Thursday, July 21, 2005

The AF Fever is back…..

I have read many blogs and many sites related to Akademi Fantasia 3. Most blogs and sites I find very disheartening (mengecewakan) coz terlalu ramai yang mengutuk sesama sendiri dan pelajar AF3. Kesian pelajar-pelajar tersebut yang tidak tahu apa apa except what is told to them.

However, when I chance upon this group (Kefli_af Yahoo Group), I find it very encouraging that most of the members there have managed to control their emotions and not go into `kutuk gear' each time someone posted anything negative about Kefli. The members have instead decided to put all efforts to AFUNDI KEFLI instead of wasting time and money condemning (mengutuk) the other AF3 kids. Kudos to them all! A very matured and wise move. Keep it up!

To be frank, I, too, am a fan of Kefli *blush*, and not mainly because he is cute, though, that is a bonus *wink* *blush*, but because I see that he has talents which needs to be polished. Shy, budak nie sebenornya! Rupa pun dah ada (cute, adek nie!). He needs to be a little bit more menyerlah though, but always being in d shadows of someone who have such a large fan (Forgive me if there are Mawi, Felix and other fans here too. I only speak frm d heart and my intentions are sincere), I dn't blame him for feeling `small'. Kesian tengok muka dia setiap kali permulaan konsert masa Aznil bacakan peratusan undi. But, I am glad that all Kefli fans has worked hard to keep him in d akademi. I hope you all will keep on voting him into d finals.

I knw it wud be hard for him to jadi juara for as long as Mawi and Felix fans are fanatically voting him, and what with Amylea's strong vocals, and Marsha's sexy composure, (but I cud be wrong! Rezeki masing masing kan?), but, to me, just to get him into d finals is already a success in itself.

Takut kalau dia jadi juara pun, mungkin akan ada yang mempertikaikannya (especially fans of d WORLD! *wink*) coz performance dia tak consistent. Sayang. Dia ada bakat sebenarnya dan suara dia OK, macam kata Iman Wan, kalau dapat lagu yang sesuai dengannya, he cud really nail it!His best thus far is Konsert Ke 5 which is really WOW! If only he cud repeat that great performance in d next 2 weeks he will really be a JUARA! He did good in Mungkin and Kenang Daku Dalam Doamu too. I missed Nur Kasih.

To me, kalau dia dapat placing number 2 or 3 after Amylea pun dah kira bagus. Orang takkan pertikaikan kedudukannya kalau placing dia is after Amylea (saya bukan peminat Amylea, but, let's be realistic, she does have d voice, though she needs to work on d attitude part). He will be safe frm kutukkan orang yang akan merasakan dia tak layak jadi juara. Kesian dia nanti. But it wud be realy nice if he cud actually walk away with d condo and d car! That wud be really wow!

Lately nie ramai di luar tu tak puas hati kerana Kefli masih bertahan di akademi (Thanks to his voters who have worked hard to keep him in d akademi!). Pedulikan itu semua. You can never please everyone. Though it hurts to read all those postings, d important thing is to keep voting 4 him till he gets to d finals. That is d utmost target. Pedulikan apa orang lain kata.

I hope this week, Kefli can do another WOW performance with Hati Emas. Let's wish him ALL D BEST! Tapi kesian tengok undian dia masih yang tercorot sekali hari ini walaupun selepas konsert hari tu he was at number 4. Moga he will still remain in d akademi sehingga ke konsert final. Let us make his dream come true! Boleh juga kita dengar dia nyanyikan lagu Aidil (yang saya rasa cute juga! Shhh… let's not let my hubby hear this! *wink*) yang Aidil kata akan gubahkan untuk dia.

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