Monday, November 01, 2010

NNC October 2010 Stitching Bee

I had put up a poll at the NNC group in September to decide on the date for the October Stitching Bee. Never did it occur to me that when the poll closed that the date, 30th October that was chosen actually coincided with the birth of NNC itself 4 years ago!

Wow! Has it been 4 years already since NNC came into existence? I am very grateful and thankful for all the support the members have given to keep NNC going! And so, to thank all those who made an effort to make it to the Bee which coincided with NNC’s 4th anniversary, I decided to make some small giveaways.

I wanted to make something which all members could use regardless of what their hobbies might be, and I thought that pincushion is something everyone would have a use for, even if you are doing paper crafts.

I started making the pincushion about 2 weeks before the 30th of October. I am glad I started making them early as the week of the Bee itself, I came down with flu. It was a really bad one this time around as I actually even lost my voice, but luckily I lost the voice only after the Bee.

I originally started with 7 numbers since that was the number that said were coming, but, as the date grew near, more posted to say that they were coming. I managed to add 3 more and made one very special needlebook, a first for me, as before this, I had never tried making one even though I had always wanted to give my hand at it, before I fell really sick.

I had a fever on the night of the 29th of October. Since Margaret (co-moderator) wasn’t going to be around, and Paul (also another co-moderator) was working that day, I had to psyche myself up not be sick so that I can be there at the Bee, especially since I had promised a giveaway to celebrate the birth of NNC.

I popped a panadol and some flu medicine and went to bed at 10.30pm that night after I finished packing everything up to get ready for the Bee.

I kept waking up every hour from 2.00am as I could not sleep as I was having trouble breathing through my nose, and my throat was drying up because I was breathing through my mouth instead.

I got up at 5.00am, popped up another dose of panadol and flu medicine and went back to bed. I woke up at 8.00am just in time to get ready, get my son ready, got the laundry done and headed out to McD for a drive-thru breakfast as it started raining.

I was feeling a lot better. I think it must have been psychological as I was excited to be meeting up with friends whom I have not met for some time and who shares the same passion as I do.

When I got there at 10.20am, there was still no one there yet. I ordered hot coffee for myself and hot chocolate for Aiman. I sat him down and we each had a dose of the flu medicine I had brought along. My son has not fully recovered from his coughing, though his sniffles is much more under control.

Veronica arrived as I was giving Aiman his medicine, followed soon by Sabariah who looked dainty in a baju kurung.

She looked like she was dressed to go for a wedding like she always does when she comes to the bee – always touch n’go! LOL!

But, not this time though. She is here to stay longer, but the baju kurung was to hide a cut on her knee from a fall she had a week ago. *grin*

Next came Faizon loaded with plenty of tatting books to show off and a book on bags which I just love! I might want to get it! LOL! *wink*

Next came June, and Tini arrived when I was away to send Aiman to his engineering class. Jo came carrying a HUGE bag which I fell in love with immediately! LOL! I must make one for myself!

Jo also showed off her BIG BLUE BAG which everyone has been going ooh and aaah when she posted it at her blog and mentioned about it at the group board.

She also brought along the fabrics which she had bought when she was in the US some months ago. They were all so very lovely!

Zarina came too and brought along her lovely girl quilt to show off! Isn't this so sweet?

Here are some other photos of the going ons that day at the Bee.

Anna came almost towards the end of our meet, but she came with some very lovely crocheted pieces which she wanted Jo to sew on the lining for her. Seen here are some of the lovely pieces.

Mel was supposed to turn up, but due some last minute hiccup, she could not make it.

At about 12.00noon when I think everyone who is supposed to be there was there, I pulled out the small giveaways to make a draw for who gets what.

Everyone was required to write their names on a small piece of paper which I had already prepared earlier and then roll them up and put them in a jar.

Next, I asked June to choose a small giveaway and draw out the name of who was going to get the giveaway that June had picked out. That person then picked another giveaway and drew the next person to receive it and so on and so forth until all 6 (there were 8 of us, including myself) giveaways were given out, leaving June the only one whose name was not picked out. Her name was at the bottom of the jar tightly rolled, and she was lamenting that next time she won’t rolled so tight anymore as it made it heavy and fell to the bottom of the jar. LOL!

Little did she know that she was actually the luckiest as she got the special giveaway of a needlebook with NNC 4th Anniversary embroidered on the front, some needles, a pack of coloured head pins and a pair of little pink scissors!

Seen here are all those who attended showing off the little giveaway I made for them.

And here are close-ups of just two samples of the giveaways. More photos will be posted in a separate posting.

At about 12.30noon or so, Paul appeared somewhat a little thinner than the last time I met him. He also looked different as this time he had his glasses on instead of his contacts. I also noticed that he was not his usual cheerful self. He was rather quiet. I am a little concerned. I hope that whatever that Paul is currently going through, he will be strong to face it and come out of it stronger. We want back our cheerful Paul!

Here's everyone who came minus Anna who was snapped the photo.

Anyway, thank you so much, Paul, for coming, despite having to come after work. I really appreciate it. Thank you too to Veronica, Faizon, Sabariah, June, Tini, Zarina, Anna and Jo for coming! I hope you girls and Paul had a great time! I know I did!

BTW, I lost my voice on Saturday night due to the flu and had to look for a 24 hour clinic in Port Dickson where I drove after the Bee to join my hubby who was there attending a workshop.


Janet C said...

Can see you all had a lovely Bee and my &%#@ stock-check....I missed all of you! :(
The pincushions and Needlebook are so beautiful!

busymum100 said...

To both Faizon and Jo, we tried our luck by suggesting that they have lucky draws for their books and fabric respectively. We then bargained for them to auction off their ware, hahaha!!!

June said...

Sabariah, don't forget I suggested that you need to pay for that tatting lesson with one of the smocking mags too. Lol!

To all who were there, thanks for not drawing my name. Lol! Sure was a sweet, sweet, surprise when I got the best. Thanks so much, Nik.

Lillie said...

Congrads for another successful meet with happy ending :D

Wow! fabulous pincushions !!
Hope you are feeling better now.Take care and hugs.