Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Birthday Gift from Carla!

This is a post long overdue. In fact way way long overdue! Carla must think I am not appreciative for her gift to me for not blogging about it. But, the truth is, I have been exceptionally busy these last few months. I have loads of work, and I have been travelling more often than usual. In fact, I have been travelling weekly, when before this, I only travel every 2 weeks.

This coming week will probably be one of those few weeks that I will actually be in the office, or, rather, I am not outstation. I am hardly in the office even if I am not outstation as I can sometimes be chairing project meetings back to back.

A driver asked me the other day how do I remember everything about each and every project that I manage as he is usually the one that takes me from meetings to meetings. I currently have about 30 odd number of projects to handle.

Now, I can’t be telling my ‘trade secret’, can I, when I know I have a few readers of my blogs here who are people I know from work. *wink*

Anyway, back to the current matter in hand, this year, once again, I participated in the Birthday Exchange at NNC and for this time around, my partner is Carla from the United States. Her birthday isn’t until November though I am about ¾ done already on her present. I don’t want to suddenly end up rushing to do her present like what happened last year when I had Diane as my partner. I kept it to almost the very end before finally deciding on what I wanted to do.

At the end of the day, I ended up sending Diane’s present 2 weeks late. *blush* Headmistress Margaret wasn’t too pleased. *head held low in shame*

I can’t show what I did for Carla until after she receives it in November, but, in the mean time, here is what I got from her.....

I got from Carla a box of variegated silk ribbons in 2 lengths of different width, a bag handle in black and white and a pink pincushion with my name stitched on it.

Here’s a closer look of the very sweet pincushion.

I don’t know what bag would suit the handle just yet. It is so lovely; I think I might just keep it in its packaging so that I can keep on admiring it. *grin*

Thanks, Carla, for all the lovely things. Sorry it took me so long before I blogged about it. Do know though that I did not forget, but time was simply not on my side. Thanks again and hugs!

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