Monday, December 19, 2005

Sad, isn't it?

My heart cries out to the 10 month old baby that died in his sleep last nite (The Star, pg 24, 19 Dec. 2005). He was abused by his mother's boyfriend. Why are some people so cruel? The child is hardly a year old. He knows nothing. The problem is with the mother and the boyfriend. Why did the boyfriend have to torture the baby? Has he no heart? Is he human? What causes him to do it? Stress?

Each time I read of abandoned babies and abused babies/small children, my heart cries. How could someone do such a thing? What causes them to do it? Is life getting too difficult that U are constantly under pressure? U need to vent out ur anger and d easiest person to let it out on is someone innocent?

Why abandon a child that U had carried for 9 months? If U think U cud not love him/her or care for her/him, give him/her up for adoption. Don't abandon d child. The child knows nothing. All he/she wants is love. There are many childless couples out there who wud be more than happy to care 4 an unwanted child. Do not deprive the child of a life just because of ur mistakes. The child is innocent. Just love the child for God will help U thru. Every child comes with his/her own 'rezeki'. U will survive the hardship, if only U are patient. Nothing comes easy.

Every day I look at my son and I feel so blessed. God has given me a person to love and to love me back. I thank Allah for the `rezeki' that He has given me. Eight years of waiting has been worth it. He is my everything.

Lately he has been asking for an `adek'. Only God knows how much I want to give him an 'adek'. It hasn't been easy. Two failed attempts has left me traumatised. Do I want to go thru the whole `ordeal' again? I am already 43 years old. Would dat be wise for me to try for a baby again at this age? *sigh*

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