Sunday, June 29, 2014

NNC Stitching Bee 21st June 2014

OK, I am behind in reporting this, but, heck, at least I am reporting right? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, this time around, the turn up is much smaller – only 5 of us.

I arrived with Faizon and Rose at close to 10.00am. The Food Court at The Gardens Midvalley was just about to open its doors! That’s how early we were! LOL!

We took a corner of the Food Court and got ourselves settled in.

I had brought along the lovely Birthday gifts Margaret and Bee Ee had given me to show off to Faizon and Rose and who else were coming.

I got a lovely pink polka dot aluminium box which in it were a pink measuring tape, a piece of pink fabric and a lovely pincushion, also in pink!

Bee Ee sent to me a lovely coaster with a hexy in the center. She also included in the packet a pattern for a tote bag which she won at this year’s Anniversary Meet.

She said that I’d probably have more use for it than she since I am into bag making.

Thanks, Bee Ee! I just love the pattern and the coaster.

Thanks to Margaret too for all the lovely things all in pink! I can never get enough of pink! LOL!

Zarina arrived as we were about to order our brunch, and while Faizon was showing off her lovely tatted doilies.

I just love all her lovely doilies, especially the colourful one on the left.

I have always love the end product of tattings but could never get into the hang of tatting. 

Oh well. If ever I add tatting to my already long list of passion, my craft room would be overflowing with more stash, not that it isn’t already! LOL!

Zarina added more excitement to the tatting passion when she brought out her lovely hand overdyeds and colourful tatting shuttles to match!

In the midst of all the excitement of looking at Faizon’s tatted doilies and Zarina’s colourful overdyeds and shuttles, who should arrive to add more excitement? Anna! We have not seen her in ages!

Anna has not joined our Bees for a very long time. She has even missed 2 of our Anniversary Meets. So it was great to be able to meet up with her again.

As if the excitement of seeing her after such a long silence was not enough, Anna made it even more exciting when she pulled out from her bag a lovely colourful ripple shawl in progress which we squealed in excitement upon seeing it! LOL!

As some of us took the opportunity to have brunch, I, as usual, took out my hexies to work on.

Faizon, as always, took out her tatting to do.

Faizon also brought along a tatting book which I thought if ever I want to go into tatting SOME DAY, this would be the book to get as it has easy steps to follow for slow learners like me, when it comes to tatting! LOL! 

We sat and chat for a while as I work on my hexies, Faizon on her tatting and Anna on her ripple shawl.

Before it was time to leave, we had a small Lucky Draw to recycle door gifts received from previous Anniversary Meets.

Diane, Anna got your cute measuring tape house!

Seen here is me and Rose trying to show Anna how to put the measuring tape house together.

Soon it was time to leave when Rose’s son came over with her cute granddaughter to have lunch.

We left for home but not before we dropped by Art Friends as I wanted to get a bottle of Mod Podge. I want to try my hands at making some Mod Podge projects. 

I just love the Mod Podge bottle caps Vivian made for the Anniversary Sale. I snapped up all the small bottles! LOL!

As always, every time I go to the Stitching Bees or Anniversary Meet, I always come back inspired to work on a craft project. However, this time, I came back too tired to do anything.

After dropping off Faizon, I dropped by the fresh veggie mart to buy some veggies for dinner.

By the time I got home, it was close to 4.00pm already.

I had a quick lunch (bought Japanese at the Food Court before coming home) and after a short break (fell asleep on the couch from pure tiredness and the heat), I got up and got dinner ready.

After dinner I thought I'd do come crafting but the heat gave me a bad headache. I decided to stay cool in my air-conditioned room for a while, but fell asleep.

I only woke up at 5.30am the next morning! LOL!

After Subuh prayers, I decided to start working on my Apple Core Quilt Project while I wait for the weekly maid to arrive.

Yeay! I have completed putting all the apple cores together to the size I want it to be!

