Monday, October 20, 2014

Finally got my ribbons organised!

I have loads of ribbons!

I think many of my crafting friends know that. Heheh.....

Each time I need a certain colour ribbon, I'd be looking high and low for them. They are upstairs in my craft room, or downstairs in the dining room cum craft area.

When I can't find the colour I need, I would go out a buy a new roll only to come back and find that I already have one in that colour! LOL! *grin*

So, a few months back, I chance upon this Tilda ribbon rack at Kelvin's when I went over  to get some supplies for a quilt I am doing.

I just can't resist buying it and immediately came back to organize my stash of ribbons! 

Don't they all look neat all organized?

But this is only 1/3rd of my ribbon collection!

I need to go and get maybe another one or maybe 2 more in order to have all my ribbons neatly organized! *grin*

For now, I will just have to be satisfied with this one rack.