Monday, October 27, 2008

Soccer Quilt project - the top is done!

Yup! After working on it since the 6th of September 2008, the top is finally done, and it finally got Aiman all excited when I laid it out to baste it last night. He was just so tempted to just roll all over it that I couldn’t help laughing looking at his antics! He ended up sweating a lot, which is a good sign, as he is just recovering from a bad asthma attack and fever just the day before that.

He kept insisting to help me baste the quilt, and so I gave him the job of handing me the safety pins which I use to baste the 3 layers (the top, the batting, and the backing piece) together.

When I turned over the quilt to check if I had basted the layers together properly, he got even more excited and started counting the ladybugs on the backing material! LOL!

So, how many ladybugs were there on the backing material? He didn’t get any further than 100 numbers when he started to pant! LOL! I was getting worried that he was going to get another asthma attack, and made him stop.

I am so happy to see him getting excited over it as it made all my efforts working on it worth it, as before this, when I showed him the blocks in progress, he would just give a polite, “Yeah, it’s nice, mummy”, and would proceed to play with his PSP. *grin*

I can't wait for next weekend when Gill is going to teach me to hand-quilt or machine quilt it. Hmm...which one would be easier and faster to do? Any suggestions, anyone?

BTW, I bought the ladybug backing fabric, all 6 yards of it, from Joann. As Joann does not mail overseas, I had them mailed it to my SIL’s house in the US and she mailed them to me together with the other things that I ordered which I shared shipping cost with a couple of friends.

Eli, thanks for helping us out to mail the things out to us. My friends, Tini and Paul, said thank you too. We really appreciate it!

When East meets West….chapancake, anyone?

Yesterday, I decided that we would have pancakes for breakfast. Usually, when I fry the pancakes, I would use the non-stick pan, and I would get pancakes that are nice and evenly browned, similar to what you see here, but, of course, not as nice as this professionally made and photographed pancakes.

But, yesterday, I tried frying the pancakes using the chapatti pan which my hubby had only recently bought. Since it has a flat surface, I can fry more pancakes (3 pieces) at any one time (I can finish cooking faster! LOL!), without having it flow into each other like the non-stick pan which I can only fry two at a time since my pan is smaller and the pan falls to the center, making the liquid batter flow to the center and merging with each other.

Heheh…look at the results! LOL!

That is what happens when you make a western dish using an Asian (eastern) utensil! *grin* The pancakes have half a pancake texture, and half a chapatti texture! LOL!

My hubby gave it a name – chapancake! *grin*

It might not look appetizing, but my hubby ate quite a few pieces that morning, and my son had them again for dinner. That’s all that matters, actually, right? *wink* It fills the tummy and keep the family happy. LOL! *grin*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hati semendung langit…..

You must be wondering why all of a sudden I am writing in malay, right? LOL! *wink*

Well, for one, it was a very downcast morning that day, indicating that it was going to rain at any minute, and two, there are no words in English that can best describe my feelings that day on Friday, 24th October 2008, as I drive to work in the morning.

In the malay language, when one describes that one is feeling as “mendung” (downcast) as the “langit” (sky), he or she is telling you that he or she is feeling sad, that the heart is feeling as downcast as the sky that is about to pour out it’s contents.

It was Kieran’s last day on the morning show at that Friday morning, and many callers who called in that day to wish him good luck were choked with emotions, even the male callers. And when it was time for Kieran himself to say his goodbyes, he could not control his emotions too, and kept choking several times during his short `speech’.

I could not follow his last day at until the end of his shift as I had to be in a management crisis meeting in the morning *sigh*, but, over the last couple of days have been repeating the recordings of some of the callers, Kieran’s `speech, Nana’s emotional farewell and thank you `speech’, and Adi’s touching tribute to Kieran through a song which I presume was his own composition.

Each time I hear the recording, no matter how many times I have heard it in the last 2 days, I end up being choked with emotions. Well, OK, so I am a very sensitive person who can cry very easily, even when I visit a friend who has just lost someone, despite not even knowing that someone who had just passed away. But, if you have been a loyal listener of and a follower of Kieran from the time he was half a KnK team, I could bet that most of you would have felt as `mendung’ as the ‘langit’ too that day. even had a special KnK reunion that day in the last hour of Kieran’s shift, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for me to tune in during that slot from 9.00 – 10.00am. *sigh* But, I am glad that played the snippets of the slot throughout the day that day and until today. I hope that will play snippets of the other portions of the slot too, because I do so want to hear KnK together once again one last time.