Now I just need to drop by Kelvin’s or Yee’s or even maybe the soon to be newly opened Spotlight at Ampang Point, to buy the backing material and the batting!

Can’t wait to get this quilt done! It’s coming to 2 years already since I started on the project!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

NNC May 2014 Stitching Bee

Recently, on 31st May 2014, we had our Stitching Bee at Seri Melaka, Amcorp Mall.

Anyway, when I arrived with Rose at 11.05am, Margaret and Jo had already arrived, sitting at a round table for 7.

Margaret tried calling Bee Ee to find out if she would be coming with Veronica so that we can move to a bigger table. But she could not get through. 

I think probably Bee Ee was taking a nap as she did say that she has not been feeling well lately.

Bee Ee, I hope you will get well soon.

Vivian, who arrived just as MW was trying to call Bee Ee, managed to get through Veronica and she confirmed that she and Bee Ee will not be joinig us.

As soon as I was settled in, Margaret immediately handed me a package containing my......COASTER EXCHANGE! She is my partner!

There were 3 separate package all nicely wrapped up. The smallest one contained a pair of the cutest coasters in PINK!

MW explained that she had fussy cut the fabric to get just the right motif situated where she wanted it on the coaster.

I appreciate the effort as I think it made a difference to the coasters having just the right motif in the center of the coaster.

The second package contained teas of various flavours which she had painstakingly folded in origami style to resemble the coasters.

That extra effort is much appreciated too!

I love flavoured teas and can't wait to try it tomorrow!

The 3rd package contained a piece of fabric matching the coasters. MW said that she gave me extra in case I wanted to make a matching mugrug! 

How thoughtful! Thanks, MW! I love everything! Big hugs!

As if that was not enough, after I finished opening up all 3 packages, MW handed me another bag containing a wrapped box. She told me NOT TO OPEN IT YET until the 8th of June!

It was a birthday present for me from MW! My first BD present for the year!

Thank you, and I promise I won't peek! LOL!

8 days and counting! LOL!

Vivian then took out her box of treasures containing as expected some very lovely cards.

We went ooh and aaah over the lovely cards! 

I even learned how to make that lovely card in the center! 

Thanks, Vivian!

She also showed us some tags she is making for a Best Friend's upcoming wedding.

She's got 300 pieces to do!

I just love the turquoise and silver combination! 

Good luck on completing all 300 and best wishes to your friend.

Next MW took out her PSQ to show us and to ask us how to sew the long pieces together when the seams didn't go in the same direction.

I did not quite understand what MW was asking when she posted it at the board, but looking at it in person, I now understand what she meant. 

Jo, being the sifu in quilting, wasted no time in explaining to MW how it she could do it.

BTW, Margaret’s PSQ is awesome! I just love the colour combination! I just can’t wait to see the finish product!

Soon our food was served and they all look so delicious! 

Margaret had Kerabu Bee Hoon. And Jo had Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow.

Vivian, I think had, Assam Laksa and Rose had Curry Laksa.

I got a little confused with the menu and the explanation given by the waiter, but, nonetheless, all the food looks good!

I just had sago pudding though as I had planned to have lunch with my hubby and son later.

Just as we were about finished with lunch, I noticed that someone was looking in our direction but wasn’t sure who she was. She seemed uncertain but finally she approached us shyly…..

It was Roses or also known as Rose C!

I did not recognize her as I had only met her briefly that day during the Anniversary Meet!

She had said that she had posted at the board that she was coming to the Bee.

Sorry, Roses, but I must have missed it! Anyway, I am glad you came.

We pulled up an extra chair for her and her friend.

Roses was eager to show us a quilt in a magazine which she hoped to make, and wanted to know how to get started on the project. 

It was a queen size quilt! Or was it a king size quilt? And it was using the English Paper piecing method.

I was amazed that Roses wanted to try doing something so big when this would be her first attempt at quilting but I salute her courage!

Good luck, Roses! Do holler if you need any assistance.

