Sunday, January 27, 2008

A weekend plan that was not meant to be.....

I made so many plans for this weekend, but, as the saying goes, we can only plan, but God determines.

Our plan for Saturday was to take Aiman for his animation class in the morning, after the 3-way teacher-parent conference at his school, followed by lunch, and later for his art class. We had also planned to drop by a friend's house, after the class, who's child's birthday party we could not attend last week due to some prior engagements.

On Sunday, I had planned to get started on the birthday exchange and the NNC lottery, or at least, sit down to plan out what I want to make.

So far, only the 3-way conference, which was essential that we make it, went according to plan. Aiman started a bad coughing fit as soon as we left the house. He was down with fever already on Tuesday night, but his fever had subsided by Thursday, and he was just having some mild coughing fits.

My hubby theorize that it is due to stress for we were going to meet up with his teachers to discuss his progress and to find out what plans the teachers had laid out for the year for the primary two children.

We thought that as soon as the 3-way conference was over, his coughing fit would stop. It has happened like that before. Unfortunately, it did not stop this time around, but as he was eager to attend the animation class, we proceeded to make our way there, but later had to change our plans when we got a call from the workshop to inform us that they just realised that he is not yet eligible for the class due to his age. The eligible age is 9 - 11 years. However, he still has two engineering classes, which he also loves going to, to complete (it comes in sets of 4 classes per registration).

However, since the 3-way conference ended so late, we wouldn't have been able to make for that class on time. Change of plans, we decided to go for lunch instead and then go for his art class in the afternoon. He headed for Midvalley with Aiman still coughing non-stop.

We had a japanese lunch at Sushi King, something we had planned a week ahead, but which we did not get to enjoy much, as Aiman was coughing so badly, despite after being given a dose of the ventolin inhaler (he's asthmatic) and cough medicine, that we had to hurriedly finish our lunch.

We decided then that he would have to skip his Art Class too because it might worsen his condition as the class is a really cold classroom due to the full blown air-conditioning.

After making a quick stop at MPH to pick up some books and magazines, we headed home. As my hubby had parked at Midvalley's new wings, The Gardens, we stopped awhile to admire the architecture and the decor. Really nice!

We even managed to snap a photo or two, because Aiman, despite coughing non-stop, refused to go home, saying that he is fine. Kids! But the minute we got into the car, he fell asleep due to pure exhaustion. LOL!

Earlier, while we were at Aiman's school in the morning, I got an sms from my sister in Kota Bharu saying that my mum has been diagosed with dengue, and will be admitted into hospital. I called my mum later when we were a little settled with Aiman. She did not sound that good.

When we got home, my plans with regards to my craft works all went down the drain. My mind was no longer at ease. I was worried. I was worried with Aiman who still has not stoped coughing despite another dose of ventolin inhaler and cough medicine. It gets even more worrisome when he starts to hold on to his chest in pain due to much coughing, as he is also asthmatic. Now, my mum is in the hospital in Kota Bharu with dengue. My mum is not young anymore, and despite being in good spirits most of the time, especially since coming back from Irelend to visit my brother, she hasn't been in the best of health.

I didn't sleep that well last night, finally waking up at 5.00am. I decided there and then that I will make a trip back to see my mum. But, as my son is also not in the best of health, I was not willing to leave him just yet, so, I decided to delay my trip back for a few days with the hope that my son will be better then. For now till Thursday, my eldest sister will be taking care of my mum, hopefully, alternating with my youngest sister, who is also in Kota Bharu.

I hope my son will recover quickly before I fly back to Kota Bharu, so that I have one less thing to worry about, though I worry about him all the time, and I pray that my mum will be on the road to recovery very quickly.

With my mind in turmoil, I abandoned my plans to start thinking about the birthday exchange and the NNC Lottery, as I was no longer in a creative mood, but, I needed to take my mind off things, so, I picked up my DT Sampler Gameboard and started stitching on it. It helps ease my stress level, and calms me down. I needed to be strong for my son and for my mum.

So far, this is how far I have progressed. I still have quite a long way to go, but a progress still, none the less. Emily has joined me in the SAL, and BJ said that she will be starting on it again soon. I had hoped to complete it at the end of last year, but, I got distracted by so many other things. I am way behind my own schedule. *grin*

Friday, January 25, 2008

10,001 hits!

Wow! Did you see that? Since my blog was set up about 2 years ago, to date, my blog has received 10,001 hits! Wow! That's a personal achievement for me! *smile*

I did not think or expected that I could have to gathered that much interest to my blog when I first set it up. When I first set it up, I wanted to have a place to share my interest for the hobbies that I do. But, after a while, I wanted to share my thoughts and excitement about other things too. Most of all, I wanted something that my son can read in years to come.