Is that too much to ask from I think not as I think many follower of KnK would want the same thing too.

I am still wondering why Kieran left. From his emotional farewell, he sounded like he really loves working at From the number of callers that called in to wish him luck from that day and until today, and from the strong emotions shown by many of the callers, it proves that he has very strong followers that would like him to stay on, and would miss him dearly on the morning show, including this writer herself *grin*, so why did he leave?

He said that he has much to thank for taking him to become a radio DJ and made him what he is today, but, yet, he left Is he going for greener pastures, as he no longer thinks that can give him what he wants and he wishes to advance in his career which he thinks that will not give him the opportunity to do so?

To say that is asking him to leave because of some `misunderstnding’ might also not be true because dedicated the whole of last week to him starting from Monday with his announcement of his departure, allowing callers to call him throughout the week to wish him good luck, right up to having a KnK reunion as a tribute to those great KnK times. Even their website (see photo below) had a `Thank you’ special dedication just for him. Other DJ’s who left before him was never given such a `tribute’.

If I remember correctly, Nila Kurnia who was dejaying the late night show with Fara Fauzana (now with, was taken off the air suddenly when it was rumoured that she was leaving for a `rival’ radio station, with not even as much as a goodbye. So, what could be the reason for Kieran leaving? Will we loyal followers of Kieran ever know? *sigh*

If the rumour is true that he will be joining, they must be paying him really well for him to leave a radio station that has made him what he is today. An offer so good and so high that probably could not counter offer. has only one intention, and that is to be Malaysia’s number one radio station, and making Kieran, who they know have very strong following, an offer he can’t resist, is only one of the many steps to getting to that number one spot.

On Tuesday, when I drive to work, I am wondering which radio station should I tune in to. Light & Easy with PK and Sara? I think they are `acting’ too much especially when they are about to start the topic of the day, with PK’s wife always becoming the `victim’ for his reason for the topic of that day. LOL! with Fara Fauzana and Faisal Ismail? Nope, I am not a fan of Fara, as I find her a little shrieky sometimes. with Khairil Rashid (half of the KnK team) and err…can’t recall who is his partner? I tried listening to that station once or twice when Kieran was on leave, but it did not appeal to me. I still prefer Khairil with Kieran to form the KnK team again. That would be great, but, yeah, I am biased! LOL!

Oh, well, I am just going to have to find the right radio station all over again to keep me company each morning on my drive to work. Any recommendations?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kieran's last week at

He finally announced officially over the radio today that this week will be his final week at As a loyal listener of Radio, I am sad.

I think those of you who listens to Radio Era will know who I am talking about. In fact, I have mentioned about him before here at my blog when he was half a team of KnK, and again when he was teamed up with AC Mizal and Yasmin Hani.

Then, broke up the team again for the 3rd time and teamed him up with Nana and Adi, until now. I wonder what could be the reason of him leaving since is currently Malaysia's no. 1 radio station. Who woulnd't want to be part of Malaysia's no.1 radio station.

Could he have been not happy with the management of Era or is it because they are not willing to give him a salary to conmmensurate with his experience. He has, after all, been with Era for 9 years, and I am puzzled why he is not made a permanent staff, but remains on contract, or, is that how the radio station works? *shrug*

I wonder why Radio Era is doing nothing about getting him stay on as he does have quite a following. I, for one, only tune it to Radio Era when he is on air. If he is on leave, I would usually tune in to Light and Easy, even from the time when he was with Khairil Rashid, then with AC MIzal & Hani, and then, now, with Adi and Nana.

Adi might be cute *wink*, but it still does not `attract' me to listen to his ramblings in the morning. I find Nana a little shrieky at times. It's still Kiearan that I want to listen to each morning.

Kieran is also slotted at the prime time - morning rush hour, which most radio DJs would eye for, so, why leave Radio Era?

It was rumoured that he might be joining, a `rival' radio station, but he refused to confirm it. If it is true that he is going to, then that is where I will be tuning in my radio from next week onwards. Only, I am wondering which time slot will he be slotted in, since the team of Fara Fauzana and Faisal Ismail on the morning show already has good followings.

