Monday, November 09, 2015

A new bag in the making

I started on a new bag pattern on Saturday and actually managed to complete 80% of the bag!

Here's a sneak peek!

What's left is the bag handle, to put in all the closures (I am still trying to decide what type of closures to use) and the sew on my labels.

I am thinking of getting some new labels for my bags. Looking for the metal type. I thought I saw them on FB but can't recall who was selling them.

This bag is a cross between a tote bag and a handbag.

After almost completing it last night, it is bigger than the normal handbag size, but smaller than the usual tote bags.

I can put in a mini laptop, or iPad in the bag, I think.

I'll put up photos when I have fully completed the bag.

Keep a look out for this page!

1 comment:

Jane McLellan said...

Great fabrics, they'll make a fabulous bag