Monday, February 15, 2010

The Tiger got a pink heart!

You must be wondering what in the world I must be talking about! LOL!

I am actually referring to Valentine’s Day, which this year, also coincides with the Chinese New Year, and it is the year of the tiger, the year that I was born! My favourite colour happens to be pink, and my partner for the NNC Valentine Exchange for this year has the word ‘heart’ as the title for his blog, and his favourite colour is also, well, PINK! So, the tiger this year got a pink heart! LOL!

Hehe…never mind if you just got lost in what I was trying to say……. I think I must be going nuts, blabbering about nothing! LOL!

Anyway, this year, my Valentine Exchange partner is Paul, and I personally received my exchange gift on 23rd January, the day we had our January Stitching Bee (oopps! I have yet to blog about that!).

I would have ripped open the package then if not for Margaret’s ‘cane’ which always seems to be heading our way each time we thought we could have some fun! LOL! She `fiercely’ told us that we would have to wait till February 14th before we could open up our Valentine Exchange Gift. We couldn’t even take a peek, not that she would know if we did, actually! LOL! *wink* But, not wanting to be a spoil spot, we all waited till today to open up our gifts.

I stashed the gift under my sewing table so as not to be tempted to open it up when I came back from the Bee in January, but when 14th Februry came, I actually almost forgot all about it until after lunch time when I came online and everyone was talking about the VE gift! LOL!

So much for being so eager at first to open it! LOL! My partner must be disappointed that I wasn’t eagerly waiting to open up his gift exchange! LOL! *wink* Sorry, Paul! Well, put the blame on `Headmistress Margaret’ for making us wait until I forgot! LOL!

Anyway, what I got from Paul was a very sweet and lovely pouch hand embroidered with a heart surrounded by cute little pink daisies with blue leaves. Really sweet!

It has a Chinese saying, which, according to Paul, reads as “ren hui lao, xin bu lao” which he says roughly translate to mean “a person may age, but his heart does not”. How appropriate!

Paul said that he added the Chinese saying to give the VE some Chinese influence since Valentine's Day this year falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year. I think it worked. I like it very much!

I have always liked Chinese characters, but dare not stitch one in case I might be stitching the wrong words! LOL!

Paul even had a somewhat Chinese inspired fabric for the inner lining of the pouch. The Chinese motif is not that obvious though, but I like it anyway.

Paul mentioned in his blog about his `signature defects', but I hardly even noticed it as I was too busy admiring the sweet little daisies!

Paul, the gifts you said might be simple, but, it's not how big, small or simple the gift is, but the thought and effort that went into making the piece. I love the gift as I know that it came from the heart! *wink*

I love everything about it, even the little so called signature defects! That’s what makes it a work of The Heart of Paul!

Thanks a bunch! HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY! Hope you had a great one!

BTW, here is the Valentine Exchange gift to my partner, Sabariah.

I decided to make her an embroidered pouch with her name on it, using my new pal, Em, and a pincushion to go with it.

At the zipper part, I added sme embroidery work too.

This is the first time I am doing this since I started making pouches, and I like the results. The next time I make pouches, I think I will add this little detail that makes such a differnce to the pouch.

I hope she will have plenty of use for both the items.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Sabariah!

HAPPY VALENTINE’s Day to my hubby too! Hugs!

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busymum100 said...


Thank you for the lovely gifts. Your Em can surely o wonders, at your creativity, of course!

And you beat me to blogging it too...