Sunday, December 26, 2010

What we did on Christmas Day.......

We had hoped that Santa *wink* would drop by and give us a bungalow, LOL!, but since he didn’t, we have given up waiting *grin* and thought that it’s time we do something about our never ending closet space problem.

We decided that we would redo our built-in closet to create more closet space. That way, I can bring all my clothes currently in Aiman’s room into our room, thus giving him back his closet and his bedroom!

It’s time he has his own room. It is long overdue, we know. We, I think mostly I, have been putting it off for many reasons, which I don’t think I need to disclose here in detail as sometimes it gives me goose bumps just hearing some of the gory stories (I still get goose bumps when I remember the incident where our house got broken into some 8 years ago!). May God protect us all, insyaAllah.

So, on Christmas Day, we spent the day spring cleaning, all in preparation for a minor renovation to be done in the master bedroom.

First, we had to empty out our entire present built-in closet to make way for newer and hopefully more spacious, built-ins.

We've had these built-ins for at least 10 years already. It was quite sad to have to tear it down, but it has got to be done. Unfortunately, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. :(

Today the contractor came to pull down the present built-ins. Here’s what’s left of the built-ins.

All gone! Now you see it!

Now you don’t!

We have moved everything out of our bedroom already, and almost everything is in the living room.

My hubby commented that first we lost the dining room which I have taken over and made it into a sewing area! LOL! Now we have lost the use of our living room when we brought down everything from our bedroom to the living room! LOL! Definitely we won’t be having any guests until the renovation is completed! LOL!

Currently we are using my mum’s bedroom to sleep in. We can’t have Aiman sleep in his room either as that room too will be undergoing some minor renovations. We hope to put in an air-conditioner in the room and a water heater in the bathroom. I also hope to repaint the room once those works are done with.

We will be doing a lot of re-wiring too to the room as the positions of the socket and lighting points needs to be realigned with the position of our new built-ins.

I am feeling excited, but nervous and anxious too as we will be living like nomads most probably for the next one month, as the built-ins can only come in 2 weeks after the last job is done and there is a lot of work to be done - the ceiling needs to be repaired, the wiring on the walls rewired, and the floor redone as all the parquet pieces are coming off.

I will be putting up progress photos as the renovation gets underway. Check back soon!


ShannyK-L said...

Well at least you're having things done your way! :D Happy redoing them!! :D

Barbara J said...

Hi Nik!

I got your text yesterday but I didn't know who from! :) Thank you for your wishes and Happy New Year to you too!

Hopefully the renovation will speed along as planned.

Take care.

Za said...

Hi BJ! My mistake, I forgot to sign off when I smsed you. *blush*

Do keep in touch! Would love meet some time. Maybe we could do a mini stitching meet, you and me?


Little Bit Of Land... said...

*ha-ha* What a very different way to spend Christmas Day! But that's alright... it sounds like you spent the day doing exactly what you wanted to do & that's always a good thing. Happy New Year & may all your projects go smoothly & for a lot less money than anticipated! :)