Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let’s do yoga!

This is another overdue posting, but I want to put it up anyway because I want to share with friends here who are into yoga or my crafting friends, a mat bag I made for my cousin, Ima, sometime early this year. Yup! EARLY this year! To be exact, in early March 2011. That long ago! LOL!

My cousin Ima had asked me if I would make a yoga mat bag for her to replace the one she bought a long time ago but was no longer big enough to carry around her yoga mat. She had innovatively expanded the bag to suit the size of her yoga mat by adding some length of stretchable band, but, over time, the band was getting out of shape.

I was more than happy to make the mat bag for her. It gave me the opportunity to try out something I have never done before.

Using her old mat bag as a basis to make a template for the new bag but almost twice the size, I worked on it over 3 weekends. Ima had chosen the fabric from the stash of fabric I already have in stock.

I must say that I am quite pleased with the results though I must say that it was quite a challenge to make the pockets for the bag as Ima wanted it to be roomy enough to put in her car keys whenever she carries the bag to go for her yoga classes. I can’t quite explain how the pocket is and I also forgot to snap a photo of the said pocket. *sigh*

Maybe Ima can do it for me, pretty please?

I also had to make the flap long enough to be able to securely hold the yoga mat in place so that it will not slip.

What do you all think? Nice? *wink*

All in all, it was an interesting project and that I wouldn’t mind doing it again should anyone else be interested to order one. *grin*

Thanks, Ima, for modelling it for me.

Gosh! Must go look for the notes I made when I was constructing the bag! LOL!

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Alex Kulimkia said...

nice work! :)