To Kieran, I wish him the best of luck in his future undertakings. Hopefully we will find out soon where exactly he will be or what will he be up to after

I shall go on dreaming…..

Out of curiousity, yesterday we drove to Setia Alam to see the developments there. Sabariah had just bought a house there and had recommended that we pay the sales office a visit when I told her that we would like to one day own a semi-detached house should it fulfill what we are looking for.

What would fulfill our requirement of a house, actually? Well, for one, it must be an upgrade of our present style and standard of living, meaning that it has to at least be a semi-detached house or a corner lot link house since our present house is an intermediate link house.

Our present house has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, an extra room which is my craft room, and a study area upstairs. We have a family/TV area downstairs and a wet and dry kitchen. We also have a utility room and a bathroom downstairs. We have quite a comfortable size living and dining area, and a terrace to spend our evenings on weekends sipping tea and enjoying seeing activities passing us by.

We have a porch that comfortably fits two average size cars. Our front garden is a reasonable size, and the back portion of our house is just nice for drying our clothes, with enough room for me to grow vegetables, though it can be crowded at times when I plant more than 2 types of veggies at the same time.

With that criterion in mind, we dropped by Setia Eco Park first by mistake when we followed the banner to the sales office. What greeted us there were houses that were going for no less than RM1 million! Their selling points were their exclusivity and security system.

When we roughly calculated how much would we be paying per month, it came up to RM6,000.00! I think I almost fainted! LOL!

Having realised that the amount is way beyond our reach, we made our way to Setia Alam further up down the highway, and saw what looked more like what we could afford! LOL! Well, you gotta be realistic, right? *wink*

We spent quite a lot of time studying the master plan to find out what are the amenities available around the area. We really like the Ardisia which Sabariah bought, but, unfortunately, it was sold out.

So, the sales person recommended to us another house which was just recently launched, and suggested that we visit their Show Village, which we did, despite the heavy rain.

Aiman got so excited going from house to house; we could not keep up with him as he moved from room to room, and trying out the beds! LOL!

After about more than an hour going from house to house, finally, we decided that we both (hubby and I) liked the Link Semi-detached TECTONA H. It is categorized as a link semi-detached because it connects at the back portion of the house only and is built in clusters of 4, giving you a feeling that the house is a semi-detached house.

We were like already planning which room will be Aiman’s room, which one will be my mum’s room cum guest room should she come over for a visit, where will be the maid’s room should we decide we need one in the future, and, most importantly, a craft room! LOL! Check out the floor plans here!

We really liked the master bedroom of this design as it is almost twice as big as our present room. We can fit in a study table cum office, and still have room for our ever expanding wardrobe! Well, ok, MY wardrobe! LOL!

I like the open kitchen though it would mean that I would have to always keep the kitchen spotlessly clean. What was missing in the house, however, was a common study area as we both agreed that the computer should be in a common area so as to keep an eye on Aiman from going to sites that he shouldn’t be going…well, at least, for now! LOL!

The family area would also be smaller than what we have now, but, we would gain some land area which we could probably later renovate to add a more comfortable size family area. Definitely, for sure, I would have more land to grow vegetables! Yippee! That’s a huge plus point! Yup, we were planning, and we were dreaming! LOL! Then, suddenly, reality struck us! *grin*

The price? It ranges from RM630,000.00 to RM952,000.00. OK, that does not sound too bad. *grin* We went back to the sales office to inquire further, including the financial assistance.

We were told that should we take up a 90% loan, we would be paying a monthly installment of between RM3,600.00 to RM4,600.00, depending on the size of the land area we chose. OK, divide that amount with my hubby, that does not sound too bad, though we would still have to tie our belts really tightly. I can almost see my dream of owning a demi-detached house almost coming true, until……..

………the sales person started calculating what would be needed upfront to secure the house – between RM82,000.00 to RM113,000.00 within 14 days, which would include the lawyer’s fee (no wonder lawyers are rich! And don't they use the same SnP agreement all the time, but just change the names of the owners and property details?), stamp duty and 10% down payment! I think I almost fainted a second time that day! LOL!

Just where are we going to find that amount within 14 days?

