Monday, June 24, 2013

Take your health seriously!

I have come to realized that getting enough rest and sleep is very important.

I am going through some serious health issues lately due to the fact that I am not sleeping well, and not resting enough the last few years. Pressure and stress at work is not helping me to take better care of my health.

The accumulation of not enough sleep and rest over the last few years is now starting to show and I am going through so many health issues lately. It has come to even be scary to a certain extent.

I have trouble sleeping. I get up and just trying to get myself to fall asleep again gets me all stressed out. When I am all stressed out, my blood pressure goes up.

By the time I finally fall asleep again, it's time for me to get up. I end up not having enough sleep for the day, and driving to work becomes a heavy task as I try to fight my sleepiness.

When I don't get enough sleep, another problem that crops up is that I end up having wind problems, and as a result, I have a bad gastric problem. 

When the gastric problem gets so bad, it goes up to my head and I get a splitting headache. Sometimes taking a dose of panadol helps, but sometimes, when it gets to be so bad, even panadol no longer works.

I would try taking some anti acid medicine like Actal, but, by then, the wind in my head is so great that it pushes against my brain, or least, it feels like that. And that is the scariest part because I could no longer think rationally and is easily angry even by the slightest mistake I make or get all flustered if I can't find things I am looking for.

Now I have to lay out my things properly so I know where my things are or I plan my day one day ahead in advance so that I don't get all flustered.

A visit to my family doctor last week has tremendously helped me to get rid of the wind in my stomach and in my head. Thank God, I am feeling much better, and I hope that I will never have to expereince that terrible headache I have been experiencing the last 3 weeks, because it got to a point when it was beginning to get real scary.

However, now, I have to be careful of what I eat as any food that emits wind is something I will have to learn to avoid.

I am also slowly learning to delegate more work to my subordinates and taking more off days, especially when Aiman is back home.

Even my boss who is also having some health issues is starting to leave the office earlier than usual to go to the gym these days, so I might just follow his footsteps and come home early enough before I get too tired to go on my recumbent bike at least 15 - 20 minutes a day.

I hope everyone will take care of their health.

I hope to live a long, healthy and meaningful life with my hubby so that we may get to see Aiman grow up and succeed in life, insyaAllah.

Take care, everyone! HUGS!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

An anxious moment

Last week Aiman lost his MP3. This week he lost something more important - his wallet which contains his identity card, his bank card and some money. 

Luckily there wasn't much money in his bank account, but we were concern on the loss of his identity card as he needed it in order for him to go for his outings, and most of all, to take the flight back home this coming fasting month.

We got all anxious when we found out that he had lost his wallet with all the important documents in it. Our plan to just spend some time going around and do some shopping at KLCC since it is not always that we get to go there and we were already there to attend a Seminar just went down the drain.

We quickly headed home to try to sort the matter out. First thing was to call his teacher to get permission to take him out of school for a short while so that he may go and make a new IC.

Next, hubby had to purchase an emergency ticket to go to Langkawi to take him out of school so that he may take him to the Registration Department in Langkawi. We want the IC to be ready in time as he needed it for his trip back for the Puasa month. 

He did not seem the least bit worried or concerned when he called us to tell us that he had lost his wallet. Instead of going in search of the wallet, he went to play football. It was us that were all anxious as we were concerned that without his IC, it would be quite a hassle to get onto the flight home. *sigh*

After all the hassle we went through to call up his teacher and to buy the plane tickets, guess what?

Late last night he called to say that he finally found his wallet - his friend actually did, but it was already minus RM40.00. But, alhamdullillah, his IC and bank card were intact. 

Hubby flew to Langkawi anyway because the tickets were already bought and it was too late to cancel. At the very least, it's to see him to give him a stern lecture on responsibilities and to give him his futsal boots which he needed for his tournament next weekend. With the money stolen, he is now out of cash. *sigh* 
I hope that Aiman will be more responsible and understand the anxiety and difficulty he has gotten us into when he misplaced his wallet containing his IC, bank card and money when he went to buy food at his school foodcourt, or, kiosk, as he calls it.

No matter what, I love him very much and miss him lots!

8 March 2013 - A day spent with Aiman

This was supposed to be posted more than 2 months ago, but, as usual, things don't always go according to plan. That's life, I suppose! LOL!

Anyway, this is more for Aiman's future reading.

I was in Langkawi on 8th March 2013 and this was my thoughts for the day..... 
It was nice to be able to spend some quality time with Aiman today.

I flew in to Langkawi in the morning, rented a car and checked into a hotel .

I had planned it (check into a hotel) with Aiman days earlier on what we were going to do together when I visit.

The plan was, after picking him up, we would come back to the hotel to order room service as Aiman wouldn't have had his lunch yet when l pick him up as he would have just be done with his Friday prayers.

When we came back to the hotel, we found the price of a simple fried kuew teow to be too expensive at RM26 a plate.

I suggested to Aiman that we just have lunch at a restaurant nearby,  but Aiman was tired and sleepy. He just wanted to stay in the hotel room. So I went down and got us each  Fried Rice.

Aiman finished his Fried Rice in minutes. LOL!

He must be really hungry, it being 3.00pm already. Either that, or the Fried Rice must have really tasted nice compared to the meals he has been having at his Asrama. *grin*

After lunch, Aiman set himself up on the bed to watch football on TV, something he missed very much.

I gave him until 4.00pm to watch TV as I wanted him to take a short nap when he complained that he was tired and sleepy, having had a very active week the week before.

He managed to get at least 40 minutes of nap time. I felt sorry for him when I had to wake him up at 5.00pm, seeing how deep in sleep he was. But we had to get going.

I still needed to take him to the barber as he needed to have a hair cut before I send him back to school.  He has to be back before 6.00pm.

However,  when we got to the barber, there was a long queue. We hardly had 30 minutes to spare before I had to send him back to school. So we decided to abandon the idea of getting a hair cut for that day and we headed straight to his school.

When we got to his school, it was 5.40pm. I wanted to stay in the car awhile to chit chat with him some more, but he was anxious and eager to join his friends for a game of badminton. 

Boys! You come all the way to see him and he is in a hurry to play with his friends!

When we talk on the phone, he tells us that wants us to come visit. When we come visit, he is in a hurry to go back to his dorm! *sigh*
However, not wanting to get him all anxious,  we said our goodbyes with hugs and kisses.

As I see him walk into his school building, I cannot help but feel a lump in my throat. I miss my baby already.

I consoled myself by saying that at least he looked more settled than he was just 2 weeks ago, on the phone, when he was calling me, crying, not wanting me to go home as I was getting ready to board the plane after just dropping him off in school just an hour earlier.

Love you, Sayang! Take care!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Journal for Aiman - a page from FB, 24 March, 2013

BTW, the soundtrack is sung by Yuna! I am proud of her achievements, even though I am not a fan of hers.