Just to give her encouragement and inspire her, I pulled out my Apple Core Quilt, which I happen to have with me, but is nowhere near done, to show her.

Roses and her friend went goo goo ga ga over the unfinished quilt! *blush*

I then took out my box of hexies, which is taking me forever to complete, to give Roses an idea how English Piecing method works. 

Roses then gave me a very lovely bookmark and told me that I can use it as a sample to make more! 

Thanks, Roses!

I have never seen that kind of bookmark before but Vivian said that I can get the accessories from any craft shops selling beads, or something like that. Right, Vivian?

Can you recommend a shop?

Just before Roses left, we had a Lucky Draw for the recycled gifts I have accumulated from previous Anniversary Meets. 

They might be recycled but it still created some excitement, nonetheless, especially from Roses who has never received anything yet from NNC and when Rose and Jo received the house tape measure kit from Diane! LOL!

Roses left soon after with a friend. Thanks for coming, Roses. I hope you can join us for more Stitching Bees and stay longer.

The rest of stayed on and chatted some more. The topic was not so much about crafts this times, but Jo, Rose, Margaret and Jackie started reminiscing about the old good days when they were still schooling. It seems that they were all from the same school!

It was fun listening to them talk about all their teachers! LOL!

Jo took out a piece of fabric which she was trying to unpick while I carried on working on my hexies. I managed to finish putting together 2 flower hexies.

Later Margaret took out some awesome craft books and I took out a book on bags.

I always get excited whenever Margaret brings her collection of craft books. Books, any kind of books actually, except probably on sports, gets me all excited! LOL!

Every time Margaret brings her collection of books, it makes me want to go home and start buying online! LOL! So very the dangerous one! LOL!

Soon it was coming to 2.00pm and it was time to leave. Vivian left first when her hubby arrived. Everyone else left soon after while I waited for hubby and son to join me for lunch.

The rest decided to drop by BookXcess before making their way home, while I decided to browse the few stalls nearby while waiting for hubby to arrive.

Even though only 6 of us could spare time to meet, I am glad we still went ahead to meet up and as always, I had a great time.

Attending Stitching Bees and Anniversary Meets always inspire me to come home and get started on some crafting. Although this time, I had a full day yesterday after coming back from the Bee to go to my MIL’s house for tea, followed by my mum’s house later that evening.

Thanks, everyone for coming. Can’t wait for the next one on 21st June! I hope more will turn up!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A baby bib for a special granddaughter

My hubby and I recently got an invitation to a Majlis Cukur Jambul of a very close friend’s first granddaughter.

I got the invitation about 2 weeks before the function but, other than keeping the date blocked to attend the function, I did not give it much thought otherwise, up until the day before the function.

I realised that I didn't have anything to bring or give to the granddaughter. I don’t know whether it is traditionally acceptable to bring or not to bring anything. I don’t remember attending these kinds of functions before this.

Anyway, I decided that bringing something is better than going empty handed. Nothing could go wrong by bringing something rather than nothing at all. Only trouble is, I don’t have any baby thing to bring as gifts and it was already 5.00pm when I realised that I needed or want to bring something to give to my friend’s first grandchild.

Initially I thought I’d go out and buy something. But, eventually I decided that I would make something so that it will be a special gift for a special first grandchild., what do I do or make?

Well, for starters, I posted at the NNC group my predicament asking for suggestions as to what to bring or make. I wanted to try making something that is quick and easy as time was limited.

Then when I finally decided that I would be making a baby bib, then it was time to go in search of a pattern for a baby bib.

I did not keep any of my son’s baby bib from 10 years ago, and so, did not have a template to trace from.

I found many sites showing photos of baby bibs but most were not to my liking. Those that I like had no free patterns. More searching.....

Finally at 7.30pm, I found a pattern I like and it had a free template! Yahoo!

So, after dinner was done with, at about 8.30pm, I sat down to print out the template – I had  to tweak the pattern a bit because when I printed out the template, I felt that the opening for the neck was rather small.

