Sunday, January 09, 2011

NNC Activities 2011

Hi everyone! It's not too late, I hope, to wish everyone Happy New Year!

To usher in the new year, NNC has lined up quite a number of activities to keep everyone at NNC busy and active throughout the year. We are excited, especially for the upcoming 4th Anniversary Meet in March and a Craft Retreat in the second half of the year.

So, to those of you interested to join in these activities, come join us at NNC!

Here are what's planned for the year....

1. Valentine Exchange - mailing out 25th January (overseas), 9th February (local)
2. All Craft Gift Exchange
3. Hand Embroidery Exchange - mailing out 30th June
4. Birthday Exchange - all year round
5. Art Trading Card (ATC) Exchange - mailing out May 2011
6. Bookmark Exchange - mailing out date 23rd March
7. Crochet Exchange - date not yet decided
8. Pincushion Exchange - mailing out July 2011
9. Patchwork Block Exchange - mailing out date in August
10. 5"x 5" (10 pieces) Charm Fabric Exchange  - date to be decided later
11. Sew-A-long (SAL) - mailing out between April to June
12. Kitchen Craft Exchange - mailing out Sept 2011
13. Christmas Ornament Exchange - mailing out December 2011
14. Pink Ribbon Exchange - mailing out October 2011
15. Fraser's Hill Craft Retreat - 2nd half of 2011
16. Stitching Bees - May, July, Sept, November
17. NNC Anniversary Meet - 19th March 2011
18. Craft Bazaar - 2nd half of 2011

It's going to be a very busy, fun and active year 2011! Let the fun begin!

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