Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do I look familiar?

When I first met BJ, she said that I look familiar and asked if I have ever appeared on TV before. I said no. Sorry, BJ, but, I was not trying to lie, but, I was a little bit shy and embarassed.

I wasn't sure if the person BJ saw on TV was actually me, or someone who looks like me, because the couple of programs that I have appeared on TV before were more about architecture and about my work, though there were a couple of times that I appeared in the social pages with my dad.

I did not want to be misunderstood, had I said yes, it would sound like as if I was boasting and proud of the fact that I was on TV before. I had only met BJ for the first time that day. Surely, `boasting' about appearing on TV just wouldn't give anyone a good impression of me, right? *wink* What if who BJ meant was not actually me? Wouldn't that have been very embarassing?

Recently, at the end of a meeting I chaired, a member of the meeting, a young officer who I have only met for the first time that day, came up to me and said that she remembered me from watching TV some many years ago.

Goodness! Someone still actually recognizes me and remembers me after all these years? I was a little emabarassed and asked her if she hasn't got me confused with someone else. She said definitely not, and would recognise me anywhere, because she had some interest on the subject in the programs that I appeared in.

It's nice to be remembered still and recognized. *smile*

So, BJ, yes, I did appear on TV before, but so many years ago, and maybe you did actually saw me on TV that many years ago! LOL! *wink*

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Barbara said...

LOL!! How could I think you'll be boasting! Actually I feel like I 'know' you before I actually met you. The meeting was just putting a face to a name, but most times that matters much less than the words one say or sometimes don't say ;)

Then I was right,I must have seen you on TV, my sub-consious is pretty good in these matters :p