If I had been dreaming, and floating on cloud nine after looking at the house earlier on, but when told of the amount to be paid upfront, it quickly shook me back into reality and I think it just burst my bubble of dreams. *sigh* I must have hit the ground so hard as I fell back onto the ground, because I suddenly felt exhausted, and sad…..

If we were to actually buy the house, it will have to be at least the one in the range of RM 780,000.00 (corner lot) as the one that cost RM 630,000.00 wouldn’t be any different from our present house in terms of floor area and the number of rooms and areas that we will end up with.

But, to own this house would mean that we would have to sell whatever little properties we already have, and I am not willing, just yet, to sell off our present house as it is my first property I bought with my own hard earn money. It is also a property that I hope to fall back on should any unexpected happens. A new semi-detached is going to be a shared property which will later probably to passed on down to our son, God willing.

The present house will also be one that will be able to bring us some income should we rent it out to offset our housing loan, and from what I heard, it can fetch quite a sum.

So, *sigh* looks like this new semi-detached house will just have to pass us by as it is still not within our means as we are both government servants who don’t make that much to own a house costing anymore than RM600,000.00.

So, for now…..I shall just have to go on dreaming….. *sigh*

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog Giveaway at Snazzy & Such

I want to win this huge bag that she is offering up for grabs at Snazzy & Such!

I have never won any lucky draws before, unless everyone gets a prize. LOL! So, you think luck will be on my side this time aroiund? Wish me luck!

BTW, If you want to enter the draw too, all you have to do is -
1. Blog about this giveaway.
2. Post a comment on the post and please give the link of the giveaway entry on you blog.

November project at Epal

I completed my baju kurung the following weekend after coming back from Kota Bharu, and took it to Epal to be graded the following weekend. It is part of the program if you want to get a certificate of completion from Epal after completing 12 projects.

Unfortunately, my baju kurung could not be accepted that day as I did not bring my `grading’ book with me, as Epal had failed to inform me that I needed the book to have my baju kurung graded. So, looks like I have to make another trip there on another weekend, as this weekend, I have many open houses to attend and a wedding.

But, while I was at Epal that day, I bought the November project kits which were a Quilted Wall Clock and a Quilted Sailboat Wall hanging.

I immediately started on the Quilted Wall Clock class as I had some time to spare before I needed to go home to get dinner ready. However, since I was only there for about an hour, I only managed to cut up the pieces of the clock in class.

I came home to put the pieces together after dinner, staying up till midnight that night as I was excited to get this project out of the way as I needed to get back to my soccer quilt project which was way behind in my planned schedule.

It’s looking nice, isn’t it? *wink*

Now I just need to put in the batting and backing pieces, the clockwork and sew the numbers for the clock which I will have to learn in class as I am unsure of how to do it using the machine.

As soon as this is done, I hope to start on the Sailboat project which I think is going to take me sometime to do, as I still have the soccer quilt to complete.

Did I just stretch myself too thin with all the projects that I want to do? LOL!

I must give my hubby a big huge hug and lots kisses for his support and understanding, and for giving me encouragement to take up these classes at Quilt Gallery and Epal.

Thanks, Dia! Love you! Muah!

It has bloomed!

Yup! My agave plant has bloomed while I was away during the raya holidays.

Not all of it has bloomed yet, but by the time I took these photos after a heavy downpour, some of the flowers had already started to turn brown and wilting.

I think probably it will be another week or so before all the pods will bloom in full. And then, as some friends say, the plant will die to give way to its young generation to live. That will be sad for me as I have had this plant for more than 3 years already. When the time comes, it will be almost like saying goodbye to a dear friend who always awaits you when you come home each day from a hectic day at work.

Until then, I will just come home each day and admire it.

BTW, I got this off the internet at

It says that this plant has an average life-span of around 25 years! So, looks like I won't be saying goodbye too soon to my agave! It might just outlive me instead!

The information at the website goes on to say that this plant flowers only occassionally, but when it does, the spike with a cyme of big yellow flowers, may reach up to 8 meters (25 ft) in height. The plant dies after flowering, but produces suckers or adventitious shoots from the base, which continue its growth.

So, looks like I will be taking care of its babies soon!

A boxful of 'bento’ surprises!