By coincidence, January 2005 was also the month I first created this blog. To be exact, on 12th January 2005!

Thank you, everyone, for dropping by my blog and thank you too for leaving all your comments! I sure appreciate it! Do drop by often! I love sharing my thoughts, be it on my passion for all things craft, or just general thoughts on every day things.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A cross stitcher by accident.............

"Ambitious beginner!", she wrote in her photoblog. Yup, you sure are, Eli! *wink* But, welcome to the club! Hugs! Hugs!

My sister-in-law, Eli, who is in the US, picked up cross stitching by 'accident' recently while doing me a favour when I asked her to check out the JoAnn Store in Ann Arbor.

JoAnn has always been one of my favourite (I have many, actually! LOL!) online shop for cross stitch and quilting supplies, but alas, they don't ship overseas. *sigh* So, usually, I would browse the site to see what's the latest in the craft world, and then go to other sites to order it.

The online shop is very resourceful, and it's like a one-stop center. But, now that I have a SIL in the US, wow, I now have someone to buy me supplies from JoAnn! LOL! *wink* Thanks for the last shipment, Eli!

It's even easier now to ask her to get me something now that we both speak the same language! My hubby's right about the 'talking in code' language! LOL! *wink*

Ooops! I am digressing usual! *grin*

Anyway, back to my SIL picking up cross stitching by accident, she completed her first piece quite fast and it's such a lovely piece, and the way it was mounted and framed to match the piece made it even lovelier.

In her excitement of picking up a new hobby, she went on to order a second piece online because she wanted something bigger and more challenging piece to do. Trust my SIL Eli to want something bigger and more challenging! LOL!

I think she did not know what she was getting herself into when she made the order, because when it arrived, she was shocked to receive the stitching fabric, because it was a 28ct evenweave! I have been doing cross stitch since my cradle days *wink*, and I have only just recently started working on evenweaves, and even then that is after much coaxing from my stitching friends that I dare to venture further than the aida.

Eli said that it is a lot of struggle for her to work on it, but finds it very challenging to work on. That's the spirit, Eli! You go, girl!

She finds separating the colours the fun part of the project *LOL!*, even though she complains why they can’t separate and label the flosses before putting in a kit! I wondered that too, Eli, but kits that comes with flosses already separated will cost you more, as you will soon find out as you do more pieces.

Enjoy stitching your second piece, Eli. I hope you will enjoy every minute of your time working on it, and don't forget to show it off once it is done!

Again, welcome to the club, Eli, and shoot off as many questions as you may have, if you find yourself lost on some stitching matters. Remember, I have gone through most of them already! LOL! *wink*

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Such beauties!

Enchanted by the beautiful snowflake tatting pieces Faizon made for Mel which she (Faizon) brought to the Anniversary Meet to give to Margaret to pass on to Mel, but which we made her show them to us first *grin*, I commissioned Faizon to make 10 pieces for me in, eerr....what else..PINK! LOL!

Faizon is a tatting sifu, and as to be expected, the pieces she made for me were simply to die for.....heheh..for those who can appreciate the efforts and time put into them, not to mention, the soul that went into making these lovely pieces, would be able to undertsand the feeling of appreaciation that I feel when seeing such great pieces of handiwork.

I received these gorgeous pieces just before christmas as I had planned on puting them on the bags I was crazy making then (still am, actually! *grin*) or to make them into wind chimes. But, upon seeing the lovely pieces, I felt that they were simply too precious to use and I just want to keep them the way they are, and take them out of the packaging and admire them from time to time! *grin*

I commissioned Faizon to make me 10 pieces, but she made me 12! Thanks, Faizon!

I might someday still use them, but, for now, they are just in the packaging that they came in until I can think of a better way to use them so as to be able to appreaciate the beauty of the pieces.

They are definitely a beauty, aren't they?

Friday, January 18, 2008

A place I use to call HOME!

My brother, who is currently furthering his studies in the US, recently went on a trip to several places during the christmas break with his family. I love reading the posts and seeing all the photos posted at my sister-in-law's photoblog, capturing the travels. It makes them being far away from us, and missing them, easier to handle. So far, yet feels so near. Aah! The advancement of technology!

Opps! I am digressing usual! LOL! *grin*

OK, back to the story at hand, among the many places they visited was Pittsburgh. What's so special about Pittsburgh, you say? Well, my brother made the effort to travel there, among one of the reasons, was because it was where I and my elder sister used to stay with our mum and dad while my dad was pursuing his Masters. He wanted to show the place to his wife and kids.

