Saturday, February 16, 2008

Missing AC and Kieran..... as if I miss an old friend, but actually they are like old friends! *wink*

Anyway, which station do you tune to on your way to work each day?

Except on a few occassions, Radio ERA has always been my constant companion on my drive to work each day, and since I started listening to ERA some years back, it has never failed to put a smile on my face, and give me a great feeling to kick start a hectic day at work.

I would sometimes find myself smiling or laughing like as if I am a mad person if the car next to me were to catch me at that particular time as I drive alone to work after dropping off my son at school. LOL!

I wrote in my blog some time back in July 2007 how I love listening to KnK (Khairil & Kieran) as they banter and poke fun at each other and the callers who calls in with their problems and dilemmas, in their effort to lighten the `burden' of the listeners and callers, so that you can enjoy your day as you unload your problems to them.

I said then too that KnK were a good combination; they were good together. Radio ERA had paired so many DJs together, but, so far, no pair has been able to make such an impact and impression together as good as KnK. The morning program 'hosted' by them was able to attract so many listeners, making them the most listened to radio program in the country. Unfortunately, in July 2007, ERA decided to unpair them, for whatever reason, it was never made known.

I asked then if the unpairing of them would affect Radio ERA as the number one radio station in Malaysia, as Kieran was being joined by Hani Yasmin Richardson and AC Mizal in the wee hours of the morning.

It took some getting use to listening to the 3, but since AC Mizal and Hani were already TV personalies and celebrities with their own followers, Radio ERA retained its top position. I, too was begining to enjoy my morning drive again as I listen to AC Mizal and Kieran playfully bullying Hani each morning. AC Mizal is talented and is always full of humour, and Kieran, as usual, is fun to listen to as he playfully makes light of even the biggest of problems, but, alas, again, good things don't always last.....

After six months with Radio ERA, Hani decided to call it quits, quoting health problems related to waking up too early each morning to get ready for work. Radio ERA launched a nationwide search for a replacement for Hani. They still have yet to get one, promising to announce the winning DJ next week.

As if not enough that Hani called it quits, we now hear that AC Mizal is leaving ERA in preparation for the upcoming Akademi Fantasia Season 6, which he has been rumoured to be taking over from Aznil as the host together with Sarimah Ibrahim. Just a few days ago, I read in the Malay Mail that even Kieran is said to be leaving for, the second most listened to radio station in the country. If this is true, than that would be sad for loyal listeners like me........

As Radio ERA searches for a replacement for Hani, the morning program has never been the same as AC took leave when his wife delivered, and there were a few days (more like a week!) that Kieran disappeared. I started to tune in to other radio stations when Nana and Ray came on air. In my opinion, they were uncreative in their presentation, even boring to some extent.

I began to miss Kieran and AC; Kieran especially. Each morning, whenever I switch on the radio, I would hope to hear AC and Kieran on air, and when it's someone else that I hear, I would quickly tune in to other stations, although I yet to tune in to one particular station in the morning, switching back and forth till I find a song I like listening to. At times, I would just listen to Anuar Zain on my cassette player. Yeah, my car was not equipped with a CD player! LOL!

This week Kieran is back and he has manged to put a smile again on my face as I drive to work, but, with 4 people on air at the same time, I think it is getting too noisy. As it has been rumoured, Adi has joined the morning programme, than it must be true that Kieran will be leaving Radio ERA, although he has denied it when a listener called in to ask the truth about the rumour. Maybe it is just a strategy by ERA to put 4 people on air this week, so that listeners will get used to Adi, Nana, and Hani's replacement, as Kieran takes his leave to move on to

Although I enjoy listening to Adi as he banters with Kieran, I still don't enjoy listening to Nana nor Wana, the final candidate to replace Hani. I wish ERA would retain Nana for the night programme, accompanying Jimmy.

Although I have nothing against Nana per say, I still think that she's not the one to host the morning program. You need someone who can make you smile and laugh as you drive to work in the morning as a good start to the day, and she hasn't proven that she has got that talent to do so.

If it is true that Kieran will be leaving for, I think I will be tuning in to when that happens, only I hear that he will only be hosting the night program, and not the morning drive to work program.

I will have to start tuning in to LITE FM again, as I did before I started tuning in to Radio ERA some years back. It's back to listening to Richard and Caroline each morning for me then. ERA has lost another listener, and I think I am not alone......

If ERA wants to retain its number ONE postion again, it had better do something fast!

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Nora's Touch said...

Salam Za... if it is of any help...or maybe perhaps by now you'd have tuned in to Hot FM...the morning crew of Farah Fauzana and Faizal Ismail would perhaps put that early morning smile on you again. I know they do...for I too would go I listen to them. They are such a lively pair