I finally started sewing the pieces together at about 10.00pm. I had to trace the template, cut it out, trace it onto the interfacing (I wanted to give the bib a little bit of body), iron it onto the fabric, more cutting before I could finally put them all together.

While I am at it, I decided to make TWO instead of just one! I might as well since I was using the same template. One, I could use Em to embroider the name of the grandchild, and the other one would be just plain straightforward design.

Guess what time I completed the 2 bib? At 2.00am!

Well, I had to take a one hour break to sort out my taxes since it was already the last week to file in my taxes. I was going to be travelling a lot the following week and might not have time to do my taxes anymore except for that night.

Trust me to do my taxes at the last minute! LOL!

Anyway,  I stopped working on the bibs at 11.30pm, and continued working on it again at 12.30am!

Even though it was already 2.00am when I put in the last stitch to close the opening of the bib, I was really excited to see the end result of the bibs I made – a first for me!

Not only was it the first time ever that I made a baby bib, but it was also the first time that I put in the snap buttons all by myself with no help from anyone, except YouTube!

So, here they are...... the front...with a personalized embroidery on one of it....

The back....

Cute, huh? *wink* LOL!

I finally fell asleep at 4.00am that it was already passed my bedtime when I was done sewing at 2.00am and kept tossing and turning before I finally fell asleep.

Despite the last minute decision to make the bibs, a first at making the bibs, I must say that I am quite satisfied with it.

I might even consider making more bibs in the future and putting it up at Uniquely Aznique, but of course, it will have to be a design of my own.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Uniquely Aznique making a comeback!

I have been extremely busy since the start of the new year, both at the office front and at home with my craft projects under the Uniquely Aznique label.

Ever since the start of this year, I set myself a target to try to use up as much of my stash as possible and to try to make as many items as possible, either to give away as gifts or to sell under the Uniquely Aznique label.

I think it’s time my stash works for me to bring in some extra cash. *grin* 

I think I will be needing a lot of extra cash come the end of the year when a certain purchase we made, God willing, materializes, at the end of the year.

So, this year, I set about making as many Little Missy handbags as possible as my time would permit, at the same time having so much fun playing with the colourful fabrics I had accumulated over the years and coordinating them to get just that right combination.

I finally put up my first Little Missy up for sale on the 4th of March 2014.

Guess what? 

It was snapped up within hours of being put up! Wow! I am ecstatic to say the least! LOL!

To add to my excitement, my friends from school started making orders for my personalised embroidered towels and pouches! 

Talk about taking the right step at the right time! LOL!

Syukur alhamdullilah!

The last 2 months was also my busiest time at the office front, coming home late on most days. So I ended up staying up late almost every night fulfilling the orders.

I am not complaining, of course. I enjoyed staying up working on the orders, and getting reacquainted with Em (my embroidery machine, to those who doesn't know that I call her Em) after ignoring her for almost a year!

On Friday, 21st March, I delivered, well, ok, my friend, Lela, picked up her order for 2 sets of towels containing a bath towel, hand towel and face towel in purple, and 2 single orders of bath towels in blue.

I did not get a chance to personally meet up with Lela to know if she likes my choice of design, *wink*, but she did say that her boys like them. *smile*

The following weekend, I spent fulfilling another personalised embroidered towel order for 2 bath towels in blue and a single order for a bath towel in pink.

I really enjoyed doing the embroidery works for the blue sets of towels as I really like this maritime design of an anchor and a compass. I just love the colours!

They were delivered the end of the week that I finished the order, just as requested by Aini, a friend from school.

I hope Aini will like them as much as I had enjoyed embroidering them.

My next order was for two cosmetic pouches.

Nora had ordered the pouches with personalised embroidery.

I made the pouch a little bigger than the pouch I made before shown at my blog, because I thought that a bigger pouch would be better to put in make-up as some make-up items might be taller and bigger. 

The original size of my pouch is 3 ½” x 3 ½” x 7”.  This new one is approximately 5” x 5” x 8”.