When I saw photos of the place, it brings back such fond memories of the place, and the fun time I had growing up there, despite only being there for about 2 years. I started my schooling there at Holmes Elementary, so that is something that will always be etched in my mind. I remember the boy that pulled at the collar of my coat and grabbing my mini handbag my mum gave me which I brought to school to proudly show off, making me run home crying. *blush*

I remember the japanese girl, Hiromi Iwashimizu, whose dad too was probably furthering his studies at the same university as my dad. I remember a few more other friends too though I can't correctly remember their names. I remember the Halloween Trick or Treating trips I made with my sister to fill up our treat bags, and the costumes my mum made or bought. Aahhh! Such fond memeries!

My brother said that the 2nd house we lived in at Bates Street (top photos) looks like an abandoned house, but the 1st house that we lived in at Atwood Street (2nd photo) still looks occupied.

Thanks, Nik Ai, for making the trip, and for taking the photos. I am feeling so nostalgic now! LOL! *wink*

I hope to someday be able to make the trip to the US to visit my brother, my sister-in-law and their kids who I miss dearly, and hopefully have the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh with my hubby and son, and tell my son all the wonderful stories and the great times I had in the US.


Please identify yourself......

Will the anonymous who posted these question/comment at my blog please identify yourself by giving me a link to your blog, if you want your questions, anwered?

"Questions/Comments answered"
Anonymous said...
Hi there, I have the old fashion singer sewing machine too. But I have no idea how to maintain it and care for it so that it'll be in tip top condition. Any advice? Where and how often do you have you machine serviced.

"Some stitching progress"
Anonymous said...

hi there, hope you don't mind me asking,
1/ where is the engineering workshop located? It sounds interesting and I'm wondering if my kids would be interested too..
2/ where in ss 19 is the sakura shop you mention
thx a whole bunch

I am a little uncomfortable about answering any questions to an anonymous. It's a dangerous world out there, and you can never be too trusting. I hope you will understand my reservations and identify yourself. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It was my niece, Tengku Alia'a Muna's (Kuya), 16th birthday on 12th January. I wasn't there to celebrate it with her, but, from the photos posted at my sister's photoblog I could tell that it was a big celebration among very close family members in Kota Bharu. As my sister has said, it was a double celebration for she had got 6A's in her recent PMR (Peperiksaan Menegah Rendah).

I wish you well, dear Kuya. You have grown up to be such a pretty girl. I know you have gone through a lot already in your young life, but I hope that you will always be strong to face all the challenges that comes your way. We may not be with you in person, but we are there in spirit, and you are always in our hearts and mind. We love you very much. May you grow to be a wise women, full of love and may success always comes easy for you, but, don't stop working hard.

Take care, hugs, and kisses from Che Za, Uncle Man, and cousin Aiman.

Questions/Comments answered

I received a few questions with regards to some of the postings posted here at my blog, but I have no way of answering the person directly since some of the questions came from people I am unfamiliar with. So I have decided to answer the questions here with the hope that those who posted the questions will come back to check as to whether I have answered their questions. So here goes.....

"A zippered pouch...finally! "
tinn tinn said...
omg.. its so nice.. where did you get the zipper? i'm looking for one like that...
the fabrics look nice too.. american cotton ey?

My answer: Tinn Tinn, I got the zipper as part of the kit when I signed up for the zippered pouch class at SAKURA Sewing Shop, SS19, Subang Jaya. You can buy them separately also from the shop. They have them in several colours and length with different zipper ornament (that thing you use to open and close the zipper).

No, the cottons are japanese cottons, not american, but Sakura sells quite a selection of american cottons.

Thank you for dropping by my blog, Tinn Tinn. Do drop by more often!

"Some stitching progress"
Musliha said...
Salam Sis Nik..Nice friendship sampler.. (thank you, Musliha! *smile*)
Just want to know, is it framing done by Tammy? If u don't care, how much is the cost?

My answer: Yes, the framing is done at Tammy in Penang. I did the framing some time last year and can't recall the exact price, but I think it was between RM 80.00 - RM RM100.00.

"Bagged a wild one!"
yellowfeline said...
The bag is cute! :) (Thank you, yellowfeline! *smile*) I read in your previous posting about Sakura? Are you using a Sakura sewing machine now? If you are, is it any good?

I'm quite new to sewing, but would like to sew some clothes for my baby girl... am wondering what brand to buy.

