Saturday, July 03, 2010

Uniquely Kenari Villa!

My mum had just ventured into a business to run a guesthouse (you can read it here), and we, as in my mum herself; of course, all my siblings, cousins, relatives etc are all excited about it. I wrote about it here in my blog to promote the guesthouse, and my brothers helped set up a webpage for it. You can read about it here.

I wanted to do something for my mum’s guesthouse which will make the guesthouse special, and not like any other guesthouses you get in the country. I wanted it to have something more significant which people will know that it is uniquely Kenari Villa.

So, after much thought and ‘discussion’with Em (you know, my embroidery machine, Em? Yes, we discuss! LOL!), we decided that specially embroidered towels would make the guesthouse special.

I set about looking for some reasonably priced towels as I don’t want it to be too expensive that it will tempt guest into absconding with them as souvenirs *wink*, but neither do I want something cheap that they can’t even absorb enough water to dry you up. *grin*

I finally found some, but I could not get them in enough numbers of the same colour, and so, decided to go with 2 different colours – cream and peach. I had to do some sort of designing, though not much can be done as I do not have the embroidery design software (maybe it’s time that I get one? *wink*), and here are the results.

What do you think?

The fonts were from the machine itself, while the tendrils were part of my collection of designs that I have been buying online from Embroidery Library ever since I had Em.

I just love the fonts. I am glad that the machine came with it.

I presented the towels to my mum when we met up at a cousin’s daughter’s wedding last weekend, and I can tell that she is excited about it too! Right, Ma? *wink*

Ma, I wish you all the best in your new found business venture, and I hope that the towels are able to add that little touch of uniqueness to the guesthouse. Hugs!


sufia said...

cantiknya k.nun.. nk order utk fawzan & fatin blh? ;)

Za said...

Sure, Sufia. Let me know in what colours and what you want written on the towels.

I assume you want some kiddie motifs, right?

ShannyK-L said...

Its really pretty Nik! I like the fonts as well and agree with you, it will add a touch of uniqueness! ;)

NYKOLETT said...

Hai Za.. i wouldlike to order a set of the towels in pink and blue..they are going to be gifts for my son's honeymoon in october.His name is FAZLY and wife to be is INTAN..Tell me how much it is going to cost,will bank in the money.The wedding is in October.I will be delighted to have it soon..