I hope Nora likes them.

Just as I was about to mail out the pouches to her, she made an order for 2 towels.

Thanks, Nora, for your second order. :)

Thanks to Aini and Lela too for your orders! 

More Little Missies will be posted here soon. 

I am just looking for the time to photograph them in good natural lighting.

Do visit again soon.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Introducing the new Little Missy by Uniquely Aznique!

Do drop by my blogshop and take a look at the new Little Missy handbag by Uniquely Aznique!

I have been busy making these cute handbags since the start of the New Year with a resolution to try to reduce my present stash so that I can start buying more stash! New stash! LOL! *wink*

I enjoyed playing with colours and going through my stash to see what matches what and just simply love the colour combination that I can come up with!

The possibilities are almost endless!

I hope to make more of these Missies and put up at my blogshop. Can't wait to show you all what other colour combination I have come up with!

Do come back often!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

NNC Hexagon Exchange 1 & 2 2013

Continuing from my previous posting on the Pincushion Exchange, for the Hexagon 1 Exchange, organised by Margaret, we were required to send out 2 sets of a seven cell hexagon the hexagons can be of any size.

We were also required to send as extras, 10 of the paper hexagon templates of the same size we used to make the seven cell hexagon, so our partner can make more if she wants to.

For this exchange, my partner is Diane.

Without even checking out the database to see my partner's preference, I went ahead to sew up the 2 sets of seven cell hexagon made out of 1" hexagons which I had readily available in my sewing box, as the hexies are my travelling companion to work on when I have some quiet times in the hotel room.

My bad. I had already completed everything and was about to pack them up when I thought that I should check the database just in case.

Guess what?

My partner Diane said that she would prefer a 2" hexagon! I think she must be doing something already that uses 2" hexagons.

I went into panic mode from then on!

I went to the Inklingo website to look for a 2” hexy template and found it, but had a lot of trouble trying to print the hexies onto my fabric despite using the right freezer paper.

My fabric and the freezer paper kept getting stuck in the printer. I did not have this problem when I was printing out the 1” hexies I bought from Inklingo some months ago.

After a few attempts over a few days, I gave up.

I next tried to make my own 2” hexy using the method Janet taught at the NNC group, but somehow my hexies came out lopsided. I could not get my hexies to measure out the same on all sides.

I was starting to get frustrated and even more panicky as the dateline draws nearer and I had even less time to work on the hexies what with all my travelling for work.

Suddenly I had an idea which I think might work. I decided to try drawing the hexies on my laptop using a drawing software I already had in laptop.

That saved me from the Headmistress’ cane when I finally managed to get the hexy to turn out right and I am even pleased with the end product when I could even personalise it with my Uniquely Aznique logo and could even make a bigger hexy to write a note to Diane and Sally included together with the exchange. Phew!

I had fun working with the 2" size hexagon instead of the usual 1" hexy I am used to.

Initially, when I was cutting out the hexy pieces, in my head, I was asking like, "Gosh! This hexy is huge! What in the world is Diane going to do with such a huge hexy, and giving me added stress just trying to look for a template of that size!" LOL! ;)

But, I am glad she did. :)

Here is the end result.

When I started sewing up the pieces together to make a huge 7 cell flower, the result was awesome that I decided to do an extra one more flower after the initial 2 I needed to do for the exchange.

Someone in this group might just be lucky enough to get that extra hexy I made! *wink*wink*

Thanks, Diane, for requesting for that size. It forced me to try out something new, something I think I would never try on my own. But now that I have tried it, I think stitching friends will be seeing more of the 2" hexies in my sewing box! LOL!

In return, I got Sally as my partner,and she made me these lovely hexies.

She also included a box of folded stars, in pink.

Thanks, Sally!

For the Hexy 2 Exchange (HE 2), we are required to send out a completed item, which must have at least 7 hexagons, in any size, incorporated in any manner , into the item.

