Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How time flies!

Has it been really that long since I last posted here? I thought that it was only last week that I posted.......

I have been busy......real busy! Errr..has there been a time when I am not busy? LOL! *wink* But, last week, I was extra busy at work because I had back to back meetings almost everyday, and to add to that, last week we had an Architect's Dinner, and I was responsible to `dress' up the hall to compliment the theme for the dinner which is ARKITROPIK.

I am glad I had a very good and hardworking committee members who worked very hard every day to make up the decorations and to eventually decorate the hall to turn it into an almost tropical architectural jungle. They stayed up till midnite everyday since Tuesday (the dinner was on Friday night) to get the things ready, as they could only work to do the decorations and to decorate the hall after office hours.

I am very proud of them and grateful for all their help and commitments! They were great!

Apart from that, craft wise, I had planned on working on my DT SGB over the weekend, as I had not worked on it at all during the week, but, I never got down to doing it because I had another distraction *wink* - I went for my placemat class at SAKURA!

I will tell more about it in my next posting as I hope to be able to take some photos of the placemat, and I can only do that on the weekend, when the light is better. On weekdays, I come home to a sunset scene, if not already a night scene, everyday. *grin* Such is my life! LOL!

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