Monday, July 05, 2010

A pillow for comfort

Some time ago, Paul posted at his blog on a comfort pillow he had made. He said,

People usually make these pillows or comfort blankets for children who are hospitalized to help with the 'suffering' both physically and emotionally. I thought this was a great idea for adults too, because after all we all have that little kid still in there somewhere waiting for a hug.”

I sheepishly asked if I could hug it as I felt that I needed to be comforted after having to go through all the crisis and challenges at work since the beginning of this year, and Paul answered, “Of course you can.”

Little did I know that the pillow was already on its way to me then! LOL! It was my belated birthday present from Paul! LOL! *blush*

The pillow arrived at my office about two weeks after my birthday, and here is the lovely pillow!

As usual, Paul did a great job of the embroidery work which he did by hand, unlike this writer here who now uses the embroidery machine more than by hand! LOL! Paul also did a great job of the sewing, more so now that he too has bought a sewing machine, not that his sewing was terrible before this! LOL! People, don’t read between the lines, ok? LOL! *wink*

Thanks, Paul, for the birthday present. Love it! Now I am going to give it another hug! *grin*


NYKOLETT said...

suka tengok embroidery on the letters...susah nak stitch tu..tersimpul2 benang..kalau ade mesin senang lah kan..

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