The item must be done in the colour of the partner’s choice.

Since I was already having so much fun sewing the 2” hexagon for Diane, I decided to extend the excitement by using the 2” hexy template to make something for Sally.

I though making a hexy mug rug would be easy enough to do and fast.

I was right on the fast part when it came to making the 7 cell flower as I could do it on the sewing machine. It was a breeze and I was really pleased with the result.

However, when it came to putting the binding on the mug rug, I had to struggle a bit when I could not get the inner corners to sit properly.

I eventually got it done, but, Sally, please don’t scrutinise the mug rug too closely, ok? ;)

Here’s the back part.

In exchange, I received from Radha who made this lovely hexy ball complete with a bell inside!

She said that I can have my cat play with it.

No way am I going to let my cat play with my lovely hexy ball! LOL!

Radha also included a lovely hexy motif fabric which was just appropriate for the exchange.

Thanks, Radha!

Overall, it was fun doing this exchange. It was lots of fun despite the initial panic to get the 2” hexy! LOL!

Thanks, Margaret, for organising this exchange.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunbonnet Sue Baby Quilt

A couple of months back, a member of our local stitching group, Needles n’ Crafts, Radha, posted at the board asking if anyone is willing to make her a Sunbonnet Sue Baby Quilt which she hopes to gift it to her sister’s daughter is expecting a baby.

I jumped at the opportunity to play with Em, my embroidery machine which I have started to neglect due to my heavy travelling for work.

We discussed the details and finally agreed on only 8 blocks of the Sunbonnet Sues instead of the whole quilt being all Sues.

Radha also requested if I could add a cat in the center block as her sister loves cat.

I pondered for a while as to how to add a cat in the appliqué blocks I already have and did some sketching.

However, after a while, I felt that my cat did not turn out like it was going to look like a cat, and proposed back to Radha if I could instead embroider a Sunbonnet Sue which already has a cat in it which I already happen to have a pattern for it.

Luckily Radha agreed.

Next, I sat down to design a layout of the quilt to make sure that Radha would be happy with it. I gave her 3 options and when she finally settled for one of it, I immediately got started on it as that very weekend, I had some free  time.

I did not want to put off doing it to later, knowing how hectic my work schedule could sometimes be and sometimes even unpredictable where I would have to travel within only 2 days notice.

I am glad I started when I did and got as far as appliquéing and embroidering up to 6 blocks that weekend, because after that, I travelled non-stop for 2 weeks.

The next time I worked on it, I stayed up late to finish off the 2 remaining blocks and started to cut up my fabrics, bought earlier in the day at Kelvins’s one fine Saturday, to make up the rest of quilt.

Radha had specified that she wanted the quilt to be in pink.

That being my favourite colour, I would think that I would have no problem choosing just the right fabric for it.

Wrong!! LOL!

I brought along my sketch and the finished Sunbonnet Sue blocks to Kelvin’s shop so that I can match the pinks to my Sues, and my oh my, does Kelvin have many shades of pinks! LOL!

I was going cross-eyed trying to choose which pink suits the quilt best.

It was hard choosing the many flowery pinks, as in my head, I thought that maybe Kelvin would carry some pink baby motifs, and I would just choose that.

However, the choice of baby motifs in pink was limited at Kelvin’s shop. I did, however, managed to get some very lovely small flowery prints of pinks which I think is really sweet.

For the backing, I managed to get a lovely ABC fabric bought from Gill’s Quilt Gallery in Bangsar, which I felt just matched the pink and green motifs which I intended to do for the front.

It was fast putting the quilt together. It took me only a week, working on it every spare night I wasn’t travelling for work. But the next stage of the quilt, I felt like it was taking me ages to get it done.

For some of you advanced quilters out there might find doing the quilting part a breeze. But for me, it was the biggest challenge of doing a quilt.

I thought that I’d take a short cut and get Em to help me with the quilting part.

I had bought a few quilt patterns online and tried it on a small practice piece and it turned out almost perfect!

