Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An officer and a gentleman

It feels nice to be treated like a lady! *wink*

It's nothing, really, but, I am excited, just the same, and want to share my excitement of being treated like a lady by one of the former top person of the country, and I blushed in embarassment! *wink*

I had the opportunity today to meet up with the former Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Samsudin Osman, who is now the President and acting Chairman of Perbadanan Putrajaya.

We met at a project site and the heat today was burning extra hot and glaring. As we stood by the roadside to the entrance of the site, I could not help but squint (not wink *grin*) my eyes as I spoke to him in the hot sun. His chauffer gave him an umbrella to shade him. He moved closer to me and shaded me with the umbrella. I could not help but blushed in embarassment because, as there were about 10 of us during the visit, it felt odd that I was the only one sharing the umbrella (it was a golf umbrella, so, no funny thoughts, ok? LOL! *wink*) with him, as the others around us just looked on in the hot sun, listening, as I explained about the project.

I noticed a gentlemanly smile on his face as he saw me smile shyly and blushed in embarassment. It was a nice feeling to be treated like a lady by a kind gentleman, especially by someone of his ranking!.

It's hard to come by a kind gentleman these days as men are becoming more egoistic than ever before! *wink* Opps! Some men are not going to agree with me on this! LOL!

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Barbara said...

You mean the 'gentlemen' species still exists?? Ah... there's still hope for me :D