Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going on a diet!

No! No! Not the food diet! Well, I think I should go on the food diet too, but, not today, not now. *grin*

Today I am going to start on a Stash Shopping Diet! *grin* Believe me, I am! *grin* Yeah! Right! My stitching friends are going to shake their heads in disbelieve, knowing how much willpower I will need to get myself disciplined to really not stash, knowing very well how much I love to stash when it comes to my hobbies! LOL!

This evening, instead of going for my class at Epal to finish off my Telekung (Praying atttire) project, I decided to stay home and get my stash organised, as my son was not yet fit to attend his Robotics class. He still has not fully recovered from his chicken pox. He still has a few more scabs on his face and hands, and we did not want to take the risk of infecting any of the other kids at his Robotics class.

So, while my son and hubby took an afternoon nap, I decided to go through my fabric stash, and try to sort them out according to colours, or, at least, try to get them sorted out.

I spent almost 3 hours going through my stash before I finally got everything all neatly folded and nicely stacked up, although I did not finish organising them into their respective colours. I was beginning to get tired, and hungry! LOL! I must have used up all the energy from lunch to sort out all my stash! LOL! Goes to show you how much fabric stash I have! LOL!

To tell you honestly, though embarssingly, I think I have enough stash to last me more than a lifetime! If I were to convert them into bags, I think I can make maybe close to 50 bags, or maybe more! *blush*

It’s time I really start seriously thinking about turning my hobby into a money making business! Only then I will be able to use up as much of my stash as possible, and then, maybe after that, start buying more stash! Oopps! NO! LOL! *wink*

Here’s part of the stash.

The top photo shows fabrics bought at Nagoya and Kamdar. The bottom photo shows fabrics bought either at Sakura or Quilt Gallery.

The photos were taken when I first starting sorting out my stash, After going through 4 drawers of stash, I got too tired to take any more photographs! LOL! *blush* I was also getting too embarrassed and guilty to show off how much stash I actually have! LOL! *grin*

Definitely I am going on a Stash Shopping Diet, in that I will try to refrain myself from buying anymore fabrics! least for this year! LOL! But, notions like zips, buttons, threads, etc, I will still need to buy in order for me to make my bags and other projects.

So, will I succeed? *wink* Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shuffle Milikku dan Kau & Aku - my humble opinion

I happen to catch this telemovie last night - Shuffle Milikku, where Aril (yup! I am still a fan of Aril despite AF7 being long gone, and AF8 coming up already! LOL! *blush*) was the lead actor along with Yazid in a supporting role. It was a simple yet sweet telemovie. Touching to a certain extent.

It wasn't the greatest telemovie and probably won't win any wards, but I find the movie better casted (Aril's was better paired with this girl, Roza - I don't know her real name - compared to Mila in "Kau dan Aku", in my humble opinion) and the script better written. The story line was much better thought off, compared to the hurried-made "Kau dan Aku". Definitely, it is a better drama to watch compared to "Kau dan Aku" where I watch it only so that I can watch Aril! LOL! *blush*

I wondered why Astro never promoted it. I only happen to catch it while flipping the channels finding what to watch. Aril played his part well, and so did Yazid. The acting wasn't overdone, unlike the acting in "Kau dan Aku".

I felt that "Kau dan Aku" was done in a hurry without much thought to the storyline, the script and the casting. The acting was overdone - overacting, is that is the right word to use. The actors and actresses were not well casted. I felt that right from day one that Mila simply did not suit the part of Aril's girlfriend, where Aril is so crazily in love with her. Farah and Anita were too much overacting, and the storyline was simply childish. Maybe teenagers would appreciate it, but I felt that Astro was too much trying to imitate High School Musical, only it turned out almost a flop. This is just my humble opinion.

It did not give justice to the kids' talents, I think, unless the actors and actresses are actually bad actors and actresses. But, watching "Shuffle Milikku", I think Aril can act.

I think Astro was in a hurry to take advantage of the AF kids' popularity. Remember that they did the drama immediately after the AF season was over? They knew that it would bring in a lot of viewers. I sometimes cringe at some of the scenes, and would usually do other things while I wait for scenes when only Aril appears. I skip all the other overacting scenes, especialy those with Noni and her ever sleepy eyes, and Farah's exaggerated acting. Again, this is just my humble opinion and obsevation.

BTW, I even caught this new program "Rocket Bintang" or something like that just before the telemovie "Shuffle Milikku", and I think Tiara was trying to do too much overacting, especially when she scolded Aril, Hafiz and Akim for not turning up for practice on the first day.

