Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Guess what?

I made a booking for the embroidery machine JANOME 350e on Saturday, 20th June 2009!

As this month is the month of my birthday, Epal offered a RM500.00 gift voucher only applicable to buy a JANOME sewing machine of any model. I offered the voucher to members of NNC when I first got it, but, after two weeks, no one took up the offer. So, when I went to class last Saturday, I offered it to Ain at Epal should anyone wants to buy a machine, to pass it on to that person.

I told Ain that I would be interested to get the embroidery machine, but not now as I have yet to finish installment payment by credit card on the MC6500 machine I bought in September last year. Rather than let the voucher go to waste, I'd rather offer it to someone who wants to buy the machine this month as the voucher is valid only for this month. That was when Ain suggested that I make a booking for it by putting a downpayment for it and use the voucher to get the RM500.00 rebate.

I did not know that it was possible - make a booking to use up the voucher. I thought about it while I was doing my project in class, all the time contemplating if I should. LOL!

A lady there who bought her 350e machine in January was telling me all about the good side of having the machine, and what she has been achieveing and making with the machine. By the time it was time for me to go home, which was 2 1/2 hours later, I still have not exactly made up my mind, though I was getting even more tempted! LOL!

I kept thinking when in the world am I going to find time to use the machine to embroider anything, as even the MC6500 that I have now I have neglected to use for the past 2 months when things got rather hectic lately at work and at home.

I don't exactly know what made me finally make up my mind to book the machine, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I can pay by CC instalment, and also that I can come in and pay any amount each month until I am ready to get the machine if I want to lessen the amount at the end of the day before finally making the final payment.

Flexibility in payment does make it attractive, something which Sakura could not offer. That's what made me buy the MC6500 last year. If not, I would have purchased the BERNINA a very long time ago. *grin*

When I came home and told my hubby about it, he was very supportive of my decision. In fact, he was quite intrigued with the offers that comes with the machine - a one year free classes, 19 project kits and a Home Business plan, among others. Thanks, hubby! Love ya! Muah!

With his support, I am getting excited, and can't wait for when I will finish paying for my earlier machine! LOL! I am already dreaming of it, and what projects I can do! LOL!

So, Tini, I am joining your club come December or so (have not decided when exactly I will fully purchase the machine) though not necessary in your league as I doubt it if I can make all those wonderful things that you have been making.

Oh BOY! Did I really made a booking for the machine? Oopps! LOL! *blush*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's back to quilting and sewing!

It’s been two months since I last attended class at Epal. Life has been so hectic – at work and at home. There have been so many weddings to go to on weekends the last one month or so that I cannot seem to find time to work on my projects at Epal.

But, last week, I took a day off to give myself a much needed break from the stress at work. I wanted to be able to spend some time to work on my project, and the same time, I also wanted to be able to spend some extra time with my son.

Due to our (hubby and I) hectic schedule at work, our son has sort of `suffered’ from the lack of attention. We found out just at the end of the school holiday recently that he has not been doing all his home work, he has not been practicing his spelling and two subjects which he has been getting A’s every semester, but last semester, he got a C.

We realized the urgent need to try to be there for him more often than usual, and to be able to have time to go through his homework each day. So, lately, we have been taking an extra effort to come home early each day from work where possible (is 7.30pm early? LOL!), and since I did not have any meeting on 17th June (which is very rare these days), I decided to take the day off so that I can cook him a more nutritious breakfast, pick him from school, have time to go through his homework, and spend some quality time with him.

As my son is only done with school at 3.20pm, I had some time for myself to work on the ABC quilt which is long overdue. I am happy to report that I progressed quite a lot that day. What is left to date is just to finish off the binding.

This is, however, not one of my best works. I am not that happy with the quilting of the ABCs as I know I could do better, but I know that if I were to unpick and redo, I will never finish this quilt. So, I told myself that I will just have to accept this one the way it is for now. But, should I decide to do another similar project (like as if I will…LOL!) when I have more time to work on it, I will do a better job of it. *wink*

However, there is a part of this quilt which I am quite pleased with myself……the quilting on the sashing.

The design calls for birds in flight to be quilted, but I did not like the birds, and so changed the quilting to one that I had bought the template at Quilt Gallery some time ago. I hope the teachers at Epal will not mind me making the changes, as the important thing is that I did the quilting, but quilting of a different design. Opps!

