Thursday, August 23, 2007

A time for the smalls

I have been plodding on my Long Dog Mystery Sampler, which we are doing a Stitch-Along at NNC, for the past four months. I have reached the top band, but have gone back to the bottom band to finish all the bands completely. I am getting anxious. The faster I try to finish it, the slower I seem to progress. I was making more mistakes than usual. BJ suggested that I take a break to do some smalls. She said that it might get me in a less anxious mood, and thus, when I come back, I will have been more revitalised and, hopefully more relaxed, and can progress faster after that. So, I took her advised.

On my recent family holiday to Singapore, I brought along two small projects. Although I did also bring along the LDSAL, I did not touch it at all through out my stay in Singapore.

Yup, I stitched every minute I had, in between waiting to board the plane, on the plane, while waiting for my hubby and son to get ready for breakfast and dinner, by the pool. Anywhere where the lighting was good.

Eventhough the lighting in the hotel room was kind of dim, I still managed to stitch, though only a bit, it was still a lot of progress on a small piece, and this is what I have to show.

The first piece (above) is Cheryl's Bouquet using Carrie's Thread New Vision. Lovely colours, don't you think so?

The second piece I am doing is a motif taken from the french book, BLEU, BLANC, BISTRE, which I ordered from some time back. I am hoping to turn this piece into a biscornu.

Taking inspiration from Carrie's Thread CORAL REEF, I am using DMC 3867 (pink), 3746 (purple) and 906 (green). One wonders why I don't just use Carrie's Thread to begin with, right? LOL! Well, for starters, I wanted to experiment. I also wanted to save the Carrie's Thread for other projects.

I think I am liking this mini piece too! Hopefully I can complete this piece in a week or two. I want to go back to my LDSAL before working on Cheryl's Bouquet. I am also expectng the Sisterhood Stitching (SHS) project to come my way too in September. So, I need to plan my stitching for the next few months.

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Barbara said...

Lovely progress on CB, the colours are gorgeous. The small design is looking good too, so bright! :)