I think it was an act to make it look dramatic. If I have read about Aril correctly, he is said to very professional when it comes to work, so it is not possible that he would forget to attend rehearsal classes, especially on the first day of their stay at this exclusive Enfinity Condo or something.

I think Tiara is dramatizing again like she did on AF7 when she announced the AFMASUK time. I pity that the kids are being used again. *sigh*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A food carrier with a difference

I was at Bangsar Village II some two weeks ago to send Aiman for his usual Saturday activities. While I was there, I decided to check out the Craft Market held on every Saturday and Sunday on the 3rd Floor of the shopping mall.

I met this lady, Zakiah, if I got her name correctly (she gave me a card but it is in one of my many bags, which I can’t remember which one!), who happens to be the wife of the famous artist, Yusuf Gajah.

However, I am not about to talk about her husband’s work of art but, instead on a piece of sewing project which she did, which I find very fascinating.

She made this bag as a container carrier, the carrier being the size mostly used by the malays to pack up their kuih bahulu in a round container.

She made them using cottons she bought at local shops like Nagoya and Kamdar, if I am not mistaken, but they looked like really expensive materials. There were two that I liked and could not decide which one to buy.

I finally settled for the one in red which was made using Chinese silk and I was told that it was recycled from a friend’s chinese cheong sam.

I really like the striking red colour and it would make very nice gifts, but, I am not giving this away! I intend to use it as a sample to try making one so that I may give that away! LOL! *wink*

I was told that it can be shaped into a flower, and once properly decorated, can be put on a `dulang’ as a `hantaran’ for a wedding.

Now that’s an idea!

BTW, recently I bought some wicker baskets which was being sold at the Local Craft Sale held in Kuala Terengganu. No, I did not go to Terengganu, but made my order through Roz who went there to keep a friend selling her wares at the Craft Fair company.

I really don’t know yet what I intend to do with the baskets, but I really like them and I have plenty of use for them actually, but just can’t decide what I want to do with which one! LOL Typical of Geminians! So fickle minded! LOL!

Which keep you all posted on what I end up doing! *wink*

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Lucky Draw gift for Radha and a new year gift for mum

NNC recently held a Lucky Draw for 2009, and the winner was RADHA!

For the Lucky Draw, everyone who participated is required to commit a prize which must be handmade to be sent to the lucky winner. For 2008, Janet was the winner, and for 2009, Radha from Kedah was the winner and she won 11 prizes altogether as there were 12 participants!

I can only imagine the excitement that Radha must be going through at receiving all those 11 gifts! It must be like her birthday came very very very early this year! LOL! She has been receiving the gifts since December 24th and more are coming as there are still a few who have not been able to send it on time at the stated date.

I only wish it had been me who is the lucky winner, but, I have never been one to win when it comes to Lucky Draws, except that maybe one time when I won a draw at Mel’s blog giveaway! That was a shock, not only to me, but Mel herself! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, here is something I made for Radha for the Lucky Draw.

I had actually made something else, but, when Radha’s name was drawn, I decided to do something special for her instead.

I hope she likes it and will find many uses for both the pouch and pencil case.

On another sewing project, I made my mum this praying mat bag.

My mum stayed with me when Aiman went for his circumcision (I blogged about it here) and during that time she was admiring the praying mat bag that I had learnt to make at Epal. She made copies of my notes and took lots of photographs of the bag, and went home to Kota Bharu to try to make one herself.

But, after much trying, she could not figure out some of the instructions. I don’t blame her. Epal has problems when it comes to some of the instructions that comes with their kits. Even after my complains, they did seem to be doing anything to improve it.

I tried to talk my mum through the process of making the bag over the phone, but it was difficult when the paper instructions were confusing.

So, I finally decided to make one for her and mailed them over so that she has something to refer to in order to finish the bag she started.

I had actually intended to make her a praying mat bag, but I had wanted to wait until her birthday, or, at least until Mother’s Day. But, as it turned out, it looks like it has become a New Year Gift instead. *grin*

I hope she likes it. I am very pleased with the results. I am especially happy with my choice of fabric which I had bought at Sakura. I think the fabric is really sweet despite it being in brown.

I also like the sejadah (praying mat) that I had bought at Jalan Masjid India.

I think it matched the bag almost to a T! Don’t you think so? *wink*

A 40 minute wait at a 24-hour clinic!

I had sort of an emergency on Wednesday, 13th January, 2010 when my son complained in the morning about not being able to swallow his food and having trouble breathing. He also said that he has got spots on his forehead and hands.

