Sunday, November 14, 2010

Went shopping but came back with nothing to show......

Huh? Went shopping but nothing to prove it? How’s that?

Well, read on.......

Epal had some sort of a road show to sell fabrics, gadgets and what nots related to sewing on the 7th of November, 2010. I thought they were having a sale. At least I thought that was what they told me when they called me to inform me about the event a week earlier. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sale, but just a road show (they call it that) to sell things which before this are not available in their shop. I went there after 2.00pm when the weekly maid had left and after lunch was done with.

I think I will let the photos tell the story as a picture paints a thousand words.

Just look at all the fabrics on sale!

I went crazy looking at all these fabrics! I think I bought almost 1/3rd of what was sold! LOL! *blush! Opps! Shhhhhhhh! Better not let hubby here me say that! LOL! *grin*

Seen here is Ain writing down my very long list of orders! *grin*

There were samples of bags to give you ideas on how to use the fabrics on sale. Alas, they don't have classes on how to make the bags. *sigh* If they did, I think I'll probbaly sign up without even giving it a second thought! LOL!

There were also many quilts on show giving you more ideas and tempting you to buy more stash! LOL!

I especially like this quilt of tea cups and saucers!

I went crazy shopping for all the fabrics (like as if I don’t already have enough fabrics at home! LOL! ), almost bursting my budget but came home feeling like something is missing as I could not come home to play with my new stash of fabrics, as we can only order what we want, and it will only be made available in 2 weeks time. *sigh* Doesn’t that make you feel odd?

Anyway, here are SOME of the fabrics I bought.

I have many ideas on the types and design of bags that I want to do with all these newly acquired stash. The only problem now is that I need to find the time to do them. Now THAT is a BIG problem as work in the office does not look like it is going to slow down! *sign* Maybe around Christmas time when all the bosses go on holiday? I can only wish....

In the mean time, I shall be sleeping with my stash........ LOL! *wink*


Margaret wong said...

I collected mine on Friday, Nik. Yours should be ready to collect too :) And show us what you bought then !

Qarl said...


dkt mane tu

Za said...

Margaret, I have already picked up all my stash last week, but I don't want to show them all here. My hubby reads my blog, and I am feeling guilty for buying so much! LOL!

Qarl, the shop is in Puchong. They sell Janome sewing machines and conduct sewing classes. Would you or your mum be interested?

Margaret wong said...

LOL! You must have a separate Stash Blog then and don't let hubby know!!! Then we can see all your stash! Oooh, I hope he don't shoot daggers at me for giving you the idea!