I hope to finish the binding by next weekend, as this week, we have another wedding to attend.

As I am pretty much done with the ABC quilt, except for the binding part, yesterday, after Aiman’s Saturday classes, I went over to Epal to start on a new project – a sailor collared dress for a little girl. Eerr…..I have no daughter, but, as this is part of the class project, guess who will be the lucky little girl that will be getting this cute little dress? *wink*

Anyway, I started this project on Thursday night at home by cutting up the patterns and getting the basics done. On Friday night, while hubby was playing with his new laptop (his laptop was stolen from his office last Thursday), I serged the edges of the dress using my MC6500 machine, and I must say that I am impressed with the results as the serging done by this machine using the overcasting foot M is as professional looking to a commercial overlocking machine. I did not even know that my very expensive machine can do that, and for how long have I had this machine? LOL!

When I went to class on Saturday, I did the appliqué work. I came home, and after dinner until pass midnight, while hubby watched a movie on TV, I worked on the collar which I had to do it several times before I could finally get it right, but it is still not the nicest looking collar. *sigh*

This evening, after coming back from the wedding, while hubby took a nap, and in between supervising my son doing his revision and workbook, I worked on the dress again, and at 6.00pm today, I COMPLETED IT! Yipppee!

I am so proud *wink* of this dress as I think it is SO CUTE! I could do another one if not for the fact that I am 6 projects behind in order for me to get my certificate of completion.

I think the flower appliqué made the dress really cute. Had it not been for the appliqué, it would be just another plain dress. Here's a close-up of the applique. Not too bad, huh? *wink*

Do you agree that this dress is so adorable? I can already imagine my adorable niece in it! Yup, my niece! Which niece? The one born on 12th March. *wink* But, sorry, Sufia, you’re gonna have to wait till I get the dress graded first before I can give it to you for Fatin to wear it. In fact, I want Fatin to put it on so that I can snap a photo of her in it for the blog. Deal? *wink*

Do you think it’s a sellable piece? *wink*

Also, today, I started on a bag for my mum using the pattern she had bought at Joann while she was in the US for 2 months last month. Here are the fabrics.

I hope my mum will like the combination. The purplish checkered/gingham piece will be for the inside of the bag, while the other two pieces are for the outside of the bag. I will be doing the top bag featured on the front of the pattern pack.

I only realized after cutting up the fabric that it calls for pre-quilted fabric, and as I don’t know where to find a pre-quilted fabric here, I decided to quilt the fabric myself, and here’s a photo of the finished quilted pieces all cut up to the pattern already.

Here’s a photo of my son diligently working on his puzzle, taking a break from doing his revision and worksheets.

I make sure that he sits in front of me while I sew so that I can supervise him and make sure that he doesn’t `cheat’ on his worksheets! LOL! *wink*

I don’t know when I’ll complete this bag for my mum as I am only doing this in between doing the Epal projects as I need to complete 6 more projects, and I am way behind. I do, however, hope to complete it before her birthday. Ooppps! I have got exams coming up before her birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Keep those postings comin’……

Over at NNC recently, I gave away two posting prizes to the members who hit the 50,000th posting at the board, and also to the 1,000th message posted in the month of May, 2009.

The winner of the 50,000th posting was Mel, while Paul posted the 1,000th message in the month of May. As Paul had won the posting prize before, I think this is his 4th win, so, when he won again, he was like calmly going, “Oh., ok. Thanks.” Instead of “Yippeee!” and then doing a happy dance like I did when I won the lucky draw at Mel’s Shoppe. LOL! *wink* Typical of someone that hardly wins anything, huh? LOL!

Anyway, here are the prizes which Mel and Paul won – the box in brown is for Paul, and the pink one is for Mel.

I wanted the things to be as different as possible so that I can keep it interesting for Paul, as I don’t want him getting the same things from me.

I just hope that both of them will like the things that I had packed up for them, and hope that they both will find some use for all the things in the package.

For Mel, I added something extra as a token of appreciation for teaching me how to crochet the bag which I have been crazy churning bag after bag lately and also for lending me the very expensive Clover crochet hook.

Thanks so much, Mel. I hope you noticed that I had attached the hook to the side of the box as I had forgotten to put it inside the box when I was packing up the box.

I have thus far bought my own in a set of 3, which cost me a bomb *grin*, but I really love the soft grip handle, and feel that the money I spent on them were well worth it.

