Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My first ever craft bazaar!

Yup! It was an exciting experience, albeit very tiring! *grin*

I joined my very first ever Craft Bazaar, organised by Azarine at Yee Button House at SS2, on Saturday, 6th September 2014

When Vivian first asked me if I’d be interested to join the bazaar, I immediately said YES! without giving it much thought. It was only like 2 weeks before the bazaar that I suddenly got all panicky when I realized that I don’t have much to sell and I was heavily travelling for work almost every week! I was even travelling right up to 2 days before the bazaar, coming home too tired to even pick up a needle!

There were also the weddings to attend at almost every weekend. So, how am I to work on the craft items to sell? 

I had plenty of WIPs (Work in Progress) which I started months ago but never fully completed any of them. I had started making Cross Body pouches, Little Missies, pincushions and other smalls, but they were all half done. 

So, 2 weeks before the bazaar, I forced myself to make a list of things I needed to make and complete for the bazaar. 

I came up with a quite a long list and it got me all nervous and anxious! LOL!

I was nervous because I don’t know what to expect. I was anxious because I wasn’t sure if I am ready for the bazaar. I am pretty much still very shy about selling my craft items publicly. But I told myself and hubby that I am just going to go ahead with the bazaar, at least to have some fun!

I was glad that my first ever bazaar was going to be held at an almost enclosed space where if I can’t get over my shyness, I can still hide in one of the rooms available at the shop! LOL! *wink* 

Anyway, in between heavy travelling for work, I managed to spend a few nights, late nights, I might add, before the bazaar to finish up all my craft items and to print labels and business cards as well as other things I think I would need for the bazaar. 

I wasn't sure what I would need to make and bring, and so I made plenty of assumptions. I kept telling myself that this is a learning process and I should not be expecting too much. 

Anyway, the day came, and despite planning to get there early so that I would have plenty of time to get the table, which I shared with Zarina, ready, I ended up getting there later than plan when my cat decided to spill his pooh bin that morning.

So we had to get that cleaned up first before we could have breakfast and I could make my way to SS2.

When I got there, Zarina had already set up her side of the table and Vivian was already halfway in getting her table ready.

I quickly set to work getting my side of the table ready, getting all hot and flustered in the process! LOL! 

I managed to get the table ready in the nick of time when the organizer announced that customers are starting to come in! 

I had my first customer an hour after the bazaar was opened to the public. She bought a pair of scissor pouch. My first sale!! Yippee!

Soon after that, my Cousin-in-law, Idah, dropped by. She has always been a strong supporter of my craft works and also a strong supporter of works by Artisans. 

She bought an Owl Sewing kit and a pouch which she said she was planning to gift it to her mum who does lovely cross stitch work. So sweet of her! So sweet of her too for coming over to lend me support! I really appreciate it, 

Idah, thank you so much for your support!

While I was entertaining Idah, hubby dropped by. Yes, another strong supporter of mine, always encouraging me to go for it! Thanks, Dia! Love ya! Hugs!

Both hubby and Idah stayed awhile. Idah went on to visit other stalls while hubby left to get some drinks.

Soon after, my mum, sister and niece dropped by. Despite getting lost finding their way to the shop, they made it!

My niece, Kuyana, is also a very talented and creative crafter. I think she is even more talented than me because she can come up with creative items just by looking at them in photographs.

In fact, after visiting my stall and the other stalls at the bazaar, she was so inspired that she went home and made herself a backpack using old jeans belonging to her ex-boyfriend. My mum said now my niece will always have her ex-boyfrined on her back! LOL!

My mum, sister and niece stayed awhile and my mum, after much hesitation and haggling (LOL! *wink*) finally bought a maroon cross body pouch from me!!

Thanks, Ma, for your support! It means so much to me to have you support me in this other venture of mine. I really appreciate your trouble coming, despite getting lost!

Thanks, Lin and Kuyana, for driving over and bringing Ma along. 

I may not have made that much sale that day although I had some people interested in my items. Zarina had a lot of inquiries for her HDTs though.

Since I had prepared myself for this eventuality, I wasn't too disappointed. I may not have made that much that day, but enough to cover my overheads, but I gained a lot of new friends, crafty friends who were more than willing to impart their knowledge and advice when they found out that this was my first ever bazaar.

I made a lot of connections to widen my networking into the craft community. I also gained lots of experience and exposure by joining the bazaar. It was a very good experience and I am looking forward to the next one sometime in November!

This time, I hope I will be far better prepared for it! LOL!

The rest of the day, while waiting for customers, I went around chatting up with the other stall owners/crafters.

There was this sweet guy, Ali, who was selling bags made by his mum, sent all the way from Sri Lanka. He is working as a Lawyer here in Malaysia.

And then there were two stalls selling everything owls.

I bought a owl keychain from this stall.

There was also a stall selling art T-shirts or something and a stall selling hand-painted postcards.

There was also a stall selling Juki sewing machines.

This is Faridah. A very friendly lady selling some soaps.

I just love all her bags!

Vivian has a table next to ours...

Here's me with Nicole, a very nice and helpful lady.

She gave me lots of tips and advice and gave us ideas on how to make our table look more interesting.

She gave us the idea to put up Zarina's quilted table runner as a background for our stall to make it more attractive.

Thanks, Nicole!

I just love Nicole's table! So vibrant and colourful! I bought a pair of chicken pincushions!

Here are the rest of the stalls selling all things crafty, just to give you an idea as to what were being sold.

Overall, it was an exciting day! I truly enjoyed myself!

I had some flustered moments when I had people inquiring about my stuff all at the same time! I got so anxious that I was sweating all over! LOL! *blush*
Thanks, Vivian, for inviting and suggesting me to join the bazaar. Thanks to Zarina for willing to share a table with novice me when she could have taken a whole table to herself!

Thanks to Azarine for organising the bazaar. I am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I will be free to join the next one.

Thanks to cousin-in-law Idah, my sister Lin, my niece Kuyana and my mum for your support. 

Big hugs to hubby for his continuous understanding and support. Love ya! Muaah!

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