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NNC Stitching Bee October 2013

NNC recently had its October Stitching Bee on 5th October 2013.

This time we decided to try a new place – Starbucks Paradigm Mall, as suggested by Rose.

We agreed because then it would be convenient for members who stay around the PJ area to join us and it is closer to where Rose is staying as we wanted to see her before she goes off for her pilgrimage the next day.

I am glad we agreed to try out this new place because the Starbucks at Paradigm Mall is just perfect for our Bee as it has a long sofa with 4 tables and 4 chairs. It can easily fit 10 of us comfortably. 

I arrived at exactly 10.00 am at Starbucks Paradigm Mall and got us a very nice place at the center of the restaurant. 

I made my order for coffee and banana cake and set about to open up my hexies to work on as I wait for the others to come.

Alas, I realized that I had brought my hexies but without the thread to stitch them as I had left the roll of thread at home. But luckily I had two needles which was already threaded, so that was good.

As I was about to start stitching, Rose arrived.

She said that she had actually arrived 10-15 minutes ago but when around to see the shops.

We sat awhile to chit chat when June arrived and immediately showed me this wonderful magazine filled with lovely stitcheries! The magazine was meant for Margaret, but I wish it was meant for me! *wink*

Soon after that, Faizon arrived and immediately started to show us a new tatting book that she had just acquired. As usual, it was full of lovely tatted pieces.

Margaret and Jackie arrived soon after that, followed closely by Bee Ee and Veronica, and a little bit later, Jo arrived. Zarina was the last to arrive.

The group started getting excited when Bee Ee started showing us her variety of hexies.

I think the main topic of discussion of Saturday’s Bee was about hexagons done in so many different methods.

Bee Ee’s hexies were done in a method different from what I am used to where she did not use the English Paper Piecing Method nor did she use the Inklingo method. I think Bee Ee just invented her own method. *wink*

They were so many lovely pieces, 16 in all, and still counting, and I saw Faizon trying to arrange the hexies together, and having fun doing it! *wink*

I think Bee Ee will have a fun time putting them together to see what comes out.

When Jo arrived, she showed us her lovely hexies to be given to Zarina in a lovely handmade pouch which Zarina could reuse.

Jo explained that she’d rather make a pouch to put in the hexies than put them in an envelope because then her partner can reuse the pouch for other things.

Great idea, Jo. Can I be your partner next? *wink*

I showed the hexie ball I got from Radha, and June asked me if it had bells in it. Guess what? I didn’t know until June shook it and there was the sound of bells! LOL!

I also showed the hexy flowers I got from Sally, and when I showed the hexies Sally gave which was printed on Nasi Lemak Wrapper, it started a discussion on the Inklingo method of doing the hexies, and as to whether the nasi lemak wrapper or the freezer paper would be best suited for the method.

That’s when Margaret took out a whole roll of Freezer Paper, courtesy of Janet from a long time ago, and June started cutting them up to distribute them to those who wanted them.

Thanks, Janet, for the paper. Thanks, Margaret, for bringing them, and thanks, June, for helping to cut up the freezer paper to be distributed.

Next Jo showed us the hexies she received from Diane, including the fabrics and templates.

We also discussed on using ladder stitch and whip stitch to put the hexies together, and how to cut the hexagon fabrics, sizes of hexagons etc.

Margaret then brought out the HE2 Exchange she got from Sally which I agree with Margaret, that it was much admired by everyone

The hexagon butterflies were lovely, and the hand quilting around the hexagons were awesome. It inspired Jo to use the idea of doing a butterfly too for her next hexagon project. 

I think many of us gained a lot of knowledge on the different ways of doing hexies that day. It was good to learn from one another. 

Veronica then brought out her lovely Mirabilia cross stitch piece which had beads and pearls, and was done on an opalescent fabric.

Agree, Margaret, that it is a stunning piece!! 

You can see the finished piece on her Blog

June took the opportunity to personally hand over a private Birthday Exchange she did with Margaret and another member, and the minute Margaret unwrapped it, everyone was going oooh and ahhh over the lovely piece.

June had sewn a teacup pouch complete with quilted flowers, and it was so beautifully done!

I was really impressed and saluted her on the lovely quilted flowers she did, even though she claimed that it was her first attempt at doing quilting.

Imagine if she becomes an expert, the amount of awesome quilting that will come out from her!

June, can I become your partner for next year’s Birthday Exchange? *wink*

Together included with the pouch were 2 bases for pincushions and charms imported from overseas. June also gave Margaret a metal box with many types of Chinese tea and a piece of linen fabric and a sewing magazine.

Just to add to Margaret’s excitement, she also received 3 FQs of some cheerful fabrics form Zarina which she won at a Give-Away that Zarina had at her FB Shop. come I missed it?

Anyway, more excitement erupted when Jo took out a book/iPad/Tab stand in the shape of a pyramid which she had made herself.

June promptly put Jackie’s iPad on the stand as she refers to the instructions on the iPad in an attempt to try to correct a blouse Jackie made which she (Jackie) could not figure out some parts of the blouse.

I think June succeeded in correcting the problem. So, if anyone of you is in need of help with some tailoring problems, you know who you can go to for assistance. *wink*

For a while, the topic of discussion shifted to going shopping overseas when Veronica announced that she will be leaving for Japan soon for a holiday.

Margaret got us all excited when she told us that she had read a Blog where it mentioned there was a building that had 15 stories of crafts!!!

15 stories? Really? That must be some Craft Haven and heaven! I must look it up!

We actually talked about someday making a trip to Melbourne or Sydney for a craft shop hopping, and for it to coincide with the time when the Annual Craft Fair is on.

All a dream, but who knows...... time to save some money!!.....

For this Stitching Bee, I kept reminding those members who were joining us not to forget to bring something to stitch.

I managed to get Bee Ee to work on her hexies and, as usual, Faizon worked on her tatting.

I, myself, brought along my hexies to work on too.

What about the rest? Hmm...must bring a whip or something to the Bee next time! LOL!

Hopefully, the next time we have a Bee, more members would bring something to stitch on or work on. That way, we can kill 3 birds with one stone – we get to meet up, chat to catch up on the latest craft news or learn some crafts or new methods of doing something, and at the same time, work a bit more on our crafts.

But, most importantly, each time we meet up, we always tend to get inspired and motivated to go home and work on something new or to try to finish that piece of UFO which have not seen the light of day since God knows when! LOL!

They say that all good things must come to an end. We were having such a good time, but soon, it was time to part ways when Jo’s hubby came to pick her up, and I had a wedding to attend.

I made my way to do my Zohor prayers while Margaret, Jackie and June made their way to Daiso. Bee Ee and Veronica went to do some grocery shopping and Rose went to meet her son for lunch. I think Faizon went straight home. I can’t recall where Zarina went.

It was great catching with everyone. We hope to have the next one in November. Hopefully more members will be able to join us, as it will be the last Bee for the year 2013.

After that, we will start planning for more exciting activities come 2014!

Thanks, Margaret, Jackie, June, Rose, Faizon, Jo, Veronica, Bee Ee, and Zarina, for coming.  

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