Anyway, back to the Thank You gift that I made for Mel, it is actually a small pouch made in the same way as the big crochet bag, only very very much smaller, and I played around with adding buttons, a first for me in crocheting. *smile*

Thanks, again, Mel, and congrats to Mel and Paul, for winning the posting prizes! Do keep those messages coming!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My lucky draw prize and a gift from Margaret!

Margaret hand delivered my lucky draw prize during the recent Stitching Bee on behalf of Mel when Mel herself could not join us as her mum had bought tickets for her for a holiday to Bangkok. Lucky Mel! Lucky me too for winning the lucky draw!

The bag that Mel made was really cute, though I thought that it was bigger when I first saw Mel post a photo of it at her Shoppe. *blush*

It might be small, but it was packed to the brim with plenty of lovely goodies! Just look at all the things that Mel had packed into the bag!

It was overflowing with all things crafts; it left me breathless in excitement! LOL!

I love everything in the bag, and definitely I can find plenty of use for all the stash that Mel gave. Thanks, Mel! Hugs!

Margaret did not only passed on the lucky draw prize that I won when we met at the bee, but Margaret also gave me a pack of birthday presents filled with so many lovely things, with most things being in my favourite colour, PINK!

Just look at all the lovely things I got!

I just simply love the strawberry emery. It is so awesome! So intricate! So sweet! So lovely! Just look at it close-up, and you can see the perfection in the making of the emery. Just lovely!

Thanks, Margaret! I really love everything you gave! Hugs!

BTW, Margaret also brought for me 2 pieces of cottons and a book that I had ordered at Mel’s Shoppe. Aren’t the pink stripes and polka dots so sweet and yummy? Even if I do make something out of these fabrics, I definitekly won’t be giving it away! LOL! *wink*

I also love the book on bags that I bought. I simply just can’t seem to get enough of bags! LOL!

Thanks, Margaret, for helping to bring all the things for me from Mel, and thanks again for the lovely birthday present. I am all excited again like my birthday was only just yesterday! LOL!

Monday, June 15, 2009

June Stitching Bee

The stitching bee this time around is made extra special with the presence of Shanny from Switzerland complete with Owen! We also had two new members who joined the bee for the first time - Alynn and Val!

I arrived slightly after 10.30am as I had to drop off Aiman at his art class first before making my way to Starbucks. When I got there, Margaret, Usha and her daughter, Rose, Alynn and her daughter, and Val were already there. Jo arived soon after that.

We were later joined by Paul, and Shanny arrived soon after that at slightly after 12.00 noon with Owen. Despite not feeling too well, Anna still came. Appreciate you coming, Anna! Thanks!

As soon as I got there, Margaret quickly passed me the lucky draw prize that I had won at Mel's new shoppe. Margaret also gave me a birthday present which were all ooh so lovely! I will tell more about what was in Mel's lucky draw bag, and Margaret's birthday present to me later.

Thanks, Margaret, for the gifts and thanks too for bringing Mel's gifts to me.

I passed on a small pouch I made for Rose.

No particular occassion for giving, only that Rose was asking me about the green crochet bag that I was working on, and I thought that the bag would be a nice gift to give her some idea of how I had worked my green yarns together. I don't want to reveal the bag that I was working on just yet though. *wink*

Usha brought along her lovely shawl that she was doing using the broomstick lace, and my, what a big `broom' she had! LOL! *wink*

Val also brought along a crochet piece to do, which I am made to understand she is also doing a bag.

Val, love the crochet book you brought! Time to visit again! LOL! *wink*

BTW, thanks too for the delicious cupcakes!

Rose brought something to do but lost the mood to do anything when something unexpected happened that morning (read her blog to know more). Margaret brought along a few lovely things to show, and she also took time to learn how to make crochet flowers from Anna.

Shanny was also learning to crochet from Val, but later moved on to learn how to make an ami from Paul.

Paul did not bring anything to do this time around though, as he said that he wasn't in the mood to do anything, but still, it was nice of him to join us. I wished you had brought the crochet bag that you were working on, Paul. I would have love to see the piece.

Alynn did not bring anything to do either. I think she was shy to show off her lovely work, but she was kept busy making sure her daughter did not get bored too quickly. *smile* She had prepared her daughter with loads of books! I would have done the same too had I brought Aiman! LOL! *wink*

We later found out that Alynn did bring along some yarns and a crochet hook to learn how to crochet but she was too shy to ask anyone to show her how to crochet, this being her first time meeting us with us in person.

