Sunday, June 23, 2013

An anxious moment

Last week Aiman lost his MP3. This week he lost something more important - his wallet which contains his identity card, his bank card and some money. 

Luckily there wasn't much money in his bank account, but we were concern on the loss of his identity card as he needed it in order for him to go for his outings, and most of all, to take the flight back home this coming fasting month.

We got all anxious when we found out that he had lost his wallet with all the important documents in it. Our plan to just spend some time going around and do some shopping at KLCC since it is not always that we get to go there and we were already there to attend a Seminar just went down the drain.

We quickly headed home to try to sort the matter out. First thing was to call his teacher to get permission to take him out of school for a short while so that he may go and make a new IC.

Next, hubby had to purchase an emergency ticket to go to Langkawi to take him out of school so that he may take him to the Registration Department in Langkawi. We want the IC to be ready in time as he needed it for his trip back for the Puasa month. 

He did not seem the least bit worried or concerned when he called us to tell us that he had lost his wallet. Instead of going in search of the wallet, he went to play football. It was us that were all anxious as we were concerned that without his IC, it would be quite a hassle to get onto the flight home. *sigh*

After all the hassle we went through to call up his teacher and to buy the plane tickets, guess what?

Late last night he called to say that he finally found his wallet - his friend actually did, but it was already minus RM40.00. But, alhamdullillah, his IC and bank card were intact. 

Hubby flew to Langkawi anyway because the tickets were already bought and it was too late to cancel. At the very least, it's to see him to give him a stern lecture on responsibilities and to give him his futsal boots which he needed for his tournament next weekend. With the money stolen, he is now out of cash. *sigh* 
I hope that Aiman will be more responsible and understand the anxiety and difficulty he has gotten us into when he misplaced his wallet containing his IC, bank card and money when he went to buy food at his school foodcourt, or, kiosk, as he calls it.

No matter what, I love him very much and miss him lots!

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