Thursday, May 10, 2012

A clutch, a purse or a bag? Neither! It’s a pouch for my .......... *grin*

Since buying Sam, my Samsung Tab, as a birthday present to myself last year, he has been my constant companion on my travels for work whenever I travel for only one night as he is small enough to be carried into my handbag or backpack, instead of having to carry Pinky, my laptop.

Poor Pinky! But, I do bring Pinky along when I have to travel for more than 2 days as it is faster to do my work on Pinky than on Sam.

Whenever I have Sam with me, I get to check my emails, both from the office and my personal email account, no matter where I am, and my staff can easily get in touch with me in case they need me to check through letters or schedule a meeting.

As I travel more and more often these days, my emails tend to stack up, and trying to reply to emails on a visual keyboard can get very frustrating at times. So, recently, I went out and got myself an actual keyboard that connects via Bluetooth. It is actually a keyboard meant to be used with the iPad, but when I tried it out the shop, Sam was able to connect to it and so, I decided to get it.

I had actually wanted to get one that comes with a folder that acts as a protector for the keyboard and the Tab, but, for some reason, Sam could not detect the keyboard as it was made to be used with the Samsung Tab 10.1.

Hmm......funny that Sam can speak with the keyboard meant for the iPad but could not communicate with the keyboard meant for the Sam’s younger brother, the 10.1. LOL!

Anyway, as this keyboard came ‘naked’, so to speak *grin*, I was afraid that it might end up being damaged when I pack it up inside my backpack or carry-on luggage, so I decided to make a pouch for it. And the result......

Doesn’t it look more like a clutch or a purse that I can bring to work or smart casual functions?

I just love this pouch, though I wished that I had added a pocket inside it to put in some spare batteries for the keyboard. Now, each time I open the pouch to take out the keyboard, the spare batteries fall out. *sigh* Oh well!

But, I am proud of this pouch, It is a first for me making a pouch of this design, and one that I designed myself too!

If anyone of you out there is interested to order one for your portable keyboard, do let me know and we can work something out. In the mean time, I am off to work outstation again with Sam and his new companion, the keyboard, whom I have yet to name. *grin*

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