Alynn, I will be more than happy to teach you crochet the next time we meet up. I will also bring along some cross stitch charts which I think I might never do, though when I bought it, I thought I would. *grin*

But, Alynn did bring something to show us - a bag she made using the bag kit she bought at Epal, and it's PINK!

Jo brought many bags to show us and we went goo goo gaga over all the lovely bags she made. There is so much that I want to learn from her, but, I just need to find the time to do so!

When Shanny came, she brought along lots of chocolates to share around. Thanks, Shanny!

While she got engrossed looking at all the lovely bags Jo made and was busy learning how to crochet, Paul was so kind to babysit Owen for a while when he took him to MPH. Alynn went to MPH too for a short while and bought herself two cross stitch mags.

BTW, Shanny brought along a very lovely crochet bag that Mel had given her, and Jo noticed her immediately from afar when she saw this lady carrying a crochet bag. LOL!

Shall we make the bag an NNC trademark? *wink*

Here's Paul opening up the posting prize he won at NNC for posting the 1,000th message in the month of May. Congrats, Paul!

BTW, I find Paul's camera and Val's handphone below with all the glitter so amazing, though I wouldn't want my handphone to be dressed that way. *wink* What will my staff and professional client think of me! LOL!

Soon it was time to leave. Usha was the first to leave as she had to attend a wedding. Rose left soon after that as she too had a wedding to attend. Soon after, Alynn left.

I had to leave at 2.00pm to pick up Aiman. When I left, Margaret and Anna were busy crocheting flowers, and Paul was teaching Shanny to crochet an ami. Val was still working on her bag.

I was later told that they all left at 2.30pm for lunch.

Thanks, everyone, for coming to the bee. Though the crowd was smaller than usual, I still had fun, and I hope so did the others.

I hope more will come next time which will most probably be at the end of July or early August.

Nice to finally meet Alynn and Val. Nice to meet all of you again!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling like a little girl……

Guess what? *grin*

I bought myself a birthday present and though I am a little embarrassed to say what it is, the present does make me feel excited, just like a little girl! LOL! *wink*

I bought me self a …err……a…eerr…. a BARBIE DOLL! LOL! Blush! Not just any Barbie Doll, but one that was born the year I was born!

When I saw it, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, and the fact that it was born the same year I was born, made it even more special and significant and made me want to buy it even more! Not only that, it was just two days prior to my birthday when it was going on sale at The Curve, Kota Damansara, in conjunction with Barbie’s 50th anniversary, like it was meant for me to buy it! LOL! *blush*

Don’t ask me how much it cost as it will make me blush even more! LOL!

Anyway, I got excited all the way home looking at it. I think I really did look like a little excited girl with her new doll! LOL! My hubby must be thinking that I am going nuts on the eve of my birthday! LOL!

As if buying the Barbie doll was not enough to get me excited, I even got not one, but TWO free gifts! A Barbie pillow and a note book! Both are so sweet, though I’d be a little embarrassed to use the note book at work. LOL!

Maybe one of my nieces might want it? Hmm…or, maybe I could use it for my sketch pad, as I do love the notebook. It reminds me of my younger days while in the US, not that I remember much of the details except that I remember having a doll house which I love playing with my sister, Lin. It was a doll house we had, right, Lin?

My son asked me why I have not taken out the Barbie Doll to play with. *grin* I told him that I like to look at it in the box. He must find me weird! LOL!

I am keeping this Barbie as part of my Barbie collection, not that I have that many to begin with as I only buy the special edition dolls. But, I do hope to collect a few more just to satisfy the little girl in me….*wink*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bag for June

Remember I gave a sneak peek of two bags about a month ago?

Well, today I will reveal one of the bags as the receipient, June, has received it yesterday, just in time for her birthday, which is today! Yippee!

Not bad, huh? I thought that I was going to be late as I had only mailed it out yesterday.

Anyway, here it is.....

When I was choosing the shades of blue yarns, the orange yarns kept calling out to me! LOL! I knew then that I was going to combine the shades of blue with the orange, as I could already picture it in my mind how it was going to look like. For some reason, I had a gut feeling that the combination was going to look great.

So, what do you think? Was I wrong? *wink*

June described it as scrumptious! LOL!

