Monday, July 11, 2005

My hectic week......

Hi all! Boy! It has been one hectic and challenging week for me last week!

I started my week already knowing dat I have back to back meetings everyday, but it got worse when meetings were not only back to backbut overlapping with d one already scheduled earlier.

On top of that, I was involved in d organising of d competition to choose and present d pavillion for this year's intl quran reading competition which ran frm 6 - 8 of July (d pavilion competition).

If dat was not enough, my Pengarah roped me at d last minute into an adhoc committee to produce a power point presentation of D DG's biodata for his (DG) farewell dinner which was to be on Friday, 8 July.
I was like going frm a whole morning meeting, rush thru lunch,another meeting at 2.30 pm, then rush off to d biodata presentationmeeting that last till 8.00 pm. Had to rush to pick my son coz hubby outstation pula 4 most part of d week.

To add more challenge to d week, my son had a high fever on Wednesday at d peak of my hectic work schedule. I slept at 2.00 am on Wednesday nite in between taking care of him and writing d script for d power point presentation. Bcoz I hardly slept d nite b4, I woke up late d next day and it was d day I was supposed to meet up with d Minister for d Pavilion presentation! Rushed like crazy thru traffic to drop off my son b4 proceeding to work! Got there just in d nick of time! phew!

On Friday, I was like a mad women trying to juggle the pavilion presentation to d Minister in d morning while trying to stay focuson d presentation of d biodata for our DG d same nite. I was like a zombie frm lack of sleep. Bcoz of time constrain, we cudn't do a proper rehearsal for dcitation presentation at d hotel, but, luckily everything went on smoothly dat nite at d dinner. Macam pro pulak! LOL!

Is der anymore? Yep! To make this week more memorable, I had to drop my handphone into a bowl of curry on Tuesday! LOL! I thot I had lost all d important telephone numbers coz d phone just went dead! I needed d phone coz it was d only way to communicate with d organizing committee, my staff and my boss since I was tied up in meetings all day.

I had no choice but to go out and buy a new handphone on Tuesday nite. Boy! It was one really quick buy! I just grabbed a reasonable priced HP, paid 4 it and jumped back into d car b4 heading home! Phew! Nasib baik d sim card was ok, and after some juggling with d old handphone, I managed to get it to work just long enuff to transfer all d memories frm d old phone to d new one!

M still feeling very tired frm last week's hectic schedule, and this week is no less hectic. M off to Melaka esok for a project briefing, but d rest of d week are just meetings here in KL to attend. phew! I really need to take a break, but dn't forsee one coming so soon.*sigh*

To Harsha and Lillie, thks for d sms and email asking where I hv been. Nice to knw that U are being missed! *wink*

...still tired....

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