About two months ago, I had asked Emily if she could get me a pink bento box which I had seen at one of the `bento’ blogs, as she was organizing a bento party, where they were going to be selling a lot of bento boxes of all shapes and sizes. Little did I expect what was coming my way.

So, when a huge box awaited me when I got back to my office after a meeting on Monday afternoon, my jaw just dropped! I was expecting a box of maybe the size of KFCs take-away. But, what awaited me was a box of about 15”x18”x6”!

I could not help saying “Oh my gosh!” again and again to myself as I unwrapped the package! LOL! Just look at what was inside the huge box! It wasn’t just ONE pink bento box but there were two pink boxes, two blue boxes, two smaller blue boxes, and two carrying bags in blue and pink to match the boxes. There was also a band to `tie’ up the boxes as to avoid spills, in pink and brown, and a pink set of moulds. Oh my gosh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Emily! Muah!

When all the boxes are packed up in the carrying cases, what you get are three neat packed meals! Cool, huh?

I was amazed at how a single box can be opened and stacked to provide more room for food. Just look at these two pink boxes to understand what I mean!

Emily also provided me with a set of compartment containers which could be fitted into the bento boxes should I want to pack smaller items without having to worry of them being mixed together. Great, huh?

Wow! I am impressed at the ingenuity of this bento thing! Did Emily just got me into a bento craze? LOL!

I did not waste time in using them. As soon as I finished taking photos of the `surprise gifts’, I washed everything and packed the blue bento box with my lunch! LOL!

Heheh….noticed that my lunch only consisted of salads? Yeah, I am going on a diet! LOL!

What? Nik on a diet? *grin* Now that sounds alien, doesn’t it? Nik does not know the meaning of diet! LOL!

Actually, I have started on a salad diet since before the fasting month. I think I need to seriously take a look at what I eat everyday as I am not as young as I used to be and need to take better care of my health. Err…did I just said that I am not as young? Opps! LOL!

Anyway, back to my salad lunches, these are some of the `meals’ that I have been preparing for myself for lunch before the fasting month. They are mostly salads, carrots and celeries with my own homemade dressing.

From time to time, I would add peanut butter sandwiches or BBQ chicken wings just to add some extra flavour to the meal. I don’t want to end up getting some sort of withdrawal symptoms from the sudden change in my eating habits. *grin*

If last time my lunches were packed in the normal plastic containers, now I have lovely bento boxes to make my lunch look more appetizing!

Thank you again, Emily! Hugs!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A simple meal to end the month.....

God willing, we will see Ramadhan again next year.

But, as Ramadhan drew to a close this year on 30th September 2008, I cooked a simple one dish meal which I call the claypot mee, though the claypot was missing, because it was made similar to the claypot mee you get at most food courts at shopping complexes. *grin* It has shredded cabbage, carrots, sawi, eggs and mee cooked in thick chicken broth.

It’s a simple meal but which my son really loves, and it’s something I can whip up in less than 30 minutes!

For lunch, on the 2nd day of raya, we did not do any visiting as we needed to pack our bags to get ready for our trip back to Kota Bharu. So, I prepared a quick meal of Fish n’ Chips. No, I did not prepare the fish. Is was store bought frozen Pacific West dory fish, and so were the fries. I just fried them, but, the coleslaw was home made.

The meal was great though! Yum!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

To the market

I have always love going to the wet market in Kota Bharu since young because I simply love the sights and sounds of this particular market. It is somehow different from the other wet markets in the other states in Malaysia.

Maybe I am biased since I come from Kota Bharu, but, this wet market has numerous times being featured in many tourism brochures promoting Malaysia to the outside world.

So, this time, when my mum asked me to accompany her to the market to buy stuffs for the feast on Sunday, I went prepared with my camera to take photos of the market in my own version.

Heheh..I must have looked like a lost tourist as I went about taking photos, since I look nothing like a tourist! LOL!

The Sunday Feast

My mum, sister (Chik) and I have been busy preparing the food for the Sunday feast since I arrived in Kota Bharu on Thursday, as it was special because most of my mum’s close friends and relatives were caming over.

My mum also feted 40 children from an all-girls orphanage nearby.