Concerned that he might be having an asthma attack and suspecting that the spots he mentioned could be chicken pox, I immediately took him to a 24-hour clinic near our house in USJ4.

We registered ourselves at 6.50am, but were told that the night doctor had left but the morning doctor was already on the way. Aren’t 24-hour clinics supposed to have doctors TWENTY FOUR HOURS of the day? What happened if it had been a life and death situation where moving the patient any further to maybe a hospital more than 30 minutes away could be fatal? Why call it a 24-hour clinic when there is no one to attend to you 24 hours of the day?

Can such a ‘misleading’ practice be reported to the Board of Medical Practitioners?

Guess how long my son and I had to wait before the doctor finally walked in daintily and calmly into the clinic? FORTY MINUTES later! Uurrgghh!

Did she apologize for making us wait? NO! I would have put up a fuss, but I myself was not feeling too well, and, besides, I did not want her to retaliate by prescribing the wrong medicine to Aiman.

However, I still think that the Malaysian Medical Association or whichever body that governs the setting up of medical practitioners should do some enforcement on such practices. They shouldn’t wait until something fatal happens first before taking any action.

Anyway, Aiman did have chicken pox and I was down with the flu.

Aiman has been on MC since Wednesday, and today, looks like most of the spots/blisters or whatchamacolic have pretty much appeared all over his body, face, hands and legs. What is so pitiful to him is that the blisters are also appearing around his mouth and on his lips and it is making him so uncomfortable to eat.

I hope the spots/blisters will subside by today and the process of healing will start. I took leave, or rather, I was on MC on Wednesday due to my flu, and my hubby took the day off on Thursday. However, we had to send Aiman to my in-laws house on Friday as neither one of us could get out of a meeting to take leave to care for him.

I thank God that I have my in-laws here in KL living not too far away from us as it really helps in cases of emergencies like these.

My hubby said that his mother was more than happy to care for Aiman and he jokingly `complained’ that when he had chicken pox about 12 years ago (yup! He had it when he was already an ADULT! *grin*), his mum didn’t even want to visit him as she did not want to pass on the virus to her grandchild, Hilda, who was in her care at that time.

Did I sense a tinge of jealousy there, Dia? LOL! *grin*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

An all day...well, almost....birthday celebration!

It was my hubby’s birthday, yesterday, 9th January 2010. It is the first birthday in my and my hubby’s family for the year.

We had an almost all day celebration when we started out of the house as early as 9.40am, but, it was to send my son for his usual Saturday classes first. In the mean time, my hubby went for a workout at the gym while I ran some errands in Bangsar.

My hubby picked up my son and I at 12.30 noon and we headed for Midvalley for a birthday lunch at the DOME, a choice my hubby made.

It’s been a very long time since we last went to Midvalley Megamall, and a lot of things had changed since my last visit there. For one, I didn’t realise that the Food Court, Oasis, had been shifted to where the IT Center was, and the IT Center was moved to where Oasis used to be.

I could not find the IT shop that I use to frequent as I needed for the shop assistant to take a look at my HTC PDA phone which I couldn’t get it to work with my PC which I had just recently upgraded to Windows 7. *sigh*

Anyway, back to our birthday lunch celebration at the Dome, we had a scrumptious meal that made everyone feel like a big fat snake that had just eaten a whole goat! LOL!

My son, as usual, ordered the Fish and Chips, as he would whenever we dine at a western restaurant.

The helping was, oh my, huge! Aiman only managed to finish off the fish, but not the chips. Next time we shall order the kids meal so that it will be proportionate to Aiman’s tummy! LOL!

My hubby ordered the Beef Burger, which we thought would come quite fast, but, it was the last order to arrive.

Ironic, huh, that a burger took longer to prepare compared to the Fish and Chips?

As for my meal, I ordered my favourite Pastry Chicken Pie. Yum!

But, I noticed that the veggies have sort of shrunk in size to half. In fact, even the veggies were different. It used to be broccoli and baby carrots. Now it’s just zucchini, sliced baby aubergines and cherry tomatoes. I love veggies and find the helping really small.

My hubby and I also shared a plate of Cajun Chicken Salad, which was quite delicious, though the chicken pieces were cut too big. It wouldn’t fit a mouthful. We had to cut it further into smaller pieces.

I had wanted to order a small birthday cake for my hubby, but he declined because he was really feeling full from the main dish, and so were we. So, we skipped the birthday cake part yesterday, but, this morning, my hubby said that no one sang him a birthday song yesterday, even though I and my son wished him happy birthday many times throughout the day! LOL!

