Sunday, December 01, 2013

NNC Hexagon Exchange 1 & 2 2013

Continuing from my previous posting on the Pincushion Exchange, for the Hexagon 1 Exchange, organised by Margaret, we were required to send out 2 sets of a seven cell hexagon the hexagons can be of any size.

We were also required to send as extras, 10 of the paper hexagon templates of the same size we used to make the seven cell hexagon, so our partner can make more if she wants to.

For this exchange, my partner is Diane.

Without even checking out the database to see my partner's preference, I went ahead to sew up the 2 sets of seven cell hexagon made out of 1" hexagons which I had readily available in my sewing box, as the hexies are my travelling companion to work on when I have some quiet times in the hotel room.

My bad. I had already completed everything and was about to pack them up when I thought that I should check the database just in case.

Guess what?

My partner Diane said that she would prefer a 2" hexagon! I think she must be doing something already that uses 2" hexagons.

I went into panic mode from then on!

I went to the Inklingo website to look for a 2” hexy template and found it, but had a lot of trouble trying to print the hexies onto my fabric despite using the right freezer paper.

My fabric and the freezer paper kept getting stuck in the printer. I did not have this problem when I was printing out the 1” hexies I bought from Inklingo some months ago.

After a few attempts over a few days, I gave up.

I next tried to make my own 2” hexy using the method Janet taught at the NNC group, but somehow my hexies came out lopsided. I could not get my hexies to measure out the same on all sides.

I was starting to get frustrated and even more panicky as the dateline draws nearer and I had even less time to work on the hexies what with all my travelling for work.

Suddenly I had an idea which I think might work. I decided to try drawing the hexies on my laptop using a drawing software I already had in laptop.

That saved me from the Headmistress’ cane when I finally managed to get the hexy to turn out right and I am even pleased with the end product when I could even personalise it with my Uniquely Aznique logo and could even make a bigger hexy to write a note to Diane and Sally included together with the exchange. Phew!

I had fun working with the 2" size hexagon instead of the usual 1" hexy I am used to.

Initially, when I was cutting out the hexy pieces, in my head, I was asking like, "Gosh! This hexy is huge! What in the world is Diane going to do with such a huge hexy, and giving me added stress just trying to look for a template of that size!" LOL! ;)

But, I am glad she did. :)

Here is the end result.

When I started sewing up the pieces together to make a huge 7 cell flower, the result was awesome that I decided to do an extra one more flower after the initial 2 I needed to do for the exchange.

Someone in this group might just be lucky enough to get that extra hexy I made! *wink*wink*

Thanks, Diane, for requesting for that size. It forced me to try out something new, something I think I would never try on my own. But now that I have tried it, I think stitching friends will be seeing more of the 2" hexies in my sewing box! LOL!

In return, I got Sally as my partner,and she made me these lovely hexies.

She also included a box of folded stars, in pink.

Thanks, Sally!

For the Hexy 2 Exchange (HE 2), we are required to send out a completed item, which must have at least 7 hexagons, in any size, incorporated in any manner , into the item.

The item must be done in the colour of the partner’s choice.

Since I was already having so much fun sewing the 2” hexagon for Diane, I decided to extend the excitement by using the 2” hexy template to make something for Sally.

I though making a hexy mug rug would be easy enough to do and fast.

I was right on the fast part when it came to making the 7 cell flower as I could do it on the sewing machine. It was a breeze and I was really pleased with the result.

However, when it came to putting the binding on the mug rug, I had to struggle a bit when I could not get the inner corners to sit properly.

I eventually got it done, but, Sally, please don’t scrutinise the mug rug too closely, ok? ;)

Here’s the back part.

In exchange, I received from Radha who made this lovely hexy ball complete with a bell inside!

She said that I can have my cat play with it.

No way am I going to let my cat play with my lovely hexy ball! LOL!

Radha also included a lovely hexy motif fabric which was just appropriate for the exchange.

Thanks, Radha!

Overall, it was fun doing this exchange. It was lots of fun despite the initial panic to get the 2” hexy! LOL!

Thanks, Margaret, for organising this exchange.