My answer: Hi yellowfeline! The Sakura I mentioned in my blog is not the brand of a sewing machine, but a needlework shop that sells sewing machines, mostly BERNINA brands. I don't know if they sell Sakura brand sewing machine or not. I am not familiar with that brand.

I have a very old SINGER sewing machine that is already more then 15 years old, but still runs perfectly as I ahve it serviced regularly. If you are not into embroidery or any major quilting craft, the basic SINGER is a good buy. No, I am not an agent for SINGER. LOL! *grin*

Thank you, everyone, for dropping by my blog, and thank you for all the compliments, comments, questions, and feedbacks. I sure appreciate it! Do keep coming back!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


It was my hubby's birthday on 9th January. A week before that, I took my son out to Memory Lane, Subang Parade to pick out a card and a birthday gift.

When we got to the shop, my son went about looking for balloons, and party hats, saying that he wants to have a birthday party for his Abah. He must think that all birthdays must be celebrated the way children's birthday parties are celebrated. Unfortunately, it was a working day for both of us, and he would be schooling on that day. So, there was no way that could we have a birthday party for Abah, unless we do it on the next day, as it was a public holiday (Awal Muharram) or on the weekend. But, we already have a cousin's birthday party to attend on Saturday, and I will be working on Sunday, so the weekend was definitely out of the question.

After much explaining, my son finally left the party section and head on to the card section. He picked out two cards, with no coaxing at all from me. Both cards were cute, but the one he finally chose is so sweet, and funny at the same time, and I couldn't stop smiling as I pictured my hubby receiving the card. *smile* My son also picked out a mug that say's "BIG COFFEE DRINKER". It's really BIG - the mug, that is! LOL!

On the day of my hubby's birthday, as it was a working and schooling day for us, as we rush to get ready, my son played hide and seek and jumped at his Abah to surprise him with the gift and cards. Then my son came over to me and whispered, "Mummy, we are going to take Abah out for dinner at Victoria Station today, aren't we?" We are? LOL! *wink*

Yeah, I had that planned already in my head, but before I could even tell my hubby, my son had already read my thoughts! LOL!

We were supposed to have an early dinner at 6.00pm, but the storm spoilt the plan as my hubby only arrived home past 8.00pm that day, after picking up our son at his mum's place.

We immediately left for Victoria Station in TAIPAN, Subang Jaya. I had actually called up the restaurant ahead to make reservations when I realised that we were going to be late getting there as I wanted to make sure that we got a seat in the train cabin. No real reason for why I wanted the seat in the cabin, except that my son likes seating in the cabin and imagining that he is on a real train. *grin*

Since I was already on the phone with the restaurant, I thought I'd surprise my hubby with a birthday cake and requested that a cake be served at the end of our dinner. I think I had a mischievious and smiling look on my face as I put down the phone, because I know that if you inform Victoria Station that you are coming in for a birthday dinner and would like a cake to be served as a surprise, they will actually get their waiters to sing a birthday song for you! *wink* I hope my hubby will actually be surprised and not embarassed. *grin*

We had a good dinner where we started with Nachos as a appetizer or starter, and then I ordered seafood platter ( I think the portions are getting smaller), and my hubby ordered Tornado Rossini, while my son ordered BBQ Chicken.

I think the service at Victoria Station has deteriorated, because on several occassion, the waiter would pass the food and hot drinks in front of my son as she tried to place it in front of my hubby. Couldn't she have come around to place it in front of my hubby as the seat in front of him is empty? If I am not mistaken, at the waitressing school, you are taught to always try to serve to the left of a person? What if she had spilled the hot tea on my son as she reached to pour the drink in my hubby's cup? *shudder*

I gave her a piece of my mind when she did it again as she came to pick up the plates after dinner was done, when she almost knock my son's head. Did she apologize for her mistake? Tough luck! The younger generations now a days have lost the skill to be well mannered. *sigh* I just hope that I can teach my son good manners and always behave well at all times.

Oopps! Sorry for diagressing, but I just had to get that out of my system. LOL! *grin* Okay, back to the report at hand, it was a long time after dinner that they finally served the moderate size chocolate birthday cake. My hubby was starting to get suspicious when I did not want to leave the restaurant despite being done with dinner, because I am usually the one that wants to get done with dinner quickly and get home as soon as possible as I always have loads of things to do at home.