So, my son actually sang him a very short birthday song this morning while we had our breakfast! LOL!

Seen here is my hubby with the gift I bought him. My son and I also gave him a birthday card each, but the photo was too blurry to be uploaded here.

After lunch, my hubby wanted to watch a movie. While he went to buy the tickets with my son, I managed to do some shopping for some computer stuff. After that, we dropped by MPH to get some birthday gifts for a cousin’s son’s birthday coming up next week.

I also managed to get myself 5 quilting magazines! I just couldn’t resist it, especially when some of the mags featured some bags which I think I could make.

After we did our prayers, we headed on to the cinema to watch AVATAR!!

As the cinema was full, my hubby only managed to get the front most seats where I felt like as if we were practically IN THE MOVIE itself! LOL! I felt dizzy from being in Pandora! LOL!

It was a good movie, though there were several times when I felt dizzy at some of the close-up scenes, as like I said, I felt like I was part of the movie with the choppers and mothership flying around above my head! LOL! *grin*

I summed it up as a very sweet science fiction movie. It was truly enjoyable. Not too much out of the world concept, neither was it a movie too mushy that it would make my son get up and down in his seat as he would whenever he watches a movie with kissing scenes. LOL! *grin*

The movie ended at close to 8.30pm, and by the time we arrived home, it was close to 9.30pm. Everyone was tired from the all day outing, and my hubby proposed that we just have mee maggi for dinner. *grin*

So, a birthday celebration that started out with a big scrumptious lunch at the Dome, with a great movie in between, ended with a simple maggi mee for dinner! LOL! How contrasting can that be! LOL!

But, I hope that my hubby have had a great birthday. I wish him all the best and may all his good wishes come true, and may this year and years ahead bring him lots of great things.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dia! Lots of hugs and kisses!

Oh, BTW, I am looking forward to watching Ironman 2 and Sherlock Holmes next, both featuring Robert Downey Jr, and My Spy Next Door, featuring Jackie Chan. All 3 movies look fun and hilarious, especially when played by Robert Downey Jr! Can’t wait!

So, Dia, when’s our next date? *wink*

Monday, January 04, 2010

My baby is all grown up!

I sent my son to school today, his first day in Primary 4. As happy as I am to see him progressing, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness. My baby is all grown up!

While he is with his friends in school, he no longer remembers me. Just this morning he was all nervous and anxious about going back to school, so much so that he doesn't want me to just drop him off, but to park, and walk him to class.

He even wants me to stay and wait for him until his break time. But, the minute he saw his friends this morning, he forgot about being nervous and anxious. He has forgotten all about me, and here I am, missing him already as I wait for him to come out for his break.

It's another hour, but it feels like it is taking ages coming - this break time of his. But, I can bet that when it comes time for his break, he won't be looking for me. I think he would have forgotten that he had asked me to stay back and wait for him.

My baby is all grown up....

I wish him the best of luck for this coming year and many years ahead.

I hope that he will succeed in whatever good things that he undertakes. I hope that this will be a good year for him. I hope that this will be a good year for all of us!

Hugs and kisses my precious one!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A room with a view

I have sort of settled down in my new office despite the fact that we have no telephone lines and no internet connection. I can only be contacted via my handphone, and I am using my mobile broadband to go online to check my emails and to update our project reporting.

We still can’t hold our meetings at the new office as our conference table still could not be set up due to missing parts, and the administrative office has yet to tell us how to arrange for light refreshments for the meetings. If I really need to have one, I will have to buy from outside and bring them in.

At the moment, I am holding all my meetings at the site office for projects already on the ground, and for projects at the planning stage, I am holding them at my client department’s office, courtesy of our client.

I have unpacked all my 22 boxes (they are very small boxes, mind you! LOL! *wink*) and have sort of organised them the best I can with limited cabinet spaces.

My old office was furnished with built-in cabinets, but now I have to buy my own loose cabinets in order to get my books and files sorted out and organised.

My office is looking good. I have a small discussion area which is nice to have as I can accommodate up to 5 people for mini discussions without having to leave my room.

The seating area is now more comfortable, compared to the one at my previous office as it can now seat more people, and is now more presentable. I just need to get a coffee table so that those visiting me have a place to put their files and handbags/briefcases.

My only other problem besides the telecommunication problem is that my office has no blinds, and my room is facing the morning sun. It gets really hot in the morning and the glare from the sun’s rays gives me a headache very early in the morning.

