Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Date in Penang

I was in Penang again on the 10th of January for work. As my meeting was over 2 days, I had some free time after the first meeting in the morning as the 2nd meeting was scheduled for the next day. This gave me an opportunity to meet up with Ina.

I have been planning to catch up with Ina several times already during my last few visits to Penang, but have had to cancel at the last minute as I was either short of time, or Ina had some other emergencies and family matters to attend to.

This time, with the whole evening free, I made arrangements to meet up with Ina. She picked me up from my hotel at 3.00pm and we headed on straight to this quilt shop called Q Gallery which had recently relocated from its previous location in Queens Bay Mall.

It’s a quaint little shop with plenty of things to make you go goo goo gaga. I wished I had taken photos of the inside of the shop to show you all. I wonder, though, if they will allow me to snap photos. What do you think, Ina? Will they allow me? If they do, I might want to snap photos the next time I am there.

Anyway, while there I bought a Japanese book on bags and, I could not resist getting one layer cake and one jelly roll. I just love this Late Bloomers collection from Moda.

What do I plan to do with them? Not sure yet. I have too many other things in my mind to think about for now, but I hope to use them for one of my quilt projects I hope to make this year. Yup! That’s my plan for this year, but whether that will actually happen is another thing. LOL!

Ina bought some cottons for her quilt projects in pinks, greens and red. Really lovely! Just can’t wait to see the final product!

After the trip to Q Gallery, we sat in the car for a while as Ina showed me piece after piece of her projects in progress.

I was really impressed, especially this piece which I have forgotten what it is called.

I was also impressed with her Dresden plate piece but I forgot to take photos of the piece and so could not share with you all the lovely piece. Maybe Zarina herself can blog about it, if she hasn’t already.

Before sending me back to my hotel, we stopped by for tea at her work place of sandwiches and spaghetti. Really delicious!

I had a great time with Ina. Thanks, Ina! Hugs!

I just love all the pieces in progress you showed me and can’t wait to see the final product. I also learned a few tips on making Dresden plate and the curved piece. Thanks too for the links to a few new websites unfamiliar to me before this. They are great!

Thanks again. I hope we can do this again on my next trip to Penang! *wink*

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