The cake finally came, with a single candle on it. The waiter serving it thought it was for my son, and gave a cheeky smile when I said it's for the hubby! *grin*

My hubby was pleasantly surprised when the cake was served, but got a little bit embarassed as the three stooges .... oopps!... waiters started singing him a birthday song! LOL! See that look on his face as he sat seemingly embarassed by my surprise? LOL! *wink*

The waiters sang so loudly that my son had to put his hands over his ears! I think he got a shock too! LOL! Well, it turned out that my hubby wasn't the only one celebrating his birthday that night in the restaurant. A few minutes after the waiter sang my hubby a birthday song, they went on to the table at the other end across from us to sing another birthday song. So, hopefuly that will lessen my hubby's embarassment for that night. *smile*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dia! I hope you have had a great day. I wanted to surprise you, but I did not mean to embarass you. I hope all your good wishes come true, and I hope that you will live a long, healthy and happy life with me and Aiman. Love you! Muaaah, hugs !
and kisses

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some stitching progress

I managed to work a little bit more on my Ice Cream Sundae project at STARBUCKS on Saturday as I waited for Aiman to finish his engineering workshop. Slow, but getting there.

Yup, looks like Aiman's going to follow in his grandpa's footsteps, who is a Civil Engineer. Nope, I did not encourage him. One day, he just told me that he would like to sign up for the engineering workshop which is just a few lots away from his art class. I guess he has been peering into the workshop each time we pass by the place to go to the art class, and it must have gotten him curious and interested to learn what the kids were up to.

So far, he was shown great interest in the workshop and is very excited after each class. Unfortunately, I could not take photos of any of his work as he has to take them apart and store them away for the next class to come in. From what I gather, using the lego components, they would build remote control cars, conveyor belts, 4 wheel drives and many more, to get the kids to undertstand the mechanics of how things are built and how they move/operate. Opps! Does that mean he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer or a Mechanic? LOL!

Next, he wants me to sign him up for the computer animation class. Err.....a Computer Engineer in the making, maybe? Or maybe a movie animator? Hmmmm.......

Anyway, back to my stitching, I am also posting a photo of the Friendship Sampler by Joan Elliot which I have finally got it framed up. I did a Stitch-A-Long (SAL) with BJ on this piece. I wonder if she has got hers framed yet or not.

I had fun stitching this piece as it is truely a lovely piece, and SAL-ing it with BJ makes it even more fun! Thanks, BJ!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A zippered pouch...finally!

I have been wanting to learn how to do a zippered pouch for some time already, and was so happy when SAKURA finally offered the class again this year! They stopped offering the kit cum class when they ran out of the japanese cotton materials and the orders for them did not arrive in the last quarter of the year last year. I think that is what I remembered Kelvin said.

I wondered why they did not kit up using the american cottons, because they do have quite a nice selection. But, the japanese cotton I got in the kit is really nice, and well worth the wait!

I took the class yesterday afternoon. I started at about 2.40pm. I had wanted to get there earlier, so as to have more time to to work on it, but I got caught in the terrible storm that got me almost soaking wet! LOL!

Anyway, I completed the pouch in one sitting! Yippee! I completed it at 6.30pm, eventhough the shop closes at 6.00pm. May and Kelvin did not mind my staying in late. In fact, it was Kelvin's wife, Catherine, who asked that I stay on and complete it as I was almost done anyway, and she wanted to see the end product.

Also, there was this 12 year old boy who was taking a string bag class and also a baby pillow class yesterday, and as his mom still has not come to get him, they had to wait. A bonus to me! *broad grin*

I really love the motif on this red japanese cotton, and the compact batting I used (part of the kit) makes such a diference to the end result of the pouch, as compared to the normal lightweight batting that I am used to. Live another day, learn another thing!

I would need lots of practice in perfecting the making of this pouch. There are quite a portion that has to be hand stitched, which takes up time, but I think that is what makes the pouch really nice.

Same as for the house tissue box cover, a lot of hand stitching goes into the piece. If ever I want to make to any of these things to sell, it's not possible to sell it cheaply, and only those who appreciates handmade gifts and the labour of love that goes into it will understand the price that is tagged to it.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A little something to say......

THANK YOU for being a great friend!

Emily smsed me when she received a call from DROPZONE asking her for, maybe, directions to her office, and if she will be around to receive a parcel. She suspected that I had something to do with it, since I had smsed her earlier asking her as to until what time will she be working yesterday.

She had asked why did I send her a gift, when it finally arrived later that evening. Sometimes you have no other reason to send a person a gift except to just to say thank you to the person for being there for you, for supporting you, for understanding, or simply for just being your friend. Sometimes you simply just have the urge to make that someone something so as to make that someone feel special for she is special to you. You just hope that the gift will make that person's day.

