Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NNC 8th Anniversary Teaser - Part 4

A couple of the items you see in the basket will be included in the AGE.

Can you guess which of these items will be part of the AGE? ;)

Hint! No, it is NOT one of the gadgets!

Those are MINE! Only Mine! LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spotlight at IPC is opened!

Yup! I now have a Spotlight closer to home! 

Well, ok, closer to my MIL's home actually! But that is close enough compared to the one at Ampang Point!

It would be nice if they open one in Subang Jaya though! LOL!

So, last Thursday, I took leave to spend time with my son who is home for the school holidays, and included in the outing a trip to Spotlight IPC!

Boy! I was like a kid at a playground as soon as I entered the front entrance! LOL!

I spent about an hour there.

Don't you just love all these vibrant colours?

I went there with a list of things to buy. I needed to get some things for the upcoming NNC 8th Anniversary celebration. 

However, I noticed that even though Spotlight IPC is a lot bigger in terms of floor area, but there are certain items I know Spotlight Ampang Point carries, but I could not find it at Spotlight IPC.

I think I went around 3 times but could not locate the items I was looking for.

I did not bother asking for assistance because I think it would be too difficult to try to describe it to the shop assistant if they have never been to the Spotlight at Ampang Point.

For one, I was looking for a needlecase that comes in the shape of a Russian Doll. I bought one at the Ampang Point outlet. I gave it to a friend. I thought I’d get another one to add it to the NNC Anniversary Gift Exchange (AGE)

But since I could not find it at the IPC outlet, I had to decide what other things I can add to the AGE. 

Members of NNC attending the Anniversary Meet next week will have to wait to find out what exactly did I finally decided to buy to add to the AGE. *wink*

Here’s a photo of the basket of things I bought at Spotlight IPC. 

A few of the items you see went into the AGE, all packed up, wrapped and labelled (see previous posting on the teaser).

By the way, to those who have yet to drop by Spotlight IPC, they were having an Opening Sale when I was there last week.

I was so tempted to buy the washi tape selling at 50% off the original price.

If not for the fact that I don’t really know what to use the washi tape for, I think I would have bought a whole load! LOL!

But I simply could not resist buying the rick racks and colourful ribbons all nicely packed up, also selling at 50% of the original price. 

I bought 3 gadgets.

One is an envelope maker and the other a gift bag maker.

I have tried out the envelope maker and love it! It makes such cute envelopes!

I have yet to try out the gift bag maker though.

I also bought a die to make tags in several sizes. 

I thought this would help me get moving and motivated to start making the tag for the Tag Challenge for the NNC Anniversary Celebration. But, I just found out just now that the tag can’t be paper base!

Ok. Now I will have to rethink how to make my tag. Time to go to Pinterest again for ideas!

I also bought a few pieces of cottons to match the HST blocks I am currently making before I had to stop to focus on the Anniversary Celebration.

I also could not resist a pack of fat quarters in red and white. *grin*

Don’t ask me yet what I intend to do with them. I just bought them for the just in case moment! LOL! *wink*

I am very happy with my just acquired stash and gadget. I can’t really play with them yet though, until the 2 major events – my niece’s wedding reception this weekend, and the NNC 8th Anniversary celebration have passed.

Only then can I heave a sigh or relieve and have some fun playing with my new toys! *wink*

NNC 8th Anniversary Celebration Teaser - Part 3!

Heheh...I am enjoying this!

Here's another teaser......

This is from me......

It is in a box all wrapped up, and labeled.

Can you guess what could it be?

Hint! - no plastic bags required

NNC 8th Anniversary Celebration Teaser - Part 2!

ooohh! I love teasing members coming to the Meet next week!

Here's another teaser.....

This is from Diane coming all the way from the US.

Her hint - Hardanger! Some assembling required.

And oh! Another hint - it's a beautiful piece!

Have fun guessing what it it! *wink*

Monday, March 23, 2015

NNC 8th Anniversary Teaser

I just have to put this up!

I am hoping to get more members to come join us to celebrate our group 8th Anniversary to be held this 4th April at Yee Button House!

I am hoping that Anna will change her mind about coming. I am also hoping that Sabariah will come join us too!

I truly hope that Usha can take herself away from her busy life to join us even for a short while.

