Sunday, June 01, 2014

NNC May 2014 Stitching Bee

Recently, on 31st May 2014, we had our Stitching Bee at Seri Melaka, Amcorp Mall.

Anyway, when I arrived with Rose at 11.05am, Margaret and Jo had already arrived, sitting at a round table for 7.

Margaret tried calling Bee Ee to find out if she would be coming with Veronica so that we can move to a bigger table. But she could not get through. 

I think probably Bee Ee was taking a nap as she did say that she has not been feeling well lately.

Bee Ee, I hope you will get well soon.

Vivian, who arrived just as MW was trying to call Bee Ee, managed to get through Veronica and she confirmed that she and Bee Ee will not be joinig us.

As soon as I was settled in, Margaret immediately handed me a package containing my......COASTER EXCHANGE! She is my partner!

There were 3 separate package all nicely wrapped up. The smallest one contained a pair of the cutest coasters in PINK!

MW explained that she had fussy cut the fabric to get just the right motif situated where she wanted it on the coaster.

I appreciate the effort as I think it made a difference to the coasters having just the right motif in the center of the coaster.

The second package contained teas of various flavours which she had painstakingly folded in origami style to resemble the coasters.

That extra effort is much appreciated too!

I love flavoured teas and can't wait to try it tomorrow!

The 3rd package contained a piece of fabric matching the coasters. MW said that she gave me extra in case I wanted to make a matching mugrug! 

How thoughtful! Thanks, MW! I love everything! Big hugs!

As if that was not enough, after I finished opening up all 3 packages, MW handed me another bag containing a wrapped box. She told me NOT TO OPEN IT YET until the 8th of June!

It was a birthday present for me from MW! My first BD present for the year!

Thank you, and I promise I won't peek! LOL!

8 days and counting! LOL!

Vivian then took out her box of treasures containing as expected some very lovely cards.

We went ooh and aaah over the lovely cards! 

I even learned how to make that lovely card in the center! 

Thanks, Vivian!

She also showed us some tags she is making for a Best Friend's upcoming wedding.

She's got 300 pieces to do!

I just love the turquoise and silver combination! 

Good luck on completing all 300 and best wishes to your friend.

Next MW took out her PSQ to show us and to ask us how to sew the long pieces together when the seams didn't go in the same direction.

I did not quite understand what MW was asking when she posted it at the board, but looking at it in person, I now understand what she meant. 

Jo, being the sifu in quilting, wasted no time in explaining to MW how it she could do it.

BTW, Margaret’s PSQ is awesome! I just love the colour combination! I just can’t wait to see the finish product!

Soon our food was served and they all look so delicious! 

Margaret had Kerabu Bee Hoon. And Jo had Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow.

Vivian, I think had, Assam Laksa and Rose had Curry Laksa.

I got a little confused with the menu and the explanation given by the waiter, but, nonetheless, all the food looks good!

I just had sago pudding though as I had planned to have lunch with my hubby and son later.

Just as we were about finished with lunch, I noticed that someone was looking in our direction but wasn’t sure who she was. She seemed uncertain but finally she approached us shyly…..

It was Roses or also known as Rose C!

I did not recognize her as I had only met her briefly that day during the Anniversary Meet!

She had said that she had posted at the board that she was coming to the Bee.

Sorry, Roses, but I must have missed it! Anyway, I am glad you came.

We pulled up an extra chair for her and her friend.

Roses was eager to show us a quilt in a magazine which she hoped to make, and wanted to know how to get started on the project. 

It was a queen size quilt! Or was it a king size quilt? And it was using the English Paper piecing method.

I was amazed that Roses wanted to try doing something so big when this would be her first attempt at quilting but I salute her courage!

Good luck, Roses! Do holler if you need any assistance.

Just to give her encouragement and inspire her, I pulled out my Apple Core Quilt, which I happen to have with me, but is nowhere near done, to show her.

Roses and her friend went goo goo ga ga over the unfinished quilt! *blush*

I then took out my box of hexies, which is taking me forever to complete, to give Roses an idea how English Piecing method works. 

Roses then gave me a very lovely bookmark and told me that I can use it as a sample to make more! 

Thanks, Roses!

I have never seen that kind of bookmark before but Vivian said that I can get the accessories from any craft shops selling beads, or something like that. Right, Vivian?

Can you recommend a shop?

Just before Roses left, we had a Lucky Draw for the recycled gifts I have accumulated from previous Anniversary Meets. 

They might be recycled but it still created some excitement, nonetheless, especially from Roses who has never received anything yet from NNC and when Rose and Jo received the house tape measure kit from Diane! LOL!

Roses left soon after with a friend. Thanks for coming, Roses. I hope you can join us for more Stitching Bees and stay longer.

The rest of stayed on and chatted some more. The topic was not so much about crafts this times, but Jo, Rose, Margaret and Jackie started reminiscing about the old good days when they were still schooling. It seems that they were all from the same school!

It was fun listening to them talk about all their teachers! LOL!

Jo took out a piece of fabric which she was trying to unpick while I carried on working on my hexies. I managed to finish putting together 2 flower hexies.

Later Margaret took out some awesome craft books and I took out a book on bags.

I always get excited whenever Margaret brings her collection of craft books. Books, any kind of books actually, except probably on sports, gets me all excited! LOL!

Every time Margaret brings her collection of books, it makes me want to go home and start buying online! LOL! So very the dangerous one! LOL!

Soon it was coming to 2.00pm and it was time to leave. Vivian left first when her hubby arrived. Everyone else left soon after while I waited for hubby and son to join me for lunch.

The rest decided to drop by BookXcess before making their way home, while I decided to browse the few stalls nearby while waiting for hubby to arrive.

Even though only 6 of us could spare time to meet, I am glad we still went ahead to meet up and as always, I had a great time.

Attending Stitching Bees and Anniversary Meets always inspire me to come home and get started on some crafting. Although this time, I had a full day yesterday after coming back from the Bee to go to my MIL’s house for tea, followed by my mum’s house later that evening.

Thanks, everyone for coming. Can’t wait for the next one on 21st June! I hope more will turn up!

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Rose said...

Well said Nik. BTW I had Penang Laksa Lemak-the noodles was switched to meehoon mee instead-tasty dish.I enjoyed myself at the bee - it was refreshing after having had to miss the Anniv. meet.Hope to everyone again at the next bee.Oh yes Nik I remember seeing the bookmark that Roses gave you at GM plaza in CHow Kit some years ago.