Sunday, February 06, 2011

Help! I am having an axiety attack!

We are going through another crisis with the contractor doing up Aiman's bathroom!

We told them on the first day of work on coring a new hole in the floor slab to take in the waste pipe for the new toilet bowl as the original hole will not fit. They insisted it fits. Yesterday, when they wanted to lay the tiles, they realised that they had to core a new hole. Spent half the morning coring the hole when they should be tiling. As it is, they are already 2 days behind schedule.

I don't know how they measured, but this morning, when they wanted to fit in the toilet bowl, the hole is off by 5 3/4"!! urrgghh!

Now they are re-coring the hole, and that means coring the structural slab! The tiles are all done up. Now we are going to have an imperfect tilling work at the back of the toilet bowl where they cored a hole yesterday. The worst part is, there is another hole in the floor slab! Uurrgghh!

I am shivering from all this crisis! I think I am having an anxiety attack!

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