Honestly, do we actually need a reason to give? In my opinion, no. Sometimes you simply just want to give. *smile*

So, yesterday, Emily and June received a surprised (at least I hope Emily was surprised. I know June was! *wink*) handmade gifts from me. *smile*

Emily received a purple (her favourite colour) house tissue box cover. I had just the right colour fabric to make her a gift, because I have been wanting to make Emily something in her favourite colour for sometime now, but simply could not find the time. what else is new when it comes to always not having the time? LOL! *wink*

Since I had just learnt how to make the tissue box cover at SAKURA, I thought this would be great to make as gifts. I wanted to get it done and mail off by christmas, but, I went off target when I had to keep cancelling my leave when work just kept piling up. I finally completed it during the christmas break. I am glad for the much waited long holiday.

I hope Emily likes it, and will always remember me each time she pulls a tissue from the "PURPLE HOUSE". *wink*

I did a 3rd one after I made the one for Emily. This time I did it in brown, using leftover fabrics from my son's bagpack. What do you think? Looks like it belongs in the jungle, doesn't it? LOL!

When I was learning to make this tissue box cover at SAKURA, I was using the BERNINA available in the classroom, which June likens it to the mercedez benz class of sewing machines, as compared to my Perodua Kembara SINGER sewing machine. LOL! When I had to do the windows and doors, I wondered if my faithful 15 year old machine could do just a nice a stitch as the BERNINA. Guess what? It could! In fact, I am very pleased with the way the stitches around the doors and windows came out. I love my machine! *grin*

For June, I made her a quilted bag. I knew the motif on the bag would be just perfect for June. *wink* I had bought the material some time back, but had no excuse to make it into anything since it had santa claus as its motifs. My hubby wouldn't be too pleased with me lugging something that has human figures on it. I bought the fabric anyway because I simply love the colours! LOL!

Same reason as for Emily, I also have been wanting to make something for June, so, when I saw the fabric June made for the thread catcher, it immediately gave me an idea what I wanted to do with the fabric! Finally I could make something out of the lovely fabric, and give it to a very dear friend, who I know could use it for her stash shopping! LOL! I am glad she likes the bag (she posted a message at NNC).

Since she said that she likes blue, I decided the blue I had would match the motifs on the front. I tried putting the blue on the front too, but I think the maroon works better. Don't you think so? *wink*

It was a first for me to do the handle in two different colours, but I think I did OK. *grin* The bag is also reversible like the other bags that I have been making, thus the reason why I did the handle in two different colours.

I had enjoyed sewing it and seeing it come together as I did the quilting part and putting the bag together. I hope June will find many pleasureable stash shopping trips with it. *smile*

Dropzone almost did not want to send it over until today as they had many packages to deliver when I called to check on the delivery on Wednesday. I paid next day delivery, and they picked it up last year *wink* on Monday, 31st December 2007! So, I told them that it would defit the purpose of my paying for their courier service if it doesn't get delievered TODAY! LOL!

I am glad that both the gifts arrived safely.

Here is a bag I made for my sister-in-law, Sufia. I wanted to make a baby bag since she is expecting a child in March, but, since I didn't have much practice in making a baby bag, I wasn't confident to do one. It just might take me ages, probably until the baby is born! LOL!

I also thought that a normal bag would be better in that she could use it long after she no longer needs to carry baby things in the bag. Hopefully, she too will have many happy hours carrying the bag around for shopping or just a day out with the baby.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new year resolution?

I haven't actually made any new year resolution, sort of, craft wise. I haven't given it that much thought into it just yet, but, off hand, I want to finish off my DT GBS of course. There is also my christmas star hardanger piece, which has now been a year since I started on it. Err..maybe more.

I want to do more bags and also more house tissue box covers. I also plan to also take up more classes at Sakura, because they have quite a few interesting classes lined up for 2008.

I have signed up for quite a few exchanges in 2008. *gulp* What have I just got myself into? So far, these are the exchanges:

1. Birthday Exchange (BDE) - organised by BJ - a year long exchange

2. Cupcake/Slice of Cake Exchange (CSCE) - organised by Jess. Mailing Deadline 29/2/2008

3. Tea Coaster Exchange (TCE) - organised by Usha. Mailing out date by 30/06/2008.

4. NNC Lottery - organised by BJ. Errr...did I sign up for this exchange? I'd better check. Anyway, lottery draw date will be on 15/09/2008. With my kind of luck when it comes to lucky draws, I haven't been that lucky! LOL! But, who knows, 2008 might just bring me better luck in this area. *wink*

With my PC `kaputing' on me on New Year's Day, I just hope it is just a small fluke to test my patience. After this, everything will move on smoothly. *wink* My PC is still down though, as of 7.30pm tonight, despite getting a new power supply and adding more RAMs. I am using my hubby's laptop to update my blog.