The house was full of activities with relatives and close friends coming and going, eating and chatting, though the orphans were all very well behaved and listened attentively to everything that their guardian told them to do. They talked in whispers, and the only time we actually heard their voices and laughter was when my BIL (my sister’s hubby) started to crack a joke or two. *grin*

So, what was the spread that my mum, sister and I have been so busy preparing? Well, here they are……..

Clockwise from top right – pulut lepa (glunitous rice wrapped in banana leaves) with serunding ikan, acar masak, sambal lada, dalca (yum! My favourite!), and roti jala.

Clockwise from top right – kuzi kambing (mutton kuzi), nasi minyak, in a tray of threes - pulut kunyit, sambal lada, and acar masak, dalca, roti jala, and pulut lepa.

We also had kuzi ayam, but I could not take a good photo of it.

The orphans helping themselves to the food.

One for the albummy mum (in black, seated 3rd from the right) with the guardian, and care takers. My sister, Chik or Adura, to some of her friends, in brown pants, seated in front with my eldest niece, Tengku Alia’a Muna, or Kuya (in baju kurung) with the kids.

There were more kids than shown in the photo, but I could not get a good photo of them as they were shy, and kept their heads low most of the time, and were seated opposite from where I stood to take the photos.

A week of eating, eating, eating, and.....

.......more eating! LOL!

Yup! We celebrated Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on 1st October 2008, after a month of fasting. Despite fasting for a month, I don’t think I lost even a single gram *sigh* (no, I did not weight myself, but my clothes fitted the same, not the least bit loose), but, I think I gained like 5 kilos just on the 1st day of Hari Raya itself! LOL!

It started at my MIL’s house with a spread of Nasi Beryani with all it’s accompaniments which included Ayam Beryani, acar, and of course the rich rice beryani itself. Then it was to my hubby’s auntie’s (Mak Zai) house where she served Lontong consisting of Sayur Masak Lodeh, Nasi Impit and Rendang.

Next we went to another of my hubby’s aunty (Mak Jah), where we were also served Lontong, cakes and cookies. By that time, my tummy could no longer take in anymore food, but, out of respect to my hubby’s aunt, I took half a serving, and shared it with my hubby.

The next day, we traveled back to my hometown in Kota Bharu. We took the 9.10pm flight, arriving at my mum’s house close to 11.00pm, where my mum had prepared Nasi Dagang and Nasi Berlauk, as she assumed that we probably might be hungry as we might not have had the time for dinner before embarking on our flight back.

The next day, my mum served Nasi Dagang and Nasi Berlauk again for breakfast, which I did not mind the least bit, as I couldn’t get enough of it the night before. I think I ate a little too much, as my tummy had started to feel a little uneasy.

However, that did not stop me from going over to my sister’s house for a visit and a dive into her many cakes! LOL! Yup, she’s got like 4 types of cake - a Carrot Cake, a fruit cake from Holland given by a friend, her own home-baked rich fruit cake, and a very rich Cheese Cake! Add to that, I brought her my Carrot Walnut cake too! Uh…..I think I just gained 5 kilos just by looking at the spread of cakes on her table! LOL!

Oh! I must not forget to mention my sister's delicious baked macaroni! Yum!

When I got home to my mum’s house, throughout the day, I just munched from time to time on whatever food that was laid out on the table, which was satay and kuah kacang eaten with bread, as I went around helping my mum in the kitchen preparing the food stuff to cook for Sunday, where my mum had invited her close friends and relatives over for lunch. She had also planned on feting some 40 over orphans from an orphanage nearby.

For dinner, my mum cooked fried mee hoon. By then, my tummy ache had started to get so bad that I started having diarrhea which lasted till past midnight!

After one month of fasting, I think my tummy went into shock! LOL!

As if that was not enough, on Saturday, it was more eating when we went over to my SIL’s house for breakfast where we were served roti jala, gulai kambing, kuzi ayam and buns, topped with mixed fruit dessert.

At my aunty’s house for lunch, we were served nasi minyak, kuzi kambing, acar masak, and sambal ikan bilis. I think my tummy started bloating again after that meal, though this time I did not ended up getting a diarrhea, but tummy ache I did have throughout the rest of the day.

For dinner, I just cooked fried rice, which was a nice change to all those rich, weight-gaining food! LOL!

Has the eating ended for the week? Nope! Look out for my next posting as I will be putting up a separate posting for the feast we had on Sunday. *wink*