Here's a closer look at the store bought flower and the beads.

Here's a closer look of the beads, which I got the idea from Rose who has also been churning out bag after bag after learning how to make the bag from Sifu Mel too.

June, I hope that you will have loads of great time going stash shopping with the bag. You now own two AZNIQUE branded bags! LOL! *wink* Pass the word around, will ya? *wink*

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, June!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Like any other day except that......

...yesterday was my birthday!!!! OOppps! I just got a year older! *grin*

My day started out quite like any other day, except that before I could even catch my breath upon arriving at my office, the phone started ringing. No, not from my mum, but from my Director who asked why I am not in a meeting with him!

You see, this very early Monday morning meeting at 8.00am every week is supposed to be attended by my immediate boss, but I have been diligently attending this meeting on her behalf every week, as she always seems to have something on.

This week, I thought that she'd attend the meeting herself as I have a very urgent report to prepare for my Director General. Alas, she was on emergency leave, as thus, I am again called to attend the meeting on her behalf. *sigh*

I rushed to the meeting, and was glad that the meeting did not last longer than 1 hour. I rushed back to my office to continue doing my report. When my sister called me to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I had to tell her that I would call her back as I was on another line answering to queries by the Deputy Director General who wanted some clarification with regards to a certain project.

As soon as I was off the phone with him, I called back my sister, and together with my mum and brother, they sang me a birthday song over the phone! *blush* Thanks, Ma, Lin and Zan!

As soon as I put down the phone, the phone rang again and again and again non-stop after that as people were calling in asking for updates on projects, technical advice and many more other usual project management stuffs. Even when my brother, Ayis, called me, I could not answer his call. Sorry, Ayis. I finally only managed to speak to him later that night. He wanted to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks, Ayis and Sufia!

In the mean time, I was receiving quite a number of smses from friends wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks, everyone!

Margaret, I can't wait for Saturday! *wink* Thanks, Chik, for your birthday call too! Hugs!

My day was so busy yesterday that I could not even stop to enjoy the day. I was like going back and forth discussing with my officers the report that had to be sent out to the DG's office before lunch time. When my staff popped in their heads in my office sometime around 12.30noon asking me to step out of the office for a while, I was like going crazy trying to get the report out that I think my mind was going fuzzy! LOL!

When I finally did step out of my office, I realised that my staff had bought a birthday cake for me - a BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE! Now isn't that nice!

Eventhough I still had not gotten the report out to the DG's office, I decided to take a breather for a while to enjoy the cake that they had bought and to give them my thanks for remembering my birthday.

BTW, the number of candles on the cake did not actually depict my age. My staff miscalculated, and thought that I am younger. LOL! *wink*

The cake was so yummyyy!! I could eat just that for lunch! LOL!

Actually, I should have taken more, because that was all that I had until late evening. Even when I went down to the cafetaria to buy myself Mee Soup at about 3.00pm, I only ended up eating it at 7.00pm when I got home.

I came home mentally and physically exhausted last night. I only managed to spend a short time with my hubby and son during a simple dinner of oven baked frozen pizza and leftover beef casserole, before I was almost falling asleep. LOL!

But, it wasn't before my son gave me a cute birthday card, and my hubby gave me a sweet birthday card. Thanks, Dia and Aiman! Hugs!

What? No special birthday dinner? LOL! We're saving the special dinner for the weekend! *wink* That way I can enjoy the dinner better! *grin*

Thanks, everyone, for all the birthday wishes!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

When the rich only cares for themselves............

Yesterday I met up with a group of people in a meeting who I consider them to be rich as they live in a very posh condominium in a posh neighbourhood in the capital city. This group of people has been making complains to the local authorities on a certain project, saying that the project has not adhered to the proper procedures and by-laws.

Yesterday was the opportunity for them to air their grievances to the local authorities and to the office of the project manager. And so they did exactly that. They came in ready to fire their bullets, maybe, with the hope that the office of the local authorities, project manager and the owner of the project will let down and `surrender’ the project/stop work altogether and cancel the project, leaving their serene high class neigbourhood the way it should be, and not be spoilt by projects that will bring down the standard of their neighbourhood.

