month. It is coming close to a year already! LOL!

It actually has so many colours, and the pinks are almost similar that when I stitch at nite, I tend to get confused! LOL!

After listing down my WIPs (which I have long been wanting to do in order to take charge of all my unfinished works), I realised that these are my only WIPs - only 3 - for now, at least! *grin* Isn't that great? Before this I thought I had about close to 10! It sure felt like I had so many unfinished works! LOL! Maybe I have not rummaged enough through my craft room? Maybe if I dig further, I might just find more! LOL!

September is done!

Yipee! I am happy to rreport that I completed my 8th Stamp-it (September) in eerr.....shall I say, record time?

I started on this Stamp-it last Sunday, 26 February, 2006, and completed it 7 days later! Happy! Happy! Happy! I now have 4 more to go!

I am now working on my July Stamp-it and hope to get that done in record time too! *grin*

I think I need to quickly finish this series bcoz I am really itching to start on a new project! LOL! Also, my interest on this project is starting to that the right word? Or shall I say, I am starting to get bored! Oopppps! I am in trouble! LOL! *wink*

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

my 7th......

Not bad! Considering that I have been travelling here, there, everywhere! LOL!

Yep! I completed my 7th L*K Stamp-it - March, last Sunday! Just in time to welcome in the month of March! LOL! heheh...the 1st weekend in two months that we could finally just relax and do OUR things! *grin*

For those who have been reading my blog, U would know what I mean when I say that this is the 1st weekend that we are free to do our own things. Before this, for the past 2 months, we have been tied up almost every weekend preparing either for my brother's wedding or my father-in-laws surprise birthday party. But, in between, I have managed to do some stitching! I think I need that bcoz my stitching is very therapeutic. It eases a lot of my stress (work and maid related). Though it does not take it all (ease the stress), it helps me get through the rough patches of a hectic life style of living in the city.

I am now moving on to stitching the September Stamp-it. Hope to get that done in record time too, and not get it done in September! LOL! *grin*

With the 7th Stamp-it completed, I have now passed my halfway mark! Yipee! So, I decided to feature (show-off! LOL! *wink*) all 6 stamp-it that I have completed thus far. I wanted to include the August Stamp-it (completed in December 2005) but it wouldn't look nice since I have yet to start on the July Stamp-it and have only just started on the September Stamp-it (I am a freak for perfection! LOL! *wink*) .

How do they look? Nice huh? *wink*

She annoyes me....

..or shall I say, she is irritating?

Yes, my maid irritates me! Will I have the patience to wear out the contract? It is another one and a half years before her contract expires. Sometimes I think she purposesly wants to irritate me. Either that, she simply has a very bad attitude problem, and probably....eerr......shall I say, very unintelligent? I dn't particularly want to use the `d' word.

My maid is very very very forgetful. She cannot even remember routine things like switching off the iron when done with the ironing, switching off the water boiler before retiring for the nite, bringing in my hubby's work shoes each time we come back from work, watering the plants, that sort of thing. I have told her several times already which uniform my son wears on what day to school (he wears sports attires on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but come every Tuesday, she will ask me again. *sigh*

I have to keep on reminding her on what to do......almost every day! It is like she has only started working for me only last week at the rate I am telling her what to do, but the fact is, she has been here close to 6 months already! I almost sound like `berleter' now, and I dn't like that!

I do not mind having to tell her daily what to do, if only she takes critism and reminders well. She doesn't! She gets all defensive and tells me in her mumble jumble mother tougue that she is not forgetful (hehhe...did I understand her language? *wink*)....simply put, she goes mumbling to herself whenever I remind her that she has not done this or that. She gives me an annoyed look each time I remind her anything that she has forgotten. Like as if I have no right to remind her and that she has every right to be mad with me for reminding her!

Last night, when again she forgot something that I had earlier told her to do, I told her that despite being young, she is as forgetful as an old person, and I said that in a joking manner. U know what? She had the cheek to answer me back by saying "Memang tua pun!" (You are right! I am old!), in a very annoying and defensive voice! When I told her not to answer me back (menjawab), but just to respond with a 'yes', she gave me a grunt.

This morning, when I called out to her to bring in my son's school things into the car, U wanna know what she did or did not do? She decided not to answer me! Yep! Because I told her last nite not to `menjawab'!!!!! uuurrgghh! I had to call her like 5 times before I finally got a grunt like sound coming frm deep inside her throat!

Also, this morning when I told her not to bring along certain things to my MIL's house without my prior permission (she had packed up some dirty clothes of mine which she shouldn't, to my MIL's house - according to her - to wash them), she gave me another grunt! This is so annoying and irritating! Uuurghhh!

Gosh! How much longer can I take this? My work is stressful enough. I dn't need anything more to add to that stress! Please, God, give me patience........

Niesa wrote: I think u shoud list down the job description

My response: I did. In fact, I wrote a whole weekly timetable that lists down everything that she has to do each day from morning to nite. Does she look at it? U guessed it..she didn't!

When I 1st gave it to her after a month of working for me (after so many 'forgetful' events), she does not even want to look at it, saying that she doesn't need such time tables because she will remember. The timetable also lists down ingredients for food I cook regularly, yet she still does not remember for she refuses to take a look at it. To her, I suppose, the timetable proves her lack of memory and probably is demeaning to her, thus her reluctance to refer to it. *sigh*