Sunday, June 29, 2014

NNC Stitching Bee 21st June 2014

OK, I am behind in reporting this, but, heck, at least I am reporting right? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, this time around, the turn up is much smaller – only 5 of us.

I arrived with Faizon and Rose at close to 10.00am. The Food Court at The Gardens Midvalley was just about to open its doors! That’s how early we were! LOL!

We took a corner of the Food Court and got ourselves settled in.

I had brought along the lovely Birthday gifts Margaret and Bee Ee had given me to show off to Faizon and Rose and who else were coming.

I got a lovely pink polka dot aluminium box which in it were a pink measuring tape, a piece of pink fabric and a lovely pincushion, also in pink!

Bee Ee sent to me a lovely coaster with a hexy in the center. She also included in the packet a pattern for a tote bag which she won at this year’s Anniversary Meet.

She said that I’d probably have more use for it than she since I am into bag making.

Thanks, Bee Ee! I just love the pattern and the coaster.

Thanks to Margaret too for all the lovely things all in pink! I can never get enough of pink! LOL!

Zarina arrived as we were about to order our brunch, and while Faizon was showing off her lovely tatted doilies.

I just love all her lovely doilies, especially the colourful one on the left.

I have always love the end product of tattings but could never get into the hang of tatting. 

Oh well. If ever I add tatting to my already long list of passion, my craft room would be overflowing with more stash, not that it isn’t already! LOL!

Zarina added more excitement to the tatting passion when she brought out her lovely hand overdyeds and colourful tatting shuttles to match!

In the midst of all the excitement of looking at Faizon’s tatted doilies and Zarina’s colourful overdyeds and shuttles, who should arrive to add more excitement? Anna! We have not seen her in ages!

Anna has not joined our Bees for a very long time. She has even missed 2 of our Anniversary Meets. So it was great to be able to meet up with her again.

As if the excitement of seeing her after such a long silence was not enough, Anna made it even more exciting when she pulled out from her bag a lovely colourful ripple shawl in progress which we squealed in excitement upon seeing it! LOL!

As some of us took the opportunity to have brunch, I, as usual, took out my hexies to work on.

Faizon, as always, took out her tatting to do.

Faizon also brought along a tatting book which I thought if ever I want to go into tatting SOME DAY, this would be the book to get as it has easy steps to follow for slow learners like me, when it comes to tatting! LOL! 

We sat and chat for a while as I work on my hexies, Faizon on her tatting and Anna on her ripple shawl.

Before it was time to leave, we had a small Lucky Draw to recycle door gifts received from previous Anniversary Meets.

Diane, Anna got your cute measuring tape house!

Seen here is me and Rose trying to show Anna how to put the measuring tape house together.

Soon it was time to leave when Rose’s son came over with her cute granddaughter to have lunch.

We left for home but not before we dropped by Art Friends as I wanted to get a bottle of Mod Podge. I want to try my hands at making some Mod Podge projects. 

I just love the Mod Podge bottle caps Vivian made for the Anniversary Sale. I snapped up all the small bottles! LOL!

As always, every time I go to the Stitching Bees or Anniversary Meet, I always come back inspired to work on a craft project. However, this time, I came back too tired to do anything.

After dropping off Faizon, I dropped by the fresh veggie mart to buy some veggies for dinner.

By the time I got home, it was close to 4.00pm already.

I had a quick lunch (bought Japanese at the Food Court before coming home) and after a short break (fell asleep on the couch from pure tiredness and the heat), I got up and got dinner ready.

After dinner I thought I'd do come crafting but the heat gave me a bad headache. I decided to stay cool in my air-conditioned room for a while, but fell asleep.

I only woke up at 5.30am the next morning! LOL!

After Subuh prayers, I decided to start working on my Apple Core Quilt Project while I wait for the weekly maid to arrive.

Yeay! I have completed putting all the apple cores together to the size I want it to be!

Now I just need to drop by Kelvin’s or Yee’s or even maybe the soon to be newly opened Spotlight at Ampang Point, to buy the backing material and the batting!

Can’t wait to get this quilt done! It’s coming to 2 years already since I started on the project!

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