Saturday, March 17, 2007

Work cum holiday in Langkawi

My husband and I had a meeting in Langkawi recently. Since it was the school holidays, we decided to take leave and extend our stay there and brought along our son and my mum. We stayed at Bella Vista Langkawi for the first two nights where the meeting was held.

My verdict on the hotel? I won't be staying there a second time. As you approach the hotel, you will be impressed with the architecture of the building as it reminded you of a castle where the disney princesses live. You would still be impressed as you get into the lobby to check-in, but that is where your good impression of the hotel stops. The room is rather small (nothing like what you see in the photos shown at it's website), and so is the bathroom, which is OK actually for a 3-star hotel, but what is most disappointing is that the hotel is not very well maintained. The shower curtain is dirty and the air-conditioning does not function properly, causing the room to get really hot sometimes. A friend got trapped in the elevator with his son for 15 minutes before the maintenance could get to him. The television in our room was very grainy, making watching any program like a guessing game trying to figure out the who the characters were.

If we hadn't decided to change hotel on the last day of our stay there (after the meeting was over), I think we wouldn't have enjoyed our stay in Langkawi (the holiday portion of it) that much, except for the shopping part where my mum had a whale of a time shopping and going around town with my son in tow, as we rented a car throughout our stay there, as the hotel (Bella Vista) was very close to town. The only plus point of the hotel, in my opinion.

We contemplated whether we should stay on at Bella Vista for the last night of our stay in Langkawi, but, at the last minute, we decided to pack up and head on to Pantai Cenang and check-in into Awana Porto Malai. Luckily there were still rooms available. I am glad we did. The hotel is beautiful, plus it has a swimming pool, so that was heaven for my son! LOL!

They had no beach since it is a marina, but the beautiful view of the sea and the lovely room very much made up for the lack of a beach. I highly recommend anybody going to Langkawi to stay there, although you would need to rent a car since the hotel is very far from town and very far from any `civilisation'! LOL! Just the way a holiday should be!

Oh, BTW, while I stayed in Bella Vista, who did I meet up? Radha! Yup! Radha also came for a meeting organised by her ministry, though a day later. She recognized me from photos put up at NNC by BJ during our recent meet-up and introduced herself. Fancy meeting her there of all places! LOL! Glad we met, Radha, though we could not chat up for long since we were there on business. *grin* Maybe another time we could spent more time chatting about our stitching, ok? *smile*

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Emily said...

Nik, great updates on your blog. Love reading whats happening in your world, always a pleasure to read and to feast my eyes on! Great job with your needle crafts!