You see, the project that they are so against, or have been complaining about so much, is a project for the poor, for the disadvantaged, for the left fortunate, for the people who others no longer want. It is a half-way house for the old folks, abused children and young girls. It is their (the disadvantaged people) last place in a hope for them to find love. It is their last place for them before they die. It is not a project where high class condos or huge bungalows will be built, instead, the highest structure is only 4 storeys high, in the form of a dormitory, but which will be fully handicapped accessible. It is just a place to wait until it is ‘time to go’. It is a project where no one wants to be your neighbour.

This group of people listed down complains after complains, of which the office of the project manager and the owner, fortunately, were able to answer, as every complain that was put forth were either already been taken care of/looked into, or were in the midst of being taken care of.

When almost all the complains that they put forth could no longer be considered relevant, and they could no longer come up with any more complains against the existence of the project, they started `whining’ and sounding like spoilt rich people who only cares about themselves.

They complain that the project is making them lose sleep because of work going on at night (there is no work going on at night at this project site. The contractor has been instructed not to do any kind of work that is noisy at night).

They complain that there has been a lot of banging at night. It disturbs their beauty sleep. This project has not reached the stage where it needs to do a lot of banging, especially at night. It has not started any piling work yet that needs to be done 24 hours. Work stops at 5.00pm each day.

Whatever noise that they are probably hearing must be coming from the two other projects nearby. Why not complain against the other two projects? Could it be because the other two projects are to build more high cost condominiums and huge bungalows, and, maybe, in their rich heads, projects of this nature can make as much noise as they can because they are meant for the rich and famous?

This project (to build condos and bungalows) will further make their neighbourhood more elite and will push further the price of their condos. But, projects for the poor are not allowed to make noise. It is a sin to make noise when you are poor. Projects for the poor will only bring down the price of their condos. Project for the poor is an eye sore to their eyes which can only see beautiful things.

They complain that since the construction started, the roads are now dusty and dirty. When in actually fact, the roads were already dusty and dirty when the project started some 5 months ago, due to lorries from the other two projects that have been plying the roads for the past 1 year. Why complain now, when a project for the poor are just about to be constructed? Because it is a project for the poor and disadvantaged, and so, they are not allowed to create dusts.

Which project does not emit dust and dirt? But the office of the project manager has closely monitored the project to ensure that dust and dirt are kept to a minimum, but, it can only do so much. The rest of the dust and dirt comes from the other two projects. Why complain about this project alone, but not the other two? Why the double standard?

When their condos were being built, it was also emitting dust, dirt and noise pollution, and probably was also disturbing the residents of the existing condos, but, NO, because their condos are elite and posh, they are allowed to emit as mush noise, dirt and dust, because they are for the rich and famous, or so they seem to think

Did they care that the construction of their condos some years ago was also disturbing the peace and quiet of the residents of the existing halfway house then? As if they care! The poor can be disturbed. They pay no taxes. They don’t deserve to have peace and quiet. But, they, the rich people, they pay taxes, they bring in the money into the country, and so, they deserved to be treated like kings and queens. They deserve to have some peace and quiet at night so that they can have their beauty sleep in order for them to wake up fresh the next day to make more money for the country!

What do the poor do, but to create nuisance to the country, that must be what is in their rich heads! I am fed up of people with this kind of attitude. They only think of themselves. They have no heart. They say that they are not opposed to charity, and willingly donate, but, whenever they want to do any charity work, they call the media. The whole world must know that they are giving to charity. Is that how charity works?

People like this make me sick in the heart. It troubles me that we have people who only cares about themselves, and their rich kinds. I felt troubled all day after the meeting yesterday. I felt restless and initially couldn’t figure out why I felt that way. Even when I woke up this morning, I was still feeling sick in the heart, and find it hard to believe that such people exist, and so happen that I even know two of them very closely. One was my former classmate, and the other, a former senior officer at my department.

What is becoming to our so called CARING SOCIETY? It is only something you watch on TV, but, in reality, they are nothing more than spoilt rich people who only care about themselves? *sigh*

Please, before people think that I am generalizing the rich as the same as this group of people, please know that I am not. I have met many other nice rich people who genuinely cares for the poor, the disadvantaged and the less fortunate, but this group of heartless people I met yesterday just simply got to me and made me sick all day……..

Catching the sun's ray

In my earlier posting, I mentioned that my son was down with high fever last weekend. He slept all day last Saturday and Sunday, and so, at about late afternoon last Saturday, when he woke up from his nap, I was plesantly surprised when he asked if we could do the stain glass project that I had bought for him at Craft Haven just the day before.