5. Charm Stash Exchange (CSE) - organised by Janet. A no sewing exchange. Select at least 10 fabrics from your stash; cut them into 5-inch square. Pack them into sets enough to distribute among the participants. Schedule for 1st quarter 2008.

6. Favourite Colour Exchange (FCE) - organised by Jess. This is going to be one exchange where a lot of work will have to go in to prepare for it as this is what was stated as the rules and guidelines for the exchange -

Your mission - To spoil your partner with the following items in her favourite colour/ colour combinations.

Your package MUST include the following

* 1 item handmade by yourself in any medium ( eg. x/stitched, knitted, crocheted, tatted, beaded etc. ) IN YOUR PARTNER'S FAVOURITE COLOUR/S.

* 3 items that you feel your partner would be happy to add to her stash ( eg, fat quarters for a quilter, linen or floss for a stitcher, other ideas; yarn, beads, magazines, paper goods etc ) IN YOUR PARTNERS FAVOURITE COLOUR/S

I jokingly asked Jess if my partner would be able to find a mag in PINK! *wink*

* 1 6x4 inch "postcard," one side with a message to your pal, and the other side to be deocorated by yourself ( in any way, eg. painted, stamped, coloured in, stickers, decorated with buttons, felt, fabric etc ) IN YOUR PARTNERS FAVOURITE COLOUR/S

Mailing out date for this exchange is between 23rd to 30th April.
Opps! I'd better get to work on these! Err...but I don't know who my partner is yet until the closing date, though.

I sure have gotten myself into a foot deep of trouble, haven't I, to fullfill all my exchange commitments? LOL! Wish me luck!

Time for tea!

My mum brought back this lovely tea pot my brother in Ireland bought for me almost two years ago. It is supposed to be a showpiece to add to my tea pot collection, but boys being boys, had used this tea pot to make their tea and coffee!

There were some slight coffee staining already, but, it is still worth as a showpiece. There is some foreign writing on the tea pot which I could not make it and my mum forgot to ask my brother what it means. But, I am sure it has a nice meaning, something like "Enjoy your Coffee/Tea" maybe?

Thanks, Ma, for bringing it back for me, and thanks, Zan, for buying the tea pot for me. Could I have one tea pot a year throughout your stay in Ireland? *wink*

A great time at Bukit Merah!

A long overdue posting, but I seem to only be able to update my blog these days when it is either the weekend, on public holidays or when I am on leave. The days just seem to pass by so quickly, that, before you know it, a week had passed by.

My mum `complained' that I am not updating my blog often enough because while she was in Ireland, the only way she could `get in touch' with us, her children, and know how we are is through our blogs.

Sorry, mum, work is so hectic, I come home too exhausted to do any creative writing, and at times, it takes ages for photos to get uploaded. I will try to update my blog more often this year. Hmm..that sounds like a new year resolution, doesn't it? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, back to the task at hand, on December 16 last year, we took a long overdue family holiday to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort in Perak. My son had asked to go on holiday since the first day of the school holidays, but somehow, my hubby's free days could never match mine. I would apply for leave, but had to several times cancel it at the last minute because I was needed back at the office to settle matters urgently.

This time, since it was just a few days before the Hari Raya Aidil Adha, I thought that this would be the best time for both of us to apply for leave to go on holiday. We hope that no meetings would be held so close to a festivity, so we applied for leave from the 17 - 21 December, and Raya Haji was on 20th December.

I couldn't be more wrong. My Director decided to call for a management meeting on 18th December, which I only knew about it late Friday evening on 14th December! My hubby's new Director too called for a management meeting on Monday, 17th December! Can you believe it?

We had made the bookings and paid in full already for the hotel and also for the theme park packages. To make any changes would cost us some cancelation fee, and this is a very much long overdue holiday, and school is about to open soon. My son was so much looking forward to it, and to disappoint him yet again is something I do not wish to do.

I called my office and told my trusted officer to attend the meeting on my behalf, and called my Director's Personal Assistant to ask her to pass on my apologies to the Director for my absence. You have to know that I have many times before canceled my leave each time my Director calls for a management meeting, or an important meeting is set when I have already applied for leave. I am not one to simply miss a meeting, but this time, I felt that I need to place my son as my priority. Work in the office never ends, and I can never get back the lost times with my son. So, my hubby and I decided to go ahead with our planned holiday, though I would have to cancel my leave on the 19th December as there were matters which my Director wants me to settle before the end of the week. There goes my cake baking day! *sigh*

We started out early Sunday morning, 16th December 2007, and arrived just in time to check into our hotel. The hotel room is a nice, simple room with one queen size bed and a single bed with a pull-out bed, which my son excitedly pulled out. He said that should he fall off the bed at night, he wouldn't be falling off on the hard floor! LOL!