Looking forward  to meeting up with everyone!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting there......

I have been super busy the last 3 months.

I am going to get even super busier as 2 big events will be coming up, one this coming weekend - my niece, Kuya's wedding reception, and next weekend, NNC's 8th Anniversary Celebration!

Just so that I don't forget anything or miss out on anything, I am going to list down my check list here. That way I can organize my thoughts better! LOL!

1. Kuya's doorgifts - bought, but still needs to be packed 
    up. Will be doing that this week. 
    Having my nieces over to help me out.
2. Zarina's Card Trick Quilt - done! 
    Phew! Glad that I finally got that out of the way!
3. Diane's goodie bag contribution - All done! 
    All packed and labeled! Phew!
4. My goodie bag contribution - All done too! Yippeee!
5. Diane's Anniversary Gift Exchange - all wrapped up 
    and labeled! *grin*
6. Goodie bags (adults) - bought!
7. Goodie bags (kids) - need to go shopping! 
    What shall I get?
8. My Anniversary Gift Exchange - done! Packed up, 
    wrapped and labeled! 
    Really glad that I finally got this done and out of 
    the way!
9. Tag Challenge - oh! oh! Nothing done yet! 
    Maybe this weekend?
10. List of previous partners - still sorting out
11. Tasks on who is to do what - assigned -
      a. Mel - AGE;
      b. Bee Ee - assisting me with the goodie bags;
      c. Food - Zarina;
      d. ModPodge Demo - Vivian
      e. Tag Challenge (to choose/draw the winner) - Paul

I now have the Tag Challenge to do and some other last minute preparations to do.

I still need to drop by Yee Button House to discuss details on the Meet.

Yes, we are having it at his place again this year.

Hoping everything will turn out great!

To all NNC members, PLEASE go to the board for more details so that you don't miss out on any important messages/announcements!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Am I having a writer's block?

I use to be able to blog all the time, but now I can hardly find time to even think what I want to blog about, even though I feel like I have lots to blog about.

Have I got the writer's block?

Whenever I am travelling, on the plane, in the car, driving to work or just on my way somewhere, I have lots that I want to write about.

But as soon as I get home, I am either rushing to get dinner done, household chores to do, or just plain tired, mentally and physically, to even switch on my laptop to write anything.

I love writing. Always have since I was a young girl. But now, being so busy, I can't even find time to sit down and put into words what I want to say......

Maybe it will come back to me when I am more relaxed.

Maybe it will come back to me when I really have something to say or have something to get off my chest. For now, I am just staring at the computer, not able to recall what was it that I wanted to write about....

Maybe it's time I sleep early, have a good rest, wake up early when all is quiet, something will come up.

For now, it's good night. Sleep tight! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pink Pouch from Zarina!

I received this so very cute pouch from a good stitching friend, Zarina, when I met up with her and her hubby for breakfast a few weeks back, during one of her trips to KL.

I just love the fabric, inside out! 

And, the fact that it is PINK makes it even more adorable! LOL!

Thanks, Ina!

You just gave me an idea what to make as gifts!

It does not look too difficult to make. 

Maybe I can get them done in a jiffy...if I can find time to try making it, that is.... *grin*

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hexie Sew-A-Long

Wow! It's been ages since I updated my blog. It's been a busy start to the new year. Before I know it, it is already almost coming to the end of February 2015 already!

I have not been in the best of health since the start of the year, but I have been keeping myself busy with lots of things. Rather, I have been kept busy with many things, both at the home front and work front.

Anyway, I am down with the flu again. The 3rd time this year.

Despite waking up with a bad sore throat this morning, however, I told myself I needed a break from doing household chores and have some Me Time. So today, after breakfast, I managed to sit down for a while and work on some hexie blocks

I managed to finish stitching 3 blocks this morning.

We are doing this as a Sew-A-Long at the NNC group, but I have been very much behind. I hope to catch up soon. I think Margaret is already far ahead of me.

I had to take many breaks before I could finally finish the 3 blocks because I tired easily due too much coughing.

I just made myself a mug of lemon honey and ginger drink. Sipping it as I write this.

I hope to keep posting my progress on this SAL. Let's hope it gets done by the end of the year.....