Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A baby bib for a special granddaughter

My hubby and I recently got an invitation to a Majlis Cukur Jambul of a very close friend’s first granddaughter.

I got the invitation about 2 weeks before the function but, other than keeping the date blocked to attend the function, I did not give it much thought otherwise, up until the day before the function.

I realised that I didn't have anything to bring or give to the granddaughter. I don’t know whether it is traditionally acceptable to bring or not to bring anything. I don’t remember attending these kinds of functions before this.

Anyway, I decided that bringing something is better than going empty handed. Nothing could go wrong by bringing something rather than nothing at all. Only trouble is, I don’t have any baby thing to bring as gifts and it was already 5.00pm when I realised that I needed or want to bring something to give to my friend’s first grandchild.

Initially I thought I’d go out and buy something. But, eventually I decided that I would make something so that it will be a special gift for a special first grandchild., what do I do or make?

Well, for starters, I posted at the NNC group my predicament asking for suggestions as to what to bring or make. I wanted to try making something that is quick and easy as time was limited.

Then when I finally decided that I would be making a baby bib, then it was time to go in search of a pattern for a baby bib.

I did not keep any of my son’s baby bib from 10 years ago, and so, did not have a template to trace from.

I found many sites showing photos of baby bibs but most were not to my liking. Those that I like had no free patterns. More searching.....

Finally at 7.30pm, I found a pattern I like and it had a free template! Yahoo!

So, after dinner was done with, at about 8.30pm, I sat down to print out the template – I had  to tweak the pattern a bit because when I printed out the template, I felt that the opening for the neck was rather small.

I finally started sewing the pieces together at about 10.00pm. I had to trace the template, cut it out, trace it onto the interfacing (I wanted to give the bib a little bit of body), iron it onto the fabric, more cutting before I could finally put them all together.

While I am at it, I decided to make TWO instead of just one! I might as well since I was using the same template. One, I could use Em to embroider the name of the grandchild, and the other one would be just plain straightforward design.

Guess what time I completed the 2 bib? At 2.00am!

Well, I had to take a one hour break to sort out my taxes since it was already the last week to file in my taxes. I was going to be travelling a lot the following week and might not have time to do my taxes anymore except for that night.

Trust me to do my taxes at the last minute! LOL!

Anyway,  I stopped working on the bibs at 11.30pm, and continued working on it again at 12.30am!

Even though it was already 2.00am when I put in the last stitch to close the opening of the bib, I was really excited to see the end result of the bibs I made – a first for me!

Not only was it the first time ever that I made a baby bib, but it was also the first time that I put in the snap buttons all by myself with no help from anyone, except YouTube!

So, here they are...... the front...with a personalized embroidery on one of it....

The back....

Cute, huh? *wink* LOL!

I finally fell asleep at 4.00am that it was already passed my bedtime when I was done sewing at 2.00am and kept tossing and turning before I finally fell asleep.

Despite the last minute decision to make the bibs, a first at making the bibs, I must say that I am quite satisfied with it.

I might even consider making more bibs in the future and putting it up at Uniquely Aznique, but of course, it will have to be a design of my own.

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Rob O'Neill said...

I look up to your uniqueness and I do love the invention of your baby bibs. The front and the back have a very awesome design. Putting a name that has been embroidered is a very good idea and I see that these baby bibs turned out into something that many moms wanted to have. Your great effort is all worth it.