I was happy with the result and set about to quilt embroidery the whole quilt with Em’s help. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong again!

Em refused to quilt embroider the huge (huge by Em’s standard) quilt. The quilt kept coming off its hoop and I would end up with jumped stitches.

After several attempts to get Em to quilt embroider, I started to get all flustered and frustrated. I decided that this is not going to work. Em is kicking up a fuss and we don’t seem to see eye to eye on this project.

I decided to let Em off the hook and started to look for other ways to quilt the baby quilt.

I could have just done some simple stippling quilting effect all over the quilt, and I should be done in about 2 weeks, but I am not one to just do something straight forward and felt that, after doing quilting for a number of years, I should start progressing to the next level, and that is to try to do other quilting designs, other than just stippling.

I looked to the internet for ideas.

I spent every spare time I had, googling for quilting motifs, hoping to find just the right motifs suited for my level of expertise. Oopps! I cannot even be considered an expert!

In my search for just that right quilting motif, it brought me to Pinterest.

I could spend hours going through Pinterest!

I came up with loads of quilting designs which I really love. Alas, most of them are for more advanced quilters.

I was beginning to feel the pressure when my time was running out as Radha asked if I could get the quilt done by November, and I still could not settle on a quilt motif which I think I am confident enough to do. My travelling all the time did not help either.

Finally, after many hours of going through Pinterest, I decided on a few motifs which I think I can manage.

Once the motifs were decided, it was time to do some practice pieces.

However, since I was still busy travelling; there was no way I could do a practice piece. So, I did the next best thing.

In between boring meetings, and on my flights in the plane and at airport lounges, or anytime I find that I have extra time on my hands waiting to get on the plane, for a meeting to start, even while I was watching TV, I'd be doodling, trying to find what works best for my quilting level and what suits the baby quilt best.

I finally settled for 4 different quilting designs.

I can’t say I know the names of any of the quilting designs that I have chosen as they all came from different sources.

You can go to my Pinterest to see the pins and track the designs from there, if you like.   

Trying to quilt on a sewing machine with a small throat was another challenge I had to face.

For a while, I ended up having a sore shoulder from not sitting properly. I finally decided to move my sewing machine to another table where I would have more space to the front of the machine, and it worked.

I was able to quilt for many hours on the baby quilt, making frequent stops in between for some water to drink as adviced by many of my quilting friends and from reading and watching YouTubes.

I can’t actually recall how many hours it took me to finish the quilting, but, despite all the sore shoulders I had to endure, I enjoyed every stitch I put into the quilt.

I had so much fun trying out the new quilting motifs.

As if quilting 4 new designs wasn't challenging enough, I decided to also try out making a scalloped border instead of the normal straight edge border. 

This is the first time I am making a scalloped edge for a quilt.

It took me several sketching and markings on the quilt to finally get all the scallops at the 4 corners to match up.

After having to go through a tough time doing up the scallop edge, I decided to just settle for a simple straight line quilting for the border.

Despite it being simple, I think the simplicity of a straight line quilt gave the border the depth and dimension I wanted.

I like the way it turned out. 

Next came the binding.

It was also a first for me to try to bind a scalloped edge and I had to tune in to several Youtube videos before I was confident enough to give it a go.

I think I did OK. I like the way the binding turned out actually.

I decided that the binding should be yellow instead of pink or green to add interest to the quilt. I thought that it would make the quilt 'pop'!

Did it, when you first saw the quilt?

I think the yellow binding picked up the yellow ABCs on the backing very well, and on the front, it brought out the yellow dress on the middle row of Sues. 

This baby quilt had given me the opportunity to try out so many new things and something that I think I’d never try out if not for this quilt.

Thanks, Radha, for giving me this opportunity to make this quilt for you. Those sore shoulders were worth every pain I had to endure! LOL!

I hope you and your sister and niece will be able to enjoy the quilt.

Another product by Uniquely Aznique!