Saturday, October 26, 2013

Missing Little Robin

I miss Robin, a kitten who made our house his home a month ago. 

He came one day when I was outstation and hubby decided to feed him. 

The next day he came again and I gave him milk which he drank like he hasn't eaten in over a week

I took him to the vet to have him vaccinated and give him flea medicine last week. I also gave him a good shampooing as he wanted to come into the house to play. 

I have come to love him and miss him when I am away. 

Today, like any day, we would let him out to play. 

He usually does not go far. He would just play around our back yard. But now it is already 6.00pm, and he is still not yet back, whereas Jack and Jane, our other 2 cats have come home about an hour ago. 

I feel so sad. I hope he comes home before we retire for the day.....

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