My staffs have tried to minimise the glare by putting up recycled bubble wraps on the wide glass panels, but the effect is minimal. I could hardly see the screen of my computer from the glare, and my room gets really hot when it is almost noon.

The staff area is so much cooler, that I am contemplating of setting up a small area for myself in the staff area where it is still vacant for me to work when the room gets really hot.

But, the best part of my room is the VIEW!!

Yup! I might not have the corner lot like most of the other bosses have, but, I get quite a good view of KLCC, The Vistana Hotel, and my room is overlooking the LRT/Monorail Station!

Unfortunately, when the photo was taken, it was a gloomy day as it was about to rain.

I also have a view of the Istana Budaya, Balai Seni Lukis Budaya and the Perpustakaan Negara, all of them being projects under my management! People were teasing me that I can manage the projects just by looking out the window using a telescope! LOL!

But, of course I am not about to do that! LOL!

I also have a not so good view of the dilapidated Pekeliling Flats. I wonder why the authorities has not taken any action to demolish this awful looking sight.

The LRT and Monorail Station being linked to my building makes going to town such a breeze! I had already taken the LRT to town twice already last week to find lunch.

Yup! I have no choice but to go out for lunch as we still have no canteen in our building. I don’t know if we will have one, though a space has already been allocated for a canteen on the ground floor.

I am sure I will adjust soon enough to whatever shortcomings of the building. I am hoping to have a great stay at the building, with lots of success in this New Year 2010.

I wish everyone a great year ahead!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A great time playing together – Me, Ma and M (Em)!

If my son sees the heading, he would get all excited. He is always excited when things rhyme, I don’t know why. He has a fascination for anything that rhymes and could go on and on to try to make things rhyme! LOL!

Well, this doesn’t actually rhyme, but, it can still get him all excited by the fact that it sounds almost similar! LOL!

Ok, I am digressing again even before I could even start on this posting! LOL! *blush* So typical of me, huh? *grin*

Anyway, my mum stayed with me 2 weekends ago, from the 19th to the 21st of December, 2009 . She came home with me after the Kenduri Doa Selamat at my MIL’s place.

It turned out to be a very busy and hectic weekend as I wanted to re-learn how to make the Kuzi, a dish I grew up with as my grandma loves making Kuzi Kambing.

So, the second day that my mum was here, we had Kuzi Ayam for lunch.

We also had Acar Timun, which I forgot to peel off the skin, though! LOL! But, I had washed it thoroughly! LOL! *grin*

My mum also made sambal cili. My mum makes the best sambal cili in town!

My mum also made Nasi Minyak to go with the Kuzi, Acar Timun and the Sambal Cili. It was one of the best home cooked meal I have eaten in weeks!

I still have the sambal cili and the Kuzi, but minus the chicken. I have put it in the freezer, and hope to buy more chicken pieces and recook the gravy with the chicken as I still can’t seem to get enough of the Kuzi yet! LOL!

I even dip bread in the Kuzi for breakfast and it is so yummy! Even my hubby and son loves it!

While my mum was here, I also felt like making `claypot’ chicken rice for dinner, but minus the claypot. I replaced it with Corel instead as I did not have any claypot in the house.

Maybe I should get one since I love making claypot chicken rice?

Well, I have not made it (chicken rice) in ages. But, with my mum here, I was inspired to cook it again. I served it with some fried veggies.

I was also busy frosting the Carrot Cake while my mum was here, on Sunday, 20th December, as a neighbour’s friend ordered two for a Christmas Party. I had baked the cake the day before.

But, what I spent time most while my mum was here was playing with Em, making things for my mum. She was fascinated by the machine as she kept telling me how she had learnt the embroidery by hand in her younger days. Wow! I salute my mum for her patience!

I was, of course, excited to show my mum on how the machine works, and so decided to make something for her.

My mum chose the design and the colours for the design, and I made it into a pouch for her. She also decided on the wording for the other side of the pouch.

She is now happily using the pouch to carry all her daily medicines. I feel so proud to be able to make something for my mum that she is happy to use. *smile*

Just before my brother picked her up on Monday night to spend the night at his house, I managed to embroider her a pocket which she said that she wants to make them into a pocket for her praying mat bag which she hopes to go home and make using the notes she got from me which I learnt at Epal.

Good luck, Ma, and have fun!

Thanks for staying with us! Thanks for teaching me the Kuzi again, and the sambal cili. But, sorry about the unpeeled acar timun though! *grin*