Sunday, February 25, 2007

When the stroke strikes........

Yesterday I visited a close uncle (my mum's cousin) at Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC) who suffered a stroke on Wednesday. When he was first admitted, he lost all abilities to control his voluntary actions, like the movement of his arms, legs, eyes, and even the control of his bladder.

When I saw him yesterday, he was already to move all his limbs and he was alert. We were told that the immediate action by family members to bring him into hospital prevented the brain from further damage due to the lack of oxygen brought about by the stroke. However, it would probably take him a year to fully recover, and he would have to undergo physio-therapies and other forms of therapies to get his movemnets back to normal. We thank God that there is still hope for him to fully recover.

He was warded at Cardiovascular Care Unit (CCU) and only two visitors were allowed each time. My mum went in first while I sat with my son at the lounge waiting for my hubby, who had gone to park the car, to join us. As soon as my hubby arrived, I went in. The minute my uncle saw me, he let out a sob (although there was a tube attached to his throat for breathing purposes). It was heart-breaking to see my uncle this way because my uncle is a big size man, and when he talks (when he was well), the room would be filled with his voice and laughter. He has always been a joyful man, but always a responsible and caring person , especially to those close to him.

When I went to further my studies in the United States, by coincidence, I got a place to study Architecture at the same university where he was doing his Masters. He took it upon himself to be responsible for my well-being throughout my stay there, so much so that many of our colleagues dare not date me for they `fear' him (LOL! *wink*) because they would have to go through an `interview' with him first, only then can they take me out. wonder I had no boyfriends during those days! LOL!

I remember one time when I sprained my ankle, but didn't know, (I thought that the swelling was due to my falling and it was just a mild bruise) while learning to play tennis (now you know why I do not know how to play tennis? LOL!), he came looking for me when my room-mate told him that I have missed classes for two days because I was unable to walk. He scolded me for not telling him about the fall, but I did not want to trouble him. Further more, I thought that the swelling was nothing serious and it would go down in a couple of days. He took me to the hospital and practically had to carry me down the 3 flight of stairs from my apartment to get to his car.

Having an uncle studying at the same university sure does have its advantages.....and disadvantages! LOL!

I do pray that my uncle will recover quickly and fully from the stroke. To see him immobile would be something hard to accept for someone who has been active all his life, but, only God knows what lies in the future for him...and us.

GET WELL, Ayah Li. We love you!


Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle's stroke. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Emily said...

Nik, I join BJ in wishing your favorite uncle a speedy recovery!