Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This is only my 3rd posting in this blog which I have set up since January 2005. I have been meaning to write more, but time simply wasn't on my side. I have written about a lot of other things - my hobbies, my sentiments about the recently completed Akademi Fantasia fever, the recent shifting of my mother-in-law to her new house, projects I am involved in, pantuns and what not that I need to get off my chest! *wink*

My husband has been encouraging me to compile all my works so that our children and grandchildren would someday be able to appreciate what my thoughts and feelings were about life, and hopefully, will be able to provide some guidance and also some humour *wink* in our future generation's every day life.

I love to write (guess I got that from my dad who I simply adore!). I love to put into words my thoughts. My mind is constantly `writing', be it as I am driving to and from work, while cooking, while watching TV, while stitching, doing up my son's scrapbook, sewing, patchworking (yep! I love anything crafty! ), and of course in the bathroom! LOL!

I love sharing my thoughts with people, though not everyone shares the same thoughts as I, but, heck, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right? *grin*

I am still trying to figure out this blog thingy. I am still new at this blog thing. I am playing around with how to make this blog more interesting. In time, I hope I will be able to make this blog an interesting stop for everyone who has been here.

Till then, hope you will drop by again as I add more things!


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