Friday, September 02, 2011

NNC Mug Rug Exchange – Part 1

I am late again at updating my blog on this exchange. There were too many distractions, and I have so many things that I want to do, but so little time on my hands. Oh well! That's life!

Anyway, NNC had a Mug Rug Exchange early this year. It all started because a member posted a photo of a mug rug, and it got everyone crazy and wanting to do a mug rug too.

Margaret took the opportunity from the craze to organize a Mug Rug Exchange, but set the mailing out date to be in October 2011 as many were already tied up with other prior exchanges organised earlier.

However, as Margaret allowed those who finished their mug rugs early may send to their partners early, I got mine from Sally, my partner, in June. Our partners were a secret, so I was surprised when Sally passed her mug rug to me when she came over to my house last June.

I was speechless and in awe of what I saw upon opening the paper bag containing the mug rug and some tea bags.

Sally had made her mug rug using the log cabin design, and her workmanship is exquisite considering this was her first attempt at doing log cabins. What was more amazing was the size of the log cabin, which was really small, or, shall I say, minute, but Sally did an amazing job of it. I would never have guessed that it was her first attempt if she hadn’t said anything about it.

Even the back is lovely! I almost thought that it was also a patchwork piece until Sally told me it wasn’t. Such lovely work she did, you couldn’t even tell the difference.

Thanks Sally! You did a GREAT job! I love it!

As for the Mug Rugs I made, I wanted to personally hand over the mug rugs to my partners at the Bee which was held in July since I knew they would be attending the Bee. But, being the absent minded me, I forgot to bring it along. *sigh*

Now I would either have to mail them out or wait till the next Bee to be held most probably in October before I can blog about it here. So, in the mean, here’s a sneak peek………

Look out for Part 2 to see the whole mug rug piece……

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NYKOLETT said...

Wow...gorgeous craftwork..Za drop by my blog and collect your award ya..