He was still running a high fever then, but not wanting to disappoint him, and also, I thought it would be a good idea to get him up and active again, instead of sleeping all day, I agreed.

So, we sat down together to paint. We had to do several layers before the paint finally covered all the areas of the glass.

We had fun, and I could see him trying hard to get into the spirit of things, but, after he was done with the painting, he was all weak and spent the rest of the evening sleeping.

He only woke up again in the late evening to asked if his stain glass project is all dried up as he would like me to hang it up so that it can catch the sun's ray. Unfortunately, it was already dark when he got up, but not wanting to disappoint him, I hung it up anyway at our pergola, and promised him that as soon as he gets well, we will try to catch the sun's ray the next time the sun is shining bright.

That weekend, however, ended being gloomy all day. But, on Sunday morning, I decided to take some photos of the stain glass anyway, and so, here is it....

Not the best project that we have done together, but, still, it was a project we both enjoyed doing together.

Lovely, huh, like a real stain glass? *wink*

Here's a latest photo of Aiman with his cheeks all glowing again, taken last Sunday when he was feeling much better, in a sweat shirt and pants that his Tokmi brought back for him all the way from the US.

It was just the right clothing as the doctor did say to dress him in something airy and light so that his body heat can be released faster. The shirt fitted him perfectly. My mum was worried that it might be too small for him, but, looks like he will be able to wear this shirt and pants for some time yet to come.

Thanks, Ma! Love the colour!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In sickness and in health.....

Last Saturday, 30th May, 2009, Aiman woke up with a bad cough, followed with a high fever that did not subside despite sponging him all day and making him take a warm bath every few hours in an attempt to bring down his body temperature.

When at 9.00pm, his body temperature still remained at 40 degrees, we took him for another viist to the clinic, and his temperature finally went down after the doctor gave him a dose of suppository.

He managed to sleep peacefully through the night, but, at 5.00am the next day, his temperature spiked up again. Despite putting him under the shower for about 20 minutes, his temperature still did not come down. He instead developed a cold from being in the shower for too long.

It wasn't until after another dose of suppository in the late morning did his temperature finally went down, and, thank God, stayed down for the rest of the day.

Aiman started picking up his toys again to play by lunch time, and he was all perky again by late afternoon. Thank God.

However, I started having a coughing fit by late afternoon. I hardly slept that Sunday night as I kept waking up with a coughing fit. I would have taken the day off if not for the fact that I have a meeting which is to be chaired by Dato' Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture. I have no one else to attend the meeting on my behalf as most of my staff are either on holiday (it's the school holiday), or are attending the Senior Officers Meeting in Kuantan.

After the meeting, I picked up my son from my MIL's house and headed straight to the clinic and was given an MC for the rest of the day and for the next day. After taking the medication, I slept for most part of the day, letting my son watch the TV as he played on the floor next to the sofa where I slept.

I woke up at 6.00pm to find Aiman all fresh and clean. *grin* He had taken his bath without having me to tell him to do so, and he had looked for his own pyjamas! He knows that his mummy is sick and did not want to disturb me. *smile* He is such a good boy!

Even though I was on MC today, but I had to go in to the office for a while as I had a meeting to chair. It wasn't easy chairing a meeting with a bad sore throat and a coughing fit, but, thank God, I managed to get through the meeting.

I came home straight after my meeting and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

As if my getting sick after Aiman had just recovered from his fever is not enough, last night my hubby called from Kuantan where he was attending the Senior Officers Meeting to let me know that he too is not feeling too good, and might be coming back earlier than expected.

I just got up from my very long nap, took my bath and I am feeling slightly better though I still go into a coughing fit each time I try to talk.

My hubby just arrived from Kuantan, after picking up my son from his mother's house before coming home, and he too sounds very bad. He too has got the flu, and his voice also sounds very hoarse.

So, looks like the whole family is down with the flu, cough and cold. LOL! *grin* Now isn't that what you call in sickness and in health......? LOL!

I am just glad that at least Aiman is already well. It would have been worse if he is sick too, because he would need a lot more attention, and with both of us sick, it would be very difficult to take care of him and ourselves too. Thank God that he is better than both my hubby and I, though he is still coughing, but not as bad as us.

I just hope that everyone will recover quickly, as this being the school holiday, we have lots to do.