There is also a small 3 seater dining table just as you enter the room. The TV has no remote control though, and the closet is an open concept! You just hang your clothes out in the open bar. LOL! There is a tea/coffee making facility and a mini fridge, which was empty. *grin*

The room has no socket points except for the one meant for the kettle, the TV and the fridge. Technically, we only have one socket point to boil water, charge our handphones, and use the lap top. Guess what? The socket point is located near the sink! LOL! Can you imagine using the laptop by the sink which is located just next to the toilet? *grin* So, if any of you is planning to go to Laketown Resort, do bring an extension wire!

After my hubby had his much needed rest from the long drive, we took a walk around the resort to see what they have to offer. Quite a lot actually. We decided to first go for the Orang Utan Island, about a 10 minutes boat ride, as it was it was already 5.00pm, and the last boat is at 6.00pm. We needed to take that boat back from the island to the resort. However, as we queued up, we were adviced against going as it began to drizzle and it wasn't save out in the open lake. We might not be able to take the boat ride back.

We were glad that we were properly adviced by the people manning the boat, for as soon as we left the jetty, it rained cats and dogs. We dashed to the main arcade area of the resort and spent the rest of the evening exploring the many shops and game arcades available. My son had a great time trying out quite a few rides and games. We had an early dinner and went back to our hotel room as the rain began to stop.

In the room, after our maghrib prayers, my hubby set up the laptop by the sink for my son to occupy himself as we had a foot massaged arranged for earlier.

Since we had an early dinner, by 9.00 pm, we were hungry all over again! LOL! We decided to go to the coffee house and have our late dinner cum supper. We brought along the laptop as we were told that the coffee house has got wifi, and after dinner, we took turns, including my son, to use the laptop. It was nice to be able to still keep in touch with my friends online, especially those at NNC, despite being out of town.

The next morning, we started out early for breakfast, as we have a lot to do to take advantage of what is being offered at the resort. After breakfast, we headed to the jetty for the Orang Utan Island. It was interesting to note the efforts taken by MK Land Holdings Bhd to create the island into a breeding sanctuary as well as conservation, research and education center to better understand this endangered species. All the Orang Utan at the island have birth certs, and the baby born premature looks so adorable in the incubator.

Next, we headed on to the Eco Park. The park features three large enclosures, namely the Bird Park, Reptile Park and Tropical Trek, where rare indigenous and exotic bird, reptile, primate and mammal species roam freely in their natural habitat.

We enjoyed feeding the fishes, the rabbits and the guinea pigs with food we bought at the entrance to the park. We enjoyed the Animal Show put up by the Ecopark staff. It was different from the many animal shows I have seen at many other zoos I have visited so far. The play acting by the staff and the trained animals brought much laughter to the audience.

Next, we took the skycycle, which, like the name says, is actually like a bicycle in the sky. We had to cycle the tram to get it to move. My son got excited each time his Abah slowed down his cycling and almost got bumped by the tram behind us! LOL!

Before proceeding to the much awaited park by Aiman, the water theme park, we decided to make our way back to the hotel room to freshen up. After a quick lunch, we made our way to the water theme park, which was HUGE!

Aiman enjoyed himself tremendously and didn't want to come out from the water - as expected! LOL! He finally gave in after taking almost all the rides, and playing in the various water spots. I just sat by the pool with my crochet, and a cup of freshly brewed capuchinno! One of the nicest I have tasted!

We had dinner again at the coffee house, complete with the laptop! LOL! We managed to catch a game being played by the visitors and staff of the resort as we sat eating our dinner.

Later, I had an artist draw a caricature of Aiman. My hubby says that it doesn't look like Aiman as the face in the caricuture is a little rounded, whereas Aiman's face is a little bit more oblong. I still think it's an adorable caricuture! LOL! *wink*

The next morning, after breakfast, was just spent going to the souvenire shops to get some T-shirts as momento, while my hubby took Aiman for another round of video games. Aiman had a quick dip in the swimming pool before we had to get back to the room to pack. It was time to leave.

Holiday over, and it's back to work for me the next day. It was a much needed break for us, and a much deserved holiday for Aiman.