Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When will we ever have it maid.....

I don't have anything in particular to write today, but I feel the need to write. You know, sometimes I get feelings like these..feelings that I have something troubling me, but just can't make out exactly what it is, or maybe I am just refusing to admit what I am feeling, or maybe too, I am in denial of what I am feeling. Hmm...did I just confuse everyone? *wink* I am good at that - confusing people, and I end up confusing myself too! LOL!

Anyway, I think part of the reason I am feeling this way, I think, is because of my mother-in-law's new maid. Yep! The subject still isn't over yet! *sigh* It has been two months since she came and I still call her new because it seems she never seems to learn. My MIL has to reteach her certain things, well, ok, most things, almost daily. It stresses out my MIL and indirectly stresses me out too because, like it or not, it affects my maid too.

With my MIL's former maid, she (the maid) is considered the head butler, as my hubby likes to say. She takes command (of course with my MIL's consent) in the running of the daily chores. She instructs the other maids (my maid and my SIL's maid) on things to do so that everyone has got certain tasks to do each day. In the process, my maid learns things which I might not have time to teach like cooking certain favourite food of ours, what to cook for our son, how to take care of him while at my MIL's house, the do's and don't, and the basic personal hygiene. It eases a lot of the burden of training. My maid and my SIL's maid listens to her and respects her as the `head butler'. There is no such thing as this is your job, not my job and things like that.

With the current situation, my MIL's maid is supposed to be the head butler, but she being...eeerr...shall I say the word?....a litle blur and duh....the other 2 maids bullies her and takes advantage. Whenever my MIL ask my maid (I dn't know about my SIL's maid) to do something, she would start calling out to my MIL's maid in her mother tongue, and the next thing you know, my MIL's maid would come running in, even though she is in the middle of doing something else, and do what was supposed to be done by my maid.

I have several times told my maid not to pass on work instructed by my MIL for her to do to my MIL's maid. Yeah, she said she didn't, but, you know.....they always have answers to everything! *sigh*

When my MIL asked her maid why she did work that was intructed to my maid, the maid answered that because she was asked to do so. Duh! And she is supposed to be the head butler! You get the picture? She can be bullied around and my maid is far younger than her!

My maid is smart, well, in a way, and always has a ready answer to everything!! If I keep repeating my instructions to her about the do's and don't, I will start to sound like a broken there such a thing as a broken CD or DVD? *wink*

Both maids gives me the headache! I actually came home last nite with a throbbing headache that just wouldn't go away until this morning! Can you imagine what my MIL is going through?

I wish we had my MIL's former maid back. At least she will put my maid and my SIL"s maid in their places. Now, the younger maids are controlling the head butler. Can you imagine a restaurant kitchen where the kitchen help is giving orders to the head chef? Chaotic isn't it? That's how my MIL's house is like - chaotic!

You say why dn't I just not send my son to my MIL's house so that she can't bully my MIL's maid? Well, my hubby and I did gave it some thought, but I just can't come to work leaving my son with just the maid. I have heard too many horror stories concerning maids left home to do whatever they please since you are not around to supervise them. My son is too young to tell on her. He can still be bullied by my maid not to tell on her. You have to remember, my maid is a smart one!

On the other hand, my maid's presence at my MIL's house, though she bullies the older maid, is actually a help to my MIL when it comes to cooking. My MIL can now entrust her to cook some basic food when my MIL is too tired to do so. That leaves me very confused.......and in a dilema....

I have sometimes resorted to taking leave one day a week so that my MIL is `free' of one maid at least 3 days a week, instead of 2 (I no longer work Saturdays) and I am at home supervising my maid. But I can't be doing this all the time. My work demands that I be at work to manage things in the office too. After all, isn't a maid supposed to lighten your burden, and not be a burden to you?

Life goes on. We need to adjust to every new thing that passes our way, but this new thing is taking too long to get adjusted too. It's beginning to take a toll on me.......*sigh*

Did I just say earlier that I have nothing to write? LOL! *wink*

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