Friday, December 09, 2005

My feelings for today.......

It is Friday. This week is almost coming 2 d end, and another week will start. Life goes on. Today I feel sad. Not bcoz of reasons anything to do with me and people close to me, but something I read in the papers yesterday and today.

I have never touch on the issues of artiste coz I consider them a species different from us normal human beings. But reading about Erra Fazira and Yusry's troubled marriage yesterday touched me and made me sad. I consider them a very beautiful couple meant for each other, and it is sad to see them going thru a bad patch.

I have followed KRU's career 4 d last 10 years and find them one of the more professional artistes that we have in our country. They have been very professional in almost everyway they handle their careers, even during the hardest times of their career when a lot of people were condemning them. They took every critic positively. They took it in their stride to improve themselves. They have gone through the rough ride and came out stronger.

I do hope that Erra and Yusry will be able to go thru this rough tide too and come out stronger. It wud be sad to see them breakup. They look good together and frm the photos yesterday, they still look as if they still love each other.

Every marriage has its challenges. U just need to be ready to face them. Being both celebrities does not help when d spotlight is always on you. People say that there are itches in every marriage - the 1st year itch, the 3rd year itch, the 7 year itch and the 10 year itch. If U can survive these itches, then U can survive the rest of your marriage, though there are people that do break-up even after a 25 year marriage, which is very sad, may God forbid it from happening to any couple.

I guess the most important factor in every marriage is to have respect for each other although the husband is considered the head of d family. We are in the modern world where women are more vocal. U stil hv to respect ur hubby as the one that heads the family, but the husbands must also respect the wives and listen to her opinion too bcoz wives nowadays are not so simple minded as wives of 20 years ago. There must be lots of give and take in marriages now, and lots of patience.....heheh...I sound like a marriage counsellor! LOL!

No, I am not saying I am perfect. Everyone has flaws. I am only human! *grin* I always remind myself of the importance of respecting others no matter what your social status may be, and be it at home, at work, at family get togethers or anywhere else. It's a tough world these days. I pity our kids. I remember enjoying my chilhood days being a child. But kids nowadays have to grow up fast to catch up with the times. They can no longer be kids what with parents expecting them to perform straight A's all the time, myself included, and my son is not even in formal school yet! LOL! *grin*

Our education system is so exam oriented, that our kids are only taught how to pass exams and not to understand what they are learning. It is sad. No wonder we get angry easily. We are so stressed out. We jump at the slightest mistakes of others and want to pick up a fight at any chance possible. Sad huh? What is the world coming to? *sigh* a phylosophical mood

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linda jamaen said...

Sad isn't it? Give and take is always the answer. Accept your partners as who they are and never push them to change just for you. Accept their weaknesses and help them to improve. Be patient always!